Ten Days in the Hills

Ten Days in the Hills

Jane Smiley / Feb 18, 2020

Ten Days in the Hills In the aftermath of the Academy Awards Max and Elena he s an Oscar winning writer director open their Holywood Hills home to a group of friends and neighbors industy insiders and hangers on ea

  • Title: Ten Days in the Hills
  • Author: Jane Smiley
  • ISBN: 9781400033201
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the aftermath of the 2003 Academy Awards, Max and Elena he s an Oscar winning writer director open their Holywood Hills home to a group of friends and neighbors, industy insiders and hangers on, eager to escape the outside world and dissect the latest news, gossip, and secrets of the business Over the next ten days, old lovers collide, new relationships form, and sparIn the aftermath of the 2003 Academy Awards, Max and Elena he s an Oscar winning writer director open their Holywood Hills home to a group of friends and neighbors, industy insiders and hangers on, eager to escape the outside world and dissect the latest news, gossip, and secrets of the business Over the next ten days, old lovers collide, new relationships form, and sparks fly, all with Smiley s signature sparkling wit and characterization With its breathtaking passion and sexy irreverence, Ten Days in the Hills is a glowing addition to the work of one of our most beloved novelists.

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        Jane Smiley is a Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist.Born in Los Angeles, California, Smiley grew up in Webster Groves, Missouri, a suburb of St Louis, and graduated from John Burroughs School She obtained a A.B at Vassar College, then earned a M.F.A and Ph.D from the University of Iowa While working towards her doctorate, she also spent a year studying in Iceland as a Fulbright Scholar From 1981 to 1996, she taught at Iowa State University Smiley published her first novel, Barn Blind, in 1980, and won a 1985 O Henry Award for her short story Lily , which was published in The Atlantic Monthly Her best selling A Thousand Acres, a story based on William Shakespeare s King Lear, received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1992 It was adapted into a film of the same title in 1997 In 1995 she wrote her sole television script produced, for an episode of Homicide Life on the Street Her novella The Age of Grief was made into the 2002 film The Secret Lives of Dentists.Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel 2005 , is a non fiction meditation on the history and the nature of the novel, somewhat in the tradition of E M Forster s seminal Aspects of the Novel, that roams from eleventh century Japan s Murasaki Shikibu s The Tale of Genji to twenty first century Americans chick lit.In 2001, Smiley was elected a member of The American Academy of Arts and Letters.


    1. There is an early renaissance work called The Decameron, by one Italian bloke named Boccaccio. The book is a thinly veiled excuse to collect a bunch of smutty stories under a thinly veiled excuse for a framing plot (ten young men and women escape to the hills outside plague-ridden Florence, and behave themselves with remarkable propriety while telling the dirtiest anecdotes over the fire). I had to read it in college. The concept of gathering anecdotes like this is one of those early european id [...]

    2. Finally I can give 5 stars to something I've read this year. I was a bit worried at firstl that sex stuff and random stories and political arguments I've already heard, but I trusted the author would do something brilliant as she always does and she did not disappoint. This book was so much fun and I loved (almost) all of the characters. I got such an indulgent pleasure from lying in a hammock reading it for hours and hours and never getting bored. I almost cried at the end, mostly because I was [...]

    3. My typical response to a Smiley novel: she cites ten or twelve other books that look even more interesting than whatever I'm reading of hers at the moment. This book (a modern-day Decamaron (sp)) has the reader eavesdropping on several Hollywood residents in a palatial house over the space of a week and a half, shortly after the outbreak of the Iraq war (in Boccachio's work, the characters are hiding out from the Black Plague). Smiley said in one interview or another that she was going for an ea [...]

    4. A deeply bad book in which none of the characters convince and all of them talk and think like upper-middle-class white ladies.

    5. I just started this, I'm hoping for some Laurel Canyon-like Hollywood shenanigans combined with Smiley's usual sharp and devastating observations.I just finished this. It was so much better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be good, but not great, and maybe a little boring or contrived or strident at times. It's very hard to write about contemporary events and have the story not feel dated or irrelevant by the time it makes it way to publication. Maybe that's the reason Smiley chose [...]

    6. Honestly, I didn't like it and I didn't finish it. Which surprised me, because I read the Decameron as a teenager and liked it, and I like Jane Smiley generally. The Decameron is all about stories, and so is this book. Just like the Decameron, the characters sit around all day telling stories, only in this modern version, the stories come from the characters' own lives and from the movies, in addition to gossip, apocryphal tales, folklore, etc. Like the Decameron, the relationships (and romances [...]

    7. Having not been able to get through "The Greenlanders" but having memories of having enjoyed "Moo" long ago, I was ready for this to go in either direction. Moo had struck a chord because I also have experience with being a faculty member at a land-grant school in the Upper Midwest. "Ten Days" resonates with me because I grew up in the Hollywood Hills. (Hm, maybe my problem with "The Greenlanders" is that I've never spent ten years huddling around a fire saying things like, "Bah! Woman! Tell Gri [...]

    8. Sometimes you start a book and you think, " Oh man, this is gonna suck. But, I think I should give it a shot." More often than not, you regret not paying this voice more heed, and stopping at page 10, 15, 40whenever the urge to do anything but continue reading first strikes. Usually, after reading the first chapter of a book, I feel intrigued by the characters, the narrative structure, the dialogue, something that encourages me to continue forward. Not so with Ten Days in the Hills. The characte [...]

    9. Who knew sex, storytelling and Hollywood insiderism could be so incredibly boring? Normally I love Smiley but this was a total slog. I should have just reread The Decameron.

    10. This is one of those books that you don’t know whether to love or hate. How you feel when you finish reading it may not be how you’ll feel days or months later. The strength of the book is not what has been pushed as the book’s most outstanding feature. It all makes for a confusing situation in knowing whether to recommend the book or pan it because no two people seem to have the same take on it. I just spent a good hour reading people’s reviews of the book on Good Reads, and I am no mor [...]

    11. TEN DAYS IN THE HILLS. (2007). Jane Smiley. **, I am a big admirer of Ms. Smiley’s work, but this one doesn’t really make it. It’s like listening to a chess match on the radio, where the moves are given in chess notation, and everyone is quiet so as not to disturb the players. We are immediately introduced to a large cast of characters who have assembled at Max’s house in the L.A. suburbs. The house has a great view of the Getty Museum and is built on a hillside with multi-levels. All at [...]

    12. Everyone is referring to this as her Decameron, but it's really her version of "My Dinner with Andre," which she refers to several times. I loved Dinner so much I actually went out and bought the screenplay after seeing the film, but Ten Days was more character driven, arduous, and much longer. I usually rip through her books, but this one was a bit tedious, although, as usual, very intelligent, socially and historically astute, and interesting, complex and characters. I did like her cross secti [...]

    13. I didn't dig this book. I found it boring, and, because of that, it took a long time for me to slog through. It was essentially a modern-day retelling of The Decameron, set in Hollywood. The one part I did enjoy was the discussion of movies, both real and imagined, that the characters participated in. And the book did make me want to go and rent some classic movies I've never seen. There is just something about Smiley's style, I guess, that I don't like. I didn't care for A Thousand Acres, eithe [...]

    14. Loosely based on the Decameron, and all about sex and politics. Not too shabby! There were times when I couldn't put it down. It follows ten Hollywood-types in the days after the Iraq war has just been declared. Very well-written, interesting political arguments, interspersed with amusing and juicy parts.Then he said, "But I'm permitted to save myself.""Are you?" said Delphine. "Are you permitted to promote risk for others and keep some security for yourself?""Well that's a natural human thing t [...]

    15. "But a little after nones, they all went and refreshed their faces in cool water before assembling, at the queen's request, on the lawn near the fountain, where, having seated themselves in the customary manner, they began to await their turn to tell a story on the topic the queen had proposed."-Giovanni Boccaccio, The DecameronJane Smiley is once again remaking classic literature with Ten Days in the Hills, a modern take on Boccaccio's The Decameron. In The Decameron, an assorted group of ten n [...]

    16. I was expecting to enjoy this book far more than I did. Rarely is there a book I start that has me so uninspired that I just want to throw in the towel, and this happened to me several times along the way, though there were moments when I thought it might redeem itself. I've only read one other Jane Smiley book, A Thousand Acres, and I loved it. She is really a master of detail. Perhaps I kept going because I was so startled by how thoroughly different the subject matter between these two books [...]

    17. This was a tough call. I read about fifty pages (two chapters). Some lines I'd think, right on. But then for paragraphs and paragraphs at at time I'd feel like I was being crushed under her words. Also the first chapter was so dull and the dialogue did not ring truee characters had great ideas and were very smart, but did not seem lifelike. Hmm, this was actually similar to the elaborate sex scenes. There was just something missing, but it was hard to say what. Almost like she depicts all the fi [...]

    18. Jane Smiley, who won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for A Thousand Acres, has written on a range of topics: horses, midwestern university life, real estate, Greenland, and, most recently, literature (13 Ways of Looking at the Novel, ***1/2 Jan/Feb 2006). Ten Days, a social satire, tackles the superficial lives of Hollywood denizens__to mixed acclaim. Many reviewers were sufficiently entertained by watching Smiley's set of spoiled, if smart, individuals interact and ruminate on their self-involved conce [...]

    19. Against all odds, I loved this book. Normally, I'm put off by lots of stories w/in stories because I don't care for short stories. I love long novels, even better give me a saga or trilogy. I enjoy full immersion in places and in characters' lives (Suitable Boy, Forsyth Saga, Strangers and Brothers, Richard Marius's East Tennessee trilogy, etc.) With her L.A. Decameron, Smiley gives us a feast of characters and a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of our times that often sent me into gales of laughter. I [...]

    20. I don't know why I forced myself to finish Ten Days in the Hills. Maybe I expected a meaningful ending. I might have to re-read 10,000 Acres to figure out why I gave that 4 stars.

    21. I love Jane Smiley, but only liked this book. I couldn't get attached to or interested enough in any of the many characters. The idea: a bunch of people, a sort-of family (a Hollywood movie director, his girlfriend and her son, his ex wife who is a legendary beauty/actress/singer, their grown daughter, the actress' mother, a neighbor, an old friend, the director's agent, and actress' bearded guru boyfriend) gathered in one place and talk and explore relationships past and present, is an interest [...]

    22. My initial reaction is to wonder why this book has such bad reviews, but it is heavy on rich and out-of-touch characters and light on plot, so you could be forgiven for finding it boring. Still, I loved the way it played with the themes of the Decameron, with life, death, sex, secrets, narration. I enjoyed recognizing many of the stories and the clever ways that Smiley wove them into her frame. I also really enjoyed her attempt to recreate the sense of retreat, but thought that was at least part [...]

    23. This is a very unusual book. Not for everyone. More like being a fly on the wall, witnessing a variety of conversations, relationships and inner dialogue. I didn't care one way or the other for the celebrity aspect but I very much enjoyed "listening in on" the characters and their perspectives.

    24. Despite who she is I found this very slow, with little conflict, a bit overwritten, paragraphs that went on for more than a page, etc. I stopped reading at page 180 out of 449. Sex is well-written. A good example of how to write non-purplish sex scenes.

    25. I probably should have read the Decameron before I read this so I had a point of reference. I feel like I will have to return and write a real review after I do so, but I didn't hate this novel as much as most people did.

    26. I tried to like this book, but just had to give up after 85 pages. These people are so full of themselves that it's hard to like any of them. Isabel seemed the most mature, even though she was the next to youngest.

    27. This is put together well, but is probably my least favorite Smiley. The web between the characters and how that all developed was great, but the emotional weight there for me didn’t support the length used to create that. Maybe more maximalistic than I prefer, or maybe I just needed more going on.

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