Pride & Passion

Pride & Passion

Charlotte Featherstone / Feb 20, 2020

Pride Passion Lucy Ashton had long ago given up her quest for true love In the rarified society of Victorian England Lucy plays the game flirting dancing and dabbling in the newly fashionable spiritualism Even ma

  • Title: Pride & Passion
  • Author: Charlotte Featherstone
  • ISBN: 9780373776177
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lucy Ashton had long ago given up her quest for true love In the rarified society of Victorian England, Lucy plays the game flirting, dancing and dabbling in the newly fashionable spiritualism Even marrying when and who she s supposed to If the stuffy Duke of Sussex cannot spark the passion she craves, he can at least give her a family, a home of her own, and a place tLucy Ashton had long ago given up her quest for true love In the rarified society of Victorian England, Lucy plays the game flirting, dancing and dabbling in the newly fashionable spiritualism Even marrying when and who she s supposed to If the stuffy Duke of Sussex cannot spark the passion she craves, he can at least give her a family, a home of her own, and a place to belong But when her polite marriage reveals a caring and sensual man, Lucy begins to wonder if she can indeed have it all.But Lord Sussex is not the man the London ton has come to admire And Lucy has some ghosts of her own, as well Thus, when a blackmail scheme turns to threats of danger, the newfound peace of the Sussex marriage is cast upon the rocks Passion has a price, Lucy learns And not all ghosts stay buried.

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    1. “BEYOND THE MIST, the darkness and shadow, he waits, reaching out through a veil of gossamer threads—‘your future,’ he whispers, ‘your destiny.’”There really is something magical about Charlotte Featherstone’s writing. Her stories are truly romantic, erotic, passionate, exciting…and definitely captivating. I find myself feeling as though I’ve been swept away to another time and place, and once I’m there, I never want to leave. Her characters are exciting, complex people who [...]

    2. 4.5++ Oh, I loooooove a good 'unrequited love' romance book, and this one had that big time. Sigh. This was one of the better ones too. And it was the HERO who was unrequited!! How often do we get to read this kind of romance?!This is a book I would call low to mid on the angsty scale, which means the story focuses on the very pleasant and oh-so-romantic aspect of the H/h. There is some angst and drama though, it just doesn't hit you over the head. Not at all. Why not 5-stars? (Cause at times th [...]

    3. 4.25 Passionate Stars"How do you feel about me?""My dearest Lucy," he said, his gaze never wavering from hers, "I would die for you."The Duke of Sussex can't keep his eyes off of Lucy. With all that red hair and eyes that sparkle like emeralds, he is a slave to passion. But Lucy hates the Duke and refuses to marry him. Her heart belonged to another, before he died in a fire, and the Duke feels as if he may never be able to win her affections. After all, how does one compete with a dead man.She h [...]

    4. Pride & Passion is the second book in the Brethren Guardian series and, although I found the first book Seduction & Scandal quite disappointing, I really enjoyed this one. Ms Featherstone has penned a richly textured romance full of mysticism, secrets, conflict, passion, mystery and suspense.”I’m not who you think I am.”I have a fascination with tormented heroes. That’s why I loved Adrian, with his deep, dark secrets, his unrequited love for Lucy and those red hot passions simmer [...]

    5. Narration: A- (I feel a bit like I just drove a Ferrari to the corner mini-mart during rush-hour to buy a Twinkie)Story: B-/C+ (I heard three distinct stories and was mildly dissatisfied with all of them rather than getting one cohesive story with multiple intriguing plot lines)I’ve been feeling a bit disaffected with my usual run of reading material and I’m afraid this audiobook was unable to lift me out my slump. While the narration was very good and there were aspects of the story that sn [...]

    6. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookThis book in CF’s Brethren Guardians series was much better than book #1, where the h Isabella drove me bonkers. Lucy was succeeding in doing that too almost that is. Many a times, I was tempted to slap her or shake her to see reasons. How could she think that a handsome Duke, who wants her so much, isn’t good enough for her? Sometimes she would go a bit overboard with her rebellions and since Adrian was so swe [...]

    7. Story Rating 5 starCharacter Rating 5 starsRomance Rating 5 starsHeat Level 3 starsOverall Rating 4.5 starsI loved the way this book just flowed for me. The story grabbed me from the start.I really liked all the characters in this book and absolutely LOVED the hero Adrian, he was soo passionate.This story also had some angst to it and I thought that part of the story really well done.What made me rate this book 4.5 and not 5 was the fact that the heat level was not quite where I wanted it to be. [...]

    8. Puno bolje od prvog dela trilogije. Neke tajne su otkrivene, a ja već naslućujem ko je ludak koji sebe naziva Orfejem. Jedva čekam da pročitam treći deo i saznam da li sam pogodila.

    9. ”I would die for you.”Lady Lucy Ashton once thought herself in love, but then she was betrayed and hurt and has decided that she may never be able to have it, even though her dream is to find a man to love and have a small cottage in the country and never have to worry about society or the Ton or expectations. When her father informs her that she must marry, and she will marry the Duke of Sussex, she refuses. But her father is insistent that Adrian will be the man she will marry. Lucy thinks [...]

    10. This one is really hard for me to review. I really struggled with the first 25-30% of it. I had to force myself to pick it up, and then I essentially gave up and read a few other books. The first book in the series Seduction & Scandal was OK for me, but I found the writing style really heavy at the beginning, until the story had developed enough to have momentum. This book was exactly the same, but with some additional issues.- At the start of this book, the heroine, Lucy, appears to have ha [...]

    11. Lucy Ashton has basically brought herself up after her mildly selfish parents only paid her some attention when it was beneficial to them. Now with her mother gone and having been all but ignored by her father, she is loathe to accept his decision that she marry Adrian, the stuffy Duke of Sussex. Lucy has been brought up to know her duty but she just can not bear it to be to Sussex. After basically telling her he would curb her impulsive, bold nature she dislikes him even more. But the final str [...]

    12. WONDERFULLY AMAZING!!!!They each have their secrets but what they share is passion.Lucy Ashton had long ago given up her quest for true love. In the rarefied society of Victorian England, Lucy plays the game - flirting, dancing and dabbling in the newly fashionable spiritualism. Even marrying when - and who - she's supposed to. If the stuffy Duke of Sussex cannot spark the passion she craves, he can as least give her a family, a home of her own, and a place to belong. When her polite marriage re [...]

    13. Let me start out by saying how much I enjoyed this book. It spared me many of the frustrating tropes I usually find in historicals. The heroine isn't a ninny or a virgin. The love isn't instantatious. And there is no great misunderstanding. It was a solid romance, with good sex, and enough danger to kick it all up a notch.We first met Lucy back in Seduction & Scandal. She is desperately trying to find her former lover Thomas, who she had thought died in a fire. But not only is he alive, but [...]

    14. Where is the six star option when you need it?? Absolutely fantastic! I have experienced every emotion possible while reading this book and I am left wanting the next book in this series RIGHT NOW!! Brilliantly written in such an erotic and sensual way, I may have to read it again. AMAZING! Full review to come closer to release date.

    15. This is the second book in Charlotte Featherstone's series, The Brethren Guardians. I haven't read the first or the third books (this was the only one available in NetGalley), and I never will.Our main characters are Lucy (who, in a novel twist, is not a virgin and actually has a lover that she can't stop talking about how "passionately" she feels for him) and Adrian (who, of course, is in the I-can't-breathe-for-lusting over Lucy stage). In the first couple of chapters, I was excited where this [...]

    16. Grade: B+Let me start off by saying that Historicals are just not my favorite genre to read. The chaperones, the sweltering clothes, the heaving bosoms and the “OMG I will die and be burned at the stake if someone sees us within 3 feet of each other!’ drive me insane. I could never have lived back when woman were treated as objects to be owned, and were forced to marry in order to better their station in ‘life’, if that is what you call what they are living. But I am digressing and this [...]

    17. 4.5 StarsFirst off, I absolutely LOVE the cover for this book! I adore the colours and the womans pose of complete abandon, it definitely caught my eye and has made me want to read this book more then I already did!I have been looking forward to reading Lucy, the heroines cousin from Seduction & Scandal, and the Duke of Sussex, Adrian's book since the end of the first book. In this book we see Adrian isn't quite the man he seems and certainly isn't the passionless and boring man that Lucy be [...]

    18. I loved this book, simply because of the Duke of Sussex. It's always the quiet ones, you know? Publicly he is all about rigid control and propriety and being the staid, boring Englishman. Privately, though, he is (and has been for years and years) on fire for Lucy. He has wanted her, and loved her, since he first saw her. She saw their connection as an advantageous match her father kept thrusting upon her. He saw it as destiny - the means to an end of getting what he's always wanted.Lucy was a h [...]

    19. Adrian’s steamy passion and deep seeded love and Lucy’s reluctance to see it and him for the man he is are engaging and keep you reading. However, this is the only thing that keeps you reading. The plot is disjointed and implausible, even for a historical romance (which I love). The plot line seems to take disjointed leaps that make no sense, particularly the kidnapping and consummation of the marriage. Why are Lucy and Adrian having a tryst at the club where she has been kidnapped? The othe [...]

    20. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Adrian. What a man. I fell totally in love with him. Lucy, not so much. I thought she was spoiled, selfish and too stubborn for words. I kept thinking, what in the hell does Sussex see in her. He could certainly find someone more worthy than her. It wasn't until near the end that it was revealed why he loved her so. I must say that at the end, I started to finally like Lucy, but she still isn't good enough for him.LOLCharlotte Featherstone never fails to provide the sexiest hero's [...]

    21. Pride & Passion is the second book in The Brethren Guardians series by Charlotte Featherstone. We met both characters in the previous book, Seduction & Scandal. Adrian, Duke of Sussex, is one of the Brethren Guardians. He appears to be no more than a stuff shirt, rigid and passionless. But appearances can be deceiving. He longs for Lucy Ashton, the daughter of the Marquis of Stonebrook. A woman who longs for another and can't see the true man before her.Well, truthfully this book was a h [...]

    22. This is one of those stories that will make you froth at the mouth like a rabid dog. It's action packed, luscious, deliciously intimate and just such a wondrous shivering treat that you won't be able to set it down for the life of you. This is the second book of the series and in my very high opinion it is a must have series. OMG!!!Lucy Ashton is in love with a dead man. She witnessed the fire but can't bring her mind to the finality and reality of the fact that the man she loved was consumed in [...]

    23. Read more of my reviews at BookGasmicC Courtesy of NetGalley3 1/2-4 starsI've been having a hard time trying to put my thoughts together regarding this book. There were a LOT of things i absolutely loved about it, and there were more than a few things I didn't like.The beginning grabbed my attention immediately. I haven't read any other historical romances with a paranormal edge to them, so i really enjoyed that aspect (initially at least). Also, the first half of the book was written beautifull [...]

    24. Absolutely a wonderful book! I loved the story and the characters. And I am so happy that Lucy accepted the Duke. I truly loved him the most. I also cannot wait for book 3, Temptation & Twilight. I am sure it will be emotional and scorching. I also think I may know who the villain truly is, some information was revealed at the end of this story. I think part of the past has come back and seeks revenge on Sussex and Elizabeth.

    25. Καταπληκτική ιστορία,ερωτεύσιμος πρωταγωνιστής,ΕΚΝΕΥΡΙΣΤΙΚΟΤΑΤΗ ηρωίδα Κάπως έτσι χάνονται τα 5στερα

    26. Pride: proud or disdainful behavior or treatment Passion: strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor When the fortune teller showed her a vision of her future, she didn't believe it to be true "She heard the words, whispering around her like a lover's touch. Why did you forsake me? His answer had been soft, a mere whisper, their palms had touched through the gauze, his heat singing her just her just as his words did.I have been here all along, waiting for you to see me beyond the veil that se [...]

    27. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: November 29, 2011 (Available Now!)Publisher: HarlequinImprint: HQNAuthor’s Website: charlottefeatherstoneMy Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 2, Brethren Guardian SeriesSeries Best Read In Order: YesSteam Level: HotThe second installment into the Brethren Guardian series picks up very shortly after the first one left off, focusing on Lord Adrian Sussex and the Brethren' [...]

    28. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickI admit to being pleasantly surprised by this book. After reading the first book in this series (Scandal & Seduction) I wasn't too excited to read this book. The first book left me with a slightly bad taste, but that definitely was not the case with Pride & Passion. From the first page until the last this book held me enraptured. I was unable to stop reading. This book was just so good.I love, love, love, loved the Duke of Sussex! I fo [...]

    29. Reviewed for Wickedly Bookish Reviewswickedlybookish/I have been eagerly anticipating Pride & Passion ever since I finished its predicessor Seduction & Scandal this summer. The characters are endearing and the plot promises to always offer Masonic excitment. Charlotte Featherstone has quickly become one of my top authors to watch! Her smooth and scintilating way with words is sure to captivate and please readers of romance. The Duke of Delicousness does not dissapoint! Adrian is absolute [...]

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