How to Talk Dirty and Influence People

How to Talk Dirty and Influence People

Lenny Bruce Eric Bogosian / Sep 21, 2019

How to Talk Dirty and Influence People Castigated in his time for breaching such American conversational taboos as religion sex censorship and racism Lenny Bruce proved to be a pioneer in exposing hypocrisies the impact of which still

  • Title: How to Talk Dirty and Influence People
  • Author: Lenny Bruce Eric Bogosian
  • ISBN: 9780671751081
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Castigated in his time for breaching such American conversational taboos as religion, sex, censorship, and racism, Lenny Bruce proved to be a pioneer in exposing hypocrisies, the impact of which still echoes on both sides of censorship controversies This book and soon to be released private tapes are sure to bring the extent of Bruce s influence into sharp focus Photo inCastigated in his time for breaching such American conversational taboos as religion, sex, censorship, and racism, Lenny Bruce proved to be a pioneer in exposing hypocrisies, the impact of which still echoes on both sides of censorship controversies This book and soon to be released private tapes are sure to bring the extent of Bruce s influence into sharp focus Photo insert.

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        Lenny Bruce, born Leonard Alfred Schneider, was a controversial American stand up comedian, writer, social critic and satirist of the 1950s and 1960s His 1964 conviction in an obscenity trial was also controversial, eventually leading to the first posthumous pardon in New York history.


    1. This was a rare book left behind by the overweight and greasy lead singer of a band I booked once when I used to do that. I read it immediately and furiously like a masturbating teenager adopting Bruce's jargon as my own and made many decisions based on what I thought Lenny Bruce would do. When those decisions went up in flames I thought to myself; "well, fuck, it could be worse, I coulda been Lenny Bruce". Reading this book at times made feel overwhelmingly dirty, disgusted and guilty (like por [...]

    2. There is an ebb and flow to the tale of classic comics. People are brought up on a basis similar to comets passing through the atmosphere. Someone dies and the comet appears a little quicker ("X lived in the shadow of Y who had paved the way for X to do their most famous bits ").Lenny Bruce's comet comes every 5 or ten years, it seems. He's been labeled a martyr and a genius and one of the most important comedians to ever come across a stage. Just a couple of weeks ago, another website was looki [...]

    3. I love Lenny Bruce and I respect what he was able to accomplish, regarding free speech and the position of the satirist in the modern world. Every comic- every. single. one.- who has come after is in some sense trailing in his wake.I got really into reading this in high school. I relished noticing that other people got into it, too, and saw what happened when the American legal structure decided to try and take him down. A landmark case for defenders of free speech and dissent.Only trouble is: a [...]

    4. In this politically correct version of the world Lenny Bruce is just as offensive as he was back when he was being busted by the fuzz for being obscene. You see Lenny is an icon that paved the way for greats like Carlin, Pryor, Hicks, and even Sam Kinison. Words themselves aren't dirty. It's the image that they create. Lenny was ahead of his time and he paid dearly for it. It's unfortunate that Mr. Bruce doesn't get the respect that he deserves. He changed the way that people approached comedy a [...]

    5. This book starts off well but toward the end slips into a mess of legal rhetoric that became dull so I'm giving it a 3 star rating. But there are valuable lessons to be derived here; such as what it is to be a jew vs. a gentile, the power of words both written and spoken under those people in power who are in charge of censorship, how sticking your neck out in society does not always go over well, and why it is important to remain stoic and objective in a climate of religion vs. politics.

    6. An entertaining book for anyone already kindly disposed towards Lenny though the only moment that it really teeters into (his usual) greatness is when he, disguised as a priest in order to collect money for a fake charity (fun guy), passes a Rabbi, who nods at him and he is forced to wonder whether they are always doing this, like bus drivers.

    7. Autobiografia di Lenny Bruce Autobiografia di Lenny Bruce, noto oggi per soli due motivi, la celebrazione che ne fece Bob Fosse nel secco film Lenny (lo interpreta D. Hoffman, IMHO una delle sue migliori interpretazioni) e l'essere stato l'ispiratore riconosciuto di Daniele Luttazzi in Italia. Il resistibile successo di Lenny fra gli anni 50 e 60 si bas� sullo scandalizzare a oltranza. Tecnica infantile che ha sempre (contro i muri solidi) un discreto successo. Se poi teniamo conto dell'Americ [...]

    8. Millenial left-leaning cucks such as myself are often credited for creating and proliferating the “Politically Correct Society” we supposedly find ourselves in, and I hate to perpetuate my own stereotype, but I must say I take offense to that. You see there’s a large sect of people who think we have something of an epidemic on our hands: a generation of coddled pussies. They believe we would rather live in a world of “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” than think critically or all [...]

    9. Lenny Bruce is a cultural icon, and like most cultural icons, I knew nothing about him before picking up this book. As it turns out, he was arrested multiple times for his comedy act, in which he pokes fun at Catholics, WWII, and himself. The books meanders through stories about his life and larger cultural issues, which makes it an interesting read. It also demonstrates what the limits of free speech in the 50's-60's which, as the bookcover points out, is still relevant today.I gave it 4 stars, [...]

    10. Ok. So this guy is a cultural icon. I consider myself well read and in touch with comedy and the entertainment world past and present, yet I had no clue who LB was. When I asked my mother if she knew who he was she said matter of fact, "He was a comedian/entertainer in the 50's and 60's and was a druggy." Okunds like a fun readNOT. I did not race through this and love every minute of it. But, I did appreciate how Lenny broke the June and Ward pristine barriers of the 50's and spoke his truth abo [...]

    11. This new edition of Lenny Bruce's autobiography still bites, shocks, and provokes some nervous laughter and some belly laughs. I hadn't read it before, although I was a fan and saw one of his live performances many years ago. Much of the hypocrisy he pokes fun at is still around, and many of his lines are still hilarious. He changed comedy forever, and paid a high price for doing so.

    12. This book strongly influenced me. Lenny Bruce is an American icon who died for free speech. Read his own (hysterically funny) words and know his story in this age of political correctness. "When you take away the right to say "fuck," you take away the right to say "fuck the government."

    13. 2018 review:I abandoned this because I read it already when I was going through my Lenny Bruce phase. I'm sure I enjoyed it then, so why repeat my reading? My reading list this year is way too long for repeats I'm not sure I want to repeat.

    14. One of my favorite biographies, I have read this many times and it still makes me laugh. I admit, I have never seen Bruce do stand-up or the biographical film starring Dustin Hoffman in Lenny, although I have planned to for years. I keep coming back to this story instead. He makes sense when he makes arguments about our American love of violence and fear of sex. He is clever, funny, insightful, and vulnerable at times. He shares tidbits about his life as a boy, a sailor, a comic, a drug addict, [...]

    15. Brilliant!Still a great read! Years after I first read it. Great history and observations from a genius. One of my favorites.

    16. How To Talk About Lenny Bruce And Influence PeopleLenny Bruce was one of the most controversial comedians of all time. But not a lot of people nowadays seems to remember him.Is that because so much that is censored today is freely talked about tomorrow?This is part of my takeaway from this autobiography, originally a series of articles in Playboy magazine, which starts one way and ends in another.How To Talk Dirty And Influence People is a very R rated book written by Lenny Bruce and begins with [...]

    17. I received a copy of "How to Talk Dirty" from, of all people, my English professor and thesis advisor at Amherst, Professor Bill Pritchard. It was an enlightened gift, and since I was going into the Peace Corps, I would have a lot of time and solitude in which to absorb it. I had ambivalent feelings about Lenny Bruce. I related to the pain of his personal life, his broken home, and poverty, his outsider status and hatred of authority, which ultimately led to his dishonorable discharge from the N [...]

    18. **Spoiler Alert!!**It isn't hard to understand why Lenny Bruce was once the greatest comic in America. He was just beginning his career when he wrote this book.It not only chronicles his early life as a comic but also shows the evolution of his nightclub routines. One piece at a time, you can see how Bruce's upbeat approach to life as a young man.Even after his first wife was run over in a horrible accident he managed to rebound and find some solace that became a strength. Even after he went thr [...]

    19. It was interesting to read about the events that shaped the iconic comedian's life. And the entire first half of the book read very much like listening to his earlier comedy bits.Unfortunately, much like what happened to his act, the second half of the book becomes bogged down in court documents. While there is still humorous insight, the fine details of what went on in the courtroom pertaining to his various arrests for obscenity and drug possession do tend to drag on a bit. And are only made t [...]

    20. This morning I showed someone this old book from the back of my closet. She said "he had brains and didn't need to be vulgar". Well, maybe. But maybe he was pushing an envelope that needed to be pushed. Our complacency and willingness to accept the authorities without question was even more vulgar than his chosen topics and play on words.Some of the reviews here questioned the truthfulness of many stories in this book. But I don't question the ideas. Did one of my heroes of past, Hedy Lamar, rea [...]

    21. what can i say? it’s Lenny Bruce. iconoclast and boogeyman of censorship. most of his material seems tame by today’s standards in comedy but there are still a lot of things he said that i have to think would shock people. back in the day, i can only speculate about how he was taken. holy crap.his autobiography was enlightening to me, someone who had only ever seen some of his routines but didn’t know much about the man apart from his pushing the boundaries of obscenity. i had no idea how c [...]

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