Magpies, Squirrels And Thieves

Magpies, Squirrels And Thieves

Jacqueline Yallop / Feb 26, 2020

Magpies Squirrels And Thieves During the Victorian age British collectors were among the most active passionate and eccentric in the world This book tells the stories of some of the th century s most intriguing collectors fo

  • Title: Magpies, Squirrels And Thieves
  • Author: Jacqueline Yallop
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • During the Victorian age, British collectors were among the most active, passionate, and eccentric in the world This book tells the stories of some of the 19th century s most intriguing collectors, following their perilous journeys across the globe in the hunt for rare and beautiful objects From art connoisseur John Charles Robinson, to the aristocratic scholar CharlotteDuring the Victorian age, British collectors were among the most active, passionate, and eccentric in the world This book tells the stories of some of the 19th century s most intriguing collectors, following their perilous journeys across the globe in the hunt for rare and beautiful objects From art connoisseur John Charles Robinson, to the aristocratic scholar Charlotte Schreiber, who ransacked Europe for treasure, and from London s fashionable Pre Raphaelite circle, to pioneering Orientalists in Beijing, Jacqueline Yallop plunges us into the cut throat world of the Victorian mania for collecting.

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    1. If you're interested in the way British nineteenth century intellectuals looted the world on a personal rather than national level. Nice section on women collectors and the way they created value for "domestic" objects like cards and china as against objets d'art, as chosen by men. Interesting on the founding of the South Ken museums also. But basically enraging as we watch Brits rip artefacts out of their historical and cultural contexts in order to bring them back to Britain and give them valu [...]

    2. I knew the Victorians liked to collect things, but I hadn't really thought about why. Now I know. This is an excellent book, a very readable history that uses the specific examples of five very different collectors to put the theory of collecting in its historical context, and to tackle the history of two associated disciplines, art history, and curatorship - by which I mean, the theory behind how collections are displayed. Until the Museum Act, collecting and displaying your collection was the [...]

    3. Also find their review at my blog 'Preludes'So much of our lives are defined by the objects around us.Like it or lump it, as a western society we are firmly snagged in a web of consumerism.Collecting, as a hobby, unflinchingly embraces this way of living in all it's good and bad elements. For every person pulled into a financial black hole under the weight of the ever-growing pile of objects, there is a person who scouts out a rare beauty that defines a time period or an emotion encapsulated in [...]

    4. Fascinating how the Victorians' mania for collecting birthed modern art history studies. Gentlemen collectors gave way to serious scholars, and museums went from striving to educate the public how not to behave to preserving and presenting humankind's greatest artistic achievements. The Victorian era also marks the time when artwork, previously held typically in the hands of the aristocracy, became available to people not of noble birth, as long as they could pay for it. Well-researched and read [...]

    5. Subtitled 'How the Victorians Collected the World', this book seemed quite intriguing in its apparent premise, to look at the sudden explosion of collectormania that swept Victorian Britain.Unfortunately, when I actually got into the book, that wasn't what it was about at all - rather than looking at ordinary folks and their collections, it focussed on the life and career of four individuals who made collecting their life and work.While it's clear those individuals (3 men and a woman) handled an [...]

    6. I loved it. Because the author told the story of 5 different collectors; I think the book was very interesting. I learned so much about the times of women then and the history of museum collecting pursuits. She explained the journey and excitement that the collectors went on. the one to CHina was great and so was the story of two others. The title is not good; I can't remember anyone collecting a magpie or a squirrel.

    7. Unexpectedly enjoyable. Yallop tells the story of Victorian collecting through the careers of five individuals, but in the course of their often over-lapping lives we see how museums developed, driven by the eclectic tastes of men and women who acquired "stuff" on a huge scale. Collectors became dealers and vice versa, and a vast trade developed, but it was very much of its time. This book captures the period very well.

    8. One of my favourite places in London is John Soane's Collection, and I always wondered what prompted him to collect such an assortment of 'stuff'. Well this book gave me an amazing insight into collectors of his vintage, I was amazed by the cutthroat dealings and desire and knowledge about particular pieces. The 5 collectors outlined had such vastly different interests and ambitions but each was fascinating. I particularly liked reading about Bushell, who spent many years in Peking.

    9. This was pretty much six potted biographies, where I expected a microhistory of Victorian discourses of collection. The analysis doesn't really ever move beyond the vaguest of blurby broad-sweep, and my interest was consequently entirely dependent on how interesting I found the biographee of the chapter. Yallop writes breezily, and this is very readable; I would probably have been more generous if I had gone in expecting a very slight, 'beach' history kind of book.

    10. A fascinating look at how the Victorians more or less invented museums as we know them today, as well as reinventing the ways people collect and the reasons for collecting. Jacqueline Yallop takes five different collectors who contributed in different ways to the way we see collectors and collections today.

    11. A fascinating history of five Victorian collectors - what they did and how they did it. I enjoy visiting museums and stately homes and this gave a good background into how the collections in these places came to be. Nicely written popular history.

    12. An interesting look at a handful of pioneering collectors. Yallop succeeds in drawing pictures of the whole era of collecting while focusing primarily on her main subjects. From forgeries to Chinoiserie, her collecters' lives touched on all the main issues of the day regarding collecting.

    13. Interesting history of the growth of museums in the Victorian era and of the relationship between private collecting & museum collecting.

    14. This was an interesting book, a very quick read, and covered an area of Victorian history that I didn't know much about.

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