I Remember

I Remember

Joe Brainard / Jul 23, 2019

I Remember In a book which uniquely captures s America Brainard constructs the story of his life through a series of brief entries each beginning with the words I remember and continues with observation

  • Title: I Remember
  • Author: Joe Brainard
  • ISBN: 9780140245219
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a book which uniquely captures 1950 s America, Brainard constructs the story of his life through a series of brief entries, each beginning with the words I remember , and continues with observations about family, film stars, lust, and the astonishing New York culture into which he moved to from Tulsa at the age of 18.

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        Joe Brainard Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Remember book, this is one of the most wanted Joe Brainard author readers around the world.


    1. L’ALBERO DELLA VITALa prima cosa che voglio e devo ricordare è che non avevo mai sentito parlare di Joe Brainard fino a quando il mese scorso ho ricevuto in dono questo piccolo gioiello: un doppio regalo, dunque. ’Carte Postale’ di Joe Brainard.Doppia riconoscenza. Anzi smisurata, perché ‘I Remember’ è, appunto, una gemma, ma è anche indimenticabile, e imperdibile, e non si può separarsene: resterà lì, sul comodino, in buona compagnia, per essere ripreso di quando in quando. Ci [...]

    2. I had an early edition of this book and I imagine this one is the same. Maybe not? Nevertheless it's a classic and it seems to be a writer's favorite. in many ways it reminds me of Raymond Queneau's Writing in Style. It is probably one of the great writing manuals as well as a work of poetry. Prose work to the max. Whatever you call it, this work is a masterpiece.

    3. There is an audio out there which I am unsure still exists of Brainard reading say thirty minutes of I Remember. I had a dream last night of a friend showing it to me recently, and loving not just the reading but the concept. Found a copy in the library today after a psychedelic case of deja-vu, and boy, over a nice lunch of double-espresso and another mention from a co-worker (Mind you, a professor in Astrophysics) brought up the girl who dances with teddy bears and occupies the American mind m [...]

    4. A brief memorial to St. Joe, New York School painter and collector of autobiographical marginalia. This collection of short, randomly associated thoughts which all begin with "I remember" is a breezy book which nonetheless rewards close attention. Seemingly banal observations "I remember butter and sugar sandwiches" rub elbows with sexual awakenings (a particularly lurid episode involving a film room in the Met) and moments of vivid, intense pain (the way rock music can sound so free and loose t [...]

    5. thanks to David E and others on , I too am now a fan of Joe Brainard and his wonderful 1975 memoir, recently reissued by Granary Books.Yes, it's as good as they told me it would be. It carries a cumulative emotional power.Brainard had this wonderful combination of acute observation, innocence, humor. His memories are both intensely personal and nearly universal. Some random passages:I remember an algebra teacher who very generously passed me. His name was Mr Byrd. I think he truly undersood that [...]

    6. I loved this book when I first read it over thirty years ago (the edition with the yellowy-orange French-looking cover, published by Full Court Press). I loved it for the glamour of all the references to American brands and customs, which made it seem both real and other-worldly. I loved the complete unavailability of some of the memories and the way others were not only available but shared. And I loved the sexiness of it, and the way it reminded me of sexy moments (and people) I'd forgotten, e [...]

    7. pretty much perfect. i don't know why i'm only giving it 4 stars. i guess because i wish it was about 10,000 pages longer.

    8. Joe Brainard's I Remember reads like an inventory of memories (or, the tip of the iceberg that is the author's inventory of his memories). The entries range in length, from one sentence to one half-page paragraphI remember pink lemonade. (pg. 24)I remember a story my mother telling of an old lady who had a china cabinet filled with beautiful antique china and stuff. One say a tornado came and knocked the cabinet over and to the floor but nothing in it got broken. Many years later she died and in [...]

    9. Cuando tenía menos de 25 años, repasaba mentalmente lo que creía era mi recuerdo más antiguo. Era el regreso de mis padres y mi hermana mayor a la casa donde vivíamos en Torreón. Papá había viajado a Los Ángeles, y mamá lo alcanzó con mi hermana allá, de vacaciones.Recordaba ese recuerdo y lo guardaba celosamente. No se lo platicaba a nadie, hasta que un una buena peda, decidí sacarlo a la luz. Una peda de aquellas cuando papá aún podía beber en serio.El caso es que, platicando d [...]

    10. On its face I Remember is nothing more than a seemingly endless series of brief declarative statements starting with the simple words of the title. But it becomes something much more than that. Brainard is so forthright, so perceptive, so directly simple and his memories so real, so particular that, as one reviewer put it, "his history coincides with ours." There is no narrative in the sense of beginning-middle-end but the memories pile on top of each other such that you know Brainard and his st [...]

    11. I am uncertain if this is the same edition as the one I own. Mine has a living room on the cover.However, the book I read could be a new genre: list memoir. Brainard recalls seemingly random moments and aspects of his life in small bites, many as small as a sentence. There's little sense of cohesion on any page (or block of ten pages), making it feel extremely vulnerable. Unfortunately, it feels more lazy than innovative, as Brainard couldn't be troubled to shape his recollections cogently or in [...]

    12. Oh yeah--great little book. Open to any page and you're guaranteed something fun, charming, colorful. p108I remember The Millionaire on TV and how you never got to see his face.I remember "Two hairs past a freckle" when someone asks you what time it is and you don't have a watch.I remember when I was very young a hand-wringer washing machine in our basement and visions of what it could do to your hand if it got caught in it.I remember pink underwear sometimes when something red faded in the wash [...]

    13. I remember that I promised myself I wasn't going to do a concept review of I Remember, and then did it anyway.I remember reading the word "gnomic" for the first time years ago, and being disappointed it had nothing to do with gnomes.I remember how Joe Brainard liked to combine his remembrances by a counterpoint of the unbelievably banal and the life-changing.I remember that Joe Brainard said he got a "below average" IQ score, and wondering if this was a work of accidental genius written by a nai [...]

    14. Brilliantly simple, and adaptable as an exercise for one's own writing or workshops at any level. Smart in its resistance to order, how it insists on remaining strange and wondrous and haphazard. A great book. I hope one day when we colonize space that I can take this to the Moon with me.

    15. I remember reading this book and thinking what a brilliant gimmick and then trying to copy it and finding it is not as easy as that.

    16. Mi immagino Joe Brainard sul lettino dello psicologo a snocciolare tutti i suoi Mi Ricordo. Lo psicologo prende nota, e scopre che dall’elenco di queste frasi viene fuori un capolavoro incredibile. Telefona a un suo amico che lavora in una casa editrice e

    17. This book is either intimidating or annoying. I Remember is meant to be read in one sitting. I made the mistake of taking a break because my grandmother made me breakfast. As I started peeling an orange, every action I was doing in the present became an "I remember" statement in my head-- for at least a half-hour. Everything I looked at became, I remember, as if it had already happened-- because my brain had been trained to repeat and expect that statement at the beginning of a sentence.I Rememb [...]

    18. This review pretty much sums up the book for me. The magic in this work is in its ability to bounce between the mundane/trivial corporeal AND the heartrending massive events that change the structure of who-we-are. And that's part of the point. Some stupid TV show is as much a make-up of our being as our first sexual encounter. Well, maybe not as important, but something that makes us who we are. And reading this explodes a kaleidoscope of remembrances from my own past, often things I don't rea [...]

    19. If anyone is familiar with Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire", this is very similar. Joe Brainard puts together a wide compilation of personal, social, cultural, and economic memories across the span of over 100 pages. Despite the fact that I was born in 1986 and cannot relate to everything in the book, this does not stop it from being amazing. It gives a representation of not only higher order memory, but also, perhaps more importantly, humanity.This book, though not widely known, has been [...]

    20. A tender, original little book about memory, aging, time, space, culture, and growth. There are parts of this book that are very personal and incriminating. Brainard was extremely self aware, almost to a fault. He was a renowned visual artist, yes, but he was extremely aware of his motives not only as a writer but as a person, which is obvious in his writing. I loved his style, humor, and accuracy. I'm tired of people saying writers are "honest"- usually that means that the reader simply connect [...]

    21. This IS a great handbook for anyone with 'Writer's Block'. I saw this book recommended by one of my favorite authors, Michael Cunningham (he wrote THE HOURS). Michael teaches a Creative Writing course at Columbia University and I'm sure he implores his students to read this one. It is an easy, simple read of "I REMEMBER" lines of memories from the 1940s and 1950s. It is a 'must read' for any writer who has writers block as it will spur new ideas into one's head, encouraging one to write their ve [...]

    22. I Remember is a memoir of sorts. It is a list of memories that Joe Brainard has collected from throughout his life, in no particular order, about anything and everything. It is incredibly interesting. Some memories made me see back in time to the reality of vanished decades. Some memories felt like they had been pulled straight from the back of my own mind. Some memories were TMI. The wonderful thing about this book is its ability to stimulate the reader's mind to memory. You read his memories, [...]

    23. All the warmth, humor and good-natured silliness of Brainard's art are here in these "poems"--1-3 sentence reminiscences that meander from his Tulsa childhood to sexual experiences in New York in the mid '60s. Brainard records impressions like a camera, not trying to sort them or make them mean, or bothering much to distinguish "high" from "low." In the process, he mananges to describe an America of a certain time and place more vividly than longer, more macho efforts to tackle 'The American Exp [...]

    24. I think this book you either love or hade it, there is no in between. If you love its because you can relate to what his experiences were or maybe you find it funny that something like that could happened. The era in which it was written does not prevent you to be able to make a connetion, now a days, with the author because behind all the names of the brands and the people that the author uses, there is just a general way in which everyone approaches differents situations, more likely in your c [...]

    25. ¡Vaya! La crítica coincide en afirmar que la maravillosa simpleza de este libro hace que sea incomprensible que no se le hubiera ocurrido antes a nadie. Y también dicen que es una joyatienen razón. Nunca antes una serie de enunciados tan simples, formaron un contenido tan rico e matices y tan hipnótico a la vez como este "Me acuerdo", algún día diremos: me acuerdo de haber leído un libro llamado "me acuerdo", Me acuerdo que me gustó muchísimo. Y me acuerdo que me hizo preguntarme donde [...]

    26. I wonder at my total absorption and obsessive reading response to this sort of form, which I'm calling my "povel" shelf, creds to Geraldine Kim, whose book is called *Povel*. I think it has something to do with the attractiveness of individual subjective narrative "voice" without the imposition of linear or cause-and-effect narrative form. Not a story but more like a picture. And the poemy form-fronted thing.

    27. Questo potrebbe apparire un libro noioso, ridondante e privo di appeal ma basta aprire una pagina qualsiasi per ritrovarsi catapultati nel mood di Joe Brainard e dei suoi ricordi che inevitabilmente, si mescolano a quelli del lettore stesso poiché tracciare un confine per separare le due diverse entità diventa praticamente impossibile.Recensione completa: librofilia/mi-ricordo-d

    28. these snippets of memory do a better job than any autobiography could. you get sights, smells, actors, sexual experiences, friends, cities, sayings - in small digestible portions. they all add up to a story of Joe Brainard's life that makes me feel like I know him, just a little bit and that we are the same, just a little bit.

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