Inflight Science: A Guide to the World From Your Airplane Window

Inflight Science: A Guide to the World From Your Airplane Window

Brian Clegg / Dec 08, 2019

Inflight Science A Guide to the World From Your Airplane Window With this book in hand we have all we need to set off on our next flight with our eyes open to the sheer wonder of what is involved Alain de Botton author of A Week at the Airport in the Mail on Su

  • Title: Inflight Science: A Guide to the World From Your Airplane Window
  • Author: Brian Clegg
  • ISBN: 9781848312418
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • With this book in hand, we have all we need to set off on our next flight with our eyes open to the sheer wonder of what is involved Alain de Botton, author of A Week at the Airport, in the Mail on Sunday Imagine Leonardo da Vinci seated next to you on an airplane Brian Clegg attempts to restore something of the lost wonder of air travel even as Leonardo, With this book in hand, we have all we need to set off on our next flight with our eyes open to the sheer wonder of what is involved Alain de Botton, author of A Week at the Airport, in the Mail on Sunday Imagine Leonardo da Vinci seated next to you on an airplane Brian Clegg attempts to restore something of the lost wonder of air travel even as Leonardo, so fascinated by science, might have done leav ing his readers improved for the journey and filled with a renewed sense of curiosity toward the wonders out their window Wall Street Journal An eye spy book for adults fitting into that publishing niche somewhere between hard science and Schott s Miscellany that was so successfully exploited by books such as The Cloudspotter s Guide London Times Book of the WeekEvery moment of your airplane journey is an opportunity to experience science in action Inflight Science will be your guide Brian Clegg explains the ever changing view from your window seat and suggests entertaining experiments to calculate how far away you are from distant objects and the population of the towns you fly over You ll learn why the coastline is infinite in length, the cause of thunderstorms, and why there s absolutely no chance of getting stuck on an airline vacuum toilet Packed full of amazing insights from physics, chemistry, engineering, geography, and , Inflight Science is a voyage of scientific discovery perfect for any journey.Brian Clegg is the author of several popular science titles, including Before the Big Bang and the forthcoming How to Build a Time Machine 2011 , both from St Martin s Press.

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        Brian s latest books, Ten Billion Tomorrows and How Many Moons does the Earth Have are now available to pre order He has written a range of other science titles, including the bestselling Inflight Science, The God Effect, Before the Big Bang, A Brief History of Infinity, Build Your Own Time Machine and Dice World.Along with appearances at the Royal Institution in London he has spoken at venues from Oxford and Cambridge Universities to Cheltenham Festival of Science, has contributed to radio and TV programmes, and is a popular speaker at schools Brian is also editor of the successful popularscience book review site and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.Brian has Masters degrees from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences and from Lancaster University in Operational Research, a discipline originally developed during the Second World War to apply the power of mathematics to warfare It has since been widely applied to problem solving and decision making in business.Brian has also written regular columns, features and reviews for numerous publications, including Nature, The Guardian, PC Week, Computer Weekly, Personal Computer World, The Observer, Innovative Leader, Professional Manager, BBC History, Good Housekeeping and House Beautiful His books have been translated into many languages, including German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian, Thai and even Indonesian.


    1. A great book to read on a flight whether you are are scientifically disabled or a scientist like myself. Although I knew most larger concepts, it is always great to experience someone try to explain these concepts in the simplest way possible. Great tips for when I may need to explain these concepts.I guess it was the engineering and technology side where I learnt the most. Lots of interesting facts on commercial flying.If you can, save it for a flight.

    2. I should've figured that this book would be rather below my level -- I was an RAF cadet as a teen and was rather interested in the long classes we had on stuff like the priciples of flight. So this book didn't teach me much, being very accessible and basic. If you know very little about flight, it could be quite interesting -- if you were ever a cadet long enough to have flown a Vigilant glider or a Grob Tutor plane, chances are there's nothing new for you!

    3. Inflight Science gives a brief tour of some major science concepts set loosely around the fact that you're supposed to read it on a plane. There are miniature "experiments" to carry out whilst airborne (e.g. throwing a ball of paper in the air and noting that it doesn't fly to the back of the plane). There's nothing especially wrong with this concept. It's nature means that the explanations are brief, and the science discussed doesn't go much above school-level. Some of the links to being inflig [...]

    4. I thought this book would be an easy win -- how could a light aviation-themed science book go wrong? I'm still not entirely sure how Inflight Science missed the mark so badly, but it did.Very little of this book is actually related to anything about flight. Clegg meanders through a variety of earth-science topics seemingly without any organization, and makes only half-hearted attempts to connect them to aviation. Most of the science in this book falls in the category of things you probably learn [...]

    5. I enjoyed reading it, the book really explains well how an airplane works, makes the flying experience that much more interesting. I learnt many things including understanding for the first time what are the 'mechanics' makes a 'full moon', 'half moon', etc. Also, it's interesting to be reminded that our galaxy has at least 100 billion stars and that from that part of the universe that we see, that there are at least 150 billion galaxies

    6. Vollkommen willkürliche Themenzusammenstellung, die teilweise nicht mal entfernt was mit Fliegen zu tun hat. Öde.

    7. This is a fun book that uses science to explain many different aspects of aviation. Brian Clegg, a consummate scientist, explains everything from cloud, lightning, mountain, and river formation, the physics of flight, the jet stream, time travel and relativity, turbulence, why you'll never get a decent cup of tea aloft (the temperature at which water boils decreases with altitude), why the law of conservation of momentum shows that Earth is slowing in rotation while the moon is speeding up, why [...]

    8. Ever wondered how the science behind our airlines work? How can something heavy like a 747 even get off the ground, let alone stay up there, let alone again fly us halfway around the world? This book will tell you how and hopefully answer most of the questions you might have about the flights you take.We cover everything from the gate numbers to the security checks, why aircraft use so much fuel taxiing to the runway and how weight affects lift off. All the little features of taking a flight hav [...]

    9. Flugreisen sind ja manchmal ganz schön öde. Spätestens nach dem zweiten Mal ist die Aufregung verflogen* und man schaut nicht mal mehr auf, wenn bei den Sicherheitshinweisen um Aufmerksamkeit gebeten wird. Doch eigentlich kann Fliegen ganz schön spannend sein, denn immerhin geht es hier um angewandte Wissenschaft: Wie kann dieses tonnenschwere Flugzeug überhaupt fliegen? Was können wir alles aus dem Flugzeugfenster beobachten? Was geht mit dem Körper vor, wenn wir Langstreckenflüge unter [...]

    10. I will admit that I have a soft spot for what is sometimes referred to as "popular science books" these are the books that try and make science interesting and accessible and most importantly FUN. Don't get me wrong they do not trivialise or patronise science and technology but rather make it more fun and exciting and which in turn can capture someones imagination and fire them up to want to learn more.Anyway back to the book - this is basically the aim of this title - with the added twist it is [...]

    11. Inflight Science basically explains (in simple terms) some of the science that one is likely to encounter whilst travelling by air. Here are some examples of the things I learnt about: how the X-Ray scanners in terminals work; why Einstein’s theory of relativity needs to be accounted for when using GPS; how different clouds form; and what would happen if a plane were to be struck by lightning.My only real problem with the book was that it expected me to be flicking through it much quicker than [...]

    12. I loafed around and read this in a day; which is usually a good sign. I bought this at an airport with the intent to read it on the plane; but just got around to it now, I think maybe three years later? It would have been interesting to read while actually in the air, but I probably got sidetracked by all the free kids' movies that I secretly wanted to see.Anyway- this book is for regular clowns like me people who like to warehouse Jeopardy-grade trivia. Not actual flight-engineer types, which s [...]

    13. This book goes for breadth rather than depth, providing a GCSE-level answer to almost every annoying question your children might ask you on a flight, from 'why is the sky blue?', to 'what is that funny smoke coming out of the engine?'. The science-nerd in me enjoyed it tremendously, though I felt it was stronger on geography (why do rivers look like they do, etc) than physics (not a great explanation for what lifts the plane into the sky and keeps it there). I thus prepared myself for the child [...]

    14. For me, I like the book because it gets into the scientific aspect in laymen terms which is helpful for when you're on the go. I think you would really have to be interested in science and what is going on around you for you to be captivated by it, otherwise I would give it 3.5 stars. For someone who seeks to understand more, this book isn't the best. However, it will spark an interest for the younger folk with the "experiments" and excitement of flying.

    15. A really interesting read. It took traveling by plane to a different level, at least from my perspective. I enjoyed it a lot, devoured it in a couple of hours only. It was great understanding how so many little things around us work and the book helped me see the beauty in some of the smaller things we so often take for granted. :)

    16. Tomando un vuelo est??ndar como punto de partida, el autor da explicaciones b??sicas sobre la ciencia, tanto intr??nseca del avi??n, como de elementos tangenciales, a veces hasta vagamente relacionados. Excepto un par de apuntes interesantes, bastante prescindible, aunque se deja leer.

    17. A very easy to read book (I managed it in one day) that looks in an entertaining manner at various bits and bobs related to air flight. Some of it is less interesting than the rest, some of it I was already aware of, but it is quite addictive, and possibly won't last long.

    18. This is the first aviation's book that I read. I loved how Brian explained the science behind every details. I loved how Brian simplified the experiment in order to relate with aviation thingy.

    19. Partially arrogant, partially fixed on an outdated view, and rather boring and inconsistent in its explanations.

    20. I haven't read much in the popular science, but this was a fun look at all aspects of flight, with lots of interesting tidbits.

    21. Read whilst on my flight to Mexico. A great little read and almost put my fears about flying to bed. Lots of facts about inside and outside a plane and around the airport.

    22. Interesting to a certain degree, though I felt that some of the stuff was just filling the pages, especially all the moon stuff, not really to do with flying itself.

    23. Interesting read while flying - some experiments that are fairly easy for younger people combined with fairly approachable scientific information.

    24. Very nicely written. Recapped a whole bunch of science concepts that I had forgotten. And finally I know why lights are being dimmed in an aircraft during landing or takeoff.

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