Chains of Regret

Chains of Regret

Margaret Pargeter / Feb 25, 2020

Chains of Regret His love had turned to blistering hate Helen was sure her father s new partner Stein Maddison was nothing but a fortune hunter out for what he could get from the old man Stein had even pursued Hele

  • Title: Chains of Regret
  • Author: Margaret Pargeter
  • ISBN: 9780373106530
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • His love had turned to blistering hate Helen was sure her father s new partner, Stein Maddison, was nothing but a fortune hunter, out for what he could get from the old man.Stein had even pursued Helen, and she could see why if he married her, he d inherit the whole business someday.She finally ran away, so great was her disgust But a combination of homesickness and someHis love had turned to blistering hate Helen was sure her father s new partner, Stein Maddison, was nothing but a fortune hunter, out for what he could get from the old man.Stein had even pursued Helen, and she could see why if he married her, he d inherit the whole business someday.She finally ran away, so great was her disgust But a combination of homesickness and something else she couldn t quite explain drove her back a year later to find the situation quite changed.And Stein seemed determined to punish her for her past behavior.

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    1. Sins of the heroine - at 18 rebuffs hero because she doesn't trust her own feelings, and thinks hero is a fortune hunter. Goes to a lot of parties and flirts with men. Flees country and gives a bunch of money to a school friend's family and then lives with a widow helping her without pay for a year. Now she's come home because she wants to make up with her father. Hero is still smarting from her rejection and this is where the books opens.Shall we cover the sins of the hero once the heroine retu [...]

    2. I like the vengeful hero trope, but usually it's something like he thinks she hurt his family. This time, he was just upset that she rejected him and determined to make her pay. I kept reading so, I have to give it 2 stars at least for keeping me engaged. But wow! Dude was a psycho.Here's a rather endearing quote:"You little bitch! I'm going to have you whether you enjoy it or not. Fight me and I promise I'll hurt you!"

    3. absolutely mind-blowing one ! they had a very passionate n volatile relationship. stein loved helen the kind of love where he cud not live without her, he was obsessed yet also arrogant enough not 2 pursue her 2 france. i read some reviews where it was said dat stein wanted revenge becoz helen had rejected him. sorry but dat was not the root of it. she's quite the spoilt lil bitch the lil madam n she insulted him so many times, did not miss an opportunity 2 degrade him n flaunt her supposed weal [...]

    4. I'm a great fan of MP. When she writes a great book it will be a really great book. This is one of my favorites. It's involved. I know it's not such an original besotted hero plot but it's meatier. it's gripping.

    5. What The Effing Hell Was That ?!!yikes that was disturbing !! Helen was a spoiled b*tch most of the time and Stein was a psycho that man was out of his friggin mind he's completely nuts !! I'm not sure what was scarier Stein's cruelty and abusive ways or the last scene where he tells Helen he loves her "oh darling I've loved you ever since forever don't let me calling you a bitch a whore wrapping my hands around your throat and squeezing telling you how much I want to kill you raping you [...]

    6. well he was truly awful to her the whole timet once did they have a bonding moment he took her swimming to boost her morale after her father died and threw her in the pool .d I was constantly annoyed by her feeling that she owed him because she had rejected him .I'm like .r what ? one straight forward conversation would have been nice; instead the whole book was just his threats to her ."you will pay"d her shaken in her boots (literally). He calls her a tramp so many times I found myself cringin [...]

    7. I did not really understand why she did not like him however being young and her father never seemed to care to explain or do nice things for her. I think it was a normal teen rejection. He just took things too far with his idea of revenge and how to get her on her knees. It was a good read but very frustrating that he expected her to act his age when he was acting like a two year old throwing a tantrum. Not the best way to get the girl you love to love you back. Just saying!

    8. 3.5I didn't like a couple of things about the story but I guess it's just a personal preference. Regarding to the writing, I felt there were moments of too much telling but overall, I'd say It was an okay reading.

    9. High in train wreck value. Had to look over pet peeves such as melting with lust when the hero does any or all such as pulling hair or punishing kisses. There were lots of those.Maybe more later.

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