Time Out of Mind

Time Out of Mind

John R. Maxim / Oct 18, 2019

Time Out of Mind This book introduced the Lesko character and led directly to the Bannerman Series It made the NYT bestseller list TIME OUT OF MIND Dazzlinga masterpiece Andrew M Greeley Vivid richly detailed and com

  • Title: Time Out of Mind
  • Author: John R. Maxim
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book introduced the Lesko character and led directly to the Bannerman Series It made the NYT bestseller list.TIME OUT OF MIND Dazzlinga masterpiece Andrew M Greeley Vivid, richly detailed and compellinga fascinating and hugely rewarding entetainment Cleveland Plain Dealer JONATHAN CORBIN S LIFE IS NOT HIS OWN.Manhattan Ad Executive Corbin is haunted by memThis book introduced the Lesko character and led directly to the Bannerman Series It made the NYT bestseller list.TIME OUT OF MIND Dazzlinga masterpiece Andrew M Greeley Vivid, richly detailed and compellinga fascinating and hugely rewarding entetainment Cleveland Plain Dealer JONATHAN CORBIN S LIFE IS NOT HIS OWN.Manhattan Ad Executive Corbin is haunted by memories of another time memories that do not belong to him Then, in the midst of a raging New York snowstorm, the inexplicable images become vivid and real And before he knows it, Jonathan Corbin has stepped into a bygone world of gas lit streets and horse drawn carriages and into the center of a nineteenth century maelstrom of love, revenge, obsessiond death Through the swirling snow, he can make out the figure of a woman someone he can t possibly know, but does someone he knowshe is destined to kill.From master of suspense John R Maxim bestselling author of The Shadow Box, Haven and Mosaic comes a remarkable story of secrets and inescapable fated of a deadly hundred year old game of hide, seek and destroy that draws one unsuspecting player from an uncertain present into a lethal and devastating past.

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        John R Maxim was born in Greenwich Village, NYC, educated at NY Jesuit Schools Xavier and Fordham played all the street sports and most team sports.Comes from a family of cops and a few Feds After school, took up flying, skydiving and dirt track stock car racing until the Military decided it could do without him Then went into marketing and advertising Several awards Rose to Senior VP at major New York Advertising agencies Work involved a great deal of international travel Major hobby back then was sailing.Always wanted to write, however, and, one night on the bar car, decided to give it a year, succeed or fail Sold first novel at age 41 Wrote 12 plus one non fiction, averaging a year and a half each Translated into ten languages Several were optioned for film or TV Still waiting.Took up skiing Many trips to Switzerland and Colorado With the kids gone, sold our Connecticut house and moved to Hilton Head Island with his beautiful wife, Christine, herself a champion sailor.


    1. Not my kind of book, but so clever and engrossing that I wound up finishing it anyway. Too bad the ending didn't get smarter, or the heroes more likable, but I don't regret reading it. In fact, if you do read thrillers, especially Dean Koontz, I think you might get a kick out of this. Lots of details of historical fiction make it interesting, and worth the high number of pages, too.It is a tiny bit dated, but not in any obtrusive way except once when a character bemoans that there's "no such thi [...]

    2. Transfixed. This book had me going the whole time. Loved the characters, loved the old New York City setting, loved the general premise. Had just enough action to keep the story moving along. A fantastic read.

    3. Not so much the 'ghost story' that it is pitched as being, given the quotes used on the back of the copy I read, but instead an interesting mystery that, although overly long at times in the minutiae of old school New York City, nevertheless invites you to come down the rabbit hole with its main character, Jonathan Corbin. The story follows Corbin on a journey of discovery as he struggles to deal with his slipping grasp of reality. Every time it snows, he finds himself misplaced in time; no long [...]

    4. Jonathan Corbin is losing his mind, reliving the experiences of someone else in the 1880s. Thru the course of the book, we learn his memories are ancestral, and a story of love and lies among the bluebloods of old New York unfolds. Family treachery drives the plot. Use of real figures as supporting cast lends a sense of authenticity to the historical sequences which are the heart of the story. The protagonist's loosening grip on temporal reality and battle to retain a sense of self as the past b [...]

    5. a book I continue to think about. I want to find a copy and reread it I reread it. It's not what I remember, which is a ghost story, or timetravel. Still a good read. Strong writing in a complex plot. I'm intrigued by the POV he used so well.

    6. Agreat take on time travel, mystery and ancestral memory.me historical. I enjoyed this so much I read it again

    7. I admit I didn't have much hope for this book. We brought it to the beach as a beach read and I figured I'd lose interest 25-30 pages in. I normally have several books going at once and this one became the book for a day and a half. I was so engrossed in it that others noticed and read it after I was finished (I wasn't going to share it). Excellent writing, wonderful storytelling, great detail. Enjoyable from beginning to end.

    8. I’m not sure how to classify this one. It is historical fiction, past life memory, time travel, mystery, crime novel, not super engrossing yet I was compelled to finish.

    9. This book is not for a casual summer read - it needs concentration to get to grips with all the Corbins and Beckwiths and to follow events in different time periods. It has an intriguing start and I found I had lots of questions most of which were answered although it did have a slightly odd ending where you weren't quite certain whether the door was closed.There was lots of famous names as part of the story but they were interweaved in and were integral to the plot which I found quite charming. [...]

    10. The underlying idea of "genetic memories" is intriguing and "Time of of Mind" was my first exposure to the concept. John Maxim explores the implications of this concept in two ways. The main character, Corbin, experiences genetic memories, perhaps to extreme. Gwen is amazingly accepting of the idea of genetic memories and supports Corbin's efforts to probe the events that devastated his family some 60 years ago.The "blurb" for this book appealed, so I took advantage of $0 pricing to download the [...]

    11. Interesting concept for a story: Johnathon is possessed by his grandfather Tilden's ghost, who shows Johnathon scenes from the past and takes over Johnathon's actions at times. The story covers Johnathon's and Tilden's lives, moving back and forth between them. Johnathon could be walking down a busy, modern New York City street and be confronted by buildings and people from the late 1800's or early 1900's. Could get confusing if you don't pay attention. Wasn't reformatted properly for Kindle and [...]

    12. This book has so many flaws I don't know where to begin. It's sort of a time travel novel without real time travel. The author sets up a premise as to how this is accomplished, then promptly violates his own (dumb) rationale, and when he needs the characters to have other psychic powers, whaddaya know, they do. You also get viewpoint characters changing from paragraph to paragraph, and once in a while within a paragraph. And more, but I won't go on. On the plus side, there's some nice research i [...]

    13. Story was interesting and the details of 1880s New York City was fascinating. The characters were likeable (or not) and engaged my interest.On the downside, the formatting was terrible - words in the middle of the line were hyphenated for no reason, "and" became "arid" on more than one occasion. The breaks between the pov's was non-existent, although in reading along it was obvious after a moment. I would read more of this author.

    14. Interesting story line, well developed characters, kept me going. Lot of LONG descriptions, many irrelevant, so I skipped several pages. A bit slow for the first 2/3 or so- kind of repetitive. The last 1/3 definitely exciting. Free book is why I read it. Overall ok read, but not highly recommended.

    15. Was an awful LONG detailed story -- was difficult for me because the print was too small to read, even on the biggest setting, just wasn't right! Also every hyphen possible in a word was displayed (which made it extremely difficult to read). Pages were not formatted correctly either, every other page was different! Story was just too long, not very believable!

    16. My all time favorite book!!!I have bought this book several times, including a first edition. It embodies the perfect ghost story, along with adventure and some fascinating tidbits of history along the way. I totally admire the heroes and only wish I could actually meet them, but I'm thrilled to share their lives and worlds through this book.

    17. Excellent mystery, suspense, and fantasy. 1890's New York. Get to know Theodore Roosevelt before he was president.Meet the railroad barons. I love this book.

    18. could not get into this book got confused to much info that was not needed for the story line might try and read later

    19. This is one of my favorite books. I re-read it often. The premise on which the plot turns has always fascinated me.

    20. InterestingIt's a fascinating historically influenced story .a little confusing at timesI suggest trying to read it in one fell swoop!

    21. I was truly absorbed by this richly detailed story. It's a blend of historical fiction, time travel, mystery, and romance that had me in its thrall.

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