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Brass Upon its release in the United Kingdom British Vogue said if you want to find out what it is like to be a woman in England today read Brass Literary circles critics students and readers of all str

  • Title: Brass
  • Author: Helen Walsh
  • ISBN: 9781841954844
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • Upon its release in the United Kingdom, British Vogue said if you want to find out what it is like to be a woman in England today read Brass Literary circles, critics, students, and readers of all stripes are talking about Brass for its raw, unrelenting, yet compassionate and utterly compelling portrait of Millie, a promising college kid drifting into a deceptively Upon its release in the United Kingdom, British Vogue said if you want to find out what it is like to be a woman in England today read Brass Literary circles, critics, students, and readers of all stripes are talking about Brass for its raw, unrelenting, yet compassionate and utterly compelling portrait of Millie, a promising college kid drifting into a deceptively inviting world of rough hewn street culture, drug induced adorations, and sexual hedonism.Helen Walsh, at the age of 27, has produced a staggeringly alive debut novel that portrays a generation of youth those coming of age in the 80s and 90s through the prism of Millie Millie and her best friend Jamie have been through it all together However, as Millie is lured away from a promising academic career toward a life of numbing drugs and increasingly deviant sexual encounters, Jamie is finally settling down with his girlfriend Millie feels betrayed by one of the few authentic and nurturing relationships in her life at a pivotal time of self revelation.

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        HELEN WALSH was born in Warrington in 1977 and moved to Barcelona at the age of sixteen Working as a fixer in the red light district, she saved enough money to put herself through language school Burnt out and broke, she returned to England a year later and now works with socially excluded teenagers in North Liverpool Brass is her first novel.


    1. I read Brass so you don't have to. Brass forced me to compare it with Trainspotting. It shouldnta done that. Here’s why.Trainspotting – published 1993, author Irvine Welsh aged 35 at the timeBrass – published 2004, author Helen Walsh (note surname is only one letter different) aged 27 at the time.Trainspotting & Brass are both first novels. And may be said to reflect something of the authors’ former (so they said) lifestyles. So I'm glad I wasn't standing anywhere near them when they [...]

    2. Raw and unforgiving, the writing is strong and pulls you in. I thought Millie was one of the more engaging protagonists I've come across in a while, but ultimately two things bother me about this book and make me want to give it more of a 3 and 1/2 star rating:01. The lack of reason behind her outlandish behavior. Everything she did was so extreme, I was expecting a big revelation about her past or her family. What we got was less meaningful than I had expected. And if her actions weren't influe [...]

    3. Interesting “things fall apart” plot that really lacked a reason for the blatant sexual content. This book has been compared to Trainspotting, by Irvine Welsh, but it lacks the moral arc of that story. A reviewer on said it reminded her of Catcher in the Rye. Again, there’s no real underlying story. While I like literature that doesn’t necessarily have a main story arc, it needs to have some grounded philosophical point to make. You want to sympathize with Millie, but I just can’t. It [...]

    4. Ho letteralmente ingoiato questo libro.E' inebriante, stancante, altalenante come una sbronza. E ho amato, senza pudore, ogni singola, durissima, dolcissima, acida, anfetaminica, alcolica parola.Mi sono arresa, non ho opposto nessun tipo di resistenza. L'ho ingoiato senza farmi domande. Non mi succedeva da tempo, lasciarmi andare alla lettura senza riflettere, senza analizzare la tecnica o li stile, o la struttura nascosta del testo.L'ho letto. E basta. Ho camminato con Millie per le strade di L [...]

    5. It was a quick, easy-to-read book despite of the parts that were written in dialect. The narrative was written so fluently you could almost hear it. Unlike most books, the sex scenes here are quite long and disturbing but it has just the right amount of vagueness to not make one uncomfortable. The ending, though, seemed like it was written fast-paced which made me rather sad since I did not want to stop reading just yet. I got a copy of this book four years ago, when I was just 17 but lost it to [...]

    6. Like most college students, Millie loses herself to the seductive world of the experimental: sex and drugs. Blacking out most nights and barely able to drag herself to class the next day. Millie’s past is also confused and hazy, her father a professor where she attends school, and her mother disappeared. Well, mostly; when Millie sees her on street corners she turns and walks away. Brash and bold, Millie makes mistake after mistake, eventually finding herself in a downward spiral of destructio [...]

    7. This would've been 5 stars if the main charecter didn't claim to be bisexual. But I get it as part of the struggle. It's a dark seedy read into the life of a 19 year old uni student and as all 19 year old uni students drink, drugs parents everything is a problem. Lying under that deep love for a man though she has her rocks off better with common street hookers.It's nice on the level of "finally a book where chicks use hookers" but it's not all there. Love and lust are tossed around so much I'm [...]

    8. I'm debating between three and four stars. The weak points in this book are probably its slightly overeager writing that repeats certain words over and over again. However the character Millie is impossible to get out of your head once you've read this book, I finished it in a day. It really draws you in despite the occasional writing hiccup. Basically if you've ever read an Irvine Welsh book and thought, wow I'd really like a female take on this, pick up Brass.

    9. Set in the Liverpool suburb of Toxteth, a young girl's friendship with an old crush and sexual desires for him (a very dangerous and violent individual) are revealed through torturous, self destructive binges on drink and drugs whilst she has powerful cravings for female prostitutes and strange men. Frank, coarse and graphic. "Trainspotting" for the scousers.

    10. LOVED this book!!!Once againt for the faint of heart. This book takes place in the East End of London againe slums, around the late '90s. It is a horrific account of street life, including drug addiction, prostitution, and of one little girl who hurled herself into the mire, forcing herself to grow up much too fast.

    11. Distasteful and absolutely filthy but a great read, believable characters and very convincing, and actually quite moving. Helen Walsh is an excellent writer. I could happily read it again which, for me, is the mark of a great novel.

    12. I read this book in high school, and then again last year. It's set in London, which I love, but the subject matter is very racy and controversial, so, again, not recommended for the faint-hearted. If you can get past that, however, it was a good read because it was so startlingly honest.

    13. Brass was a hard read to start with but I stuck with it and did in fact enjoy it, well written and the characters were believable.

    14. Millie is a young student living and breathing in England, who finds liberation and comfort in the shady benefits of stereotypical low-street culture. She lives life day to day, fucking everything that moves and participating in the most questionable of actions. Personally, I love it. So far, so good. I take lightly on sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll with a cognitive philosophy that every one chooses their path, and I would here as well… Had the protagonist not been so fucking unlikable at first [...]

    15. This feels like a book written to shock and, focusing on young female hypersexuality as it does, it certainly has the potential to do that. The relentless tug of emotion-less lust, the drug-taking, the couple of references to Hubert Selby it is clear Walsh is a fan of the late American novelist's iconoclastic work. This is a novel of pestilence and whores (the brass of the title), a grinding place of poverty where there is not enough time for wounds to be licked.Walsh's writing isn't without its [...]

    16. Brass follows Millie, a foxy 19 year old student, who has a biting intellect, but isn't about flaunting it through conversations about haughty subjects. She's here to get high and do whoever she likes. She's friends with similar people, partiers who are smart but not eager to show it, and with them she swills alcohol and does lots of cocaine, or "beak" as they call it. She struggles to meet her academic responsibilities because she's totally addicted to liquor and drugs, and also to sex, a lot t [...]

    17. 3.5 stars. A story of a drug and sex fuelled descent into chaos but with a ray of hope at the end. The moral seems to be 'all you need is love' which is kind of appropriate for a book set in Liverpool. The city is brilliantly evoked and Helen Walsh's writing is vivid and evocative. The characters are really well drawn, in particular Millie's mate Jamie - what a sweetie. It was a bit plotless overall - given the fireworks at the end I could have done with the elements of the climax being woven mo [...]

    18. Top quality book and moves straight to the top of my dirtiest fiction by a female charts.19 year old Millie o'Reilley is responsible for half the narrative, along with her best mate Jamie who takes up the other half. This type of book (like Kelly and Victor) is fast becoming my favorite method of writing.Millie is from intellectual stock - her father is a professor and from a broken home. Jamie is althogether more working class and from a more loving family environment.Millie sets the pace for e [...]

    19. For being Helen Walsh's first novel, Brass was a well accomplished novel and a great read. Now I will be honest, when I first came across the book online, an excerpt immediately told me this is a book I must read.EXCERPT:" when I see a mother and toddler in the street the first thought that flips through my head is how much easier my fist will slide in now that she's been stretched by childbirth." First off, I am not some crazy sexual deviant, but if there was a line that had to grab someone's a [...]

    20. By the time I was about 3/4 into this book, I was disgusted. I believe there is a place for vulgarity in certain stories and I fully expected this to be one of those. Yet, this book seemed to be vulgar simply for the sake of it. The word 'cunt' is used in any given context, on nearly every page. At about 80%, when you learn about her dad and shit goes down between her and Jamie, I was riveted. The explicit and blatant vulgarity ALMOST seemed to serve a purpose. Then I finished the book and the e [...]

    21. Actually slightly less than "OK". There are a few thoughtful observations and interesting events (to say the least) but most of what's good in this novel is lost in pretense and--I hate saying it-- amateurish writing. Most non-UK readers will probably have a difficult time getting through the thick Scouse (Liverpudlian) dialect and UK slang and references. Millie, the main protagonist, seems like an attempt at a female British Holden Caulfield who at once revels in and rebels against the UK rave [...]

    22. I didn't expect to actually love this book, but i did even if it sounds pretty weird. It is about a disturbing subject but all in all, it is a captivating story. Millie is the most delicate character i've ever seen. She's lost in the delirant world of drugs and alcohol and she's pretty obsessed in having sex with girls. You just have to look deeper, you have to find a little space in her soul, because she doesn't know who she is and where she goes. Because everything around her crashes - friends [...]

    23. This book was very impressive. The main character Millie is very intriguing, though I constantly want to kick her ass and tell her to get her act together. She does fit the profile of someone who is very bright and could do wonderful things, but chooses the path of self destruction instead. The book gets very depressing at times, but that doesn't make it a bad book. It just doesn't make it a book I would pick up again soon after I've read it. (Which is why I give it three stars instead of four) [...]

    24. There was no character development nor an actual plot that woulf have held my interest. Honestly, I did not care for the main characters or like any of them in any way.My biggest problem was that this book felt really forced. It was trying too hard to be sleazy and nasty. I hated the weird undertones of rape in almost all of the sex scenes in the book. Really really not my thing.I do not know why I thought I would enjoy this one. I love shocking stories, but this gave me nothing and I did not le [...]

    25. other reviews have called this book shocking, raw and gritty, but the only thing shocking about it to me was the pretense. self-indulgent, all angst and no breath of fresh air anywhere along the way. there were some humorous moments and it's certainly not the worst book i've ever read, but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone. didn't give me anything new to think about and nothing was said in a different or unique way.

    26. My thoughts:-Did this book even HAVE a copy editor? Seriously.-Too much telling, not enough showing. I did not really care about the main character because I felt like I had no idea who she was.-Intense vernacular was tough to get through at first until I got the hang of it. Sadly, it soon became just plain annoying and distracting. I think the author did it on purpose, because the narrative is SO thin. Lame stylistic choice.

    27. All set-up, no pay-off. And while the set-up is interestingly written, it is, in this case, only as good as it's ending, where one finds a distinct vacuum of ideas. A promising debut, not unlike Zadie Smith's White Teeth, which similarly fails to reach a satisfying conclusion, but where White Teeth overextends itself in gathering stray strands of plot into a too-neat finale, Brass doesn't try hard enough.

    28. As fast paced as cyberpunk, as rebellious as Catcher in the Rye, as drug-infused as the Velvet Underground, as punk rock laden as the Ramones, as alienated, angstful, hopeful, and happy as life in your late teens and early twenties not always pretty, but an excellent book.

    29. This was a crazy and raw book. I picked it up at the campus library when I was in college, and it was certainly not what I expected. I enjoyed it somewhat, but I most likely wouldn't read it again, as it was a bit on the disturbing side for my taste.

    30. Brass extremely raw and edgy. It is not for the faint of heart. Self-destruction at it's finest without sugar coating the main character's experiences. What more could you expect from the author of Trainspotting.

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