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Jayhawk Timeless best selling JAYHAWK now available by award winning author Dorothy Keddington To Angela Stewart a summer on a Wyoming ranch with her college roommate s family seemed like an ideal vacation F

  • Title: Jayhawk
  • Author: Dorothy M. Keddington
  • ISBN: 9781890558390
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Timeless best selling JAYHAWK now available by award winning author Dorothy Keddington.To Angela Stewart, a summer on a Wyoming ranch with her college roommate s family seemed like an ideal vacation For Jay Bradford,his return to the Triple J Ranch involves a potentially dangerous quest and the search for an answer to a 26 year old mystery Jay and Angela s chance meetingTimeless best selling JAYHAWK now available by award winning author Dorothy Keddington.To Angela Stewart, a summer on a Wyoming ranch with her college roommate s family seemed like an ideal vacation For Jay Bradford,his return to the Triple J Ranch involves a potentially dangerous quest and the search for an answer to a 26 year old mystery Jay and Angela s chance meeting on a lonely road at dusk, marks the beginning of their unforgettable journey into danger and love.

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        Dorothy McDonald Keddington is the author of five best selling romantic suspense novels and the gripping true story, A Square Sky She had co authored two musical plays with poet lyricist Laura Bedore Dorothy Keddington is native of Salt Lake City, UT She has taught creative writing both privately and for community schools She is an accomplished pianist, organist, and popular speaker for civic, cultural, and educational events in the Intermountain West.


    1. Okay, I'm biased because Dorothy Keddington is my mom's best friend, but she is one of my favorite authors. This is my absolute favorite of her books (oh my gosh, the cave scene!!) and I have had a secret crush on Jay since I was a teenager. This really appeals to my inner 17 year old.

    2. When Angela arrives in Wyoming, planning on spending the summer on her college roommate's family ranch, she has no idea of the adventure in store for her. The gorgeous mountains and flowering fields are one thing, her friend Janet's cousin Jay is another, and the dangerous and mysterious happenings, right off the bat, are another.Jayhawk is part romance, part mystery, leaning heavily on the romantic part. It's never steamy (surprisingly clean, actually) and while the dialogue was often leaning t [...]

    3. I got this at a book exchange for a book club I'm in. It was written in the 70's, and once I got past the completely outdated book jacket (a beautiful leather binding was underneath), I found a truly wonderful story!! It's a love story and mystery. Just a warning, the dialogue is also 70's and somewhat cheesy at times. But really, it's a good book and I'm looking for more from this author to read. Thanks Tammy!!

    4. Finally . . . a great escape book. It has been a while since I've sat down to read for pure pleasure (of course I've enjoyed the other books I've read recently too, but they weren't all about escape). I njoyed the plot and the chemistry between the main characters, though it did move fast like the other book I read by this same author. Still, lots of fun!

    5. Angela is invited to spend the summer with her roommate, Janet, on her ranch in Wyoming. she decides to surprised Janet and arrives a day earlyd immediately meets Janet's cousin, Jayhawk. There's a mystery that Jay is trying to solve--the disappearance of his father, 26 years earlier. Crazy things happen and romance blossoms in this summer-time novel.I liked the immediate connection between Angela and Jay. I enjoyed the descriptions of the craggy ranchers--they almost had me quaking in my boots. [...]

    6. The book was not very good but it did have a lot of action and loving in the book. I only recommend if you like love and action books but there isn't that much action just a little.

    7. Good book with the right amount of romance and mystery. Indian prejudices are addressed along with regret over past actions and the affects that they have on current relationships. Jay never got to meet his father. 26 years later he goes back to his father's family's ranch in Wyoming to find the answers he needs to go on with his life. He doesn't plan on the early arrival or meeting of his cousins roommate,Angela, but her arrival gives him an allie in his quest for the truth about his father's d [...]

    8. Sweet, Clean Romance Between white Woman And Indian,but Some Really Despicable Racist CharactersI could only rate Jayhawk 3 stars,because even though I enjoyed the romance between Angela and Jay and it was developed very well,I detested most of the other characters in this story! The friend Janet whose ranch Angela goes to spend the summer at is no one I would want for a friend,and Janet, her near-rapist brother Thayne, and her father, and grandfather are all racist bigots,and make plenty of dis [...]

    9. Angela has arrived in Wyoming to spend the summer with her college roommate, Janet. She arrives a day early, but when she decides to walk to the ranch, she gets in over her head. Luckily, she gets rescued by Janet's cousin, Jay, but the trouble isn't over. What was supposed to be a calm and relaxing summer, has turned out to be completely different. Angela decides to help Jay discover the truth about Jay's father's disappearance, but gets much more than she ever bargained for, as she finds roman [...]

    10. My 14 year old daughter borrowed this book from her friend last month. I spied her reading in the car and asked her what she was reading. All she had to do was flip down the book to reveal the cover. A flood of memories overwhelmed me as I saw the book and I screamed, "Jay Hawk! I can't believe you have that book!". I read it when I was 14 and I loved it. It was my favorite book. It was my girlfriend's favorite as well. I snatched the book after my daughter was done with it and reread it. Now, a [...]

    11. This book is totally a guilty pleasure. I've read it countless times and finally broke down and ordered my own copy from . It's a very cheesy, sappy, dated (as in you can really tell it was written 30 years ago), CLEAN romance. Summary: To Angela Stewart, a summer on a Wyoming ranch with her college roommate's family seemed like an ideal vacation. For Jay Bradford,his return to the Triple J Ranch involves a potentially dangerous quest and the search for an answer to a 26-year old mystery. Jay an [...]

    12. A simple mystery mixed with a simple love story. I was underwhelmed by both, especially the reveal of the villain and fallout after the reveal. I will give the main character credit for not being completely stupid, as she would think things right after I thought them, but she also wasn't very smart in other situations. I was really bothered by the hostility toward Indians depicted in the novel, but then again I didn't grow up in that era. So yeah, scattered, mixed feelings all around on this one [...]

    13. (Genre:Romance) This was an okay story about a young woman from Michigan who goes to spend the summer at her college roommate's home--a ranch in rural Wyoming. She is fascinated by and drawn to her friend's cousin, a half Indian name Jay. He has returned to the ranch to uncover the truth of what happened to his father who disappeared a couple of decades before. It was a fun read, but with a definite 70's feel to it (at least for me). The Thayne character/part of the story drove me a little crazy [...]

    14. This is a relatively short book, a quick read. It's a decent story, compelling enough that I stuck with it through the end, but not terrible brilliant. I think I might be overly-critical, but some things bothered me. Not the worst story- a romantic mystery set in Wyoming on a cattle ranch. I don't read a lot of romance, and maybe it's because it's kind of trite and silly but this was at least clean and an enjoyable story. My friend Becky LOVES this book and has read it multiple times. I enjoyed [...]

    15. Angela is a city girl from the East invited by her roommate, Janet, to spend the summer at the Triple J Ranch in Wyoming. Angela is excited about seeing the country because of Janet's excitement about her home. However, she is immediately caught up in the love/hate/mysterious relationship between Jay Bradford and his grandfather Judd, and the disappearance of Jay's father. There's a chemistry between Angela and Jay that will develop into an amazing love story.

    16. This book was a little too cheesy for me -- the romance was a bit over the top. I like romance and mystery combined, which this book has; but there was too much with the romance (I'm just not into "darling", "love", etc. pet names so quickly). Also, everything in the end worked out so perfectly suddenly which sometimes doesn't bug me but this time it did a little. I still did enjoy the book, though, and am glad I read it. And hey, the story takes place in Wyoming! :)

    17. This is another one that is a great story if you are looking for a quick read. It is an adventure story attatched with a mystery and a love relationship. Friendships are challenged and families have to figure out how to repair themselves from the secrets that have been haunting them for years. It has a good ending if you like the happily ever after ending.(Which is what I like) Like I said, if you are looking for a great quick read then this is your book.

    18. My grandparents gave me a copy of this book to read when I was about 13. I loved it and I devoured all of the other books written by her. Now that my granparents have both passed away, there is a poignant feeling when I reread these books. I love the mix of romance and adventure. I really love the fact that the characters have moral strength and that the intimate parts of the story are handled very carefully.

    19. Wow! this book was completely amazing! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE these mystery-romance type books! and i have read all of dorothy's books many times and i was wondering if anybody knows of any other books that are like dorothy;s books! like where the 2 main characters fall in love super fast and then there is some added danger in there!! but that would be great if any body knows or can help me find some!!

    20. Very very good. After coming off of the Fablehaven series - starting Jayhawk took a huge amount of adjusting for me. The author is very expressive with her descriptions of the landscape and scenery and character build.I especially enjoyed the love story - and although the mystery was a little predictable - I found it intense enough. Thanks for the recommend, Katy!

    21. This book was written int he 70's. It was sweet. Some parts are sappy - like the last line. LOL. But I did like the western feel and I was glad that the author continued the story after the problem was "resolved". Too many books end after that and you just have to assume that they end up getting married etc. etc.

    22. I read this in one sitting (was up till 2:30am). I really liked it and got caught up in the romance. I read it a few years agoke maybe 10+. So while I remembered that Angela went to stay the summer with her friend on the friend's ranch I didn't remember hardly any of the other details. I love it when I can't put a book down and must finish it.

    23. Aah, an oldie but goodie. This book is rather cheesy but was one of my favorites as a teenager. If you like clean, cheesy romances then this is for you. I also like the suspense in it. Thanks to my sister who gave this to me because the authors books are starting to go out of print and are getting hard to find.

    24. Some sweet parts, but the heroine is really of her time, or maybe even a decade or two earlier. Example: she doesn't know what to think, so she just decides to wait and trust that (some guy she just met 20 minutes ago) will tell her whatever she needs to know.She also has several serious brushes with tstl syndrome.

    25. Soooo cheesy. The plot is cheesily dramatic, the dialogue is uber-cheesy, and the romantic scenes are more laughable than anything else. But, then you see that the book was published in 1978 and all is forgiven. It's entertaining, but I would recommend reading one of the more current LDS romance mysteries that aren't quite so cheesy.

    26. This is my sister's favorite of Keddingtons, but not really mine. I didn't like Jayhawk as a character. Too brash. Not really into his heritage either, although the heroine obviously is. And the whole family secret thing didn't really do it for me. It does have some great make-out scenes, though. And those are fun to read anytime.

    27. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Was it predictable? Yes. Was it slightly cheesy? Yes. Was it written a long time ago? All you had to do was read some of the descriptions of their clothing (pleated corduroy pants with burgundy turtleneck)and you would answer with a resounding YES! But this story was also very clean, sweet, and well written. A fun escape from the every-days of life.

    28. This is one of my favorites! I love Dorothy Keddinton's books and have read them multiple times since Jr.High. This book has great clean romance and exciting adventure - I love picking it up occasionally and skimming through my favorite scenes. I love it!

    29. This was a really good read. It too made me laugh, cry, tense up, and be happy. It is a feel good book full of romance and suspense. All of Dorothy's books are easy great reads. This one, Return to red Castle, and Flower of the Winds are books I can read over and over again. I love them.

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