Лицето над водата

Лицето над водата

Robert Silverberg Робърт Силвърбърг Юлиян Стойнов / Mar 29, 2020

  • Title: Лицето над водата
  • Author: Robert Silverberg Робърт Силвърбърг Юлиян Стойнов
  • ISBN: 9789546550040
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
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      • Robert Silverberg Робърт Силвърбърг Юлиян Стойнов

        Robert Silverberg is one of science fiction s most beloved writers, and the author of such contemporary classics as Dying Inside, Downward to the Earth and Lord Valentine s Castle, as well as At Winter s End, also available in a Bison Books edition He is a past president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the winner of five Nebula Awards and five Hugo Awards In 2004 the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America presented him with the Grand Master Award Silverberg is one of twenty nine writers to have received that distinction.


    1. the world is an ocean; humanity has come and cannot go. humanity lives on a chain of artificial islands and is perhaps now doomed, due to typical human stupidity & cupidity. where to flee? to an uncharted place on this uncharted planet, to The Face of the Waters. to find death or transcendence, or both?our hero is a doctor, alienated from his tiny society and alienated from himself. he yearns for something, something more, something else Earth? connection to his fellows? a deeper meaning for [...]

    2. A hundred pages of story squeezed into a 436-page book. Like a movie made from a short story, it felt artificial and padded. The science is so soft, this better qualifies as fantasy.Like most trip adventures, this includes many improbable creatures and challenges and a weeding out of the "fellowship" of adventures. But there's little growth--by the protagonist or others--just more improbable creatures/challenges.The orbital dynamics of a double planet with three moons is improbable. Too much tim [...]

    3. -Tibieza.-Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Un pequeño grupo de personas sufre viajando por el peligroso mar del planeta Hydros. Y es algo que no han tenido más remedio que hacer ya que se han visto obligados a dejar la isla artificial de Sorve debido a un conflicto con los habitantes nativos, los gillies, causado por uno de los humanos, todos ellos con diferentes historias y personalidades que no siempre son sanas.¿Quiere saber más de este libro, sin spoilers? Visite:librosdeolet [...]

    4. Ce roman de Silverberg nous raconte comment, sur une planète-océan perdue au fin fond de l’espace, les habitants humains d’une île ont été chassés pour partir dans la quête d’une île légendaire qui pourrait les accueillir. Pour partir à la recherche de cette île, ils feront bien sûr un grand voyage nautique. Et c’est évidement ce qui m’a fait choisir ce bouquin parmi tous les Silverberg que ma bibliothèque peut m’offrir. Bon, bien sûr, c’est là qu’arrive la premi [...]

    5. При писатели с толкова дълга кариера като тази на Робърт Силвърбърг хората говорят за „периоди на творчеството.” По отношение на самия Силвърбърг тази фраза не е безмислен термин на критиците, с който да трупат обем в ревютата си. Разликата между „Време на промени” и „За [...]

    6. I’m a huge fan of Silverberg and this book is just one reason why. His world’s are always fantastic and exciting and yet familiar and believable. In this story a human crashes on a planet covered in water. He then sets out across the sea in an alien boat on a journey in search of land. The story is exciting and thoughtful and aside from a few long descriptions and strange sex scenes; a nice read for pretty much anyone.P.S. I have often wondered if this great book was a bit of inspiration for [...]

    7. I picked this up in a used bookstore in Hawi, Hawaii. It had a promising start. Interesting world, imaginative monsters. Then wait, why? it drifts (ha!) into long, cliché passages debating faith and the existence of god which at first I only gave two shits about and then after another hundred pages began to actively hate. Keep your doubts about god out of my sea-monster novel, especially if they are always so sincere! Who do you think you are, buddy, Dostoevsky? And then I'm pretty sure the end [...]

    8. I could not finish this book.The main character, Valben Lawler, whose eyes we see the story through in a tight, 3rd person narrative, admits to being divorced from his emotions and spends most of his time high on a drug meant to numb him to said emotions. This made it very hard to connect emotionally to the story. He also doesn't seem to want anything enough to drive a story. He does seem to change as a character, but it's so slight and so gradual it is not worth continuing to find out how it en [...]

    9. "Лицето над водата" е книга-одисея, която ми поднесе не особено очакван, но интересен край. Фантастичното пътуване на д-р Лолър на борда на "Кралицата на Хидрос" е и своеобразно пътешествие към мира и хармонията, които обаче се оказват малко по-различни от очакваното. Но в тов [...]

    10. Dr Lawler is a fifth-generation resident of the water world Hydros. He and his neighbours live on a floating island on the world-girdling ocean at the sufferance of the bipedal natives, the Gillies. But one of the humans upset the Gillies and they have evicted all of the humans from their island. So the humans set out on an ocean voyage to find another place to live. What follows is a series of adventures involving various creatures, the elements, and conflict between the voyagers. I found this [...]

    11. Like any other Robert Silverberg book, The Face Of The Waters follows a somewhat original idea in a plot that seems to be too many stories shoved into one book. Oh, and a whole lot of sex.On an alien planet called Hydros, a small community of humans are forced to set sail for new land by the native 'Gillies'. We follow the tale of Lawler, a sexually frustrated doctor who spends his time fucking, abusing drugs and fantasizing over some hot chic he saw swimming naked once who clearly has no romant [...]

    12. This book has an interesting setting, and attempts to do some really deep philosophical stuff about god, the universe, and living planets, but I'm not quite happy with it.For quite a long time during the voyage, nothing really happens apart from random encounters with all kinds of aquatic beasties, which are very diverse and all, but a bit random, and weather phenomena. These only serve to thin out the cast, but don't really have much of an impact on the remaining characters, for example in term [...]

    13. I have the Lord Valentine books by Silverberg and really enjoyed them. I came to this book with high hopes, and I admit it was pretty good. As I got into the story [humans wandering around on a water world filled with scary creatures], I was afraid it was going to be one of those sci-fi books where people wander, encounter lots of different situations, and end up - either where they began or an some other good place. However, Silverberg managed to incorporate a mystery that was totally unpredict [...]

    14. Robert Silverberg is an excellent writer, so it is hardly surprising that I enjoyed his book The Face of the Waters. Taking cues from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and the Odyssey, Silverberg tells the story of a community of humans living on an inhospitable ocean planet, who must search for a new home after they are exiled from their island by their alien hosts. He excels in inventing weird and wonderful spectacles for his characters gasp at and be threatened by, such as seaweed disguised as [...]

    15. I like sci fi so this book probably got a bit of a pass. It's hard to find a novel premise, but this book succeeded. Humans and various native species (some intelligent) live on a planet made up of floating islands and one vast ocean. A small group of humans makes a journey to the only solid piece of land on the island in an effort towell, read the book, I don't want to ruin it. There's some gratuitous sex scenes, but they're skippable should you want too. Decent writing and the book is well pac [...]

    16. A remnant human colony survives on the ocean world of Hydros. Humans live on artificial islands built by creatures called Gillies. On one such island, one of the humans offends the Gillies. Humans are ordered to leave. They begin an odyssey on the planet-spanning ocean to find the mythical “Face of the Waters”, a patch of land where they can be safe. But once they reach it, the nature of this land is revealed to be an enigma in itself.The plot is quite dull and ponderous. The ideas aren’t [...]

    17. Muito interessante.Gostei bastante desta história de FC passada num planeta coberto de oceanos com apenas um continente desconhecido. Silverberg reflecte aqui sobre a maior descoberta de todas que é a descoberta de si próprio, dos limites que normalmente nos auto impomos e da beleza encerrada no acto de arriscar e de se atirar ao desconhecido. Alo longo, mas deveras interessante!

    18. An inexcusably derivative ending arrives at the end of a chain of episodic action sequences involving characters that feel too much like educated Americans for the setting. Silverberg is a great craftsman, which makes all of his work worth reading, but here the parts don't add up to a satisfying journey.

    19. This book was a strange one. The story was kind of interesting but the book was so slow paced that it killed my desire to read it. I liked some of the characters but overall they were not very impressive. The ending of the book was a let down.I can't say anything more. Overall I can recommend this book because of the world which was created.

    20. I was mostly whelmed by this book; though I would have preferred a bit more thoughtfulness and a bit less "I'm on a boat, man!" It was certainly a decently told story and there wasn't anything to object to, but I wouldn't say it made much of an impression on me.I want to like Silverberg; maybe I'm just reading the wrong stuff.

    21. I dithered about giving it one star or two. I didn't hate it and I did manage to finish it, but just. And I sort of felt cheated when I did - the ending was bad. Worse, the story just droned on and on, without much happening. I don't think I'm ready to give up on Silverberg, but he's pushing me man, he's pushing me.

    22. I remember sitting in the framed shell of a house reading this during lunch breaks. It was hot and dusty outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the company I worked for at the time was building this house in the middle of nowhere. I've left the company since then, but I've never forgotten the book.

    23. A good example ofRobert Silverberg's ability to create a world with depth and beauty. This is both a vivid adventure, full of suspense, and an exploration of what is alien, and what is human.

    24. Picked this book up at my sisters and started reading it. Quite a compelling read, the descriptions of life on the landless watery planet hydros are wonderful and really bring it alive in the imagination.

    25. I really don't remember reading this, but -- I'm sure I did, way back when I got in in 1991 or so. In any event, it's worth re-reading because it looks interesting. I'll rate it later.

    26. Intense, every time life caused me to put it down, all I wanted was to pick it up as soon as possible to get to the end.

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