Same, Same But Different

Same, Same But Different

Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw / Sep 15, 2019

Same Same But Different Elliot lives in America and Kailash lives in India They are pen pals By exchanging letters and pictures they learn that they both love to climb trees have pets and go to school Their worlds might

  • Title: Same, Same But Different
  • Author: Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
  • ISBN: 9780805089462
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Elliot lives in America, and Kailash lives in India They are pen pals By exchanging letters and pictures, they learn that they both love to climb trees, have pets, and go to school Their worlds might look different, but they are actually similar Same, same But different Through an inviting point of view and colorful, vivid illustrations, this story shows how two boysElliot lives in America, and Kailash lives in India They are pen pals By exchanging letters and pictures, they learn that they both love to climb trees, have pets, and go to school Their worlds might look different, but they are actually similar Same, same But different Through an inviting point of view and colorful, vivid illustrations, this story shows how two boys living oceans apart can be the best of friends.

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    1. Elliot and Kailash are new pen pals. As they share letters, they share the differences and similarities of their lives in Elliot’s America and Kailash’s India. Both boys like to climb trees. Their families are very different with Elliot living with his mother, father and baby sister and Kailash living with an extended family of 23. They both have pets, but the pets are different. Both boys take a bus to school, but the communities are very different except for the traffic. The boys discover [...]

    2. This is the story of two boys are the same, same, but different. Although Elliot lives in America and Kailash in India, the pen pals discover their similarities through letters and drawings. They both take the bus to school, although one is a yellow bus and the other powered by bicycle. They both live in cities, although the sights on the streets differ. The illustrations are combination of childlike drawings and paper collage. Pages are marked with an E (Elliot) or K (Kailash) to make it clear [...]

    3. Love the illustrations and the juxtaposition of two different (but the same!) worlds.I remember having a penpal from Swaziland when I was a kid. We continued to write for a couple years then drifted from doing so.I know there are epals and Skype chats (when time zones can match up) with classes from other countries. I just don't see anyone doing them in my circles. Dunno if it's because I just don't hear about it (I'm the school librarian so to do anything with kids I need to get the teacher on [...]

    4. A library customer asked me to share this with my dear friend and colleague who is from Kolkata and just returned from a visit there. The concept - Indian and American pen-pals who find that so much in their lives is "same, same but different" - is realized through evocative illustrations and the sweet storyline, in which the boys compare families, pets, cities, alphabets, and even their favorite classes - art and yoga - where each boy "can be anything." The concluding pages made me a little tea [...]

    5. Living in two countries has made me appreciate this concept even more - same, same but different. I always say to whoever will listen that at some level there is not too much of a difference amongst us humans. The core values of goodness, kindness are truly the same. Living conditions, cultures, economics, indoctrination of some ideas may create divides but if one can look beyond the boundaries we will find we are 'Same, same but different.'

    6. Realistic Fiction - I loved sharing this brand new book with my students. A great side-by-side story of a US child and an Indian child's day-by-day activities and experiences.I have an Indian student and it is important to me that her culture was represented in our genre unit as well.

    7. I loved this picture book about pen pals who, in sharing about their lives, realize that they have many, many similarities (amongst their differences) despite living in two different countries. I am hoping to recreate a version of this book with children in Idaho and children in Nicaragua this summer, and as such, I have both the English and Spanish versions of the text-- a fun read!

    8. I enjoyed this book because of its focus on the importance of understanding and acceptance of other cultures. The author, Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, writes in a very positive tone. She celebrates the differences between the two characters and allows the reader to see the American and Indian cultures side-by-side. This realistic fiction book would be great to read aloud to children in grades K-5, as it should spark many wonderful conversations about differences and similarities amongst cultures. I [...]

    9. Picture book #1 Same, Same but Different 1. This is a story about two boys who are “Picture Pals” instead of Pen pals; they draw art and send it to each other. One boy seems to be from a big city in America, the other boy seems to be from India (they never really say in the story). Throughout the story, they draw about their families, towns, languages and schools. The connection I made with this book is a text to self connection in part of the book where the boys send pictures of how they sa [...]

    10. Synthesis: Two children, Elliot and Kailash, live on opposite sides of the world and are penpals. The boys write back and forth and tell each other about themselves. Through this, they learn that although they have a lot of differences, they have just as many similarities. For example, they have different living situations, different transportation to school, and different alphabets. The boys keep referring to themselves as being the “same, same but different” until the end of the story when [...]

    11. Same, Same But Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw is the story of two pen pals, Elliot from the U.S. and Kailash from India. By exchanging letters and pictures they learn that their worlds may look different, but they are actually similar.The straight forward yet clever text is in a large font, in several colors, making this a good choice as a storytime read-aloud. The boys learn through questions, comments and pictures that they both love to climb trees, have pets, and go to school where they [...]

    12. Text to SelfElliot and Kailash are picture pals who learn about their similarities and differences as they mail pictures to one another. This story reminds me of the pen pal I had when I was in elementary school. In third grade we were given the names of students, also in third grade, from another state. We were each paired up with a pen pal to whom we would write monthly. Through our letters, we were able to find things we had in common and also shared some differences about where we lived, wha [...]

    13. A. Text to Self Connection: I love meeting people who are not from Omaha and especially when they are not from the United States. I find it fascinating to hear their stories. I notice our differences but, I'm amazed by our similarities. For instance, I was looking at a photo from a refugee camp in Thailand and was amazed to see satellite dishes fixed to the top of some of the bamboo homes and hear that many of these bamboo homes were wired for television!B. Six Discussion Questions (Bloom's Revi [...]

    14. Same, Same But Different (Primary)This book reminds me of my pen pal when I was younger!!! We met when both of our families were on vacation in Florida at a resort and wrote back and forth to one another through high school. She was from Chicago, so it was a very big city. We were the same age, but we always wrote about our different experiences. I think this book would be very beneficial to use in the classroom to teach students about different cultures. Remembering: Where is Elliot from and wh [...]

    15. I found this a quite odd work. It takes on a familiar topic in children's books: things/life/people/etc. in different cultures are similar in some ways and different in others. (So, it is at least perhaps a step better than those books that ridiculously try to point out how we are all alike.) But it feels like it is a work that is in a time warp. Perhaps 25 or more years ago when children in the US or other parts of the globe may not really have seen much of each other, this would have been a us [...]

    16. * Book Summary Two little boys one from the United States and one from idea exchange letters to compare their world. They realize how similiar yet different they are. For example, the Indian student has pets just like Elliot but it is not a dog or cat his pets are cows, sheeps, and horses. *awards Ezra Jack Keats Book Award for New Illustrator (2012), South Asia Book Award for Grades 5 & Under (2012)* Grade Level/ Interest level 2nd grade * Appropriate Classroom Use I would use this book whe [...]

    17. This book helps young readers to know that even though our skin and culture maybe different, we are the same. Good book to help children learn about acceptance.

    18. Bloom's Questions:1. Can you tell me three things that were the same between the two boys?2. Explain why the author continues to use the title through the book.3. What examples can you find to support the differences between the two boys?4. How would you compare yourself with these two boys?5. It states that they are 'best friends even though we live in two different worlds. Or do we?' What is your opinion of how the author ended the story this way? 6. What inferences can you make about cultures [...]

    19. Same, Same but Different, is a great book about two different boys from different sides of the worlds. They are pen pals through their schools and explain to each other their daily lives. The book's illustrations show how the two boys live similar lives just in different places. They describe how they live with their families, in towns and cities, and what they learn in school. I really enjoyed how the book shows cultural difference like how in America we shake hands to say hello but in India th [...]

    20. Cute idea and I think kids would like it, however children corresponding by letters and art seems pretty far fetched in our digital age. It could be used to teach a bit about how we are the same but different in various cultures BUT I objected to the stereotypical images of a backwards society for India!! Yikes how egocentric is that?! A child in India who is in a great school corresponding with American students is more likely to live in a city. I would have liked a more accurate depiction of t [...]

    21. Two boys, one in the U.S. and one in India, are penpals, exchanging letters about their lives. They (and the reader) learn that despite living in two different places, their lives are similar in many respects. The colorful multi-media illustrations are superb and really add to the story. Parents and teachers might remember being penpals with a child living in a different country but students today have instant access through social media, so pre-teaching about the long-lost art of letter writing [...]

    22. k-3This is really a fabulous book - great art that extends the story of a pen pal relationship between two boys. The phrase "same same but different" repeats throughout the book, giving it shape and allowing for the reader/audience to repeat with the characters. This would be great with a unit on maps or worlds or letter writing. I would like to see this one considered for the Caldecott honor books. Pairs nicely with Alice McGinty's Thank You, World. Could also use with an older storytime (4's a [...]

    23. This colorful and inviting story, is about two pen-pals. One who lives in America and the other in India, two very different places in the world. They exchange letters, pictures, and they get to learn that although they live in different parts of the world, they are still "same, same, but different!" Soon they learn that they both love to climb trees, go to school, and have pets. Such an adorable book about friendship!

    24. Are kids pen pals anymore? It seems like hardly anyone writes letters these days and it seems especially unlikely children would do it. Email seems more likely. Although the mode of communication Elliot and Kailash use seems anachronistic, the story is enjoyable and the illustrations are vibrant.

    25. I am madly in love with this picture book about two pen pals (a boy in the U.S. and a boy in India). Vibrant, fun, and clever, clever, clever, I think it's a "must have" for any classroom. Wonderful!

    26. Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw tells a story of two boys through their correspondence as class room pen-pals, Elliot in America and Kailash in India. They learn of their similarities and differences through the pictures they share which illustrate the book, and playfully weaves the text in and around the images. For each thing they learn about their experiences and environment they conclude with the refrain “Same, same but different.” This look at differing cultures from opposite ends of the world [...]

    27. This book is about two young boys who became pen pals, one from America and one from the other side of the world. Elliot and his pal, Kailash both like to climb trees. They comment that they are the same, same but different. Both boys realize they live with family, have animals, and live where environmental factors sometimes hinder their lives. Elliot lives in a city where tall buildings block out the sun. Kailash lives where the cars are few, but there is still too much traffic. Both boys ride [...]

    28. I really want to give this book five stars, but I can't. Other than the one issue I have with it, and it's kinda a big one in my opinion, it's a lovely book! I'd like more like this!!So here's my issue:There's one page that compares an American child's artistic hobby of painting to an Indian child's spiritual practice of Yoga. Definitely not same, same but different.I'd like it much better if Yoga wasn't mentioned in the book or that a spiritual reference was made to the American child. I don't [...]

    29. In Same, Same But Different I love the illustrations. The illustration are abstract, colorful, and grasps the readers attention. The illustrations definitely helped portray the story and young children would find it easy to connect to this book. The book follows two children and their similarities and differences in their families and life. The characters are Kailash from India and Elliot from America who become pen pals. The book shows the different cultures of the two boys and how they are sim [...]

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