The Benson Murder Case

The Benson Murder Case

S.S. Van Dine / Jan 18, 2020

The Benson Murder Case This novel opens with the death of playboy stockbroker Alvin Benson who is found in his brownstone mansion with a bullet through his head First on the scene is Philo Vance amateur detective who is

  • Title: The Benson Murder Case
  • Author: S.S. Van Dine
  • ISBN: 9780701206772
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • This novel opens with the death of playboy stockbroker, Alvin Benson, who is found in his brownstone mansion with a bullet through his head First on the scene is Philo Vance, amateur detective, who is at once intrigued by the absence of Alvin s toupee and his false teeth These odd clues set him in pursuit of an elusive murderer He confronts a host of suspects and uncoveThis novel opens with the death of playboy stockbroker, Alvin Benson, who is found in his brownstone mansion with a bullet through his head First on the scene is Philo Vance, amateur detective, who is at once intrigued by the absence of Alvin s toupee and his false teeth These odd clues set him in pursuit of an elusive murderer He confronts a host of suspects and uncovers a number of family skeletons in his quest for the truth.S.S van Dine is the pen name of Willard Huntington Wright 1888 1939 who wrote this novel in 1926 He wrote 13 best selling crime novels and his amateur detective, Philo Vance was later immortalized on screen by William Powell in The Canary Murder Case.

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    1. Of all the books that have some claim to being considered classics of the crime genre none have divided readers quite so dramatically as S. S. Van Dine’s Philo Vance novels. The features that exasperate and enrage critics of these books are the very things that delight their admirers. I’m very much in the camp of the admirers.The Benson Murder Case kicked off the series in 1926. Philo Vance has often confided to his friend Markham, New York’s District Attorney, that he would love to have t [...]

    2. Many years ago, when I first read Julian Symons's wittily graceful if sometimes controversial history of crime fiction, Bloody Murder (1972/74), I was sufficiently impressed by his excoriation of S.S. Van Dine's Philo Vance novels that I resolved never to touch one with a bargepole if I could possibly help it. More recently, however, I came across the suggestion that the early version of Ellery Queen was just a clone of Philo Vance and, since I love the early Queens (and the middle ones, and mos [...]

    3. WARNING: The review might contain certain spoilers. What a brilliant series! I am so glad I finally decided to pick the series up, it's been shelved for me for quite a while now!The story starts with the art Connoisseur Philo Vance sitting at breakfast with Van Dine, who run his own business, when they're called upon by the district attorney himself- Markham. He tells them about a favor a close friend asked of him and offers them to join him. The favor- a through investigation of his brother's m [...]

    4. This exceptionally annoying book is a chilling visit to the Old Boys' Network in New York before the war. Philo Vance is a more smug & racist version of his British contemporary Lord Peter Wimsey, complacently judging people by their social class, gender, & ethnicity, as well as the shape of their skulls, while inflicting his taunting, tedious company & pronouncements upon hard-working city employees. The mystery per se is fairly interesting, although nothing unusual; Vance (=Van Din [...]

    5. Es un cuatro raspado, porque entiendo que parte de la gracia de la novela era demostrar que el método psicológico de Philo Vance funciona, pero a veces lo ciegos, cabezotas y densos que eran los policías me sacaba un poco de quicio. También el hecho de que Philo se guardara información para sí, aunque al final explica por qué lo hizo y se lo perdono.Hacia las tres cuartas partes de la novela, cuando el fiscal del distrito y amigo de Philo ya se fía de él, todo discurre con mucha más na [...]

    6. A fine standard classic mystery. My first read of the author. For mystery game, the author played by the rule fairly. For personal taste, I am tired with the many philosophical quotes in the main protagonist's voice in talking. Maybe for fulfilled number of words quota of the novel?

    7. SS Van Dine, the pseudonym of Willard Huntington Wright, created the popular fiction detective Philo Vance. His first appearance was in The Benson Murder Case, which was published by Scribner's in 1926. Another 11 novels appeared, about one per year, until his early death in 1939 at the age of 51.There are some, like the current Philo Vance wiki author, who believe "Vance's character as portrayed in the novels might seem to many modern readers to be supercilious, obnoxiously affected, and highly [...]

    8. It is probably not fair to judge a classic by the standards of the books which will follow in its footsteps. Unfortunately, the fact that Van Dine could not rely on previous authors to avoid unnecessary errors does not make the read any more enjoyable.From the pages and pages detailing Vance's art collection to the sneering superiority with which the main character lavishes such gems as "Evidence is irrelevant. Every halfway competent criminal expects the police to look for it and will therefore [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book. I have to admit I binge read it and loved the New York settings and the accurate characterizations of New York types. Some people are highly critical of this style- I enjoy all kinds of books. Remember this book is almost 100 years old and for a detective mystery it moves along with style and ease- bouncing from one dump of red herrings to another. I intend to read the others over time as this is an acquired taste. I like to read books that are only available as eBooks , sci [...]

    10. Il critico letterario, noto con lo pseudonimo di S.S. Van Dine, quando ha deciso di cimentarsi con la narrativa poliziesca, mettendo a frutto la sua erudizione e le sue doti analitiche, ha fatto subito centro, creando uno dei personaggi più interessanti dei classici del giallo di sempre, il celebre Philo Vance.Con LA STRANA MORTE DEL SIGNOR BENSON arriva l'esordio del protagonista Philo Vance, investigatore dilettante che affronta ogni indagine come una sfida intellettuale. La notorietà del pe [...]

    11. Having recently finished a Howie Rook mystery, I thought I'd give another classic a try. I could not finish this book. (I could count on one hand how many times that's happened.) I couldn't even finish the chapter I was reading (Ch. 10) when I finally gave up. Philo Vance's theories of detection are based on the "science of individual character and the psychology of human nature, discarding entirely physical evidence and motive. And his theories are repeated ad nauseum. Then there's the language [...]

    12. First in a series of murder cases from the 1920's. Although the book was written almost 90 years ago, it does not feel dated too much. The major amateur detective, Philo Vance, is a bit of a fop and rather plays games with the District Attorney but he does demonstrate his use of psychology to solve the crime well. A very satisfying read.

    13. This is the first novel I've read by this author, although I might have read some short stories by him. The main character, Philo Vance, is a bit like Peter Wimsey. The mystery wasn't all that great, but I enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to reading the next one by this author.

    14. The Benson Murder Case is the first in the Philo Vance series, introducing the characters and setting up the series. The book details how Vance comes to work with District Attorney Markham and shows his association with his "biographer" Van Dine.

    15. Loved the character development . Kept my interest hostage for the entire story. Have found a new hero to follow. Will be reading Philo's other adventures.

    16. I am abandoning this one. It's just too tedious, with excessive description and exposition. I find Vance to be a cheap imitation of Peter Wimsey, and Van Dine doesn't have Sayers's wit.

    17. The character Philo Vance has the potential to be an American Sherlock Holmes with a distinct aesthete’s background. At the outset of The Benson Murder Case, the talented amateur Vance scoffs at conventional clue-oriented detecting and argues for the superiority of psychological insight and aesthetic judgement as more reliable means of determining a suspect’s guilt or innocence. The novel then gives us fairly sturdy, if a bit dated, conventional clue-oriented mystery story, where the hero se [...]

    18. Curioso caso detectivesco de un escritor de principios del siglo XX, SS Van Dine. El personaje principal, Philo Vance, es, como todo buen detective de novelas, un ser excéntrico y peculiar. En este caso un dilentante y experto en arte, un intelectual culto, vividor y pedante, algo cargante por su constante narcisismo e ironía, que se burla sin remedio de la policía (algo zoquete) gracias a su aguda inteligencia y su amistad con el fiscal del distrito, y que sentencia sin parar sobre lo divino [...]

    19. Enjoyable and better towards the end. One has to take into consideration that this was Philo Vance's first adventure, therefore most of the book intends, apparently, to present Philo Vance to the reader as a super psychologist, overcoming common deduction through his psychological prowess's. That I found quite tiresome! But the plot in itself is interesting enough to make up for the rest.Maria Carmo,Lisbon 31 July 2017.

    20. Weak crime story. Vance is annoying, and in this first book seems a bad copycat of Christie's Poirot, but much more arrogant. The first half is really slow, and most of the time filled by pointless conversations. The second part is more engaging, but the crime is not really original, compared to other novels of the same time period.

    21. The plot is interesting. It has reminded me of Sherlock Holmes. The printing, excellent BUT there are too many grammatical mistakes. I can't believe the translator and the editor have not corrected them before printing!!!

    22. I was first introduced to SS Van Dine by my father, who had read his books back when they first came out. He really liked them, although while intelligent he was not particularly "intellectual", not interested in "highbrow" topics. I loved them, and read all of them. One of my friends at college was a brilliant man, one of those natural geniuses who got A's in virtually every class. I introduced him to Vance, and he loved the books. He was a big Sherlock Holmes fan, though Conan Doyle was the gr [...]

    23. One of the classic detectives of all time is Philo Vance. I had problems finding free kindle versions of any of the S.S. VanDine books that feature this character, until I stumbled upon my friends at Gutenberg/Australia. The first few chapters are a tough slog. The author spends way too much time telling us about Philo Vance, as opposed to showing us what he's like (the latter always makes for more interesting writing). Through out the book, Vance comes across as a total effete jerk. He's one of [...]

    24. Philo Vance is not a detective. He claims to have solved the murder at the beginning of the novel based on "psychology" and after viewing the murder scene for about 5 minutes. The rest of the book is his leading the D.A. to solve for himself the case Vance has already cracked. This is an interesting twist, but it doesn't really change the formula for your typical detective fiction. Van Dine is no Agatha Christie, but then again I'm not sure he was trying to be. There is nothing fancy about the p [...]

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