Falling for Me: How I Hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Traveled to Seville, and Fell in Love

Falling for Me: How I Hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Traveled to Seville, and Fell in Love

Anna David / Aug 23, 2019

Falling for Me How I Hung Curtains Learned to Cook Traveled to Seville and Fell in Love Funny smart and compulsively likeable Anna David is this decades answer to Carrie Bradshaw There wont be a single second you wont root for her as she bravely tries to answer the resonating question

  • Title: Falling for Me: How I Hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Traveled to Seville, and Fell in Love
  • Author: Anna David
  • ISBN: 9780061996047
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Funny, smart, and compulsively likeable, Anna David is this decades answer to Carrie Bradshaw There wont be a single second you wont root for her as she bravely tries to answer the resonating question how can I be my best self Allison Winn Scotch, New York Times bestselling author of The Department of Lost and FoundThe sex and relationship expert on G4s Attack of the Sho Funny, smart, and compulsively likeable, Anna David is this decade s answer to Carrie Bradshaw There won t be a single second you won t root for her as she bravely tries to answer the resonating question how can I be my best self Allison Winn Scotch, New York Times bestselling author of The Department of Lost and FoundThe sex and relationship expert on G4 s Attack of the Show, author of Party Girl and Bought, and the editor of Reality Matters, Anna David is smart, successful, and single Falling for Me is Anna s provocative, eye opening, and inspiring chronicle of the year she changed her life by following the advice of Cosmopolitan Magazine guru Helen Gurley Brown in her classic Sex and the Single Girl Anna s story of How I Hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Traveled to Seville, and Fell in Love and her determination to either find the one or accept once and for all that it s not in the cards is touching and transformative, exhilarating and uplifting, and belongs on every bookshelf next to Eat, Pray, Love and The Happiness Project.

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        Anna David is the New York Times bestselling author of the novels Party Girl HarperCollins, 2007 and Bought HarperCollins, 2009 , the non fiction books Reality Matters HarperCollins, 2010 , Falling for Me HarperCollins, 2011 and By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There Simon Schuster, 2013 and the Kindle Singles Animal Attraction , 2012 and They Like Me, They Really Like Me , 2013.She was the sex and relationship expert on G4 s Attack of the Show for over three years and is a regular guest on The Today Show, Fox News Hannity and Red Eye, The CBS Morning Show, Dr Drew, The Talk, Jane Velez Mitchell, Inside Edition and various other programs on Fox News, NBC, MSNBC, CTV, MTV News, VH1 and E Her Sirius radio show was the network s number one specialty show and she s written for The New York Times, The LA Times, Details, Playboy, People, Cosmo, Us Weekly, Redbook, Maxim, Movieline, Women s Health, The New York Post, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, xojane and Salon, among many others.Anna is the editor of the website AfterPartyChat, has been an editor at the websites Styleclick, Dipdive and The Fix, an assistant editor at Parenting and a staff writer for Premiere She is currently doing graduate work in drug and alcohol counseling at UCLA and speaks at colleges across the country on addiction Her hit monthly storytelling show, True Tales of Lust and Love, takes place the second Saturday of every month and Anna is currently editing the True Tales of Lust and Love anthology, which will be released by Counterpoint Soft Skull in 2014.


    1. i'm absolutely dumbfounded that i am the only person who has given this book a one star review so far. although it is pretty new. i'm sure more people will join me as the book circulates & people make the mistake of reading it.i thought this memoir was absolutely dreadful. i concede that i have a well-documented irritation with stunt memoirs, in which someone tries some stupid bullshit for a year & then writes a memoir documenting their little experiment. but anna david's experiment also [...]

    2. Thank you to Book Club Girl Jen for providing me with a copy of this book. Jen will be hosting a radio show with the author of this book Anna David on her blog talk radio show in November for anyone who would care to join in.I love a good memoir, if you lived with sheep for a year or ate only red foods for a year or tried to walk backwards for a year I probably read about your journey of self discovery. I kid of course but there does seem to be a plethora of books out there by people who choose [...]

    3. Anna David’s Falling For Me is the latest in memoirs written by young, talented and beautiful writers about how they thought they would find everything they ever wanted in New York City [or insert glittery city here], but didn’t. Though I didn’t find anything truly novel about David’s take, I enjoyed this fun and often informative read.My favorite bits of Falling For Me came when David was at her most vulnerable and self-deprecating. I appreciated her unique brand of humor and could defi [...]

    4. It is a rare writer who can take you inside their head, show you their worst secrets, and make you laugh in the same paragraph. Anna David becomes one of those wonderful rarities in “Falling for Me”. She begins this memoir with the risky admission that her personal life is a mess. This is risky because she’s known as a “relationship expert”, and yet she’s a huge basket case when it comes to adult relationships. Then a chance discovery in a New York City book store sends her on a ques [...]

    5. Like most thirty-something single women, Anna David wondered if she'd made the right choices thus far in life. Yes, she was successful. Yes, she'd written many articles on sex and dating. But now she is questioning whether putting her work life first was smart. Where are the 2.5 kids and husband? It was like "coming out of a blackout and discovering that you're in the process of losing a game of musical chairs--one you didn't even know you wanted to play." Well said, Anna.Then Anna discovers Hel [...]

    6. I'm a sucker for a good memoir. Especially one that's marketed as a 'year in the life' sort of thing. If you've eaten locally, grew your own food, tried to be happy, homeschooled, or lived Biblically for 365 days? I've probably read your book. All of this is why I picked up "Falling for Me," I figured it was right up my alley: a single woman decides to follow the advice of a book for a year in her quest to find Mr. Right.There were certain parts that I truly enjoyed. I liked reading about the im [...]

    7. Debated between 1 and 2 stars, feeling generous I guess. Much of my annoyance stemmed from having this listed as a travel memoir. Other than a handful of pages about a brief trip to Seville, and maybe 2 pages about windsurfing in the DR, it had nothing to do with traveling - so if that is what you are looking for, pass it by. But it wasn't the author's fault it was miscategorized. It was basically a few hundred pages of the author trying to find a boyfriend by following advice from a book publi [...]

    8. Learning to cook, traveling to Seville, falling in love what's not to like? A few things, it turns out. I love a memoir of a woman trying to improve her life and fall in love, so no problem there. But for some insane reason, Anna David decides to base her self-improvement plan on Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown. Why any woman in the year 2011 would even want to read an self-help book from 50 years ago, much less spend a year actually trying to follow it, I cannot imagine. I found t [...]

    9. I liked this book. I thought it was very interesting how Anna David went on this year long journey to find herself. I thought some of the stories were pretty funny. I definitely identified with her in many ways and yet, thought it was interested how different we all are and how we all have our own insecurities. A fast read, cute and interesting. Something light hearted and upbeat. I wouldnt buy it, but check it out from the library or borrow it from a friend, you wont be disappointed!

    10. I think the problem was I just didn't like the person, so caring about her story was really hard. I didn't find she had any redeeming qualities. How she got a book deal is beyond me.

    11. I try not to read other reviews of books I’ve accepted for review before I read the book myself. In this case, I stumbled upon a review for Falling For Me and before I shut the browser window, I saw that the author of that review didn’t like the book. As someone who’s not always a fan of confessional-type memoirs (I’m looking at YOU, Eat Pray Love), I figured I probably wouldn’t like Falling For Me either and I sort of alternately dreaded and put off getting to it.I am rarely so please [...]

    12. Anna David is a successful writer in her mid 30s living in NYC when an overwhelming depression hits her. She’s still single. What’s wrong with her? While fighting off tears in the self-help section, she finds a copy of Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown, which was a bestseller in the 1960s. Essentially a guide to being happy single while still keeping an eye open for Mr. Right, Anna instantly connects with Helen Gurley Brown and decides to spend the next year challenging herself a [...]

    13. Anna is a single woman in her 30’s who has recently come to see her life as lacking in some pretty significant ways. Though she is a successful freelance writer and has overcome her drug addiction and alcoholism years before, she does not feel successful when she compares herself to other women her age. After having an instant, soul-shaking attraction to a married artist and father and spending the next several months lamenting the fact that she could never be with him, she decides that she mu [...]

    14. After meeting a married man who she connects with but can't have, Anna David decides to shake up her life via advice from famed pioneering Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown, following as much of her retro advice as she can. Much of Brown's advice seems truly dated, but David manages apply it to very modern phenomenon like online dating. Any woman who's participated in online dating and experienced the hell that is the wishy-washy dater (or really any kind) will appreciate her adventures mee [...]

    15. You know that problem you find in many memoirs- the one that says I have a great story but I don't know how to write? Well I can tell you for sure that's not the case in Anna David's well-written take on changing one's life. A funny, quirky fast read that focuses on Anna's recovery from a romance involving a married man. Down in the dumps and questioning life, Anna stumbles upon Helen Gurley Brown's, Sex and the Single Girl and decides to follow its step-by-step process of transforming her life. [...]

    16. I hate to give autobiographies/biographies anything less than 3 stars because I feel like it isn't fair to be judging someone's life, especially when the writing was actually pretty good. That being said, I was constantly annoyed with the author here. In addition, the title is a complete misnomer; in my 302 page book, she spends less than 20 pages in Seville, and loses eveything she learned there in the epilogue that follows the chapter that focused on Seville (and Morocco). The curtains and lea [...]

    17. Anna's desire to change her life stars with a very mild, but ill-fated affair with a married man. Suddenly panicking about where she is in life, she decides to start taking advice from from a 1960s book. At first I didn't want to like Anna. For all her claims that she wanted to learn to let go and enjoy life, most of the book seemed to be about wanting to find a boyfriend. But after awhile I had to really ask myself - is it wrong to be on the search for a relationship? Is it wrong to take antiqu [...]

    18. )Anna David is my favorite author. I loved her other books, Party Girl, Bought, and Reality MattersI had to take a 3 hour train ride today, and I read the entire book , Falling For Me.Unlike Anna's other books which were sexy, fun , and exciting to read. This book was a personal memoir.Anna was willing to share so much of personal life with us, the reader in this book that I could not put it down.I know that Anna is a relationship expert, and thanks to Social Networking, I know that she is also [...]

    19. I've never been a fan of Cosmopolitan magazine. Even when I was a teenager and young adult I thought it placed too much emphasis on sex and getting and keeping a man. Its most famous editor, Helen Gurley Brown, on the other hand is fascinating. She believed early on (before feminism and the free love movement) that women need to own their power and that includes their sexuality and their financial lives with or without a man. She used this philosophy to turn around the failing Cosmo magazine and [...]

    20. I won this book on First Reads. I wasn't expecting much, but something about this book just hit certain chords with me. The ideas of self improvement that are presented in this book would seem absolutely ridiculous, what with the fact that they've been taken from a book written by the editor of a fashion magazine in the 60s. However, Anna David somehow manages to take this archaic and chauvinistic "improvements" and put a positive, hilarious, and meaningful spin on them. But in the end, the who [...]

    21. Falling For Me is one of those books that get you excited about really looking at your life and asking yourself, "Is my life the way I expected it to be? Am I really happy or have I just resigned to the way the chips have fallen into place?" And then there's probably the most terrifying question: "Am I ever going to find my one true love or is it time to put romantic ideals aside and face up to hard facts, like the ticking of a woman's biological clock and how to find a guy to settle down with a [...]

    22. One of my favorite recent new genres I’ve discovered is a genre I call Challenge Books. In this genre, authors set a goal to do a difficult task and then write a book about their attempt to achieve the goal.Falling for Me is one of these books. Anna David is nearing forty and is dismayed to find that she is child-less and husband-less. After yet another hopeless and doomed love affair, David decides to use a book from 1962, Helen Gurley Brown’s Sex and the Single Girl, as her template to fin [...]

    23. The book is okay but dull. Anna David finds a book written in the 1960s - Sex and the Single Girl - after a failed emotional relationship with a married man. She decides to pattern her life after the book, hoping that it will lead her to Mr. Right. Along the way, she takes some risks and learns some stuff. Yeah, really, it's that cliche.I never connected with Anna; she seemed rather self-absorbed and superficial, and sometimes over-the-top. As I read the book, I just wanted to shake some sense i [...]

    24. Originally posted on hello, chelly. ***The good: The author has a great writing voice. I could hear it so clearly in my head and I found myself laughing half the time at the things she puts herself through to find a guy. But she never comes across to me as desperate. She's an intelligent woman who's feeling a little lost and who's hardly ventured out of her comfort zone. (Something I can relate to!). So hearing her adventures into online and speed dating, trying to new things and traveling was s [...]

    25. Every book Anna writes I am more impressed with her skills as a writer and her ability to connect with the audience of whom she writes for. Falling for Me, was an incredibly well written book, as Anna's journey to self improvement and self understanding, leads her through many interesting experiences. It takes a courage to write a Memoir like this that is so raw. Anna leads us through her journey from tears to laughter, from her darkest times to her triumps. This book is about decisions, both go [...]

    26. This book, what can I say? It started off nicely, before I realized how neurotic Anna is and instantly became annoyed and impatient.Seems to me she doesn't/didn't want to help herself and like so many others, just sat around wallowing in her sad self-pity hoping someone of the opposite sex would take her out of it. Pathetic.Though she gets help from her therapist (who dispenses some fine, insightful advice we could all use) and though she does decide on her own to try new things despite her inse [...]

    27. I received this book as part of Library Thing's Early Reviewer program. The author, Anna David, finding herself dissatisfied with her life as a single thritysomething embarks on a self-imposed challege to live according to the advice in the 1960s book "Sex and the Single Girl." I was intrigued by this premise as it seemed like it might be more hilarious than helpful, but I was wrong in that assumption. Turns out the book has some excellent advice -- some leading to positive outcomes and others n [...]

    28. Thirty-something and single, Anna David, like most women of the same age, wonders if she has made the right life choices, particularly when it comes to her personal life . She comes across a copy of Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown of Cosmopolitan magazine. Sex was written in the 60s and David connected with it’s message of self-empowerment combined with femininity. Falling For Me is her journey to discover that ultimately she only has to fall in love with herself. An enjoyable re [...]

    29. This mash-up of Eat, Pray, Love and Julie and Julia is a light fun read that kept me interested. Anna is a freelancer, living in New York and she has her heart broken by an unavailable married man. For whatever reason, she turns to Sex and the Single Girl for help and decides to live her life the Helen Gurly Brown way. The next year is full of taking chances, making dates, learning to cook and decorate and a unplanned trip to Spain. The end point is somewhat predictable by the title, but the jou [...]

    30. I thought it was interesting to watch Anna grow as a person and push herself to live life to the fullest as a single girl and overcome her fears. I found the book inspirational in a way-since I am at a similar point in my life as Anna. I feel like a sequel to the memoir is needed or at least an idea of what happened to Anna relationship-wise. Did she ever find Mr. Right? Is she still dating? If so, is she dating differently and looking at the opposite sex from a different perspective after her e [...]

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