The Penguin History of New Zealand

The Penguin History of New Zealand

Michael King / Aug 22, 2019

The Penguin History of New Zealand New Zealand was the last country in the world to be discovered and settled by humankind It was also the first to introduce a full democracy Between those events and in the century that followed the f

  • Title: The Penguin History of New Zealand
  • Author: Michael King
  • ISBN: 9780143018674
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • New Zealand was the last country in the world to be discovered and settled by humankind It was also the first to introduce a full democracy Between those events, and in the century that followed the franchise, the movements and the conflicts of human history have been played out intensively and rapidly in New Zealand than anywhere else on Earth This title tellNew Zealand was the last country in the world to be discovered and settled by humankind It was also the first to introduce a full democracy Between those events, and in the century that followed the franchise, the movements and the conflicts of human history have been played out intensively and rapidly in New Zealand than anywhere else on Earth This title tells that story in all its colour and drama The narrative that emerges is an inclusive one about men and women, Maori and Pakeha It shows that British motives in colonizing New Zealand were essentially humane and that Maori, far from being passive victims of a fatal impact , coped heroically with colonization and survived by selectively accepting and adapting what Western technology and culture had to offer The latter part of the book reveals how an insulated and dependent British colony transformed itself into an independent nation, open to and competing with technological and cultural influences sweeping the globe.

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        Michael King was one of New Zealand s leading historians and biographers In 2006 he was named one of 100 most important New Zealanders that have ever lived He published than 34 books in his lifetime His last, The Penguin History of New Zealand, has sold than 200,000 copies and is widely considered to be the definitive history of New Zealand His work in literary biography most notably Wrestling With the Angel, on the life of Janet Frame also received great critical acclaim He made many level headed contributions to race relations debates and is sorely missed by his country.


    1. This book was published in 2003 & there will never be a revised edition - not written by Michael King anyway, as he was tragically killed in a car accident in 2004.I love this photo of him (taken in 1992, sourced from )A happy face, right? & I like to think this is how he looked when he wrote about us Kiwis, as for a history this book is astonishingly non judgemental. King looks at our mistakes (& as a country we have made some lulus!) but doesn't condemn us. It is nice to believe ou [...]

    2. The Penguin History of New Zealand: Michael King's History for Two PeoplesIf you want to know practically anything about New Zealand or anything about anyone of consequence to its history, Michael King is your reference source. The author of over thirty books on all things New Zealand, King's The Penguin History of New Zealand, published in 2003, is considered the best history written in the thirty years preceding its publication.New Zealand's history is dominated by its Maori People who arrived [...]

    3. A wonderfully readable and very informative history, from pre-history to the present. The author keeps a great balance between the the Maori and Pakeha, European, perspectives. I was especially taken by the the great differences between the history of NZ and my own country, Canada. Although both countries are former British possessions, their time and place have resulted in two very different cultures, both political and social. NZ’s long enduring attachment to Britain, seemingly trying to out [...]

    4. You might think that living so close to New Zealand I would have known more about it – not that I didn’t assume I knew all there was to know before I went over there for three weeks. In fact, I knew nothing about the place at all and so reading this book became urgent. One of the main differences is the landscape – New Zealand is very geologically active, the complete opposite of Australia – and it is also mountainous, were Australia prefers flat surfaces. Australia doesn’t have volcan [...]

    5. This book is considered by many to be a benchmark historical account of Mew Zealand's history but having read extensively through primary source material and abundant eyewitness accounts I am forced to conclude that this book does not give an accurate portrayal of NZs history. Michael King is actually giving a revisionist history that is more fiction than fact. My first issue is with the lack of bibliography? Is this not a surprising omission considering the scope of a non fiction historical boo [...]

    6. "The Penguin History of New Zealand" is a well written, concise and impartial overview of New Zealand's History. It's easy to read, full of interesting facts and anecdotes. My only wish would be for it to include more maps and illustrations as they help in understanding the facts.

    7. I don't know why, but I was always attracted to New Zealand and dreamed about travelling there for years. I started this book in January for the "book about a culture you're unfamiliar with" category of the 2016 Popsugar Challenge to learn more about this country, where I was to spend a month road-tripping in November. I decided to read a chapter a week, the plan being to finish it somewhere in July, with a few month margin if it went askew. It did, because this book is detailed. Very detailed. [...]

    8. This is a good narrative history of New Zealand. Its well written and manages to cover the material in a pretty balanced way. I enjoyed the way King explained the geological background and timescales. He also manages not to stay too aloof and general - I enjoyed the material on Thomas Russell for example and his cavalier capitalism at a time when the nation was beginning to really be built. I'm sure there are parts that will annoy people of most political persuasions. Any material that deals wit [...]

    9. So, have the results of the Brexit Referendum and the US Presidential Election made you consider moving to New Zealand?For those seriously planning to move, it would probably pay to know more about the country you are considering. Michael King’s Penguin History of New Zealand was an immediate success when first published in 2003 and when an illustrated hardcover edition became available, I did not hesitate to grab a copy. As a general overview of New Zealand history, and a popular one, a bette [...]

    10. QUICK PITCH: A quick history of New Zealand, written in layman's terms. VERDICT: Although it wasn't the most thrilling book I've ever read, this history was exactly what I wanted--a well-written and approachable overview of New Zealand's history for someone coming from a different country. THINGS TO NOTE: In some places, the author shifts around in time so he can speak about a specific aspect of history for an entire chapter. Basically, he chooses to focus on a topic (or, often, to focus on eith [...]

    11. Essential reading for all New Zealanders. Comprehensive and beautifully written. Don Brasch's RNZ interview motivated me to read this book. I suggest he reads it, too, to get informed.

    12. Having just read Jared Diamond's 'Collapse', more particularly his theories about the failure of the Polynesian colonies on Easter and Pitcairn Islands due to over-exploitation of natural resources in fragile eco-systems, the early parts of Michael King's book almost reads like a sequel - of a successful Polynesian colonization that also endured and survived a self-induced ecological disaster in pre-Pakeha New Zealand. As a complete newbie to things New Zealand, this book has really given me a n [...]

    13. It's very readable but I was disappointed because it didn't tell me anything i didn't already know. I suppose I was looking for more on the Pakeha-Maori clashes of the 18th & 19th centuries. It is unfair of me to criticise it for superficiality - what did I expect in one volume that attempts to cover the whole history of the country to the present. I need to read more and in greater depth. Any suggestions? my next book will be Making Peoples by James belich, who is quoted quite a bit in this [...]

    14. A general and comprehensive history of country, even with less than 250 years of recorded history necessarily is a daunting task. And occasionally this tome becomes somewhat dry. Nonetheless it manages to let theme such as ecosystem dynamics, indigenous vs. European culture, isolation, alignment with the Birtish Empire, conservatism, rugby and a predilection for military pursuits stand out. A great to start and to return to as a work of reference, but not the work that provokes emotions and crea [...]

    15. Let me say this is an excellent historical (and pre historical) summary of New Zealand - it really is! Within are some quite sharp comments and conclusions that are in no way pandering to the politically correct and are therefore well worth the read. However therein lies the problem - King pulls his punches and frankly he had to. New Zealand history is absolutely dominated by left wingers (social, political, anthropological), which willingly or otherwise King must semi pander to. A secondary pro [...]

    16. While on my first visit to NZ a lady at a local book store recommended this book as an easy to read and fairly comprehensive history of NZ. She was right; the breadth of time that this book covers is impressive and clearly shows Michael King's broad knowledge of the subject. (As does the "further reading section at the end of the book"). From visiting the Auckland museum, I was intrigued by the pre-history of NZ. The inclusive culture that I encountered in NZ also made me wonder about the histor [...]

    17. King does a fantastic job of making what could be a very dry topic both interesting and readable. He provides a good balance of Māori and Pākehā history, and dismantles the "Mori Ori myth" very well. Although this book is getting a little outdated now (King refers to some carbon dates placing Māori settlement at around 2000 years ago, which are now known to be incorrect), it provides a great overview New Zealand's history, and some interesting insights into the evolution of race relations in [...]

    18. Michael King's last work before his tragic death is possibly his finest. His accessible writing style, incorporating meticulous scholarship and research, contains nuggets in every chapter that give pause for thought on New Zealand's national identity and how this impacts on the development of society. The preface also contains a short, but excellent description of what 'history' is, helping place everything that follows in the right context. King presents a rich history of New Zealand, including [...]

    19. As neither an historian nor a New Zealander, I'm in no position to judge whether this is a "good" history or a "bad" history. All I can say is that after a recent visit to New Zealand recently, I wanted to know more and this book was a wonderful start. Full of historic illustrations and photos, one can clearly hear King's voice as he tells the history of the Maori and Pakeha and its a voice that seems open and curious. In other words, I found it a great read.

    20. A general history of New Zealand and a solid introduction. Especially good on the conversion of NZ to a "neo-Europe" and the absolute environmental devastation human settlement - both Maori and Pakeha brought to the islands.

    21. Great, informative, if a bit specific on some things and vague on others. A must read if you are interested in kiwiland (or have kiwi friends/family)!

    22. Probably the most unbiased and comprehensive history of New Zealand available - going from pre-historic times to present day. However you are never going to fit absolutely everything into 500 pages

    23. It's kind of nice to have a country who's complete entire human history (from the arrival of the very first settlers) can fit into 500 pages. Obviously, this isn't the most comprehensive history of particular eras ever written, even on NZ, but the truth is, even the pre-European phase of NZ only begins in ~1200 AD (cf North America - 9000 BC, and Australia, ~40000 BC), so everything that has happened here, has happened pretty quickly. At high school this fact always kept me away from NZ history [...]

    24. This is a readable and comprehensive overview of Maori and Pakeha ("settler", usually of British Isles ancestry) societies on the islands from the 13th century to the Clark government in 2003. I recommend it as I've been trying to fill in the blanks in histories that I don't know much about: NZ, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, etc. I found the history of settlement/political insititutional consolidation and Pakeha-Maori interactions from the treaty of Waitangi to the Second World War to be new [...]

    25. If you have ever been to New Zealand, you quickly get lost in the majestic beauty that the place has to offer. But as you travel between the mountains, volcanic playgrounds, and numerous sheep farms, you start to notice that there is more to this place than just the set location for Peter Jackson's versions of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasies. There is a history and a unique culture to this tiny corner of the world, and you start to wonder what that history would look like. That is where this book com [...]

    26. Really good book about the history of New Zealand, which, of course, will be enjoyed at its fullest by people that know the country or like history.Michael King's book goes from even before humans were on the island, till the 2000s. It is clear, fast paced and fun to read, and it touches on all kind of subjects, from maori-pakeha relations, to men-women or World War I & II. You won't have many problems understanding his writing style and the more than 500 pages are easily dealt with, as you [...]

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