The Midnight Zoo

The Midnight Zoo

Sonya Hartnett Andrea Offermann / Aug 18, 2019

The Midnight Zoo Master storyteller Sonya Hartnett crafts a magical and moving fable about war and redemption and what it means to be free When the Germans attack their Romany encampment during World War II Andrej an

  • Title: The Midnight Zoo
  • Author: Sonya Hartnett Andrea Offermann
  • ISBN: 9780763653392
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Master storyteller Sonya Hartnett crafts a magical and moving fable about war and redemption and what it means to be free.When the Germans attack their Romany encampment during World War II, Andrej and his younger brother, Tomas, flee through a ravaged countryside under cover of darkness, guarding a secret bundle Their journey leads to a bombed out town, where the bMaster storyteller Sonya Hartnett crafts a magical and moving fable about war and redemption and what it means to be free.When the Germans attack their Romany encampment during World War II, Andrej and his younger brother, Tomas, flee through a ravaged countryside under cover of darkness, guarding a secret bundle Their journey leads to a bombed out town, where the boys discover a hidden wonder a zoo filled with creatures in need of hope Like Andrej and Tomas, the animals wolf and eagle, monkey and bear, lioness and seal, kangaroo and llama have stories to share and a mission to reclaim their lives.

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        Sonya Hartnett also works under the pseudonym Cameron S Redfern is, or was, something of an Australian child prodigy author She wrote her first novel at the age of thirteen, and had it published at fifteen Her books have also been published in Europe and North America Her novels have been published traditionally as young adult fiction, but her writing often crosses the divide and is also enjoyed by adults I chose to narrate the story through a child because people like children, they WANT to like them, says Sonya Hartnett of THURSDAY S CHILD, her brilliantly original coming of age story set during the Great Depression Harper the young narrator is the reason you get sucked into the characters Even I, who like to distance myself from my characters, felt protective of her The acclaimed author of several award winning young adult novels the first written when she was just 13 Australian native Sonya Hartnett says she wrote THURSDAY S CHILD in a mere three months It just pulled itself together, she says I d wanted to set a story in the Depression for some time, in an isolated community that was strongly supportive Once the dual ideas of the boy who tunneled and the young girl as narrator gelled, it almost wrote itself I had the cast, I had the setting, I just said go Accustomed to writing about edgy young adult characters, Sonya Hartnett says that identifying with a seven year old protagonist was a challenge at first I found her difficult to approach, she admits I m not really used to children But once I started, I found you could have fun with her she could tell lies, she could deny the truth Whereas most children know only what adults want them to know, the author discovered she could bypass that limitation by turning Harper into an eavesdropper and giving her older siblings to reveal realities In her second book with Candlewick Press, WHAT THE BIRDS SEE, Sonya Hartnett once again creates a portrait of childhood This time the subject is Adrian, a nine year old boy living in the suburbs with his gran and Uncle For Adrian, childhood is shaped by fear his dread of quicksand, shopping centers, and self combustion Then one day, three neighborhood children vanish an incident based on a real case in Australia in the 1960s and Adrian comes to see just how tenuous his safety net is In speaking about Adrian, the author provocatively reveals parallels between herself and her character She says, Adrian is me in many respects, and many of the things that happen to him happened to me Sonya Hartnett s consistently inspired writing has built her a legion of devotees Of THURSDAY S CHILD, Newbery Honor winning author Carolyn Coman says, Hartnett s beautifully rendered vision drew me in from the very start and carried me along, above and under ground, to the very end This book amazed me The achingly beautiful WHAT THE BIRDS SEE has just as quickly garnered critical acclaim Notes PUBLISHERS WEEKLY in a starred review, Hartnett again captures the ineffable fragility of childhood in this keenly observed tale Sophisticated readers will appreciate the work s acuity and poetic integrity Sonya Hartnett s third young adult novel, STRIPES OF THE SIDESTEP WOLF was named an American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults.Sonya Hartnett lives near Melbourne, Australia Her most recent novels are SURRENDER, a mesmerizing psychological thriller, and THE SILVER DONKEY, a gently told fable for middle grade readers.


    1. Andrej and Tomas were fleeing from the soldiers with their baby sister Wilma – the soldiers had appeared in the clearing where the Rom gypsy clan had been camped and the three children had been in the woods at the time. Andrej saw what was happening; heard his mother call “run children” - and he urged his younger brother to flee.Days and weeks of running; hiding during the day, moving and foraging for food during the night brought the three siblings to a village which had been reduced to r [...]

    2. I often find it hard to review books that startle me with their brilliance. It's as if my own use of the English language can not conjour up anything eloquent enough to match the beauty of the book.I have been a long time fan of Sonya Hartnett. I have vivid memories of the first time I read her work (Sleeping Dogs ~ I was 14 and reading that book stirred something deep deep inside me & the reading of it is a favourite reading memory of mine). I am not entirely sure why she has been labelled [...]

    3. “No bird in a cage ever speaks. What is there to say? The sky is everywhere, churning above its head, blue and endless, calling out to it. But the caged bird can’t answer anything except I cannot” I think I read this book all wrong.I think I was reading too much into it or, as the case probably is, not into it enough.I’ll start with the things I didn’t like because I’m the kind of girl who likes to get the bad news first so it’s out of the way and I can be consoled and wrap myself [...]

    4. The Midnight Zoo by Sonya Hartnett is a magical tale of three children who find a zoo in the midst of a war torn country. Andrej, a Roma was forced to run with his brother and his baby sister after Nazi's capture his community. At the zoo they find that the animals can talk and they share their stories.This book felt more like real literature than most middle grade books do. It has lots of big concepts that provide lots of potential for real thought and the prose was beautiful. I do wish that th [...]

    5. I really wanted to like this story. It is, without a doubt, beautifully written and Hartnett's lyrical descriptions of feelings, events and the characters creates vivid imagery for the reader. I loved this aspect of the novel. As a story, it starts with promise, but then I felt it lapsed into preaching about freedom. I have no problem with fables, but the delivery of this story's message was not very authentic. The characters of Andre and Tomas are accessible and they are very likeable. We feel [...]

    6. There is a lot going on in this book. A story of two gypsy boys, with their baby sister, fleeing and hiding from the Germans during WWII. They witness their family and community being taken away to a site where they would be massacred. They come across a small zoo in a devastated town where a small group of animals are trapped within they cages. Naturally the animals can talk.Over one night, the group talk about war, man's need to conquer others, imprisonment, freedom, responsibility, death, hop [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. I absolutely adored this book, it combines two of my favourite genres - historical fiction and fantasy. While the story broke my heart, it was also uplifting. The midnight zoo reminded me of The boy in striped pajamas and Life of Pi. Sonya Hartnett's writing has a magical and dreamlike quality to it, and I can't wait to read her other stories. "In the clouds above the village, the legendary black-cad horseman who is Night noticed the silence and reined in his steed, which is also blac [...]

    8. Immediately after reading the text(an hour ago)I felt that the story didn't go anywhere. I had heard so many good things about the book, how beautiful it is. I felt and still feel dissapointed. I can see how it is well written, however I felt totally detached from the story. I do not think the text is engaging, there are less then a handful of times in which I actually read something that grabbed my attention.My opinion over the last hour has only changed slightly, having given it further though [...]

    9. The Midnight Zoo is an intriguing tale of two boys who travel across a war ridden country by themselves carrying their baby sister. One night while going through a destroyed town they find a perfectly untouched zoo. Filled with animals they discover a world which may look like a piece of perfection but in its own way it has been shattered by the war.This book had definite potential. The setting was one that is not common and the way the animals and the boy's past were told was complex and intere [...]

    10. I liked the book The Midnight Zoo because it was quite interesting how Sonya Hartnett could give the readers a new perspective on war. Though this takes place during World War 2, this perspective could be implied to other wars too. Usually, people write about people's perspective on war, but she tells the animals' perspective of war like for example, she tells about what challenges they had to face through because of war (World War 2). It shows war from a different angle.She tells that war does [...]

    11. The Midnight Zoo by Sonya Hartnett is a touching story about two Gypsy boys who escape with their baby sister when the Nazis round up their family and take them away. (Although the setting is World War II, the setting could also be anywhere in the world where there is war, today or fifty years ago.)Andrej and his brother, Tomas, run across the country caring for Wilma, their infant sister. Andrej saw what the soldiers did to his uncle, shooting him without a second thought. He doesn't understand [...]

    12. Read this today, took a couple of hours and I was enchanted. Could be an Outsiders book, what with the two main protagonists being gypsies' 'people jeer at those who are different from themselves- those who look different, or think differently, or live in different ways. They do it because difference is a frightening thing- sometimes an enviable thing.'The actual setting is unclear- I am thinking Poland in the second world war and two boys are running away with no parents and their little baby s [...]

    13. I really enjoyed the midnight zoo because of a few details. I was told from a younger perspective and an adult perspective of WWII can be very graphic. Although most of the book was non graphic there was one chapter which would, in my opinion, make it hard to call it juvinile.The rest of the bok was great, the idea of talking animals was well done and the brother's sense of duty to take care of their baby sister and the caged animals was great. Overall i would definently recommend this book.SPOI [...]

    14. It's World War II and two Romani brothers, Andrej and Tomas, are on the run with their baby sister Wilma. One night, they happen upon a small abandoned village who's only remaining tenants are animals from a small zoo. During their stay, the boys will share their story with the animals who will share theirs in turn.This is a short, fabulist novel that's beautifully written, but unfortunately, didn't leave much of an impact on me. Even though I only finished this last week, I'm hard-pressed to re [...]

    15. On the Carnegie shortlist for 2012 though I can't think why. The style is overblown, I can't work out who the audience is supposed to be and I can't see the point of the story: war is bad? war has innocent victims? there are no solutions to the horrors of life? dreams are merely dreams? death is the answer to everything?The basic narrative is of 2 Romany children Andrej and Tomas caught up in the 2nd world war, struggling to survive after their clan is wiped out. They stumble across a small zoo [...]

    16. A captivating, beautifully described fable that captures the heart of the war in a wonderfully described relationship between two children and animals. It tells the tale of a very real event through the eyes of the young, and in the eyes of the ones that view the war it encapsulates the essence of life and why we fight today. This mesmerizing tale made me really think about the past, the present and the future, and metaphorically, made me see the world of Andrej and Tomas in the world we live in [...]

    17. Set in WWII, two young (Rom) gypsy boys witness the killing of their community by the hands of soldiers. Deep in the woods, they seek refuge. Walking by night and hiding my day they adhere to their mother's last works "run!"They carry a bundle containing their baby sister. While it would have been easier to leave her behind, their moral/ethical base commands them to take care of her.Tired, weary and hungry the bedraggled, motley family stumble upon a zoo deep in the woods.This book contains magi [...]

    18. This is a beautifully written book that I'm still thinking about today. It follows young gypsy children who have been traveling by themselves for weeks, through bombed and ruined villages and countrysides, until they find a small zoo with starving and forgotten animals in the middle of an otherwise destroyed town. What follows from there is fable and fantasy, or is it?I'm not sure this is a book for children, although it is billed as juvenile fiction and was in the junior section of our library. [...]

    19. Lovely writing, the author tells us a magical tale about a zoo found by two youngs boys and their infant sister in a small town that has been bombed by the Germans in WWII. The boys listen to the animals as they tell their stories, then the boys tells theirs, which is devasting: they hid in the woods then ran away, when the Nazis came to their Roma camp. Reminiscent of Zusak's Book Thief, even a little Life of Pi for kids (Yann Martel), but with more magic and not as long, this is a touching and [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this. I thought it might be too short, but it turned out to be okay. It follows three gypsy kids on the run during WW2. It's very interesting to see the two boys take on the role of their parents and provide for their younger sister- despite how annoying they find her. Andrej and Tomas end up in a zoo in a ruined village, and try to piece together what's happening to the world. It was different than anything I've read before, and a very unique tale. I enjoyed it a lot, but I fou [...]

    21. This has some beautiful passages. The writing is evocative, beautiful and powerful. However, I found myself reading something that seems unbearably dark and painful in so many ways. Each tragic tale leads to the next. The most similar thing I can think of is the story of the little match girl.I don't know that this is much of a children's book. I can't think of a young reader I'd give it to. Adult readers may appreciate this more, and be able to deal with the tragic commentary on the war as well [...]

    22. Beautiful sad story, beautifully written magic realism and fable. The talking animals sections are incredibly fine writing. School Library Journal recommends ages 10 and up, but I think it is really for a more mature audience. The violence is pretty graphic in the village scene with soldiers killing civilians and it just felt so deeply sad, horrible, and depressing at that point. Not the kind of reading experience I want to hand to a 10yr old.

    23. Wow. I was floating along happily through this booke animals are talking, so I'm thinking "Okay, magical realism.we'll see where it goes" Then I got to the last couple pages, and WOW. It all came together. I don't want to give anything away. To describe it would totally ruin the book. Interesting idea, fabulous execution. Ms. Hartnett's books always leave me with MUCH to ponder.

    24. I found this novel utterly brilliant and thought provoking. Full of gorgeous figurative language, this book is layered with themes of war, betrayal, and human nature versus animal instinct. While the ending is maddeningly ambiguous, the reader accepts it because we instinctively sense that there are some things we can never know the answer to.This is a book that stays with the reader long after the last page is read.

    25. Questo libro mi ha spaccato il cuore e poi l'ha riaggiustato. E' un gioiello, una perla, una meraviglia. E' un romanzo senza età, ma credo che letto a 10/11 anni dia il meglio di sé e resti nell'anima per la vita. L'ho divorato in poche ore, ma non avrei più voluto lasciare Andrej e Tomas, troppo piccoli per tutto quello che hanno dovuto affrontare, e gli animali dello zoo, vittime anche loro della stupidità, dell'arroganza e dell'egoismo umano.

    26. This book was alright. i thought the book would be a little better, but maybe i had high hopes for it. Some of the good thing was the way the author worded the story and it was very descriptive;you could imagine it.Other than that it was an "OK" book.Sorry had to edit this again because spelling was not good :)

    27. I wolfed this book down in a day - I could not put it down! What a wonderful read. The constant metaphor running from animals' captured in a derelict zoo to the humans captured in a senseless war zone. Reminiscent in parts to Life of Pi. I adored this book.

    28. Unusual folk tale type plot, especially the ending. A really good example of personification of night and animals. A thought provoking read also. Looks at the impact of nazi occupation in WW2 on persecuted Romany Gypsies which we often hear little about.

    29. Beautiful and sad. Animals caught up in a human war; Roma caught up in a non-Roma war; it seems to our young hero that everyone is caught up in it and it isn't really anyone's war. (view spoiler)[ Did they die in the end? I'm all heart-achey and weepy! (hide spoiler)]

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