The Dean's Watch

The Dean's Watch

Elizabeth Goudge / Jun 25, 2019

The Dean s Watch The cathedral Dean Adam Ayscough holds a deep love for his parishioners but he is held captive by an irrational shyness and intimidating manner He strikes up an unlikely friendship with Isaac Peabo

  • Title: The Dean's Watch
  • Author: Elizabeth Goudge
  • ISBN: 9780340005675
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The cathedral Dean, Adam Ayscough, holds a deep love for his parishioners, but he is held captive by an irrational shyness and intimidating manner He strikes up an unlikely friendship with Isaac Peabody, an obscure watchmaker who does not think he or God have anything in common This leads to an unusual spiritual awakening that touches the entire community.

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        Elizabeth Goudge was an English author of romance novels, short stories and children s books.Elizabeth de Beauchamp Goudge was born on 24 April 1900 in the cathedral city of Wells, she moved with her family to Ely when her father, a clergyman, was transferred there When her father, Henry Leighton Goudge, was made Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, the family left Ely and went to Christ Church, Oxford.Goudge s first book, The Fairies Baby and Other Stories 1919 , was a failure and it was several years before she authored Island Magic 1934 , which is based on Channel Island stories, many of which she had learned from her mother, who was from Guernsey.Goudge was awarded the Carnegie Medal for The Little White Horse 1946 , the book which J K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter stories, has said was her favorite as a child The television mini series Moonacre was based on The Little White Horse Her Green Dolphin Country 1944 was made into a film under its American title, Green Dolphin Street which won the Academy Award for Special Effects in 1948.A Diary of Prayer 1966 was one of Goudge s last works She spent her last years in her cottage on Peppard Common, just outside Henley on Thames, where a blue plaque was unveiled in 2008.


    1. Before a few friends recommended this 1960 novel by Elizabeth Goudge, I had never heard of this author or any of her books. But these friends were so enthusiastic about The Dean’s Watch that I had to read it – which meant buying an actual copy of the paperback online, since it’s not in ebook form, or in the library, or even in my local bookstores. But I’m glad to say the search was worth it.This is a lovely, inspiring novel set in an English town in the 1870s. The main characters are a [...]

    2. Often when reading poster's reviews, I am struck by how much superlatives are used. Often. I have been guilty myself. But not as often as I view here.Well, this one can't be set into those same scales as "the best", IMHO. It's that good. It's better.When this novel was written, there seemed to be a much higher regard for self-examination. But that's only one pivotal point in this novel. It starts off slow and in a rather tedious progression to the history of a Cathedral, and its authority or dis [...]

    3. I never know what to make of Elizabeth Goudge. I see her categorized as a Christian author, and her books often have religious themes woven closely through them; and yet she can get much too mystical for my taste, to the point where I wonder whether the Christianity presented in her books is genuine or something to be handled with caution.In The Dean's Watch, the bothersome elements include the complete blurring of the lines between the Catholicism in the history of the fictional cathedral town [...]

    4. At first The Dean's Watch seems no more consequential than a lovely tour through a picturesque English village, with a little talk about the town's history and the craft of watchmaking offered after tea.Then the first accident happens: Isaac Peabody, an elderly, desperately shy watchmaker has two repaired watches to return to their owners, but somehow, a watch paper inscribed with a bit of doggerel verse has gone missing from one customer's watch and ends up inserted in the watchcase of the bril [...]

    5. This book stands at the top of my list of favorite novels. It's an old-fashioned story but one with such depth and spirituality, wisdom, and beautiful writing that it has found its way into my heart and remains there. Whenever I feel a real need for comfort and truth I know I can turn to Elizabeth Goudge's books and find it in abundance. I love almost everything Goudge has written but in my opinion this is, without question, her best. Highest recommendation, a book to treasure and re-read often. [...]

    6. "Could mere loving be a life's work?"I cannot tell you how much I loved this book much the "simple" act of loving, of reaching out beyond ourselves has far reaching consequences. A timely and beautiful challenge to me as a wife, mother, and friend. This book moved me to tears and Goudge's characters mean SO much to me, her sense of place is WONDERFULI was transformed to this cathedral town. The nature descriptions were vivid and gorgeous. Sigh.

    7. "Life had taken on a strange richness since Mr. Peabody had sidled like a terrified crab into his study, had lifted the thin gold shell of his watch and show him the hidden watchcock. Until now life for him had meant the aridity of earthly duty and the dews of God. Now he was aware of something else, a world that was neither earth nor heaven, a heartbreaking, fabulous, lovely world where the conies take refuge in the rainbowed hills and in the deep valleys of the unicorns the songs are sung that [...]

    8. I LOVED it! Elizabeth Goudge has done it again for me. It’s hard to know where to start on a review. Maybe I could list the many things that made the book for me? Elizabeth Goudge’s writing style is rich and descriptive and bears a fairytale quality, yet tells stories of realistic settings and daily life. It brings out the beautiful in this world. She shows that, despite sadness and ugliness, there is much that is lovely that we should dwell upon.It’s a tale of redeemed lives. I adore stor [...]

    9. That image of Isaac the watchmaker stooped over his work in the lamp lit workshop is just so endearing to me. Within the covers of this book, an individual has power to lift people and effect change in a way I believe is possible but rarely witness in real life. Goudge gets very close to over-sentimentalizing without actually tipping over the edge (in my opinion). She is so good at creating atmosphere, I thoroughly enjoyed this world she created, and wished I could stay. Each individual carries [...]

    10. This is my second Elizabeth Goudge read, and I am noticing her propensity to create characters that have disfigurements or oddities. Instead of making them victims or underdogs, she is able to magnify the strengths that each character has developed as a result of their suffering. The parson suffering from dementia, the ugly dean, the watchmaker who goes on drinking binges, the lame old maid who is imprisoned in her home----all considered the "least of these" and all possessing qualities that are [...]

    11. I just discovered Elizabeth Goudge a year or two ago. Since then, I've been drawn to her work. I sometimes come away from reading Goudge with mixed feelings: always enchanted but also sometimes slightly disappointed. I knew, however, that a woman capable of such beautiful writing must have a magnificent novel in her repertoire somewhere. I think I've finally found her masterpiece in "The Dean's Watch".What I love about Goudge is that she is a spiritual and poetic writer. She paints some of the m [...]

    12. Just re-read this, one of my favourite novels as a single woman. I was even more moved by it this time around. I think in this book Goudge's strengths are all powerfully on show, and her flaws are seen very minimally. Of course she has to have her dig at Cromwell and the puritans, but that's over early in the book so I had plenty of time to get over it. ;)I was reminded more than once of Charles Williams, and especially of his book Descent into Hell. I think this is a far better novel, and it is [...]

    13. Beautiful Christian writing without that sticky sweet bit that too much of the more modern Christian writing gets. This is fantastic stuff. Loved it. Too many exquisite passages to include here. Too many real heart felt interactions. Finely chiseled humor. Glorious.There, I gushed. I'm done now.

    14. Goudge fans know that her fiction is infused with deep themes and this book is no exception. It's a beautiful story about the cost of loving. One of my ten all-time favorite books.

    15. A book from an earlier time does not necessarily have to -feel- antique. You can open BLEAK HOUSE or THE WOMAN IN WHITE, both set in the 1850s, and fall into a story as gripping, as precipitate, as any modern thriller. Even though it was written in the 20th century THE DEAN'S WATCH has a far more antiquated feel. Why? I place the blame upon the slowness of the pacing, and the interiority of the conflicts.This is not the book to go to if you want your fiction to bust out of the gate at a gallop. [...]

    16. Again, a lovely book. A luminescent book. Goudge's ability to paint with words and light at the same time is moving and engaging. These are not plot driven books; they are character driven. The romance here is between the author and humanity. Goudge's characters are full, complex, flawed—people you can really love. If you are a reader who is looking for the kind of cheap romance you get in the dark, paranormal current stuff, you won't be interested in this - it demands too much of the heart an [...]

    17. Some people may call Elizabeth Goudge's writing wordy, but that's okay by me because she chooses beautiful words. She artistically weaves them into touching stories with well-developed, memorable characters. Her descriptive scenes bring to life what would otherwise be overlooked. In this book I especially liked the unlikely friendships the Dean made, how he affected those he befriended, and how they affected him.

    18. Next to "Green Dolphin Street," this is my favorite Elizabeth Goudge novel. One of her Cathedral novels and perhaps her best-written, this book is set in the city of Ely, in the midst of the English fens, but at the heart of the book are Isaac Peabody, a humble, dedicated clockmaker, and Adam Ayscough, the austere, misunderstood Dean of the Cathedral, whom Isaac serves and admires and for whom he is making a "Celestial Clock," his masterpiece. The exquisiteness of this doomed clock is a physical [...]

    19. I loved this and yet I couldn't tell you why. It's a gentle story, not much happens and yet the characters are so vividly written that you can't help but enjoy spending time with them. The first person we meet is Isaac Peabody, a watchmaker, who goes about the city winding the clocks of his customers. The other main character is Adam, the Dean, who loves the city, the people and especially his wife, but knows that he isn't always loved back in turn by any of them. Once these two men meet, their [...]

    20. This is one of my favorite books. I have read it several times and love it more with each experience. It is the story of the Dean of a cathedral city in England, set around the year 1865. He is old and ill. He has literally worn himself out in the service of the citizens of the city. He is not well liked by the populace. He has ruffled some feathers in his eagerness to make improvements to the town. Through the repair of his watch, he makes friends with Isaac, the clockmaker. Their friendship wi [...]

    21. A simple clockmaker contentedly pursuing his craft in southern England of the 1870s takes time to insert small "watch papers" into the covers of some of the watches he's repaired. This seemingly insignificant action sets into motion a tide of spiritual change among many of the residents of this cathedral town. Elizabeth Goudge paints a vivid portrait of the many people in this book whose lives are woven together by the power of love put into action. A beautiful story; HIGHLY recommended!

    22. It is difficult to describe the sense of history, the portraiture of characters, the magic, the humour that are all to be found in Elizabeth Goudge's books. She was a great natural story-teller. She also had a profound sense of spirituality that gently pervades her work. It doesn't control or advise, it is simply present. This book is an old friend.

    23. I've read this twice a couple years ago, but I'm still unsure of my rating. This author is an astounding author, and I love her description, but I've always been confused by her theology (especially because I know it's not exactly Scriptural), and so I'd like to re-read this at some point to give better thoughts on it.

    24. When Dean Adam Ayscough, a high-ranking clergyman in an English cathedral town in the 1870’s, stays home from work because of a cold, the last thing he expects is to make a new friend. But when Isaac Peabody, the clockmaker who repairs the Dean’s pocket watch, stumbles into his employer’s office and speaks his mind – “It’s a beautiful watch, sir, and you overwind it. You should take better care of it, sir” (e-book, ch. 5, p. 38) – a friendship forms between the two lonely, eccent [...]

    25. This is different from other EG books I have read, and as much as I adore the other ones, it was lovely to read a story that didn't feature some of the tropes she relies on rather heavily in her other works. This one took me a while to get into, but I was in tears by the end, and pondering the many insights she gently uncovered through the Dean's interaction with his community. As an artist who faces the usual internal struggles, I especially appreciated his conversations with Isaac. Another mea [...]

    26. I requested this book from my little library and was surprised when they called and said it was here for me. They bought it! I'm so happy they did! Elizabeth Goudge is as good as all the reviews said she was! I was blown away by how she was able to bring these characters to life. I felt as if I knew them personally. Such a lovely, touching story!

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