Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?

Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?

Edward Packard / May 27, 2019

Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey The reader as a young detective investigates a murder mystery By choosing specific pages the reader determines the outcome of the plot

  • Title: Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?
  • Author: Edward Packard
  • ISBN: 9780942545180
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The reader, as a young detective, investigates a murder mystery By choosing specific pages, the reader determines the outcome of the plot.

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        Edward Packard attended and graduated from both Princeton University and Columbia Law School He was one of the first authors to explore the idea of gamebooks, in which the reader is inserted as the main character and makes choices about the direction the story will go at designated places in the text.The first such book that Edward Packard wrote in the Choose Your Own Adventure series was titled Sugarcane Island , but it was not actually published as the first entry in the Choose Your Own Adventure Series In 1979, the first book to be released in the series was The Cave of Time , a fantasy time travel story that remained in print for many years Eventually, one hundred eighty four Choose Your Own Adventure books would be published before production on new entries to the series ceased in 1998 Edward Packard was the author of many of these books, though a substantial number of other authors were included as well In 2005, Choose Your Own Adventure books once again began to be published, but none of Edward Packard s titles have yet been included among the newly released books.


    1. Una de las escrituras más desarrolladas. lógicas y serias de Packard, con mucho contenido. Eres un detective y debes guiarte por tus instintos, para resolver el caso de la muerte de Thrombey, lo que da pie a situaciones lógicas ( bueno, excepto que un joven sea detective, xdd amén del genial film ' El secreto de la pirámide' y los primeros pinitos de un Holmes mozuelo) y conversaciones e investigación bien llevadas. Una rara ave avis en el historial de éste autor. Una lástima que muchas [...]

    2. Will you solve the crime?Before i tell you about the book you probably already know that most books you just read and they already set up the rising action, climax, and falling action and if you read it again there is no difference in the book. But this book they don't decide your fate you get to decide the path that you want to take. I think as this book special because you become the character or detective in the book or in shorter reasons it's a rpg book. Here is an example of what it would l [...]

    3. Another mystery-genre Choose Your Own Adventure, and it suffered from the aspects of mystery that I tend to dislike even in "normal" mysteries. I actually think this could have been much better if the mystery of who killed the title character was different depending on what path you took (though that would have caused the different endings to have to be more separate and more sophisticated). As it was, if you get to an ending that reveals the mystery, there's not much sense in traveling the othe [...]

    4. This story is a great murder mystery for young readers (not often you hear that said, huh?), with a smartly rendered plot that can be solved intelligently without being too easy. Normally in Choose Your Own Adventure books, the maximum number of choices per page is only two or three, but a few times in this book the amount of choices is extended to eight or more, resulting in a myriad of long and short stories that are all very well written. Edward Packard truly writes a smart story here. It is [...]

    5. A rather ordinary murder mystery12 June 2012 Another Choose Your Own Adventure book that I can vaguely remember. Interestingly I actually found a couple of these books sitting in the back shed, however the two books that I have (Cave of Time and the haunted house one) I have already reviewed and as such I am not too inclined to bring them back into the house to read them again (which shows you how lazy I can be at times because I doubt these books would have taken all that long to read anyway). [...]

    6. Almost made me miss Miss MarpleWho Killed Harlowe Thrombey (Choose Your Own Adventure #9) by Edward Packard is about you, a young private investigator, being summoned by a wealthy plastics magnate who fears he's about to be murdered by his wife. After he falls dead at a small dinner engagement from drinking poisoned brandy it's up to you to find out who did it.At first I was impressed by the lay-out of this book as there's very minimal jumping around but about halfway through the cracks began to [...]

    7. You are hired by Harlowe Thrombey, a millionaire, to find out who is trying to kill him, but as you are an excellent PI, he gets killed before any substantive investigation gets underway. Now, you must find out who murdered him. This is an excellent example of how to do a mystery gamebook in a sound manner. There is one solution to Thrombey's murder, and it is the same regardless of what you choose. Now, there is an ending where you think you have found a different solution, but the implication [...]

    8. In this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, you of course have to figure out the culprit of a terrible murder, and your choices determine what clues you might find . . . but watch out, you could be in danger yourself!The choose-your-own-adventure aspect of this book was very poorly executed. Nobody went through and made sure the endings could all make sense independently; sometimes they depended on clues to make sense and you never saw that clue because you didn't make the choices that unearthed it. [...]

    9. Ever since I was a kid, I always intrigued with sleuthing. Once, I even formed a boys detective group with neighbors' kids. Obviously there was nothing to investigate, but we sure had fun.That was why I consider Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey? may be the best of the entire Choose Your Own Adventure series, which is saying something, since this was always an interesting series, especially in its early days. It stood out from the other titles from the early CYOA books because it only contains 14 diff [...]

    10. This book is great because your a detective trying to find out the mystery of who killed Harlowe Thrombey. The best thing is you get to choose your ow adventure. If you pick a certain scenario you get closer to solving the case. One time in the the book I choose the wrong one and ended up getting shot by some random guy in the mansion I was in. Also I fell off the roof of the mansion because my character saw a ghost in the window then slipped and fell of the mansion.

    11. I read these when I was nine/ten years old, voraciously devouring them and re-reading them over and over. My grade five teacher saw how much I loved them, and brought a "how-to" book to give to me, and I remember writing one of my own. It was probably terrible. Still, these books were one of my gateway books to reading non-stop for most of my childhood.I remember not being as huge a fan of this one, which was a murder mystery.

    12. Meski sudah sering membaca kisah ala detektif, bukan berarti saya bisa dengan mudah menebak siapa sesungguhnya pelaku dari sebuah kejahatan. Apa lagi jika urusannya terkait buku ini, makin memerlukan perhatiaan dan telaah ekstra. Tapi justru itulah keseruan kisah ini.Coba cetul, pasti saya akan segera merekomendasikan buat kantor. Hiburan buat mahasiswa dan biar mereka kreatif.

    13. Number 9 of the 'Choose your own adventure' series, Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey here you've got many ways to solve this murder, in these books the reader gets to be the central character by choosing what path the tale follows through a variety of endings

    14. No me gustó como esta construido el libro. Al principio me pareció bien el concepto de uno mismo ir construyendo la historia; pero no funcionó para mi.

    15. This book is awsome! You get to choose what you want to do through out the whole book! And it doesnt take long to solve a problem!

    16. the adventures that I went through when I was bored I just read these books over and over again you would never get to the end of the story.

    17. An absolutely scintillating read. The element of suspense and intriguing character development make this book a real page turner. There is even the hint of supernatural involvement.

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