Miss Lacey's Last Fling

Miss Lacey's Last Fling

Candice Hern / Jun 17, 2019

Miss Lacey s Last Fling Having sacrificed her youthful opportunities to family obligations mousy Miss Rosalind Lacey is finally ready to make the most of her long postponed London Season starting with Max Devanant rake ext

  • Title: Miss Lacey's Last Fling
  • Author: Candice Hern
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Having sacrificed her youthful opportunities to family obligations, mousy Miss Rosalind Lacey is finally ready to make the most of her long postponed London Season starting with Max Devanant, rake extraordinaire Ms Hern is Regency at its best Bell, Book, and Candle

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        Candice Hern is the award winning, bestselling author of historical romance novels set during the English Regency period Her books have won praise for the intelligence and elegant romantic sensibility Romantic Times as well as delicious wit and luscious sensuality Booklist Candice s award winning website candicehern is often cited for its Regency World pages, where readers interested in the era will find an illustrated glossary, a detailed timeline, illustrated digests of Regency people and places, articles on Regency fashion, research links, and much It is the only author website listed among the online resources for the Jane Austen Centre in England.


    1. *I first read Candice Hern's Desperate Measures. It was being offered free on Kindle and I wanted to try this author before reading her other books. I was pleasantly surprised with this short story.*MISS LACEY'S LAST FLING concerned a young woman who thought she was dying. Both the oldest sister and a surrogate mother, Rosalind 'Rosie' Lacey took care of her father's household and siblings after her mother passed away years ago. Now, at 26 years of age, she looked and acted "like a country mouse [...]

    2. To be considered over the hill at age twenty six seems outrageous today, but in Regency times, young ladies married in their mid-teens or became spinsters who cared for their parents and siblings children. Tragically our heroine Rosie, eldest daughter of Sir Edmund Lacey of Wycombe Hall, Devonshire, did not have a choice to marry young and now resides “on the shelf” where Society places ladies who are not deemed marriageable.Since her mother’s early demise ten years ago, she has quietly ra [...]

    3. Miss Rosalind Lacey is dying, thank you very much. So when she arrives in London at the ripe old age of 26, she's looking to have some fun. Fun includes curricle racing, getting her drink on, and macking on cute boys, including the scrumptious rake Max Devanant. Max, meanwhile, is, like, really bored? With life? Until Rosie shows up and turns his life upside downwith FEELINGS. DUN DUN DUN. 1. THIS WAS DELIGHTFUL.UNTIL IT WASN'T. 2. DELIGHTFUL because Rosie comes to town and has herself a grand o [...]

    4. I quite enjoyed "Miss Lacey's Last Fling", one of Candice Hern's older regencies. It was a quick read with interesting characters and just the right amount of humor for the plot.Rosie is dying. She figures she's got about six months before the same disease that killed her mother takes her too. Since she put off her time in London and a season to take care of all her siblings, she decides to go out with a bang (pun thoroughly intended). So she sets off for London and a visit with her scandalous A [...]

    5. Candice Hern's "Miss Lacey's Last Fling"  Nice "Traditional Regency" story about a woman who thinks she's doomed to die in about 6 months and decides to do all the fun things that have been denied to her in her role as her family's main caregiver, before she succumbs to her illness. I didn't really get pulled into the story until the very end, though - too many stock "Regency" characters and situations. The heroine's instant transformation from country mouse into the belle of all the London bal [...]

    6. Rosie goes to London to visit her scandalous Aunt Fanny and does all the things I'd like to do (if only time travel were real). First she gets a makeover. Then a whole new wardrobe. She meets and flirts with London's number one rake, Max Davenant. She goes to balls, drives a curricle, visits all the attractions, gets thrown out of Almack's for dancing the waltz without permission, and attends a masque dressed as a page boy. She shocks all the proper little misses and their mamas and becomes the [...]

    7. Candice Hern is quietly becoming my favorite historical romance author. Uh, check that. Still in second place behind Lauren Willig.Having read just about all of Ms. Hern's period romances, this one is the best yet for me.Most admirable and deserving heroine Rosie Lacey has been busily and faithfully tending to her father and siblings on their country estate since the untimely death of her mother to a mysterious malady.At six and twenty, she is heading towards inevitable spinsterhood. Not feeling [...]

    8. For some reason, I'd remembered not liking Candice Hern. As so often happens, it turns out my sieve-like memory was way off base :) This was an utterly charming delight: sweet yet not saccharine, funny yet not irritatingly silly, lighthearted yet not wholly devoid of substance. Lately I find myself moving further and further away from self-serious, angst-drenched grimness and gravitating more and more towards frothy yet high quality fluff. (I had a terrific chat with someone here about how 'qual [...]

    9. I enjoyed this premise. If you lived in a different time what would be on your bucket list? Poor Rosalind feels she has such a short time left to live and really turns London on its ear. She attracts the biggest rake of em all. No one wants a commitment or does that change? That aunt fanny is quite a character. As they say "she might be old but not dead yet". There is an intimate evening described.t in detail but it's there.

    10. Naturally, if you are a spinster during the Regency period (which, through knowledge garnered by extensive reading of such things, seems to apply to any and all unmarried females over the age of 12, give or take ten years depending on your face and figure; okay, to be fair, the heroine is well into her twenties- oh, the horror), and you suddenly find out you have only a short time to live, you are going to shed your prim and proper attire and go live it up in London, with the assistance of your [...]

    11. She thinks she's going to die and he doesn't want to live anymore - the beginning was promising *g* I never read or watched Love Story or Walk to Remember but appreciated the heroine's reason for behaving "loosely" very much - in the outset. Her constant wheeee-ness and him calling her minx five times on each page grated quickly, and it became the usual boring Hern (andmanyothers) story with no actual development but endless repetitions of how they didn't suit but fancied each other. There is ac [...]

    12. This book was not for me. I made it halfway before deciding that it wasn't worth it for me to continue. I thought that pet names were distractingly overused (minx and my dear seemed to appear in every paragraph). I found the characters completely flat in large part because the writing was so stilted. I enjoy a reformed rake story, but good lord had Max slept with every woman in London? I found him smarmy and sleazy and not at all interesting. Rosalind also did nothing for me (and, strangely, I f [...]

    13. This is the only book that made me laugh out loud and smile so hard. Ever. The plot was awesome and the dialogues were funny and interesting. It did not bore me once. Plus, it kept me on the edge of my seat. Max Davenant, the lead male in the story, would be a new fictional character to me. I would recommend anyone with this book. I was disappointed when I finished the book. I wanted their story to continue.

    14. This was delightful! It was basically The Blue Castle - which is terrific - but the regency setting was fun. It was a bit predictable of course but Rosalind was such a fun character that I didn't mind.

    15. Pretty well written overall, and a good plot/concept. A lot of telling, though. If you like that style, I'd give it a 4.

    16. This is essentially "YOLO, the Regency novel." Rosalind Lacey is convinced she's dying of the illness that killed her mother, and so decides to throw caution to the winds and to "live, live, live!" (To quote Auntie Mame; I rewatched the film last night and I found it fitting to compare it to this little novel.) She goes to her infamous Aunt Fanny, who destroyed her reputation multiple times in her own youth, who transforms her "mouse" of a niece into a flirt that would nearly put Scarlet O'Hara [...]

    17. DNF halfway in. I wanted to like this more than I was able to like it, and I liked the beginning more than I liked the rest. Heroine is a downtrodden spinster stuck raising her siblings and running the household after her mother's early death. When she herself seems to be developing the same mystery illness that took her mother, she decides to have a last fling in London to fulfill all of her bucket list desires. Hero is - some guy. (I have already forgotten. Wait, it's coming back to me. He's b [...]

    18. The writing style was excellent. Anyone that enjoys period dramas will enjoy this book. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did because the main character's motivation of "live like their's no tomorrow" is one I personally don't like. But the author made such a motivation very believable without making the main character seem shallow. If I had to change one thing it'd be the final resolution. It was a bit fast and required the main character to throw out certain beliefs she'd been [...]

    19. Truly a wonderful story. I loved it!Candice Hern is a gifted story teller. This book was funny, and the character were oh-so-likable. Rosalind was a fun-loving, and fun heroine and the hero, though a rake, was a charming, caring man. It was a refreshing change to have the heroine flaunt the propriety of the day and enjoy life, guilt-free. Very well written. I'm sad it had to end.

    20. I love these books for a quick escape from reading professional development or books with my students in mind. I can read them in just a few hours. So don't judge they are very sweet if you like Jane Austen and regency books with out having to read "Rake and The Harlot".

    21. Miss Rosalind Lacey has been the family rock since her mother's death over ten years ago. Now at six-and-twenty, she fears she has contracted the mysterious illness which killed her mother. Rosalind decides she wants to really live her life for a change and heads off to London to stay with her notorious Aunt Fanny. Max Devanant is a wicked rake. He's been there, done that and is well and truly bored with his life. A friend of his recently committed suicide out of sheer ennui. Max thinks this mig [...]

    22. A wonderful read, which starts with a most unusual premise: a girl who has been the downtrodden and unregarded homebody running her widowed father’s country house discovers that she has inherited her mother’s fatal illness and only has months to live. Determined to experience everything she can before she dies, she takes herself to London to stay with her disreputable aunt, where she conducts herself outrageously and becomes notorious.Given this premise, the remaining twists of the plot are [...]

    23. Meet Rosie Lacey: Oldest of six children Raised the other five and has been running the house. Twenty-six years old. She suspected she developed the same disease as her mother, and the doctor confirms it. So, with whatever time she has left, she is going to London to cram a lifetime into a few short months. She makes a list of all the things she wants to do and enlists the help of her scandal-laden aunt Fanny, who then gets the help of her late lover's son:Max Davenant: Rake extraordinaire. Hand [...]

    24. After a few twists and turns this month I managed to read the book for the Regency Romance Challenge. The first book I read for this challenge wasn't exactly a success but this one was a delightful short story that I loved to read.The blurb says it all. Miss Rosalind Lacey finds out that she is dying and is determined to do all those things she never had time and/or inclination to do before. Since she won't have a future she wants to try every exciting thing, every new experience. She wants to d [...]

    25. This book was absolutely delightful.I discovered this author and this title in particular due to SBTB advising of it being on sale (99c) and thought - why not? I started reading and then lost a great deal of my day as I was hooked.The story of Miss Rosalind Lacey throwing all caution to the wind and living every day as it were her last (or soon to be) was fun. Miss Lacey decides on this course of action because she truly believes the end it nigh. Aiding her in her zest for life is her Aunt Fanny [...]

    26. Just enough wow factor to keep the laughs coming! Rosie is the house drudge who sacrificed all to ensure her younger siblings gained a proper foothold in their schooling or with their social entree. She is the cornerstone over which the household operates until.Nobody can refuse she has a right to a season in London and although perplexed by her intention she packs herself off to stay with one of her most wayward and perhaps disreputable Aunts where her ugly duckling looks become more of the swa [...]

    27. On the surface, Rosie and Max make an odd pairing. She’s a frumpy, over the hill spinster (26!) who’s lived her entire life in the country, but believing she’s about to die she heads to London to enjoy what little time she has left. He’s one of the most notorious rakes of London’s Regency society who’s seen and done it all so many times he’s bored enough that he’s considering suicide. Once in the city, Rosie asks her scandal prone aunt for help with a makeover and then armed with [...]

    28. Anyone who likes Georgette Heyer's work will like Candace Hern. One of my biggest gripes about recent Regency "wannabe's" is that that they make their characters say and do things that reek of this century and not the regency era. This particular story does that a little; Miss Lacey does something no well-bred, self-respecting young lady of the time would have considered. But in general, Candice Hern manages to make her books deliciously like Georgette Heyer's. Not quite as funny maybe, but stil [...]

    29. This book is very much light without being frothy, and fun without being silly -- it's also a sweet romance, so don't expect any heat here.This is first and foremost the story of a young woman who, in a very restrictive time, decided to take the reins on her life and get the most out of every day, as she believes that each may be her last. Her behaviour might have been considered scandalous at the time (it really wouldn't be now) but there is so much life and enjoyment in this book that it never [...]

    30. This is my favorite of CH's Regencies on kindle but all share the same sprightly spirit and deft storytelling. There's just something that sparkles in this story.Why I loved it: I found myself rooting for Miss Lacey and enjoying her bold choices. Don't we all have those "take this ____ and shove it, I'm doing what I want!" moments in life? Well, having a Season, no holds barred, was at the top of Miss Lacey's bucket list. She wanted to wear a daring gown, dance, say and do as she wanted, because [...]

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