The Horror Of The Shade

The Horror Of The Shade

Peter Meredith / Feb 25, 2020

The Horror Of The Shade In all the deepest pits and in all the rank vile dungeons that make up the illusion of Hell no fiend is feared than the dread demon and for good reason These pitiless monsters feed on bile and bloo

  • Title: The Horror Of The Shade
  • Author: Peter Meredith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In all the deepest pits and in all the rank, vile dungeons that make up the illusion of Hell, no fiend is feared than the dread demon, and for good reason These pitiless monsters feed on bile and blood, they lap up the screams of the damned, they corrupt and destroy, and they hate with an unrelenting fury.And to release one upon the world is the ultimate in black sinIn all the deepest pits and in all the rank, vile dungeons that make up the illusion of Hell, no fiend is feared than the dread demon, and for good reason These pitiless monsters feed on bile and blood, they lap up the screams of the damned, they corrupt and destroy, and they hate with an unrelenting fury.And to release one upon the world is the ultimate in black sin When Commander William Jern and his wife Gayle are given an opportunity to move into one of the spacious Colonial homes on the Village Green, they jump at the chance But the Jern s new dream home quickly becomes an icy nightmare, as death stalks them relentlessly It comes unheralded out of the night, and like all of us, they are fearfully unprepared Yet regardless of his state of readiness, William Jern must face terrors beyond imagination in order to save his daughter whose body had become a frozen vessel for a horror summoned out of the great Void.With the help of his son Will, a boy struggling to find the courage to be a man, and an old woman, who has foreseen the terrifying manner in which she will die, William undergoes the ultimate test to see how far a father will go, to save his child.

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    1. The Horror of the Shade was inspired by the first of the two paranormal events that I've been connected with. Quite simply it was a two second ghost sighting, witnessed by me and two of my brothers, when I was just a lad of seven.So how is that extrapolated out to a trilogy?Step one: remove me and my two brothers.Step two: change the ghost to a demon, add a hot, but diabolical witch. Throw in a hunky seventeen-year old and his hell-powered schizophrenic sister and you're in business.Oh, I forgot [...]

    2. 5 StarsWhat a great horror read. Meredith grabs a hold of you right from the start, with a taut, scary, and well done opening that sets the stage, the tone, and the plot. Peter Meredith has created a wonderful Poltergeist like scare fest that works by creating a cast of real, likable, albeit a bit stereotypical bunch to like and empathize with. You have your large, strong military father figure in William, who is both the foundation and the strength on which this story is built. He has his own [...]

    3. I enjoyed The Horror of the Shade very much and read it straight through in two days. I got my money's worth you might say. The story was nothing like I expected. I figured haunted house, scary scary, scary, blood, gore big finish. Instead, I got to know and enjoy a family in a terrible situation. They were well written and so believable, I actually cried( I'm not a big crier and I want you to know I didn't bawl, I just got teary eyed) I can't remember the chapter number, but it was when the mom [...]

    4. I think 3.5 stars on this one. Honestly, I didn't dislike it. I liked that it was creepy, not over the top on trying to be scary, but a more subtle scary for most of it. The beginning was fantastic, I loved how it started, that's what really got me reading it. I think the thing that brought this one down for me was Willy J. He started driving me crazy at that party after he was so depressed. I couldn't believe some of the things he did. I mean, I get that he's young, but he's old enough to know [...]

    5. I received this for review from the author.I'm not big into horror. Truth be told I avoid it all costs. However I took a risk reading this book. From the moment you start reading you are freaked out of your mind. You continue on hoping there will be end to the horror.Peter did an awesome job with the scare factor!! I'm glad to have been given the chance to review this. Even though it took a while, I had to take breaks from reading. Yes I got scared!!I do not know if this is a spoiler or not but [...]

    6. I liked this book it was well written and kept me interested in seeing how it turned out. I stand corrected although the ending seemed a little rushed it was brought to my attention (by the author himself- thanks Peter) that I in fact had not downloaded the complete trilogy. I particularly enjoyed the fact that cursing and sex was not over used in this book which happens in quite a few horror novels to overshadow the main story.I Really look forward to finding out what is in store for the Jern f [...]

    7. Great book, loved it!Addictive story about a demon battling a lovable family, with fun storyline and interesting background thrown in to better the reader's understanding about the power and darkness of this particular demon, as well as knowledge of where it came from (not surprisingly, from their next door neighbor)n't wait to start book two now!

    8. I met Peter in a bar and we got to talking about books. He told me wrote a couple of books(7 isn't a couple) I tried The Horror of the Shade mostly out of curiosity and I really loved it. I'm on to the second in the series right now.

    9. At first I was very sceptical, because I am not that much into demons. It also appeared to be out of place how the story started, yet I just could not stop reading after just a couple of pages.The story begins with the very first try to get rid of this specific demon - the characters are not well introduced, so it's kind of like solving a riddle. Then, there is suddenly a big leap forward and it's about another family, teenage drama and firstly it's just somewhat confusing, but the connection (t [...]

    10. My new favorite authorHalfway thru this book I had to stop and immediately order the next two in the series. I've read some of Mr. Meredith's books before but this one is totally over the top! If you are a fan of horror, this is definitely for you. I am continually amazed at the talent and quality of authors that I find on my kindleank you.

    11. So far I like it.cially the little girl, she reminds me of my sister. Really liked this bookbut ended like bam! Good and bad, mostly good since now I have to read the next one to what happens.

    12. Rate the book.I really liked this book. It was exciting, scary and funny. Katie was so funny. Such a nice family. Good book.

    13. WowTo find out in the end, awesome and scary at the same time. Will definitely continue reading this series and from this author.

    14. Intense look at family dynamics as the Jerns struggle to solve a riddle that makes no sense in their suburban world. A demon takes one of their daughters and the family comes together to fight.

    15. Usually horror is not my cup of tea, however The Horror of the Shade was an excellent read. It was suspenceful rather than gory, which I appreciated.

    16. This story was entertaining, but it never did draw me in. I found an excessive amount of formatting errors, which was very distracting.

    17. Great trilogy. Very deep.Very well thought out characters that had me cheering them on--even Talitha, half the time!

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