Breakdown Motel

Breakdown Motel

Ty Marton Rynna Cress / Aug 21, 2019

Breakdown Motel Stranded by the side of the road with a broken down vehicle in the middle of the hot New Mexico desert Danny Major figured that at very least nothing else could go wrong Then he arrived at Motel X

  • Title: Breakdown Motel
  • Author: Ty Marton Rynna Cress
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stranded by the side of the road with a broken down vehicle in the middle of the hot New Mexico desert, Danny Major figured that, at very least, nothing else could go wrong Then he arrived at Motel X.Before long, the young man is captured, restrained, and pushed beyond his physical, mental, and sexual limits, thrown into a twisted world of bondage, sadomasochism, and discStranded by the side of the road with a broken down vehicle in the middle of the hot New Mexico desert, Danny Major figured that, at very least, nothing else could go wrong Then he arrived at Motel X.Before long, the young man is captured, restrained, and pushed beyond his physical, mental, and sexual limits, thrown into a twisted world of bondage, sadomasochism, and discipline, a world where survival means submission Can Danny escape his torturous fate Or is he destined to be broken down into the perfect slave AUTHOR S NOTE This is an adult story focused on themes of bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism between adult men Subject matter includes explicit sexual activity and increasingly intense BDSM scenes captivity, fisting, dubious consent, watersports, electro torture, enemas etc , and is intended purely as erotic fantasy for mature readers If such material offends you, or if it is illegal to own or read such material in the area where you live, then you should find another title.

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        When he isn t scribbling out dark fantasies and explorations of non traditional sexuality, Ty Marton works as a consultant in Los Angeles, though he s spent his rare pockets of free time plotting out stories of all kinds for years now An avid and active member of the California fetish community, Ty is a strong believer in safe, sane, consensual, and shameless explorations of socio sexual individuality With all of his stories, Ty hopes to help connect people with their own fantasies and maybe expose them to some new ones in a fun, healthy, positive manner Ty lives with his partner and with his beloved pit bull, Stella.


    1. mark monday's GUIDE TO WRITING NONCONSENSUAL GAY BDSM EROTICA FOR MARK MONDAY *1) employ realism. for example, a fist up a basically untouched ass? with no damage? like for real? I don't think so. unless we're dealing with fantasy creatures or people with special ass powers, the lack of reality in this bit took me right out of the story. being perplexed is not being turned on.2) maybe not 100% evil cruelty from beginning to end. I dunno. perhaps it's just me, but I like a little something to lig [...]

    2. Wow. This one is creeeepy. Not really sure how to review it, other than to say I liked it a lot. It is like a bad horror flick mixed with somewhat erotic and hot at times bdsm slavery. I felt myself cringing at some of the punishments and treatments and losing hope right along with Danny and the nine. Eric is something else, right up to the end. I really wish it didn't end where it did, and that I had a sequel to jump right into continuing the story. I'm glad I was finally able to get my hands o [...]

    3. This is a good start. I enjoyed Mr. Marton's sad tortures of a straight boy and forcing him into a cock sucking sex slave. It was depraved and deviant. This story was a very fast read, less than 30 minutes. The story flowed. There was a decent amount of showing rather than telling. Definitely a niche BDSM taboo story. For me there were a few things that weren't realistic - eagle scout? Really, I don't believe it. Fisting on a virgin? Really, I don't believe it but it is still hot.Well Slave numb [...]

    4. Without getting the chance to build up some kind of emotional connection to/between the characters a BDSM story like this - strung together cruelties/sadistic fantasies increasing in intensity from chapter to chapter - is neither "hot" nor "terrifying" it simply is justh.

    5. If this is what people spend their time fantasizing aboutd the subconscious guides our overt actionsen it's no wonder we live in such a sick sick world.

    6. Giving it a uhmmm. 3 stars I think. Am kinda confused how I should rate this one. Not tat I dislike it. But I don't exactly find it memorable. That's where the problem is for me. I need the images to burn itself into my mind and not leave me anytime soon for it to make it into my 4 to 5 stars rating. It does have some hardcore BDSM to satisfy those who craves it. Like the fisting of a virgin ass (left my jaw hanging as my brain was too busy debating whether that is even a possible feat), piercin [...]

    7. One of the hottest M/M books I've read to date! Totally kinky, non-con/dub-con sex abounds, and definitely NOT for the faint of heart. This is NOT a romance, more PWP, and although there isn't much plot, there is an interesting psychological component to the novella. Well-written, only minor typos here and there but nothing distracting. This is kinky M/M slave/BDSM erotica at its best!VERY MILD SPOILERS: (view spoiler)[Danny is a college grad on his way to take the perfect job cross country. Whe [...]

    8. Twisted all to hell if you like non-con then this fantasy will more than satisfy. This is not meant in any way to represent reality (at least any reality I know) and it is purely in fantasy land for me. ATM, fisting of a virgin, etc etc - the way it happened is just fantasy not in any way meant to represent reality. It's like the insta-love so popular in romance -- I might enjoy it in my books but in real life it just ain't so. Harsh, non relenting, and with new and darker depravities just aroun [...]

    9. 1.5 StarsThe author's note pretty much sums up the themes in this abduction/slavery story, to be clear, this is definitely **extremely explicit** Non-Con BDSM except I would add to the subject matter that there is also mentions of explicit (consensual) sexual activity between a transsexual and a man, in addition to the non-con and dub-con sadomasochism between adult men.Now that that's out of the way, I''ll agree with another reviewer that there is nothing really erotic about this story, while i [...]

    10. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I don't mind the gay erotica, but sometimes the kidnapped and forced sex slave stuff gets to me. But not in this one. While Danny (nka X) does find himself in a bad situation, he's also seemed to find some sort of tormentor who doesn't want to harm him. Too much, anyway. I liked the story a lot. I knew going in it wasn't a long story, but I was actually wishing that it was longer because I enjoyed the characters and the look inside the bdsm world that [...]

    11. I read the warnings & reviews for this book but for some reason I thought it was a story about a consensual non-con rape fantasy. This seems to be a misconception on my part. This was horrific. If rape & abuse is your idea of safe, sane & consensual BDSM then read away. If you are more into the sugar/glitter kink genre, I'd avoid this book completely.Part of the reason for my 'misconception' was that I expect authors/publishers to have clearly stated warnings when non-consensual rape [...]

    12. Unrealistic, but entertaining. And as usual, heed the advisory warnings.Several not-possible-in-real-life episodes that made me go, "yeah, right." On the plus side, it plays into some deep seated fears people have and exploits then well. I was going to give it two stars, but the twist at the end made me up it to three. And, now I want to know what happens in the sequel.

    13. A short but hot expedition into the world of slavery. It was interesting to have the unbroken boys POV and the master's POV. Not for the squeamish as there are some harsh BDSM scenes. I was very surprised by the ending and am looking forward to book two.

    14. Oh my goodness, what a scorching, submissive, succulent read Breakdown Motel was! It is a very good thing I chose to read this one alone, curled up in bed, because I am sure that my gasps and whimpers would have given me away to anybody around me.The story starts out with a high-speed blowjob on a barren desert highway, setting the tone of sexual excitement and danger that defines the entire story. When his car explodes at the same moment his cock does, Danny and his beautiful hitchhiking compan [...]

    15. I had been trying to get ahold of this book for a while, amazon had pulled it then wouldn't let it be lent out. I couldn't find it anywhere. Then it was back on amazon and I'm so glad it was. This was a story that had my mind spinning. It is fiction! It didn't really happen so I can imagine the fisting happening as quickly as it did but I can't imagine what state his mind must have been in in order to give in so quickly. I was hoping for more fight, Danny just seemed to take it.I will be looking [...]

    16. If you like this book you may enjoy the BDSM Group Definitly worth my time. I really enjoyed this little abduction/slavery story! The writing was well done - no complaints from me in that area. I also liked how original it was. At least for my shelves. lol If you know of any more like this send them my way. :)I also thought that even though there is quite a bit of extreme content it's easy to handle. ??? It could just be me but I think the edgier parts were tastefully done. As tastefull as taboo [...]

    17. Ok.This was a pretty brutalrturousdisturbing read.Poor Danny did not know what hit him when he arrived at Motel x and became Masons "Number Ten"Making a friend in Eric for a short timeBut the way Mason treated him and punished himBut first scene (view spoiler)[ Taking a fist up his a** without any previous anal play(hide spoiler)] ouchI really felt sorry for DannyI couldn't completely hate Mason when he showed his softer side but still he was evil x

    18. Just not what I expected. As a little confused with the ending like many. Dan broke way too quickly and easily for me. I understand the stress of the situation and having no choice but to do what's expected, but his mind set just changed in a snap. There was barely any internal struggle. He went from OMG I will never accept this to this is how I always wanted to be deep down in a matter of hours.

    19. Brilliant, creative, intense,creepy, scary, and absolutely delicious. Personally I could do without the fisting not my thing. Otherwise, I loved it. Can't wait to read more from this author.WARNING: Careful, not for everyone. If you don't appreciate extreme BDSM including humiliation, degradation, and forced submission, you won't want to go anywhere near this book.

    20. I'm trying to put my finger on what I find most objectionable about this story, and it's not the nonconsensual BDSM; it's the lack of emotion. I just didn't care about any of the characters, and without that connection, this is only torture porn. The competent writing is saving it from a one-star rating, but just barely.

    21. I really don't like slave / non- con or dub-con stories that are labeled with BDSM. For me this is sadism and nothing else.And I really don't like rape stories.This story has it all. And it was too short to get connected to the main character. So it was nothing but non-con porn and nothing I want to read again.

    22. Wow! This book blew my mind. I did not see the ending coming, I even went back and reread parts I didn't pay enough attention to the first time. Alot of parts in the book made me uncomfortable but by the end of the book I wanted more to know what happened next in the story. This book was a total mindf*ck.

    23. A little far fetched, but enjoyable. I was expecting it to be a stand out story, one you don't forgetIt's not. Make sure you read the warnings, it's not role play here people. But is unrealistic enough that its not an emotional read. I liked itbut that's just me.

    24. Odd, this was some really over the top hardcore/brutal sex but it wasn't as powerful as lets say, A Dish Served Cold. Without complete character and story development it fell short but was a fine read. Short was the operative word!

    25. I never know if I should review a book I stopped reading, but when someone else gives one star, I usually wonder why, so here: While I am fascinated by stories that walk the fine line between con and non-con, outright torture is not erotic. If there is torture, I'll accept it if the book is hurt-comfort. That's not the case here, so - not my beer.

    26. wow, intense, hot cruel sad just some of the words I would use with this book.I knew it would be intense but I just didnt realize how much it got to me. Its the story of Danny who breaks down on a remote part of the highway.He is picked up only to be kidnapped and taken to a remote hotel. Here danny learns he is to become a sex slave to the motel owner and his nasty band of sadists. He is branded number 10 and so begins his initiation and torment on the rules of being a slave. This book really h [...]

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