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Daffodil It s time for a change of clothes Daffodil had two sisters and they all three looked alike People couldn t tell them apart When Daffodil and her sisters go to parties Mommy puts them in fancy dresses

  • Title: Daffodil
  • Author: Emily Jenkins Tomasz Bogacki
  • ISBN: 9780374316761
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s time for a change of clothes Daffodil had two sisters,and they all three looked alike.People couldn t tell them apart.When Daffodil and her sisters go to parties, Mommy puts them in fancy dresses of different colors so that people will know who is who, and which is which Violet s dress is violet, with lots of lace Rose s dress is pink, with little bows all overIt s time for a change of clothes Daffodil had two sisters,and they all three looked alike.People couldn t tell them apart.When Daffodil and her sisters go to parties, Mommy puts them in fancy dresses of different colors so that people will know who is who, and which is which Violet s dress is violet, with lots of lace Rose s dress is pink, with little bows all over Lucky ducks Poor Daffodil s dress is a horrible yellow, with weird fake pearls She hates it very extremely hugely much One day Daffodil finally has enough and when she rebels, she learns something surprising from her sisters.This funny story about individuality is given a lively twist by Tomek Bogacki s colorful illustrations.

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    1. Triplet sisters are named after flowers and they have to wear clothes that correspond with the color of the flower they are named after. They are annoyed by this and speak up about it.

    2. This book is about a set of triplets that look exactly the same. When they'd go out to parties, they all had to wear different dresses describing their name in order for people to be able to differentiate them. Daffodil hated her dress and felt so sad whenever they went to parties. Then, the three sisters confessed that they all hated their dresses, so they ended up wearing whatever they wanted, even though no one could tell them apart.I liked the message of this book because it showed children [...]

    3. The story about Daffodil was a book that talked about a set of triplets. The triplets were three girls who everyone always got confused. People would try to associate their names with what color dress they wore. Daffodil's mom always bought her yellow dresses, Violet always wore purple dresses, and Rose always wore pink dresses. The girls eventually grew tired of this, and finally told their mom. In the end they wore clothes that fit their personalities and they were all happy. I liked this book [...]

    4. Daffodil has two sisters, Violet and Rose, and they all look alike. The sisters can tell each other apart, and their mother can (for the most part). Their mother likes to go to parties, and when they go, Violet always wears a violet dress with lace, Rose always wears a pink dress with bows, and Daffodil always wears a yellow dress with pearls; but Daffodil cannot stand to wear her yellow dress. Daffodil discovers that her sisters, Violet and Rose, don't like to wear their dresses either. So, aft [...]

    5. A very cute story about triplets. Mommy sometimes has a hard time telling her daughters apart, so when they go to fancy parties, she dresses them in colors that match their names—Violet gets a purple dress, Rose has a pink dress, and Daffodil has a yellow dress. But Daffodil HATES her dress, and one day explodes that she’s never going to wear it again!This leads the other two sisters to say they actually hate their dresses, too, so Mommy agrees to let them do whatever they choose, even if sh [...]

    6. This book is about a set of girl triplets that people often get confused with who is who. So when they go to parties, their mom makes them wear certain colors and dresses so people know who is who. The girls all end up not liking their dresses though and eventually speak up and get to wear what they want.I liked the book's underlying message about not stereotyping people, but I think the girls show some negative attitudes that might not be received well. This book could be used to teach kids tha [...]

    7. An adorable story of triplets named Daffodil, Rose, and Violet. Daffodil dislikes the yellow dress her mother makes her wear so people can tell the girls apart--her sister Rose wearing pink while Violet wears violet. Eventually, Daffodil discovers, as does her mother, that Violet and Rose hate having to war the same colors all the time too. A lesson to be learned is here for children and parents alike, as well as bright, expressive illustrations and concise, personable writing to bring depths of [...]

    8. Soren said, "I thought this book was funny because when they were describing the yellow dress they said it looked like pee."Leave it to a young boy to think that "pee" is hilarious. But this is really a great little picture book. I loved it as well. Perfect for families of multiples who are trying to assert their own individuality.

    9. Daffodil is one of a set of triplets. Rose gets the pink party dress, Violet gets the purple one, and Daffodil gets yellow. Turns out, none of them like their assigned colors. And also, if people look a little more closely, they'll discover that the three are not identical.Library copy.

    10. This book can be used in the classroom in several ways. It teaches about personal identity, it has good word choice, and for children struggling with peers, it shows how siblings can work together.

    11. Book with a strong message - be careful what you dress your kids in - and how to jump and down if you don't like your parents choice.

    12. People who have identical twins, triplets, quints, etc. should be forced to have the children tattooed with their names to spare the rest of us these confusing and embarrassing situations.

    13. (Imogene's Antlers)This was a pretty standard picture book about kid's that want to be themselves until the description of the yellow dress as "pee" colored and then it was a big hit! Kids!

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