The Punisher MAX: Born

The Punisher MAX: Born

Garth Ennis Darick Robertson / Jan 18, 2020

The Punisher MAX Born The year is With mounting casualties and a rising anti war sentiment America s time in Vietnam is coming to a close Yet in the isolated Valley Forge Firebase on the Cambodian border Captain Fra

  • Title: The Punisher MAX: Born
  • Author: Garth Ennis Darick Robertson
  • ISBN: 9780785110255
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1971 With mounting casualties and a rising anti war sentiment, America s time in Vietnam is coming to a close Yet in the isolated Valley Forge Firebase on the Cambodian border, Captain Frank Castle is one of the few soldiers still committed to the fight against the enemy With dwindling reserves, Castle must stand against an impending Viet Cong attack that thThe year is 1971 With mounting casualties and a rising anti war sentiment, America s time in Vietnam is coming to a close Yet in the isolated Valley Forge Firebase on the Cambodian border, Captain Frank Castle is one of the few soldiers still committed to the fight against the enemy With dwindling reserves, Castle must stand against an impending Viet Cong attack that threatens to wipe out the entire American platoon To survive the battle, what grim decision must he make that will forever alter the course of his life In this acclaimed tale, superstar Garth Ennis reveals the never before told story of the horrors Castle was forced to face to come home fromVietnam alive, ending in a shocking twist that will forever change how readers see Marvel Comics most famous urban vigilante Collecting BORN 1 4.

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        Ennis began his comic writing career in 1989 with the series Troubled Souls Appearing in the short lived but critically acclaimed British anthology Crisis and illustrated by McCrea, it told the story of a young, apolitical Protestant man caught up by fate in the violence of the Irish Troubles It spawned a sequel, For a Few Troubles More, a broad Belfast based comedy featuring two supporting characters from Troubled Souls, Dougie and Ivor, who would later get their own American comics series, Dicks, from Caliber in 1997, and several follow ups from Avatar.Another series for Crisis was True Faith, a religious satire inspired by his schooldays, this time drawn by Warren Pleece Ennis shortly after began to write for Crisis parent publication, 2000 AD He quickly graduated on to the title s flagship character, Judge Dredd, taking over from original creator John Wagner for a period of several years Ennis first work on an American comic came in 1991 when he took over DC Comics s horror title Hellblazer, which he wrote until 1994, and for which he currently holds the title for most issues written Steve Dillon became the regular artist during the second half of Ennis s run Ennis landmark work to date is the 66 issue epic Preacher, which he co created with artist Steve Dillon Running from 1995 to 2000, it was a tale of a preacher with supernatural powers, searching literally for God who has abandoned his creation.While Preacher was running, Ennis began a series set in the DC universe called Hitman Despite being lower profile than Preacher, Hitman ran for 60 issues plus specials from 1996 to 2001, veering wildly from violent action to humour to an examination of male friendship under fire.Other comic projects Ennis wrote during this time period include Goddess, Bloody Mary, Unknown Soldier, and Pride Joy, all for DC Vertigo, as well as origin stories for The Darkness for Image Comics and Shadowman for Valiant Comics.After the end of Hitman, Ennis was lured to Marvel Comics with the promise from Editor in Chief Joe Quesada that he could write The Punisher as long as he cared to Instead of largely comical tone of these issues, he decided to make a much serious series, re launched under Marvel s MAX imprint.In 2001 he briefly returned to UK comics to write the epic Helter Skelter for Judge Dredd.Other comics Ennis has written include War Story with various artists for DC The Pro for Image Comics The Authority for Wildstorm Just a Pilgrim for Black Bull Press, and 303, Chronicles of Wormwood a six issue mini series about the Antichrist , and a western comic book, Streets of Glory for Avatar Press.In 2008 Ennis ended his five year run on Punisher MAX to debut a new Marvel title, War Is Hell The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle In June 2008, at Wizard World, Philadelphia, Ennis announced several new projects, including a metaseries of war comics called Battlefields from Dynamite made up of mini series including Night Witches, Dear Billy and Tankies, another Chronicles of Wormwood mini series and Crossed both at Avatar, a six issue miniseries about Butcher from The Boys and a Punisher project reuniting him with artist Steve Dillon subsequently specified to be a weekly mini series entitled Punisher War Zone, to be released concurrently with the film of the same name.Taken from enpedia wiki Garth_Ennis


    1. Netflix's Punisher is just around the corner and as always, it's one of the rare times when I'm actually useful to my friends as they tend to ask me for comic book recommendations during these festive times. And my answer to them is: Ain't nothing better than Punisher Max!Have you seen the Vietnam war movie Platoon (1986)? Oh, you know, the one with this iconic scene.(Which RDJ hilariously recreated for Tropic Thunder!)Anyways, if you have seen Platoon, you can easily associate the character of [...]

    2. 5.0 stars. NO ONENO ONE does the Punisher like Garth Ennis. The original psychotic vigilante of the Marvel Universe was BORN (pun intended) to be viewed through the brilliant, twisted vision of Garth Ennis. This is one of the best "origin" stories I have ever read and Ennis is at the top of his game. As we meet Frank Castle at the beginning of this story, he is already a jaded, scarred veteran of the Vietnam War having seen and done things that would haunt him forever. However, he is still Frank [...]

    3. Punisher: Born is Garth Ennis’s prequel to his legendary run on The Punisher Max. Ennis combines his love for Frank Castle, his thirst for demented violence, and his passion for military history into one terrific origin story.Born takes us back to the final days of the Viet Nam war. After surviving several previous tours in country, Captain Frank Castle finally lands in the last Cambodian firebase in existence, Valley Forge. It’s here that Frank finds himself leading an ugly mix of a few goo [...]

    4. Vietnam, 1972. Captain Frank Castle commands his platoon in the most dangerous US outpost in the country, Valley Forge. But as the days pass, a massive attack is brewing and Castle finds his command utterly without regard to helping him and his men while his men are utterly without regard to staying sober. Here is the Punisher born, on the bloody fields of death in Vietnam, but to what cost? And what is that persistent but strange voice calling out to Frank as the Vietcong ready a final assault? [...]

    5. I must be the only person that doesn't like Garth Ennis on his Punisher run. 2 dimensional storylines that involve Frank killing lots and lots of people. The only good thing about this was that it shows a bit more of Frank's personality and how he becomes so twisted, and also shows that he is a psychopath. In that respect it was good, but one thing the Ennis run has in common is he has really shit supporting characters. The end.

    6. THIS is the Punisher's origin. While the death of Frank's family may be the trigger that led him to start a war on crime that would never end, the seed for that war had been planted long before, and Ennis provides an interesting picture of what Frank has always been: a man at warRN is a brutal war story, a 4-issue foray into the madness and desolation of the final days of the Vietnam War. While at times the story and art seem to go over-the-top in their presentation of war-time behavior and madn [...]

    7. I would recommend this as a starting point for anyone as an introduction to The Punisher. Most people who have heard of him without reading the Garth Ennis/Max series will think of the sort of character that Sly Stallone could play. But Garth Ennis manages to do what a lot of people thought impossible. He added depth and character to someone who had been relegated to one episode/issue appearances in spider-man and daredevil for the most part.Born acts as an introduction to the man Frank Castle, [...]

    8. A very chilling origin story for the Punisher, filled with gruesome imagery and gore that do the Vietnam War justice. But that's where most of the praise ends. Before reading this, I was under the impression that I'd get to read about Frank's descent into madness as a gradual process; a methodical torment of our protagonist until he finally snaps and irreversibly becomes the cold, merciless vigilante we know him to be. Instead, I was introduced to a man who already embraced the violence and bloo [...]

    9. Pues un origen de punisher, y pues no me llamaba mucho la atención, pero esta escrito por Garth Ennis, un tipo que cuando esta en nivel alto es imparable y cuando esta a medio gas es muy Scott Lobdell, peor aca cumple y cumple bien, con un Frank en medio de la guerra, en una misión imposible ,sucia, humeda y sin descanso, con una critica velada a la America que nos viene dada en las películas, mientras que la realidad es mas dura,el cumple con sus 4 numeros y lo hace bien, aunque debio trabaj [...]

    10. To be honest, every adult-rated Punisher book written by Garth Ennis is a four or five star book, but this is the only one on here and it'd get pretty boring if I added every single one anyway. (Just get the ones labelled "Punisher MAX" and you'll be fine.) So, yes, here Ennis takes a character too often written as a simplistic gun-toting tough guy and turns him into a sad case study of the effect of years of massive violence on a human being. But don't worry, there is also plenty of horrific ye [...]

    11. This is the story of the Punisher before he was the Punisher; it is the story of Frank Castle, the guy who would later become the Punisher but in this story he is a young Marine Captain during the closing years of the Vietnam War.Stationed in a dangerous and isolated firebase known as Valley Forge Captain Castle has a legendary reputation of leading his Marines to combat. Captain Castle’s combat skillset is contrasted against the backdrop of some of the negative stereotypes of the Vietnam war: [...]

    12. This is Book #99 on the top 100 graphic novels of all time reading list.I actually bought this on my kindle/comixology and read it on that. But, reviewed on paperback is fine.Read this in about 25 minutes or so, it flows very easily and is incredibly engaging. It draws the reader in immediately with narration from a soldier in Frank Castle's platoon in Vietnam near the border of Cambodia.Be prepared for gore, bloody death, body parts, sexual tones, and heartbreak. How this is not higher on the l [...]

    13. يعني هو فين القصة؟اربع أعداد عشان نفهم أنه في الاخر عمل صفقة ما؟يعني اجواء الحرب والضغط النفسي اللي كان موجود ف اجزاء بسيطة للغاية ليه متلعبش عليه أكتر؟ليه دايما لما بيحاولوا يعملوا بعد انساني يمسخوه ب مشاهد عنف اه حلوة وجميلة بس وبعدين يعني؟الاحداث بتدور خلال حرب فيتنام وب [...]

    14. Wer denkt, dass der Punisher nicht genug Substanz für eine gute Story liefert, think again! Born ist eine extrem düstere Geschichte über Frank Castles Zeit im Vietnam-Krieg als er noch nicht der Punisher war. Richtig starkes Ende, das den Punisher nochmal in ein ganz anderes Licht rückt

    15. Punisher: BornA gruesome tale of Frank's last weeks in 'Nam and how he became the person who will be The Punisher8/10#NicksMiniReview

    16. Closer to a 3.5.I bought this since I been plugging away at The Punisher MAX The Complete Collection vol.3 and thought I'd jump in to this to get a bit of an origin story.It's pretty good. Frank is this bad ass in Vietnam. You can kinda guess what happens. There's some neat events, and doesn't shy away from the messiness of 'Nam.But what tripped me up is that, this kinda establishes that Frank hears voices? So is Frank schizophrenic or is he genuinely being haunted by a supernatural entity? I do [...]

    17. Not a big fan ,this was released in 2004 and the story it has is just plain old stuff we saw in many other forms maybe tv shorts and a lot of movies reminded me more of apocalypse now maybe just because of the Vietnam setting and more so of full metal jacket,its not that inspiring and certainly a let down.Its plain old war is hell and soldiers go crazy. Punisher has so much of promise when the story is told the best way and this is not so much of it.

    18. #2013-6Stevie: Why can't we stay out of the rest of the world?Angel: Uh?Stevie: We have everything we could ever possibly want. Why can't we stay out of the rest of the world?Good question. Well apparently for some, playing as the world cop is the only way to ensure nothing hits home. Sort of. Happy Grim Valentine's Day Frank Castle.

    19. The Punisher era, hasta el momento, un personaje del que sabía muy poco: que estaba de alguna manera relacionado con Daredevil; que aparecía en la serie de Netflix; que había intentado matar al Cap en la maxiserie de Civil War, en vano; y claro, que pronto iba a tener su propia serie en solitario.Así que antes de su estreno quería leer algo del personaje, así que este tomo me cayó como anillo al dedo. The Punisher no es un héroe, que quede claro, pero tampoco un villano, más bien una es [...]

    20. For an origin story, this seems like a perfect one for The Punisher. In case you lot wondered how Frank Castle, a decorated soldier became a violent vigilante - this book provides a perfect answer. Garth Ennis' dialogue meshes perfectly with Darick Robertson's art. Only a handful of graphic novels I've read from the biggest publishers like DC and Marvel could do that. Such a well written book, but it's also a wee bit violent - something I would less likely give my kid to read.This book tells a s [...]

    21. Frank is a captain during his third tour Vietnam. He is adept at handling danger, so he wants to keep the status quo, even if some generals want change to satisfy the media back home. He keeps his soldiers alive and is deeply respected, even feared, for it. He dishes out punishment when they screw up, but he knows that he needs every man as he is undermanned as it is. Frank is being pushed to violence by an inner voice, but he can still control himself.The weather takes a turn for the worse and [...]

    22. This has evolved into the definitive Vietnam origin for Frank Castle and while it is a good "Frank in Nam" story, some of the implications in the narrative undermine the tragedy of Castle as a character. The artwork by Robinson is well and truly evocative, and centering it around a member of Frank's platoon allows the story room to distance itself from Frank's inner monologue, creating an end product that stands out even if it has some obvious flaws.

    23. Доволі непоганий оріджин. Не без своїх проблем, проте і артом, і кольором, і текстово він планку тримає.Проблеми ж є сюжетними, і складаються з ряду використаних кліше та алогічностей рівня "голосу внутрішнього демона", який був вставлений для "аби було".Зародження ж персона [...]

    24. This is my first Garth Ennis Punisher, so he may just need to grow on me a bit. While I found the rising and release of Castle's "inner Punisher" a fascinating theme, I didn't love this story. It was an anti-Vietnam sermon as much as a Frank Castle backstory, and Castle himself seemed somehow flat.

    25. I read this a few years ago, but I remember really liking it. Even if you don't like comics or super heroes you should read this. There are not any super powers which I enjoy. The story telling is superior compared to most comics. The POV changes and we get to learn about Castle from his Marines. It tells a great Vietnam story, and is the perfect background for a character like The Punisher. Ennis is a great war writer. He makes war out for what it is, very terrible.

    26. Son zamanlarda çok övülüp benimde listeme eklediğim bir çizgiroman serisi oldu. Deneme için ilk serinin bir fasükülünü okuyup hoşuma gitmiştir. Sonra seri olarak baştan başlayayım dedim. Bu cilt başlangıç olarak bana biraz sıkıcı geldi. Fakat karakterin nasıl oluştuğunu görmek adına iyi de denebilir.

    27. Over-the-top art fits the story and relates well with Ennis' Fury 5-issue series from 2002. Important part of the Frank Castle Viet Nam narrative along with Punisher Platoon, (coming out now) Fury Max and the Valley Forge, Valley Forge story arc from 2009.

    28. The punisher born ! A military comic under the guise of a punisher backstory. I chewed through this in a sitting and was left reeling! everything I've read from Garth ennis has been superb from hitman to crossed ! I'm looking forward to reading stitched and wormwood next !

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