Runaway Heart

Runaway Heart

Thom Lane / Jul 16, 2019

Runaway Heart Genre BDSM LGBT Fantasy ParanormalSeries Tales of Amaranth Previous Book Hidden HeartOn a drunken bet Marc broke into Baron Thiviers mansion to steal something precious Discovered and almost caught

  • Title: Runaway Heart
  • Author: Thom Lane
  • ISBN: 9781611184099
  • Page: 192
  • Format: ebook
  • Genre BDSM LGBT Fantasy ParanormalSeries Tales of Amaranth Previous Book Hidden HeartOn a drunken bet, Marc broke into Baron Thiviers mansion to steal something precious Discovered and almost caught, he s being hunted by the baron and his hounds when Finn, the runaway slave boy, saves his life Marc claims possession of Finn, to redeem that foolish bet what s pGenre BDSM LGBT Fantasy ParanormalSeries Tales of Amaranth Previous Book Hidden HeartOn a drunken bet, Marc broke into Baron Thiviers mansion to steal something precious Discovered and almost caught, he s being hunted by the baron and his hounds when Finn, the runaway slave boy, saves his life Marc claims possession of Finn, to redeem that foolish bet what s precious than a beautiful boy But his so called friends reject him, and the baron comes after him relentlessly, so he takes the boy and flees again.Yet it s Finn the baron can track, by means of renegade magic, and in the end, Finn has no choice He runs from the new young master he s come to love and confronts the chasing baron, sacrificing himself to save Marc s life Except that Marc too is in love, and so comes after his errant boy, throwing his own life into danger yet again.Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable strong BDSM theme and elements, male male sexual practices, master slave dynamic.

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        Author Thom Lane is an English writer who has published romances and erotica as well as fantasies and other books under other names In his tales of Amaranth, he is combining as many of those genres as possible loose id authors q t t


    1. The weakest part of Tales of Amaranth yet But still a solid 4-star read ;)It is the 4th instalment of Thom Lane's series, after: Dark Heart, Healing Heart and Hidden Heart. You can find my reviews of those here, here and here respectively.Although being IMO the weakest part of the series, it still got to my "absolute favourites" shelf simply because Tales of Amaranth are my favourite Master/slave stories I've read so far! (And I've read a lot of M/s books, believe me!) The Master MC of this part [...]

    2. Full guest review (of Tales of Amaranth: The Boxed Set) to follow shortly on Boy Meets Boy Reviews'l the resistance left him in a rush and he stood as still as any slave, mute and surrendered, starkly terrified'Yet another aspect of the Master/slave dynamic is explored this time told from the perspective of a free person Marc he recounts how Finn came into his possession. I liked this tale least of all of the Amaranth stories most probably because Marc shows very few redeeming qualities.Having a [...]

    3. This was the first time that a slave was able to elude one master to take up with a new one. I enjoyed the alternating POVs between Fin and Marc. The beauty of this story unlike the other Amaranth books is that the lines between free and slave were blurred.

    4. I really struggle with how to rate this story. In the end I gave it a 3 but really view it more at about a 2.5.I think the idea in the story was a strong one. Finn is a runaway slave caught in the woods by young Marc who was also being chased by Finn's owner. I have two huge issues with the story.First Finn seems to fall back into slavery too easily (I might have liked to have seen this explored a little more) and there is nothing in the story that makes me believe Finn really loves or is even a [...]

    5. Eh. Why the hell not?Post-read ETA:I'm actually not quite sure if I liked it or not. I'll give it the 4 stars, though, because the writing really is pretty good.This one actually explored the different aspects of slave-master dynamics. I actually found it quite unsettling at times, but in a good way. It was highly thought-provoking and had me reflexively up in arms a couple of times. I don't quite know if I like the conclusion (or non-conclusion) the book seemed to end with, but *shrugIt doesn't [...]

    6. I know there's only so many plots in the world. but I swear this is a rewrite of Anne McCaffrey's short story The Thorns of Barevi, which became her Freedom's Landing series. I was reading the preview and thought "all we need now is for the escaped slave to lead the MC to a hideyhole in a thorn thicket", and lo! It was so.

    7. I didn't find this book as much fun as the rest of the series and lost interest halfway through. I got there in the end though and was pleased with the ending.

    8. I'm happy that the POV switches in this one. Infinitely happy actually since the reason I didn't like some of the books in this series was because it was all from the slaves POV. Now this one didn't appeal to me mainly because I feel like the series ran it's course a long time ago. Every book in the series gets compared to the first one since in my opinion it was the best and really blows the next 4 books out of the park. So comparatively this wasn't great. The boys just seem to get wimpier as t [...]

    9. Thom Lane writes a heartbreaking story of a master and his slave. Usually a master/slave relationship is difficult to understand, but can be viewed from different points of view. I found it difficult to understand the relationship despite the era it was staged in. The master/slave relationship in Runaway Heart is one born out of the times and is no way a choice, which is often found in contemporary master/slave relationships. For all the harshness of the story, love grows between the two and the [...]

    10. While not my favorite of the series, it nevertheless made me tear up at one point. I missed Master Luke and Tam, and I wondered how these two fit into the narrative of the series, but it was a good diversion from everything else. Well written characters that make you care. I just wish it was a little longer so I could see more of who Marc is and what his relationship to Finn will be like once they return home.

    11. Unfortunately I neglected to write a review at the time of reading and I can't remember enough about the book to give a fair review now, 4 months later I think my main 'issue' with this book was that I was burnt out after reading the first 3 books in two days then diving straight into this one this series is a wee bit dark at times and by book 4, I was so over the series will re-read and review in 2015

    12. I'm still trying to figure out if I like Marc enough to make this a four star. I know I like Finn, but the fact that Marc is such a fly by night (at first) make it difficult to like him. But he is there for Finn even when Finn is trying to save Marc from the Baron by giving himself up.Good read, recommended.

    13. Although I enjoyed the other books, this one just didn't do it for me. One thing that irked me was to read modern day slang, one of the main characters was completely unlikeable, at least for me and my two favorite characters from the first story weren't a part of this one. The writing is good and there are no cliffhangers.

    14. **3.5 upped to a 4** I liked this one better than the previous 2 but not as well as the first one. The characters were more likeable and I came to care about them, while the plot was hashed out a little more.

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