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Checkmate What s an alpha shape shifting wolf to do when the woman pre destined to be his mate no longer trusts men After returning home from an eight month security job Eli Graham is ready to claim his best f

  • Title: Checkmate
  • Author: Annmarie McKenna
  • ISBN: 9781599986265
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • What s an alpha shape shifting wolf to do when the woman pre destined to be his mate no longer trusts men After returning home from an eight month security job, Eli Graham is ready to claim his best friend s little sister as his mate He d put it off for years, thinking he was doing the right thing by waiting Instead of the stubborn, independent, carefree girl he left beWhat s an alpha shape shifting wolf to do when the woman pre destined to be his mate no longer trusts men After returning home from an eight month security job, Eli Graham is ready to claim his best friend s little sister as his mate He d put it off for years, thinking he was doing the right thing by waiting Instead of the stubborn, independent, carefree girl he left behind, Eli finds a shell of the woman he once knew Having lived through a near fatal attack, Nikki Taylor has hidden herself away from the world Now the time has come to face head on the one man who could devastate her completely, Eli Graham She s loved him forever, craves him, body, heart and soul, but he s never treated her as anything but a little sister When Nikki witnesses a murder, she has no choice but to rely on Eli s expertise While guarding her from the man bent on wiping out a witness, Eli shows Nikki that he ll not only protect her body, but he ll show her just what it means to be a wolf s mate Warning, this title contains the following hot, explicit sex, graphic violence and language, and is not for the faint of heart

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    1. The last eight months for Nikki Raine have been hell on earth. One evening she is attacked and nearly raped by three men in a deserted parking lot. It's every woman's worst nightmare but she manages to get away. While driving away from her attackers, they follow her and drive her off the road. Eight months have passed and she's still fighting to stay in control of her life and is just beginning to emerge from her self imposed solitude. She joins her friends for what used to be their weekly girl' [...]

    2. Red alert! Hot Alpha werewolf tale!! If you enjoy werewolf erotica, then don't miss Annmarie McKenna's 'Mate' series. "Checkmate" is the second book and "Seeing Eye Mate" was the first. Her weres are uber-hot, uber-sexy, and uber-Alpha!Eli is ready to declare himself to his mate. He's known she was his for many years, but waited for her to mature. AFter six months away on a pack security assignment, he's ready to get home and claim his mate! But it turns out someone's been keeping things from hi [...]

    3. Another good story by Ms. McKenna, even though there wasn't really any conflict in Eli and Nikki's relationship (everything went very smoothly between them) and I didn't care much for the scenes with the killer (he was too cliché). Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this read. I guess I was in a good mood, LOL.

    4. Very enjoyable. Good suspense.I always enjoy this author’s alpha-type guy who is focused on only one woman, he has to have her, he wants to protect her, he is totally possessive about her, and he treasures her forever. It was a good story about wolf/shape-shifter Eli who leaves town for 8 months. He knew Nicole was his mate, and he planned to tell her so when he returned. While he was gone, she was attacked by three rapists but barely escaped. Later she witnessed a murder. The murderer wants t [...]

    5. Checkmate is my first book by Annmarie McKenna, and I hope not my last. It was a good story, very quick read, and I had no problem buying into the existence of shape shifters and Ms. McKenna's world.Actually, this book would have been just fine without the inclusion of shifters and in fact didn't really stress it as part of the plot. The twin shifters, Caelmon (featured in Mate 1) & Eli, live together in the wonderful kind of home that is split for privacy and joined together for communal ea [...]

    6. This is the second book. The first being Seeing Eye Mate. Though I would suggest reading the first one; you could just read this one, and it would make total sense.Eli is an identical twin, and his twin brother just happens to be Prime of a wolf shape-shifter pack. So that makes him the second. He has wanted one particular girl for a long time and has been waiting for the right moment to go after her considering he has known her for almost forever and she just happens to be his best friend's lit [...]

    7. I had never heard of this author until I saw this book in a used book store and picked it up. I'm glad I got this book BUT some things are a little misleading from what the back cover says. Nikki is scared of the world but she is never scared of Eli not even for a second and he's a security expert but all he does is hide her at his ranch there's not a moment when Eli is doing anything to find out who is after Nikki. Nikki trust Eli from the moment she sees him when she wakes up in the hospital s [...]

    8. It was unrealistic and the plot was weak and predictable. I'm starting to think that the author needs to pick a genre and stick with it. I'm glad that the heroine was stranger in this book but she was an idiot. From the description in both books it is hard to differentiate between the lead male characters, which shouldn't happen.The plot was weak, the killer didn't fit the profile earlier described and the romance was non-existent again. It's the same as the first, they just want to jump each ot [...]

    9. I was looking for a good shifter's book for a while now, and although this one was more romantic suspense than paranormal I still liked it. There was very little about the shape-shifters - Eli turned into a wolf once, he roared a bit and the bite connecting him with his mate forever and a sentence or two about how the pack works and that was all. The other part was about how Nikki "saw" the murderer and he targeted her and etc. But still a pretty good read.

    10. 3.5 starsThis lower rating is mostly due to the length of this novel. It was pretty good, but probably would have been better full length.I was in the mood for a book where the hero is 100% devoted, possessive and protective of the heroine, and I definitely got that here. Those are my favorite type of heroes!!! :-) The sexual chemistry was good, as it typically is with mates.

    11. Nikki is nearly killed not once but twice and she has the scars to prove and the man of her dreams is home and she can’t face him ever again…I am of a mind that Nikki may be one the strongest women characters I have come a crossed, after everything she has been through of course she took a knee but when she stood back up she was ready to reclaim her life. Thankfully she had her Eli there to help her regain her self. The evil villain was so well written that you could feel the evil coming of [...]

    12. Eli Graham's just come back from being on an 8 month assignment. He's come back to find the the woman he's had his eye on for years is in a world of trouble. Nikki Taylor is having the world's worst luck, she's witnessed a murder and the bad guy knows who she is. Eli and Nikki's story is really fast paces. Now I didn't read the first story about Eli's brother and his mate so I don't have context but I really enjoyed this story. Eli's from a family of shifters but they live amongst non-shifters a [...]

    13. The whole thing felt very forced and disconnected.I didn't feel much chemistry between Eli and Nikki and there was absolutely nothing creative with the villain. Eli being a werewolf didn't seem to influence or contribute to the story in anyway , I wasn't convinced with him being a werewolf , nothing in his character or even his abilities made him seem any different than a normal human beingminus the shape shifting, this detail could have been easily pulled out of the book and the book would rema [...]

    14. Oh. My. God. The women in these books have absolutely no sense of self-preservation. It's so ridiculous how they are made completely aware of the danger but still go off half-cocked and are surprised when something bad happens. I won't be reading the third book because I don't think I can take the frustration. It would be a different story if they had some valid, impending reason but they only have the reasons they've made up in their heads. I think the worst part is that they are fully and comp [...]

    15. The action scenes in this book were superbly written. Everything was fast-paced, we felt the fear, experienced the pain, saw the events unfoldThe rest of the book was weaker. The action scenes (of which there were a few) saved the book from being boring same-old shapeshifter romance. The hero and heroine were nothing exceptional, not memorable, but the action scenes were brilliant. *shrugs* If you like shapeshifter romance, you'll probably enjoy it. It was certainly readable and if, like me, you [...]

    16. This almost got shelved under angst but it was resolved pretty quickly. Nikki is traumatized and scarred from an attack and is afraid to see her brother's best friend again because she thinks he will be disgusted with her appearance and pity her for her trauma. She's been in love with him for years and assumes she has no shot at all with him. Little does she know, he's a werewolf and her mate. A fair bit of action and suspense. This would have been 3.5 stars but I felt like the angst was resolve [...]

    17. Just happened to pick up this book from a friend and loved it! Dark and at times graphic, yet it was deeply erotic. After being attacked and witnessing a brutal murder, Nikki-Raine struggles to regain her life. She's worried Eli, the only man she's ever loved, won't look at her the same. She's thrown into a bit of a tailspin when he comes home from working abroad to claim her as his mate. Yep - he's a shifter! A well-written story, hot in all the right places, I think I'll check out more of this [...]

    18. loved it! the suspense was well done. there was no typical scooby doo ending. even though this is a story based on shifters there wasn't chapter after chapter of pack politics. actually the shifting took a second seat in this one. it was all secondary to the story of Eli, Nikki, and the danger at hand. the scenes between Eli and Nikki were enough to steam the windows but the underlying love and affection poured through it all. all around quick and suspenseful read.

    19. This is the second book in this series, and like the first book you can't help but love the "alpha's male" possessive, protective, overbearing but loveable behavior and thank goodness the herione isn't a doormat she stands up for herself and doesn't take "BS" from anyone, but just like the first book everything was rushed for me i have no idea why the writer felt the need to sqeeze everything in such short timespan.But still i enjoyed it

    20. This one to me was just okay. It was missing something from my point of view although it is difficult to put my finger on what exactly. Overall I would say that story seemed forced. I usually really enjoy her books, but this time, I found myself skimming pages as I read. Not a great follow-up to Seeing Eye Mate.

    21. Not going to repeat what other reviews say on the story line.But will comment on the writing.I thought this could have been written better.The premise was good, but the story line was just not believable. I know, this is fiction, but too much happened to the main characters to be believed.The sex scenes were just not that exciting either.

    22. This the second story of this series about the twin brother Eli who is a shiftshaper. He has known Nikki for a long time and is best friends with her brother. He knows that she is is mate but wants to hold off claiming her. But while he is away on a trip, someone attacks Nikki. He realises that he almost lost her and decides that he needs to make his claim known. Very good read.

    23. Always a good readI can read this over and over. Which I've done a few times already. Who doesn't love a hot shifter novel? Sexy. Hot. Passionate. Suspenseful. Even when I know what's going to happen I can't put it down!

    24. There is a time and place for every thing. Apparantly the time for this book is on a simple night in, my the kids are at the BFF's house. With all the twists, turns, and dark corners, this book will keep you entertained. Enjoyed this!

    25. This is a decent book. Unfortunately this was rather predictable, not much charcacter development. Could have used some actual romance but in its place were steamy sex scenes. I wasn't that impressed with the story line or the perpetrator. Was still a good read.

    26. Ok I was a little harsh the first time and in the end I found this book better than the first! Not brilliant but still it was ok! The best bits for me were the ones involving the psycho killer and at least the ending wasn't as predictable as the first book.

    27. I wish that I liked this story better because it wasn't bad -- I just didn't connect with the two leads. I don't think others would have the same issue just different chars relate to different people. I just found Eli hard to believe as an alpha.

    28. It was a great read. There was suspense that was a little cliche, but still good. I really liked that the "mated pair" got together without the drama that comes with other stories. You know she won't admit to loving him, one or both fight the attraction.

    29. A quick read erotica - ending drove down rating - security expert hero is no security expert and highly intelligent killer suddenly willing to compromise his safety and goes suicidal? Too far of a stretch for me - 2.5 stars

    30. It's been a while since I read any books like this. It was pretty good, not my favorite but I liked it. Longer review coming soon!

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