I Know What You Did Last Wednesday

I Know What You Did Last Wednesday

Anthony Horowitz / Jul 23, 2019

I Know What You Did Last Wednesday When the Diamond Brothers receive an invitation to a school reunion on a remote Scottish island things seem to be looking up But Nick s got a bad feeling and it s not indigestion And when he meets t

  • Title: I Know What You Did Last Wednesday
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • ISBN: 9781406306538
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the Diamond Brothers receive an invitation to a school reunion on a remote Scottish island, things seem to be looking up But Nick s got a bad feeling, and it s not indigestion And when he meets their fellow guests, the feeling only gets worse especially when they start dying in ever bizarre ways

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    1. A lot scary, if you are reading it at night, alone, & your sisters are sleeping, & it's dark &, it's quiet, too quiet Really funny.

    2. This book is part of the Diamond Brothers series and focuses on the life of two brothers that set up their own detective agency. The books all have a similar plot, that focuses on a crime taking place and the two brothers are hired to solve it. There is no pre requisite required by the reader to read this book. Horowitz uses irony and humour to draw the reader into the plot. In true crime writing style there are plenty of red herrings to keep the reader interested and intrigued and even when you [...]

    3. A lot of murdering happens in this book as they go to an island for a old classmates school reunion, after receiving an invitation. It is clear by mid-book who's done it, but the "how" it was done will keep you reading till the end.

    4. So, my dear daughter got this book from the school library & liked it so much, & thus recommended it for me I liked it too! I liked the author & think he's witty & funny.

    5. This was one of my favorites because of the mystery of who the killer really was. They thought one of them was the killer! I won't tell you who it was. My favorite part was every part!

    6. I enjoyed reading this book but found it a bit gory. I would recommend this book and look forward to reading the whole series.

    7. Well I 'purchased' this in 2007 with one of my world book day tokens when I was 10 and it has sat on my shelf ever since. 7 years later I have picked it up as a quick read while waiting for my current book (Dangerous Creatures) to be delivered. All I can say is that I absolutely loved it, I have never read murder mysteries before but this has certainly made me consider reading more. It is by far the first time I have been frightened by a book and had to put my big light on instead of my lamp jus [...]

    8. I've seen a few variations of this story. There's Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None (which I think was the original one). And there's this movie I watched (I've forgotten the name of it) where there are a group of FBI trainees working on an island during a stimulation. They were supposed to catch an imaginary "puppet murderer", but there ends up being a real murderer who's killing the trainees using their fears. The thing with this one was the main character kept assuming the wrong pers [...]

    9. At first, the narrative was a bit slow and I felt that it wasn't as fast paced as I would have liked. But as the narrative progressed, I felt that it became fast paced. The build up of the story where we meet the other people on the school reunion and when most of them died in weird circumstances (that I didn't know anyone could die in) was a great build up over a short 81 pages and like I said it became more fast paced at the point we met the other people at the school reunion. Anyway, I enjoye [...]

    10. This book starts in England with the two diamond brothers Tim and Nick. The book starts by describing Tim and Nick and their personalities.The book is about 8 old friend of Tim and Rory are invited to Crocodile Island because they all came first in a school subject, but when they arrive there is a nasty surprise waiting for them.My favourite part was when the light went out joring a meeting and the light went out and Tim hide under the coffee table as three people were murdered because it made m [...]

    11. this book its kind of a retelling from Agatha Christie's book, Then They Were None.The Diamond Brothers are invited by one of Tim's rich classmates to Crocodrile Island, for a high school reunion. But things start to get messy when each of his classmates start to get murdered one by one. Everyone seems to be an idiot, and lets be glad Nick is actually clever to find out who is the killer before it kills his brother Tim. Def a great read, its simpler and faster than Agatha's novel, but its still [...]

    12. A clever mystery based on the classic scenario of one person after another being murdered. Tim is invited to the island home of a rich schoolmate whom he hadn't seen in years. Nick tags along. The boat captain drops off 7 former classmates and says that he will return in a week. When they get to the house they find their host dead. They are all stranded on the island with no way to leave and no communication with the outside world. And there is a murderer loose.

    13. Short and sweet! A wry who-dunnit for teens who enjoy a laugh and a few red herrings. Nick Diamond is the main 16 year old protagonist. He puts up with his older brother Tim, a self-declared famous private detective. Or as Nick knows, ‘the world’s worst private detective’. Despite Tim, young Nick ends up saving the day when Tim’s school reunion is sabotaged on a remote island. Thoroughly enjoyable read.

    14. When the Diamond Brothers are invited to a school reunion, they travel to a mansion on Crocodile Island and everybody dies. On one hand, this is a great example of throwing characters into an interesting situation, and it has plenty of characters and resulting murders to consider, but the overall story is very simple. Still a decent read though.

    15. In all honesty I did not enjoy this book at all. In fact I only read it for my book club otherwise I never would have picked it up. The book was predictable and had a very basic plot line. It tries too hard to be funny and this just at made me cringe. By the end I was hoping that Tim would fall off the cliffs onto the 'needles' and that Nick would be shot!

    16. Mostly same plot line and idea as Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, but I guess this one is slightly more for younger people. And Then There Were None is more intense and more detailed and scary. If you liked And Then There Were None, you should read this! Or the other way around could work to. Twist ending and smart deaths. (That last point sounds really bad, but it's true.)

    17. This book is an amazing thriller! This has a lot of emotions inside this book from the suspense of death and the ways Tim Diamond (a stupid detective) solves mysteries by the help of his smart younger cousin, Nick Diamond and they ultimately become FAMOUS! This book would be a preferable choice to people who like comedy and thriller together and also people who like suspense a lot!!

    18. There were a lot more deaths than I was anticipating. Still I enjoyed the fast pace and the interesting mystery. Nick and Tim are amusing as ever. Although it disturbed me that Nick and Tim don't love each other to the point where Tim thinks Nick is the killer. Felt kind of odd. Although perhaps not unexpected.

    19. It was so loooong since I've read a Diamond brother book! And well it is still cool! I really love Nick, even dumb and naive Tim. Both of them are working well together I think A.H. nailed a good recipe for Sherlock Holm-esk mysteries with fun comic relief!

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