A Lone Star Christmas

A Lone Star Christmas

William W. Johnstone / Mar 29, 2020

A Lone Star Christmas It s December A Texas rancher named Big Jim Conyers has a deal with Scottish born Wyoming cattleman named Duff MacAllister Along with Smoke and Matt Jensen the party bears down on Dodge Kansas

  • Title: A Lone Star Christmas
  • Author: William W. Johnstone
  • ISBN: 9780786028498
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s December 1890 A Texas rancher named Big Jim Conyers has a deal with Scottish born, Wyoming cattleman named Duff MacAllister Along with Smoke and Matt Jensen, the party bears down on Dodge, Kansas, to make a cattle drive back to Forth Worth But before they can get out of Dodge, guns go off and a rich man s son is killed Soon the drive turns into a deadly pursuit, tIt s December 1890 A Texas rancher named Big Jim Conyers has a deal with Scottish born, Wyoming cattleman named Duff MacAllister Along with Smoke and Matt Jensen, the party bears down on Dodge, Kansas, to make a cattle drive back to Forth Worth But before they can get out of Dodge, guns go off and a rich man s son is killed Soon the drive turns into a deadly pursuit, then a staggering series of clashes with bloodthirsty Indians and trigger happy rustlers And the worst is yet to come the party rides into a devastating blizzard, a storm so fierce that their very survival is at stake From America s greatest Western author, here is an epic tale of the unforgiving American frontier and how, amidst fierce storms of man and nature, miracles can still happen.

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        William Wallace Johnstone was a prolific American author, mostly of western, horror and survivalist novels.Born and raised in southern Missouri, Johnstone was the youngest of four children His father was a minister and his mother a school teacher He quit school when he was fifteen and worked in a carnival and as a deputy sheriff He later served in the Army and, upon returning to civilian life, worked in radio broadcasting for 16 years.Johnstone started his writing career in 1970, but did not have any works published until 1979 The Devil s Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres, including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man, The First Mountain Man, Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was The Last of the Dog Team 1980 He also authored two novels under the pseudonym William Mason.Johnstone had lived for many years in Shreveport, Louisiana, yet died in Knoxville, TN, at the age of 65 J A Johnstone is continuing William W Johnstone s series.


    1. Title: A Lone Star ChristmasAuthor: William W. Johnstone Pages: 336Year: 2011Publisher: Pinnacle Since I was a little girl, westerns have been the one genre I knew I could best use to identify who I was. Whether it was watching westerns on TV, a movie, reading non-fiction as well as fiction, I always wanted to know more about the West with a passion. Recently, with my sons having become men, I joined the NRA, took a class, and bought my first firearm. I am also a member of SASS. Even though I do [...]

    2. ZERO starsFrom the book jacket: It’s December 1890. A Texas rancher named Big Jim Conyers has a deal with Scottish-born, Wyoming cattleman named Duff MacCallister. Along with Smoke and Matt Jensen, the party bears down on Dodge, Kansas, to make a cattle drive back to Forth Worth. But before they can get out of Dodge, guns go off and a rich man’s son is killed. Soon the drive turns into a deadly pursuit, then a staggering series of clashes with trigger-happy rustlers. And the worst is yet to [...]

    3. Hello Fellow Friends:What can I say about this book? Well, for one, I've been wanting to read a William W. Johnstone inspired book for quite some time and this looked like a perfect jumping on point. One of the reasons was that this book brought together several characters from a couple of ongoing series by Johnstone that would give a little intro to them; Duff McCallister and Smoke and Matt Jensen. The story begins in 1890 Texas where Rebecca Conyers is returning by train to her father's farm, [...]

    4. The writing in this novel, which I had picked up thinking it was a Western-Christmas-Romance was so dreadfully bad. I hung in there through anachronistic dialog, mannerisms, and sensibilities until the straw that broke this reader's back. It's 1890 and there are telephones, not only in this small, remote, Texas-town train station, but also in the railroad switchman's shack a few miles outside of town, and the sheriff's office. I think not.After reading the book's description I see that I'm still [...]

    5. Am I ever surprised that i found a book worse than the last Johnstone book I read a couple weeks ago. This is the 4th out of the last six Johnstone books I've disliked, this one being the worse. This is one of the worse I've read in a decade. I better check reviews and be sure to dip into a good one of the Johnstone clan or it's going to be real difficult to continue with so many books I still have ahead of me in the various series.This book is atrociously written. One thing that writers are tau [...]

    6. Typically of the newer series from the Johnstone estate, they are edited poorly, are hit or miss, too many storylines or not enough of one and they have no clue how to add in the paranormal element to the storyline. This is book 1 in a new Christmas series, that has the characters from multiple series; Smoke and Sally Jensen, Matt Jensen, Falcon MacAllister and Duff MacAllister. But you would think this one was about Big Ben Conyers and his Live Oak Ranch, then you have each of the above charact [...]

    7. William W Johnstone wrote western stories this one "A Lone Star Christmas' book #1.I recently found out about this man that wrote western stories before his death and the family now continues to sell his work. I am reading the Christmas ones to learn more about the characters he loved to write about. I want to read more. I have recently started on the 3rd book and will be watching for his books. He had a colorful style in writing and makes you want to keep turning the pages to learn what will ha [...]

    8. A spectacularly badly-written, amateurish western. The writing is reminiscent of first grade reading primers - very basic sentence structure lacking. The dialog is stilted and doesn't reflect how people actually talk. Unless giving a speech, no one speaks in full sentences without the use of contractions. Although some parts of this book may be historically accurate, the dialog certainly isn't. I'm quite sure people in the 1890's did not say something was "neat", unless they meant "tidy". I real [...]

    9. This is my first William Johnstone book and apparently, it includes several characters he has developed in previous books. I am about half way through and so far the book has consisted of a series of barely connected vignettes about the different characters including "superman" exploits like single handedly stopping a train robbery, shooting an apple off a lady's head etc. I'm a big Louis L'Amour fan, and this book doesn't measure up. Two stars because it's a quick read and it's interesting enou [...]

    10. I don't read a lot of westerns, but this is a popular author and I love Christmas stories. However, I was very disappointed for a several reasons. One, the writing was extremely elementary and not that engaging. Two, the dialogue was stilted and unrealistic. Three, while there were a lot of interesting ideas and plot points, they just weren't as developed as they should have been. Four, Indian stereotypes annoy me.So, this was not an overall success as a novel. I did, however, give it two stars [...]

    11. Mountain manI have been reading about Smoke Jenson for years. I live that they brought characters from Johnston's other series to this join Smoke and Sally. And its perfect the easy he worked in the Christmas miracle of a child's miraculous birth.

    12. What a great bookThanks for writing such a great book and sharing it with others . If you never read any of his books read this one and you will have him down as one of your favorite authors.

    13. Great Read!!Love the Mountain Man series. This is a great addition!! Lots of good action, keeps you engaged from beginning to end!!

    14. Awesome bookVery good book can't wait to read more of his books.I would love to have the whole collection of these books.

    15. My first western. I enjoyed it but I think if I would have read others first I probably would have had an easier time following the story.

    16. 2.5 at best. Very thin Xmas connection. Easily 100+ pages longer than it needed to be. Very Grade 10 feel to the writing.

    17. Gerry B's Book Reviews - gerrycan.wordpressAs you may have noticed I have a fondness for Western novels, especially the classic variety, so when I saw the evocative cover [no credit provided] of “Lone Star Christmas” by William W. Johnstone [Pinnacle Books; Original edition, 2011] I chose it as my Christmas book blog.As a classic Western tale it has it all; i.e. winsome maidens, gallant gentlemen, good and bad gunslingers, fallen angels, cattle drives, rustlers and renegade Indians, so in so [...]

    18. Rebecca Conyers is homebound on a train headed for Texas after a visit with her aunt, when two cowboys begin harassing her, but lucky for her Tom Whitman comes to her rescue. To show her gratitude, she offers him a job at her father’s ranch, Live Oak. Tom is from Boston and has left behind a painful past, starting over with no real plans, and takes her up on her offer. A burning romance begins to erupt between Tom and Rebecca over the months, and she professes her love for Tom. To her dismay, [...]

    19. A Lone Star Christmas by William W and J.A. JohnstoneThis book first appealed to me because of the cover. It has snow and horses, blizzard looking. After reading the back of the cover I was convinced I just had to read this book. I've read other series of books about cattle runs and thoroughly enjoyed them. The lifestyle, the hardships and having tosurvive by what you did mattered.Book starts out with a female who is traveling back home after visiting relatives and there's a mystery as to her bi [...]

    20. This is a great Western.I fear the detractors are looking for exemplary literature.is is meant as a leisure read in the genre and as always is logical and well thought out. I've enjoyed Johnstone's character development for over 50 books now, and for the most part, they are a consistently well ordered bunch, good plot and character development. I especially appreciate the positive, moral characters that always figure out a way to eliminate the evil, and yes, the good guys always win, at least th [...]

    21. Four Johnstone characters appear in this story, Smoke Jensen, Matt Jensen, Falcon MacAllister, and Duff MacAllister, but until the second half of the book, they only show up spottily to set up the main story.The Conyer family, Big Jim, patriarch, sex-seven, three hundred pounds of muscle, Dalton,the son, an immature young man that gets some seasoning in the book, and Rebecca, the daughter, who wants something desperately. Tom Whitman, a young man from Boston who harbors a terrible secret that pr [...]

    22. I am a big fan of real Westerns, as opposed to Western Romances, and was at first really taken with this book, until we got to the ending. The stuff about Balthazar was very poorly explained (well, actually not explained at all, just appeared out of the blue and without any real integration into the rest of the story) and left big holes. The "Christmas miracle" was too much of a deus ex machina cop out for my taste, but, hey it is a Christmas story and such cop outs are part of the Christmas sto [...]

    23. Feeling the need for a little holiday spirit and preferring works dealing with western themes, this book seemed like a "can't miss" proposition. For the most part, this was an enjoyable read filled with all sorts of action and predicaments involving a wagon train travelling from Kansas City to a fictional valley in Montana Territory. The wagon train, led by famous frontiersman Jamie Ian McAllister, gets a late start and attempts to reach its destination before Christmas and winter snows stop it [...]

    24. I really liked this book. It was the first I read by this author. It really kept my attention and Ihated to put it down. It is a pretty long book at nearly 400 pages. My only criticism of the book was that everything that could go wrong on a cattle drive did. At first, I enjoyed all the action, but by the end, I was thinking come on; I think this book could have been about 50 pages less and just as enjoyable. The ending also seemed rushed and the homecoming could have been written about more. Al [...]

    25. This is a fantastic book! I finished it in 2 days because I just didn't want to put it down. I bought it on a whim because the price was right. When I started reading it I thought the writing style sounded familiar. Actually I hadn't looked at the authors name when I bought it. I liked the title. And then I realized I had read A Rocky Mountain Christmas. I enjoy stories of the West and stories that take place in different states of this beautiful America. There are some sad spots that had me in [...]

    26. This may be the last for 2016.If it is, it was another good Western yarn to finish the reading year on. It has all the makings that the Western authors I like (Johnstone, Kelton, L' Amour & Johnston) provide and make so enjoyable to read. I've said (and written it before) you can taste the jerky, smell the gun smoke and almost feel the saddle leather in stories like that.In this case, the Jensens and MacAllisters fight through a blizzard, rustlers, gunslingers and misguided love to bring a h [...]

    27. This was my first entry into the Johnstone Western world, and I found it enjoyable. Nice mix of action/adventure and romance. It kind of reminded me of the great TV westerns of the 1960s that I grew up watching. Sort of like the Cartwrights from Bonanza visit the Cannons of The High Chaparral with a side trip through Gunsmoke's Dodge City. The good guys are "good," the bad guys are "bad," and prostitutes all have hearts of gold. Great historical fiction -- probably not.But a fun holiday action y [...]

    28. When I started this book I didn't think I would like it but as the storyline builds it sucks you in and keeps you charged throughout. This book proved to be both a story set at Christmas time and a story of Christmas time. The author gives the reader great detail of life in the West in the 1800's. The reader travels by train and on a trail ride enduring some unusual circumstances. The ending is unique, unusual and truly the heart of Christmas.

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