Standing for Something More: The Excommunication of Lyndon Lamborn

Standing for Something More: The Excommunication of Lyndon Lamborn

Lyndon Lamborn / May 21, 2019

Standing for Something More The Excommunication of Lyndon Lamborn After a highly publicized and controversial exit from Mormonism Lamborn intertwines the story of his awakening with psychological aspects of religious belief

  • Title: Standing for Something More: The Excommunication of Lyndon Lamborn
  • Author: Lyndon Lamborn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a highly publicized and controversial exit from Mormonism, Lamborn intertwines the story of his awakening with psychological aspects of religious belief.

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      255 Lyndon Lamborn
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        Lamborn was a lifelong church member, perennial Priesthood leader, and a former full time missionary for the LDS church He is of pioneer stock heritage, with polygamists on both sides of the family tree Married for 28 years and father of three, Lamborn is employed as an aerospace engineer and professor of mathematics.


    1. I want to give this book a through review for several reasons. 1) This book was written for a small, particular audience and not for a wide audience and it just so happens that I fall into that small audience. 2) I have followed the author's story for about a year now. So I have a strong interest in his views and opinions. 3) I have a strong admiration for what Lyndon has gone through and what he stands for.Lyndon's explains in the book that he didn't intend to write this book as just another co [...]

    2. I basically ate this book up. I am one of those nerds who loves fact-laced books, which made this even more of a fascinating read. Mostly, though, I was interested in this book because it covers a topic most pertinent and interesting to me: the mormon church, especially exmormon stories.To summarize, this book basically tells the story of the author, Lyndon Lamborn, after his nonmormon friend began asking him questions about church history. These questions stemmed from the book "Under the Banner [...]

    3. A factual, straightforward account of a man's excommunication from mormonism as well as the intellectual path that led him there. I'm not mormon, never have been, but my best friend grew up in the church and is in the process of disentangling herself, so the chapters on groupthink and mind control were especially interesting to me. I enjoyed the levelheadedness of the writing and the lack of fanaticism, as well as the logical explanations. He lays it out and leaves the reader to decide, but ther [...]

    4. I know the author and his story is fascinating. While obviously this is not a book an active LDS member would pick up with a good conscience (some might consider it "anti-Mormon" because it does not "promote" Mormonism, but it is anti-nothing), it is very simply written, and written with emotion and great perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and felt at times the author's feelings were spot on with my own.

    5. Let me just say that this book has helped me immensely as I have sought to deprogram from the Mormon groupthink. Understanding the control mechanisms that were operating on me really helped me through a tough time. A must read for anyone who has left the Mormon Church, who wishes to leave the church, who has wondered whether the church is really true, or has family members investigating the church.

    6. This book just plain blew me away!! It was very well researched and easy to read. Lyndon's story was amazing!! Everyone investigating or those who have left the MORmON church/cult needs to read this book.

    7. Fascinating story about how a man’s uncompromising search for Truth lands him in a disciplinary council and subsequent excommunication from the Mormon Church…

    8. Lyndon Lamborn is not a born writer, but this is his own story of losinghis faith and he knows how to tell it with courage and conviction.Lamborn is an aeronautical engineer with a degree in mathematics, and thatlogical, clear thinking is evident in the way he deconstructs what wasfor him a huge life transition.His courage is evident and his thinking demonstrates the amount of timeand effort he put into sharing his experience, so that others may gainstrength to do what they need to do when they [...]

    9. There is no axe to grind here. His research is impeccable and so compelling that I couldn't help but come to the same conclusions. My feelings about spirituality in general, religion and my belief in what God might be, have all been shifted. Amazing, truthful, insightful!! I think EVERYONE should read this book

    10. Very easy read. Read it in 2 sittings. His quotes were fabulous. I really appreciated all the topics he covered and explained why it is that we do the things we do as mormons. A must read for any Mormon. A very sincere book.

    11. I really enjoyed reading this book. There was a lot of information that I didn't know of (being a member for most of my life) that would have helped seal my conviction that I was correct in doubting this religion. The book is not hateful, but direct and calm in telling facts about the religion and the various holes in it. It is frankly a relief to find out that I am not alone in questioning the motives behind the vagueness of the Mormon religion. There are many things held back from members and [...]

    12. The calm, thorough mind of an engineer set to the problem of Mormonism. Lamborn shares the largely undisputed, though often hidden, facts that tug at the unlikely validity of Mormonism and Joseph Smith as a prophet until there's little left. And yet, there's no lingering scent of "anti", and very little animosity (minus, perhaps, the last chapter and a few other points). He comes across as an honest, true believer trying to square what he's been taught with his perceptions of reality.The book do [...]

    13. I thought Lyndon's book was fantastic. Not only does it depict his story of questioning the church's history, but also of his excommunication and from the LDS church. It's thought provoking and clearly illustrates the church's short comings. His experience helped me and other members of my family leave the church and find acceptance in a new community with people with similar thoughts.

    14. Exposé on Mormonism from his standpoint. I can relate in many ways, and it is very well researched. It was a little negative tho.

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