100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask

100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask

Ilyce R. Glink / Aug 20, 2019

Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Should Ask From the most trusted name in real estate here is the latest edition of the indispensable guide that helps first time buyers land the home of their dreams Ilyce R Glink has established herself as Ame

  • Title: 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask
  • Author: Ilyce R. Glink
  • ISBN: 9781400081974
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the most trusted name in real estate, here is the latest edition of the indispensable guide that helps first time buyers land the home of their dreams.Ilyce R Glink has established herself as America s most trusted real estate expert In this new, fully revised and updated edition of the book that made her a household name, Glink offers than 100 pages of new matFrom the most trusted name in real estate, here is the latest edition of the indispensable guide that helps first time buyers land the home of their dreams.Ilyce R Glink has established herself as America s most trusted real estate expert In this new, fully revised and updated edition of the book that made her a household name, Glink offers than 100 pages of new material addressing all of the current trends home buyers need to stay on top of, including The new construction housing boom and how home buyers can make the most of it Mortgage lending innovations, such as interest only financing and the ability to finance 103 percent of the purchase price The changing habits of first time home buyers purchasing without a broker, using discount Internet based services, and buying first homes as investments The latest information on asbestos, mold, radon, and other bio environmental hazards and new, inexpensive testing methods any home buyer can useIn this third edition of 100 Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Should Ask, Glink presents new stories of real people who have gone through the home buying process for the first time and once again offers her trademark friendly advice on how to avoid common home buyer mistakes.Also available as an eBook

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    1. This is a very good, if slightly dated (I read the 3rd edition written in 2005), book on what to look for and what to know before you buy a home.As someone who is looking to buy this year, I feel more prepared having read this book. Mission accomplished. I would recommend it to anyone who is getting ready to take that step in their life.

    2. This book is the bomb. It's true, the best way to learn what you need to know to buy a house is to ask people who have bought one. However, there is SO much you need to know that it really helps to have this book on hand as a reference. I recommend buying it, not just getting it out from the library. I read it cover to cover last winter and since then I've gone back to reference it oh, about five million times. And now I'm about to buy a house and I still keep looking back for pointers. The form [...]

    3. I found this in the local Goodwill Store for $0.99 and read it in one afternoon. Easy-breezy. Despite the fact that this book is rather outdated (it was published in 1994), I was AMAZED by how much I learned. This little book will definitely be a helpful guide/reference as we consider buying a home in the crazed Southern California market.

    4. This really isn't a book that you want to sit down and read straight through cover-to-cover. (I did read it cover to cover, but it took me well over a year to get all the way through, since I picked it up and put it down as our housing search stopped and started.) It's a set of questions and answers, arranged roughly in the order that someone buying a home for a first time might consider them, starting with "How do I know what I want?" and ending with "How should I prepare for the move into my n [...]

    5. This is a basic "how to buy a home" kind of book, organized into a series of questions for easy reference. It's a chunky book, and goes through each part of the home-buying process quite thoroughly. The major flaw of this book is that it was written before the housing bubble burst, and therefore could be a little dangerous. For example, the author mentions how much home prices keep increasing. If you don't know much about the housing bubble, you're not going to be able to put this book into cont [...]

    6. My mother in law found this book at a garage sale and gave it to me and my wife, who are starting the process of trying to buy a home. Unfortunately, it was the 2005 edition which made much of the information useless because it was before the 2008 housing crisis. "Do you have a pulse? You can get a massive mortgage for no money down!" Ugh.Besides that, I found the format of this book infuriating. I read it cover to cover, because I don't know much about this stuff and wanted to learn as much as [...]

    7. Ilyce R. Glink, 100 Questions First-Time Homebuyers Should Ask (Three Rivers Press, 2000)The title of this book, perhaps, does it something of a disservice. The information to be found here is useful for anyone in the process of looking for a new home. Sure, a good deal of it will be more useful to those who haven't been through the process before (the section on different types of mortgages, and different breeds of mortgage brokers, is likely to be especially helpful), but since buying a new ho [...]

    8. My coWorker lent this to me as I was figuring out home purchasing. There are so many players, the realtor, the seller, the lender, the seller's agent, and the lawyers involved. Plus, it is the largest purchase I have ever made. This book helped me feel less like a shlamiel throughout the process. It had a lot of clear explanations about the steps in the process with very helpful tips and questions to consider. It would have been more helpful to have a book written after the housing market crash [...]

    9. This was recommended to us by friends that recently bought their second house (they are currently renting out their first house till they are able to sell it). They had found it to be very helpful. I have found it to be dated and not as user friendly as I would like. It does have a lot of information, and it has been better than nothing, but it could use a major revision. Every time I have a specific question, I am not able to find an answer in there. It has not been updated for the current mark [...]

    10. Very informative first-time-buyer basicsAlthough I ended up reading this from front to back, the structure of the book makes it really easy to just choose questions you need answered. I thought this was quite comprehensive and had some really good tips I hadn't seen elsewhere. I'm not sure if the most recent edition came out since the most recent Home Buying for Dummies, but it felt more recent. I also liked that she was way more open to more modern mortgage structures and not just obsessed with [...]

    11. This was a pretty good reference for my six-week crash-course in How to Start Buying a Home. I'm not sure we're going to be buying immediately; more like we were presented with an opportunity and got to see what the market is like at present (For the record: People are still asking for waaay too much for waaay too little, at least in some parts of the San Fernando Valley - it's rather appalling in this economic climate). I imagine I will continue to refer to it over the next year as we continue [...]

    12. In spite of the changes since this book was published in 2000, I found it informative and even interesting at times. It was also fairly easy to read. I do think the worksheet totaling out what you can afford to spend on a home is a bit draconian, and also a bit too complicated and complex for those of us who aren't deeply interested in banking, mathematics, or real estate, but overall, I would certainly recommend this book to anyone thinking about purchasing their first home.

    13. This is a comprehensive look at the details of buying a home. Though we're not first time buyers, it's been a LONG while, and I felt a review was in order. I like the format of it. Much of it was not new, but there are some excellent details explaining the ins and outs of mortgages, contracts, and so forth. It's a book I'll have to go back to when the time comes, though, because I certainly can't retain all of this information!

    14. I read through this entire book before I started househunting seriously. It was quite helpful. If more people had attempted to educate themselves with a book like this we wouldn't be in this huge mortgage fiasco. The book is definitely aimed at house buyers as opposed to condominium buyers; it would be nice if this author could publish the latter too, or at least include a large section on it.

    15. Highly recommend this book for first time home buyers! I read most of the book before we started the house search, and I feel like I went into it very well informed. It didn't make the house hunt any less frustrating at times, but definitely a good read!

    16. This is the book we used to help us through the process of buying our house, and it has been extremely helpful. All of the weird questions that I thought wouldn't be in there were, in fact, right there!

    17. This book is great for first-time homebuyers. Some of the information in the book is a bit dated, but the overall content still applies and is very helpful in knowing what to expect from the homebuying process. While it's no substitute for a good real estate agent, it's pretty close.

    18. This was great to have on hand as we were navigating the often-choppy waters of first time home buying. Our Realtor was pretty good, but this book told us about things that she did not. It also helped us prepare for what came next in the process and what to expect.

    19. As a first-time home buyer, I found this immensely helpful. Even though it was published in the 1990s, it's still very relevant. Do check for legal and local updates, but if you've never purchased a home before, this will give you a good idea of what is involved in the process.

    20. I'm really excited at how easy this book is to read cover-to-cover, rather than having to reference it every time I have a question - particularly since I probably wouldn't have thought of half these questions in the first place!

    21. I found this to be a very solid, comprehensive overview of the home-buying process with various hints and tips to keep you sane in the process. I definitely recommend it as a resource for anyone looking to purchase their first house.

    22. The 2005 edition is pretty dated at this point. I have more fingers than I do things I learned from this book. Good for the absolute beginner who doesn't now much in the way of financial jargon involved in buying a house.

    23. This was quite useful in our search to buy a house, but I do wish I had read at least one other book as well to get contrasting opinions.

    24. Very thorough and useful. Lots of real-world scenarios and tips. Clearly explains the more complex concepts and helps you feel comfortable with all the jargon.

    25. 100 questions that have explained to me how I will never have a home. JK, but it's helping me figure out how to get one

    26. Very helpful. I finally understand the process and all that home-buying jargon. Too bad I won't be using it any time soon. :(

    27. Five stars because it does what it set out to do - answer the many questions I have as a (hopefully) soon-to-be first-time home buyer.

    28. I think this was something I checked out for someone else, not something I read myself.

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