The Coin Counting Book

The Coin Counting Book

Rozanne Lanczak Williams / Jun 17, 2019

The Coin Counting Book Twenty five pennies four dimes two nickels and one quarter hmm A pocketful of coins Who can make heads or tails of it YOU can with THE COIN COUNTING BOOK Change just adds up with this bankable book

  • Title: The Coin Counting Book
  • Author: Rozanne Lanczak Williams
  • ISBN: 9780881063257
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twenty five pennies, four dimes, two nickels, and one quarter hmm A pocketful of coins Who can make heads or tails of it YOU can with THE COIN COUNTING BOOK Change just adds up with this bankable book illustrated with real money Counting, adding, and identifying American currency from one penny to one dollar is exciting and easy When you have counted all your money,Twenty five pennies, four dimes, two nickels, and one quarter hmm A pocketful of coins Who can make heads or tails of it YOU can with THE COIN COUNTING BOOK Change just adds up with this bankable book illustrated with real money Counting, adding, and identifying American currency from one penny to one dollar is exciting and easy When you have counted all your money, you can decide to save it or spend it.

    Coin Counting Math Game Time How much money do you have Add the different coins together to come up with the correct total of money Use your mouse to drag the correct answer This is a good game for practicing addition and money counting skills. Currency counting machine A currency counting machine is a machine that counts money either stacks of banknotes or loose collections of coins.Counters may be purely mechanical or use electronic components The machines typically provide a total count of all money, or count off specific batch sizes for wrapping and storage. Cheap and Free Coin Counting Machines Home Page Count Click on a state to see cheap and free coin counting services All States have Cheap or Free Coin Counting Services,even Alaska Have Any Others Another bank decides to put FREE self service coin counting machines in all its branches Branch banking is back The Coin Counting Book The Coin Counting Book is the perfect introduction to counting, addition, and identifying American money From one penny to one dollar readers will learn the various coins, their mathematical relationships, and how to add them all together once their piggybanks are full. Notes Coin Counters Coin Counting Money Scales The Weigh banknote and coin counting scale weighs banknotes, coins, vouchers and coupons to accurately calculate monetary value, using some of the worlds most advanced digitalized electronics Fast and accurate money counting machine or cash counting scale specifically designed for cashing up tills float preparation, instant cash checks and banking. Counting Scale Table Platform Counting Scales Counting Scales are scales that will count individual items based on their piece weight Counting scales deliver a high level of counting accuracy and offer a number Coins for Candy Money Counting Game Coin Counting Counting money is an important skill at just about every age in elementary school With Coins for Candy, students can pick from three levels and practice using coins such as pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters all in an attempt to buy a piece of candy. Help with Counting U.S Coins WebMath Help with Counting U.S Coins powered by WebMath Counting Coins Game Math Play Counting Coins Game This fun game teaches kids the value of different groups of U.S coins In this online activity, elementary school students will match the pictures of different groups of US coins with the money amount written in decimal form. Dead Coins A Complete List of ICO Exit Scams Extinct Coins List of DeadCoins, Scam, Hacked Coins and ICOs Summery Description Original Developers Abandoned the project after the appointed steering committee continued to delay, and hold back development decisions.

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    1. The Coin Counting Book, Williams, Roxanne Lanczaktumblebook resource, tumblebooklibrary/bookCategory/genre• Online Picture BookEstimate of age of level of interest• Grade 1-3 Estimate reading level• NA• Lexile Measure: 310• Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Level: NABrief descriptionThis online interactive resource teachers the reader how to count money using pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollars. Text is read audibly and highlighted as the text is read.Identif [...]

    2. This is a sound money counting book for beginning readers with its rhythmic text clearly and concretely illustrated by enlarged color photographs of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar bills on clever backgrounds of wood planks (i.e the floor where one finds change) or primary colors. Readers proceed logically and sequentially to learn all the denominations of currency from “One penny, two pennies, three pennies, four. What will we get when we add just one more?” to [...]

    3. Williams, R (2013) The Coin Counting Book Tumblebook: mould-e-media 2013.Library of VirginiaConcept Book (Tumblebook)Picture Book Project This is an excellent book when teaching a lesson on money because of the illustrations. Each page clearly shows the types and names of the coins, along with their value. This is an excellent book to teach K-2 about counting money and comparing how different coins can equal the same amount of money. Since discovering Tumblebook with this assignment, I love read [...]

    4. In The Coin Counting Book, photographs of coins and dollar bills are used to show what adds up to a dollar, quarter and even a dime. Each page lays out the correct amount of coins to equal a larger amount. Children can practice their math skills with the help of rhyming verses and vivid photographs of actual coins. The coins are placed end to end which helps the reader visualize the total amount of money. English as a Second Language students could benefit from the realistic pictures and example [...]

    5. The Coin Counting Book is GREAT for teaching the value of money and the relationship between coins. I would recommend this for kindergarten, first, and second grade students. The text is a cute rhyme, but may be too young for grades above second. There are photos of coins on every page, and visual images of adding the coins together to trade in for different coins that have the same total value. Kids have the opportunity to count the coins they see on each page aloud, and to add the coins togeth [...]

    6. This book could be used for grades 1-3 and could be used to teach coin recognition and value. I loved the pictures in this book-the coins were really big and easy to see if you were to read this aloud and show the the whole class. The book is about coins and counting them, and it rhymes! I never would have thought I would have found a rhyming coin counting book! As I read this, I thought about using this book in my 1st grade placement. Some of the pages could even be photocopied for use as model [...]

    7. A very well designed, written and thought-through book for little ones who are just learning about money. It's extremely practical in the way it's designed and does its job as a great introduction to coins and how to sort and count them. I'm not sure it's a book that is worth having on the shelf at home, since a child will only need a few readings and then be able to move on in his learning, but it's the kind of book that you want to have multiple copies of at the school or public library for li [...]

    8. This book is a good one to read to young students who are beginning to learn how to count coins. Coins are something that children have interacted with and have seen in their lives. This book incorporates realistic looking illustrations in addition to words that relay the values of the coins. This might be a good book to read to young children and then further their learning through an interactive coin counting game.

    9. This book would MAYBE be introduced in third grade as an introduction to counting money. It is more for reinforcement for 4th and 5th grade in my opinion. The book is efficient with helping students understand how to count money efficiently, but the book is a bit boring. I would probably not try and make a fun hands-on reading activity out of it. I could maybe use the book and have them count their own money with help from the book as a fun math activity/center.

    10. This is a great book to use to help teach money and the value of coins. It rhymes (so it's fun to read) and the pictures make it fun and easy to use. It would be easy to incorporate real coins into using this book. Another reason I like this book is that it starts off with pennies and then adds in dimes and nickels, then quarters. Students are able to add money and learn to group coins to equal another.

    11. The Coin Counting Book teaches children how to identify and count coins using their equivalents, for example five pennies equal a nickel. A teacher could create an activity that incorporates coin combinations. A teacher could instruct students to list different coin combinations that equal fifty cents to purchase ice cream. Afterwards, the class can enjoy some ice cream after all that hard coin counting work.

    12. I think this is a stellar introductory book to learning about coins and dollars. The examples in the book are easy to understand for young students and they will be interested in the content becuase it is something that is applicable to real life. Young students will also be able to learn about how coins and dollar bills can represent a group of ones and tens. Overall, a solid book introducting students to the concepts and functions of how coins and money work.

    13. A great tool for working with youngsters learning to count with coins. I think it is best used with children who can already identify their coins by sight and indicate the value of each. Use this title to encourage counting of mixed coins and adding total value. Be sure to have lots of coins available for hands on practice, including at least 100 pennies, half dollars and dollar coins.

    14. Great for teaching students about coins, values, and social transactions-very social studies oriented. Also, it is a wonderful source for a mathematical book-teaches addition, subtraction and factoring. Good for many grades depending not he usage. 2nd grade for the social studies aspect but earlier for e simple mathematical parts.

    15. The Coin Counting Book is a great math book for children in grades kindergarten to 2nd grade. The book teaches children the value of currency and the relationships between the coins. On every page of the book there are pictures of coins and money and the story even engages the children by asking them questions too. I would use this book when I am first introducing money to children.

    16. I enjoyed reading this rhyming, non-fiction book. This book teaches kids how to count coins and how to combine coins to equal higher values. I liked this book because of the fun rhyming and visuals of the coins to help kids gain monetary skills and knowledge. This would be a great book for primary and lower intermediate levels readers to use for both reading and math!!

    17. Excellent book for teaching students to identify & learn the value of coins. The book shows how tho make equivalent amounts with various coin combinations and it reinforces skip-counting by 2's,5's, 10's, and 25's. Big, colorful coin illustrations.Best of all it RHYMES!My first graders loved it and we read it over & over again.

    18. Great introduction to the concept of money/coins. Covers ALL the denominations including half dollars and dollar coins, too. Love the photography, too, as it’s not all of just one side of the coin. It shows both sides of the coin, and almost never is it shown straight up and down. Great way to help kids recognize coins from any different angle.

    19. What a great book to reading and maybe even have the children sitting with school money infront of them as you read. This book shows how to count money in different ways. It asks very good questions that allow children to figure out how to make trades and different ways to make the same amount with their coins.

    20. This is a great resource for educators. This book makes counting money fun and exciting. This book not only teaches how to count money, but it also teaches students to exchange coins when they can. This book is a must have in the classroom when starting a lesson on money.

    21. 45 months - O has a play set of money so she is learning the names of the coins and how much they are worth. We often play store. The hope is that we can use this book over an over to build on our learning and become more proficient with our understanding of money.

    22. This book is great to have students begin to understnad how to count and add money as well as learn the names and denominations of the various coins. The book also gives different combinations of coins for the students to try on their own.

    23. Charming ryhmes that move the story alongep the kids guessing as to what comes next. Good illustrations that clearly show the differences between the coins and how they add up to equal another coin. Just right for beginning to learn coins.

    24. This book helps to teach the concept of money, especially coin value. I remember in my kindergarten placement children were beginning to learn the concept of money and this would have been a great book to help them learn!

    25. A bold design encourages play with actual coins while reading the book.Real coin photographs are great. Tons of extension possibilities with all ages. Not a book that has to be read start to finish.

    26. This book is great for using literature in a math lesson. The illustrations are realistic and children can enjoy the large and fun coins. The book shows children how much each coins is worth and different ways to make a dollar.

    27. This is a great read aloud to introduce before a math lesson involving coin values, you could use this book to identify the different coin values with the coins and than use a coin counting lesson to follow the read aloud.

    28. -Great book as an activator for a lesson on money-Helps students practice identifying the different types of coins and which combinations total different amounts-Can also be read after a lesson as a review

    29. This book teaches beginning readers how to count money one by one. The book also teach students sequential order. For example, 1 dollar, 2, dollars,3 dollars, what comes next? This book is great for a mini lesson.

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