Turning Point: A Candidate, a State, and a Nation Come of Age

Turning Point: A Candidate, a State, and a Nation Come of Age

Jimmy Carter / Feb 27, 2020

Turning Point A Candidate a State and a Nation Come of Age The former president s personal tale of political intrigue and social conflict during his first campaign for public office Iluminates the origins of his commitment to human rights and bears further wi

  • Title: Turning Point: A Candidate, a State, and a Nation Come of Age
  • Author: Jimmy Carter
  • ISBN: 9780812922998
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • The former president s personal tale of political intrigue and social conflict during his first campaign for public office Iluminates the origins of his commitment to human rights and bears further witness to the accomplishments of an extraordinary man.

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        Librarian s note There is than one author in the database with this name.James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr was the thirty ninth President of the United States, serving from 1977 to 1981, and the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize Prior to becoming president, Carter served two terms in the Georgia Senate and as the 76th Governor of Georgia, from 1971 to 1975.As president, Carter created two new cabinet level departments the Department of Energy and the Department of Education He established a national energy policy that included conservation, price decontrol, and new technology Foreign oil imports were reduced by 50% from 1977 to 1982 In foreign affairs, Carter pursued the Camp David Accords, the Panama Canal Treaties and the second round of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks SALT Carter sought to put a stronger emphasis on human rights he negotiated a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979 His return of the Panama Canal Zone to Panama was seen as a major concession of U.S influence in Latin America, and Carter came under heavy criticism for it The final year of his presidential tenure was marked by several major crises, including the 1979 takeover of the American embassy in Iran and holding of hostages by Iranian students, a failed rescue attempt of the hostages, serious fuel shortages, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan By 1980, Carter s disapproval ratings were significantly higher than his approval, and he was challenged by Ted Kennedy for the Democratic Party nomination in the 1980 election Carter defeated Kennedy for the nomination, but lost the election to Republican Ronald Reagan.After leaving office, Carter and his wife Rosalynn founded The Carter Center, a nongovernmental, not for profit organization that works to advance human rights He has traveled extensively to conduct peace negotiations, observe elections, and advance disease prevention and eradication in developing nations He is also a key figure in the Habitat for Humanity project Carter remains an particularly vocal on the Israeli Palestinian conflict As of 2008, Carter is the second oldest living former president, three months and 19 days younger than George H W Bushcmillan author jimmyc


    1. Fantastic story, well told, full of suspense and drama. Great history lesson on federal and state election laws.

    2. Georgia politics at its most corrupt. Before Jimmy Carter ran for governor of Georgia or president of the United States, he ran for State Senator right after the old county-unit system was demolished by the Supreme Court. My favorite chapter has the title: "The Dead Voted Alphabetically." Any student of Georgia history during the heydey of the 1950s and 1960s, filled with political bosses and good ole boys who would do anything to any extent to keep control should read this book. There is wild s [...]

    3. A great snapshot of politicians of the Deep South in the 1960s. Also, a great case for arguing that Baker v Carr paved the way for the monumental legislation of the 1960s. One could even use this source when debating Citizen's United: does one individual, one vote still matter or even have any say in our political climate today? A quick, dramatic, and fascinating read!

    4. A quick retell of Jimmy Carter's first campaign for State Senate and how he took on a corrupt Southern Good Ol' Boy system and won. Interesting take on Southern Georgia culture and a more indepth focus on a chapter of his life that might make up a paragraph in a bio of his life. His observation of the fraud, the use of lawyers, party officials and judges that were used to business one way and adjusted course to become honest. The changes afterwards, such as debating how long of time a dead perso [...]

    5. Truly, this is a great book. Masterful writing that crystallizes the characteristic southern locution of Carter on a sentence to sentence level. The story itself is captivating, expertly paced, full of twists and turns and populated by a rogues gallery of county bosses and political apparatchiks from a thankfully bygone era. Carter details the grinding electoral reforms it took to drag the political structure of Georgian government out of its de jure white supremacy - and yet, it's something of [...]

    6. Excellent recounting of Carter's 1962 entry into GA politics. His State Senate race offers a telling look at how southern elections were once dominated by rural kingmakers. The drawn out legal battle was a milestone for GA electoral history. Also, a great early glimpse at a group of men who would rise to the highest political levels in the state and nation -- two governors, two state supreme court justices, a U.S. Senator and a president, along with some of the state's most prominent lawyers. Re [...]

    7. This book describes Carter's entry into politics, and how he helped straighten out the South's politics. When Carter began, blacks were heavily discriminated against. Rural votes were worth more than city votes due to the county votes were awarded. The book showed how this changed and what problems remain.

    8. If you want an "insiders" perspective on Georgia politics this is an interesting one to read. Reading of all the corruption that went on in the counties; how the politicians did not obey court ordered changes and how much Carter went through to get that first Georgia Senate seat helped me understand how far we have come. It's a quick read and definitely worthwhile.

    9. This book really held my interest even though I knew how President Carter's political fortunes turned out. It is hard to believe this kind of voting corruption happened in such recent history. This experience helps explain why President Carter has worked to ensure free and fair elections throughout the world.

    10. Great book about grass roots politicking in America. I had to read this book for a Political Science 1010 class and was happy to have ready it. Highly recommended book if you are interested in reading about the political process and what it may take to become elected in any level of government.

    11. This is one of the better books written by any former President. It really captures a place and time wonderfully-- anyone who is interested in the old south will love it.

    12. The story of Jimmy Carter's election to the Georgia State Senate in 1962. Recommended to anyone who is interested in politics and elections.

    13. This is an early book written by Jimmy Carter, It talks about how corrupt Georgia was when he ran for Governor. Hopefully he fixed that problem when he was in office.

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