Burning Ambition

Burning Ambition

Amy Knupp / Sep 18, 2019

Burning Ambition Captain Joe Mendoza has wanted to be fire chief since he was four years old And now he s one step away from making assistant chief But that s proving to be some big step now that the chief s daughter

  • Title: Burning Ambition
  • Author: Amy Knupp
  • ISBN: 9780373717026
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Captain Joe Mendoza has wanted to be fire chief since he was four years old And now he s one step away from making assistant chief But that s proving to be some big step now that the chief s daughter has joined his crew He s promised he ll keep her safe and promised himself to keep things strictly business.Faith Peligni has battled her way back from an on the job injurCaptain Joe Mendoza has wanted to be fire chief since he was four years old And now he s one step away from making assistant chief But that s proving to be some big step now that the chief s daughter has joined his crew He s promised he ll keep her safe and promised himself to keep things strictly business.Faith Peligni has battled her way back from an on the job injury in San Antonio, and she s stronger than ever Even if as the first female firefighter on the San Amaro Island crew and the chief s daughter she s expecting some heat But with the impossibly distracting Joe Mendoza as her captain, who knew it could get this hot

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    1. Wow just the right kind of story!This is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone title. Be warned you'll fall in love with these characters and be eager to read more about them. This is Joe and Faith's story. The characters are believable,well written And engaging. The story itself is fast paced and keeps you eager to get to the end yet not wanting to read the last sentence. Fans of firefighter romances will be enthralled with these characters And their journey to a happily ever after. [...]

    2. This is the fourth book in The Texas Firefighters Series. Like the ones before ti Ms. Knupp writes a detailed, heartfelt story. This time involving the Chief's daughter and first female firefighter on the San Amaro Island Fire Department, Faith and Captain Joe Mendoza.A few interesting notes:1. Joe Mendoza is 40 and Faith is 26 but I never felt the age difference.2. Joe and Faith wanted each other but knew they shouldn't/couldn't be together, very Romeo & Juliet and well written.3. I liked s [...]

    3. What a cute love story! I liked the point that they couldn't have each other, but yet they wanted each other. Kinda like a Romeo and Juliet, firefighter style.

    4. Firestorm is Book 4 in the Island Fire series, but it can definitely be read as a stand-alone. This book delivers a take on the forbidden romance angle, and pairs it steamingly with fire-fighters. But even better it has a sassy take-no-crap heroine who happens to fight fires just as well as the hero does. Faith has always had to be extra - extra tough, extra fierce, work extra hard, do twice as much to prove her worth as a female firefighter, being the ONLY female on the Island squad means she's [...]

    5. The early copy I read of this book is my first by this author and I’m so glad I found her! Not only is the storyline gripping and the characters wonderfully complex, the story is skillfully constructed and extremely well edited. Joe and Faith both have long family histories with fire fighting. Her father is the fire chief, and Joe's father was chief before Faith's father. Joe is a captain with his eye on becoming chief one day, and Faith is the first female fire fighter in the San Amaro Island [...]

    6. This is the first book by Amy Knupp that I have read, but definitely not the last. In fact, I originally received this as an ARC, but loved it so much I bought it; as well as Island Fire Books 1-3.Firestorm is really well written, with well developed characters that you can't help but like. The story flows smoothly, and dialog is realistic keeping consistent with each character. All things that I look for in a book. There were also no noticeable editing/proofreading misses that frequently interr [...]

    7. Firestorm is a book with a plain, somewhat unoriginal plot. The narration is often dragged, becoming slow and uneventful. Faith, the heroine, is a convincing character. Being young, she is still in the process of building her self confidence. She faces a series of difficult situations and, in doing so, matures into a determined, passionate, self conscious woman. As the story unravels, she becomes stronger, and her emotional journey turns out to be the best part of the book. Joe, the male protago [...]

    8. As an avid reader, I am constantly searching for “new” authors. When the opportunity presented itself to read a book by Ms Knupp, I took it. Boy, am I glad I did.Firestorm is the fourth book in this series, but rest assure, it’s a stand alone.The story centers around firefighting Capt. Joe Mendoza, and Faith Peligni, the daughter of the Fire Chief, and the first woman firefighter in Joe’s station.Faith has a lot to overcome, not only as a female firefighter, but also as the daughter of t [...]

    9. I’ve loved all of the books that I’ve read by Amy Knupp, but I was a little unsure of this one. Right at the very beginning we find out that Faith was a female firefighter having to make her way in a male world. I was a little concerned that the bulk of the book would be of work challenges that Faith had to overcome. While I enjoy reading about this in the real world, I want my fiction world to be a little lighter and more entertaining. I really didn’t need to worry. Although the female/ma [...]

    10. Firestorm by Amy Knupp is pretty much a May and December romance between Faith Peligini, a female firefighter, and her immediate superior Captain Joe Mendoza. He is forty and she is twenty-six. Even if their age differences are immaterial their job descriptions certainly are a major impediment to their falling in love. Yet the heart wants what the heart wants. Faith doesn't need this complication she has many other obstacles to overcome to become a respected member of her firefighting team. Fait [...]

    11. Being the chief's daughter, Faith feels that she has to prove that hiring her as the first female fire fighter in the department was the right one. Faith doesn't want special treatment or help from Joe, the good looking Captain. Even though Joe is very attracted to Faith, getting involved with Faith would hurt his chances of being promoted to Assistant Fire Chief. Faith is trying to get over her fears of going into a burning building after being hurt firefighting. I loved how the author gives us [...]

    12. Faith is the only female firefighter in the group and she has to work harder than any of his colleagues not just for being female but also for being the fire chief’s daughter.Joe is the fire captain and he always has been in conflict with his stepfather and his stepbrothers, all of them lawyers. He feels they don’t respect him because of his job.The eternal conflict of women doing men’s jobs. I like how it is treated here. And I like too how Faith trust Joe and his words of encouragement m [...]

    13. As if being the only female firefighter in the department and the chief's daughter isn't enough, Faith finds herself attracted to her hot boss. Captain Joe has a lot on his plate also - trying for a promotion and dealing with a sick mother, in addition to his attraction to Faith. Both of the main characters had a lot to deal with in their lives - outside of their attraction to each other. Loved how Faith was able to help see his stepfamily in a new light so that he was able to appreciate them mo [...]

    14. This was my first book from Amy Knupp and I enjoyed it. Joe and Faith both come from firefighting families with both of their fathers having been Fire Chief. Joe is dealing with his mom being ill and her new husband‘s family. Faith is the first female at this fire department and from being injured on the job at her previous fire department, has panic attacks. They both have much to overcome. The book was well written as were the characters. I look forward to reading the rest in this series and [...]

    15. The story revolves around two firefighters at the same station house. One is the Captain and one is the new transfer trying to prove herself to the all male squad. The characters were real and easy to relate to. They had to address real dilemmas, not manufactured problems. They truly cared about each other and not standing in the way of each other's career. The characters had growing to do and they did. Nice character development. Loved the kittens. I'm looking forward to reading more from this [...]

    16. This is book four out of five in the Island Fire Series, but is a standalone. Joe is the Captain of the Fire Squad and Faith is the daughter of the Fire Chief. She joins the squad as the first female member. The chemistry between the two is smoking hot and we follow their relationship. Lots of passion and drama makes for a great read. I read an advance reader copy and voluntarily chose to write a review.

    17. How Do We Know What We Really Want?This is a wonderful story about how our perceptions of ourselves--and the perceptions we assume others have of us--influence our thinking and our actions. I loved sharing Faith's and Joe's journeys of self-discovery on their way to finding love. I also really liked witnessing Joe's personal growth as he got to know and accept his stepbrothers. (And, of course, seeing the softy in a strong man is always a treat.)

    18. Like As the department’s first woman, Faith just wants respect from her fellow firefighters. She is a fighter, has to be; she is not here just because her father is chief. Captain Joe admires her. He is impressed by her. I really liked Joe. He was caring. I liked the book but I liked other books by this author just that little bit better. It was very serious. Good not great.

    19. I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.I enjoyed this book. The characters and plot were wonderful. The plot flowed beautifully. I just loved Joe and Faith. They seemed like the couple complimented each other beautifully. This is the first book of this series that I have read. I have to go back and read the others. I recommend this book to anyone.

    20. Joe & Faith are attracted to each other, but think that their careers should come first, but for very different reasons. Throughout the novel, however, both are forced to reassess their original goals, and their characters grow & mature - especially Faith's.This is a slow-moving firefighter romance novel, but a fairly okay read.I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

    21. Faith and Joe work together. They're both firefighters and he is a captain and she works under him. She feels like she has to prove herself 100 times more than any other firefighter because she is a female, and her father is the chief. She is pretty stubborn and determined. She doesn't want special treatment from anyone especially not the guy she's attracted to and who is her superior, Joe. They can't fight their attraction to each other though. They give in, but things get complicated.Overall, [...]

    22. Mmmm, firefighters. Ok, now that I've had that moment, this book was about firefighters. But not all manly men firefighters, the main character, is of course, a woman. And it was an ok romance, but it needed some more follow through on some of its plot lines.Faith is used to having to prove herself. As a woman firefighter, things are just not in her favor in a male dominated job. And she wants no special favors, especially since she has the chief as a father and has to live up to that expectatio [...]

    23. The heroine Faith has just started her new job as a firefighter in her home town's Fire Department, she has two things against her. First of all she is the daughter of the current and well respected Fire Chief and everyone expects her to get an easy ride. Secondly she is female, and the first female ever in the department. The hero Joe has been asked to look out for Faith by her father. Joe is on the verge of being promoted, which will bring him one step closer to his life long dream of becoming [...]

    24. This fourth instalment introduces new characters to the Texas Firefighters series and tells the story of Captain Joe Mendoza and his struggle with his newest recruit, the Chief's daughter, Faith Peligni.This story has a lot of built up tension between the two firefighters as their attraction to each other becomes stronger as the weeks go by, but with working together on each shift and their positions within the Fire Department, the line that shouldn't be crossed creeps closer. I really enjoyed t [...]

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