The Burning Man

The Burning Man

Phillip Margolin / Aug 17, 2019

The Burning Man Peter Hale is a young attorney with a lot to prove Crossing his father one of Portland s most powerful lawyers was a costly mistake Now cut loose from his job and from his inheritance Peter s land

  • Title: The Burning Man
  • Author: Phillip Margolin
  • ISBN: 9780553574951
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peter Hale is a young attorney with a lot to prove Crossing his father, one of Portland s most powerful lawyers, was a costly mistake Now, cut loose from his job and from his inheritance, Peter s landed in the public defender s office of a small Oregon town and in the middle of a high profile case that could make or break his career His mentally retarded client, accPeter Hale is a young attorney with a lot to prove Crossing his father, one of Portland s most powerful lawyers, was a costly mistake Now, cut loose from his job and from his inheritance, Peter s landed in the public defender s office of a small Oregon town and in the middle of a high profile case that could make or break his career His mentally retarded client, accused of the savage murder of a college coed, faces the death penalty And Peter faces a choice between the pursuit of headlines and the pursuit of truth, between the compulsion to save himself and the courage to save his client in a devastating trial by fire.

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    1. 9/10Ένας "αδικοχαμένος"(αναφέρομαι στο ότι σταμάτησαν εκδίδουν βιβλία του, λόγω έλλειψης ενδιαφέροντος) συγγραφέας δικαστικών. Το 3ο βιβλίο του που διαβάζω και μέχρι στιγμής είναι όλα από πολύ καλά εως άριστα! Σύντομα θα πιάσω και το επόμενο του ελπίζω.Αν αντί για περίπτερα, κ [...]

    2. This is the 6th Margolin novel I've read, and I rated all of the others with 4 stars. Which is why this book was such a disappointment. It was predictable and amateurish, with an uninspired plot and characters that I just couldn't warm up to. The dialog was trite and often stilted, not the way people generally talk. And bad boy Peter Hale just wasn't believable. Margolin didn't do a good enough job describing him as the self-absorbed, lazy screw-up that the book asserts he is. There were just to [...]

    3. Great book about a young lawyer who has never lived up to his potential and who loses his job at the law firm founded and headed by his father when he does not ask for a mistrial, as his father instructed, after suffering a heart attack. The young man, Peter, envisioning a great victory for the client, makes a mistake and fails to prove a critical element in the case, which is dismissed, leaving the injured woman with nothing. His father is furious and fires him, then tells him that he will be w [...]

    4. This was the last story in a book of Readers Digest Condensed stories I received. I think that the condensed version cheats theauthor and the reader. I thought that reading a condensed book would allow me to read something that I otherwise would never read, but Idon't think it's worth it. This book started out strong. The rather unlikable character,Peter,makes a horrible mistake at his father's law practice and he is exiled to the practice of one of his father's friends who is a public defender [...]

    5. A good legal thriller about a hungry young attorney who ultimately learns the right lessons about how to value what is important and how to be a better man. Peter Hale is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and follows in his father's footsteps - becomes an attorney like his father, Ivy league education, goes to work at his father's firm and loses everything when he steps into his father's shoes in an important case and screws things up. His father sends him packing to a small town and an old [...]

    6. Peter Hale is a young attorney struggling to make his own mark in his father's venerable law firm when he is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime.During the trial of a multimillion-dollar case, Peter's father, the lead counsel, suffers a heart attack and asks Peter to move for a mistrial until he's feeling better. Peter decides this is his only chance to prove to his father that he is the terrific lawyer he knows himself to be, and he chooses to carry on with the case against his father' [...]

    7. I found another author! Burning Man tells of a young attorney Peter Hale who hopes to leapfrog over paying his dues to be a star in his father's law firm. Peter's arrogance and naiveté cause him to lose one of his father's big cases after his father suffers a heart attack on the day of the trial. As he is wheeled to the ambulance, Peter's father instructs Peter to ask for a mistrial. Peter thinks he knows better and goes ahead with the case and loses everything for the client. Peter's father te [...]

    8. A retarded man in a small Oregon town is accused of murder and he may very well pay with his life -- the evidence makes a persuasive case against him. Meanwhile he is defended by a lawyer who has just been thrown out of his father's firm for a selfish screw up. The concept behind this book is interesting. But there is something about THE BURNING MAN that I did not like as much as his previous books and I suspect that it has do with the central character, Peter Hale. Part of Margolin's goal with [...]

    9. Legal novel - Young attorney Peter Hale, spoiled, conceited, and with a perpetual chip on his shoulder, wants to prove he's as good a lawyer as his father. So when Dad suffers a heart attack, Peter takes on one of the old man's toughest cases and ends up costing a paralyzed woman her million-dollar settlement. Furious, the senior Hale writes Peter out of his will and exiles him to a small town to work as a public defender. Peter doesn't know which is worse, not having his cappucino machine or de [...]

    10. It's hard to follow up a Gearino with just about anything, but Margolin is so different and The Burning Man turned out to be a good choice. Peter Hale is a young lawyer who has gotten everything in his charmed life the easy way. But, he's just accepted everything and made no effort to learn from his advantaged gifts. In real life - after school and in his father's prestigious law firm, he quickly shoots himself in the foot. And, not for the first time. His father finally cuts him lose and he's f [...]

    11. Peter Hale is a cocky young lawyer who thinks he’s capable of trying a murder case. But, the truth of the matter is his lifestyle dictates that he’d better get making some money or he’s going to have to make some drastic changes. Harnessed to his attorney father’s agency, Peter makes a fatal career decision when his father has a near-fatal heart attack. Destroying a woman’s hope for settlement from an accident, Peter is disowned by his father and sent to po-dunk America to work for an [...]

    12. I listened to this on tape on a trip.The is the story of Peter Hale. He is a young attorney working in his father's firm in Portland Oregon. He screws up a case badly and ends up getting fired and exiled to a small town in the eastern part of the state. He gets a job with a small firm handling public defender criminal cases. He ends up with a death penalty defense of a retarded man. He is accused of killing a young blond with a hatchet. Peter gradually figures out what is going on and what he ne [...]

    13. Peter Hale is the epitome of a cocky, brash lawyer. He's everything people just HATE about lawyers. And when he muffs a trial that he should not have been part of after his father suffers a near fatal heart attack, his father sends him off to a lawyer that he knows in another part of the state so that Peter can redeem himself. Peter goes kicking and screaming but then realizes this is his chance to try and be the brash lawyer AGAIN. And it nearly bites him in the butt a second timePick up the bo [...]

    14. 'The Burning Man' is a good story written in a style that works for me. Philip Margolin did a pretty good job of keeping it real. The inexperienced small town lawyer does not turn into some kind of super investigator, lawyer god or anything. The capital case and investigation was straight forward not unusual twists or turns. The characters were decent. I appreciate all that in a book, but 'all that' as a whole, came out bland this time.There wasn't much of an investigation in this book.

    15. I loved the opening pages of this book, but just over 80 pages in, I had to quit reading. I felt uncomfortable with some of the subject matter (a mentally challenged - not sure what the politically correct term is, but I know it's not what is now being called the "R word" - adult with sexual fantasies) and there are just too many good reads out there to spend time on one I wasn't enjoying.I don't feel good about giving a one star review, and I have enjoyed some of Margolin's novels in the past, [...]

    16. This book is a fairly good read. The book had a really strong beginning. It's an alright mystery book but it left me unattached to the story line in the middle of the book. He took on a case of a mentally-retarded man who is accused of killing a young college co-ed. There were twist and turns in the book but the story is very predictable that I was able to figure out who the killer is before it was even identified. The characters were fairly simple as well. This isn't my favorite book but it's n [...]

    17. My second read of the year was only marginally better than the first, but at least it had been written by a professionalHO, there were two major problems. First, the good guy protagonist came around to be a real good "good guy" too soon. Second, it was readily apparent that the other good guy protagonist was a straw man and wasn't a good guy at all.This novel, allegedly based on similar actual events, was just too predictable.Still, Margolis is usually a decent read.

    18. Peter Hale is a young attorney with a lot to prove the middle of a high-profile case that could make or break his careerAnd, Peter faces a choice - between the pursuit of headlines and the pursuit of truth.As usual, Margolin's storytelling is superb. An intriguing and entertaining courtroom thriller that keeps you turning pages; fairly simple to surmise whodunit, but enough red herrings to keep it interesting

    19. A fair to middling legal thriller. My biggest gripe is that the main character, Peter Hale, seems to have lived his life up until this point as a self-centered, spoiled egotist. But in the book he will suddenly do something good and kind with no chance for recompense. It is hard to believe that he has kept this kinder, gentler person hidden from his father and himself all these years.

    20. Even though this audiobook was abridged, I didn't feel like I missed out on any of the story, which is sometimes the case with audio. I really enjoyed this story of a self-centered lawyer who learns all about himself while trying an important criminal case that he isn't qualified to try. This book was an interesting Who-Dun-It that kept me guessing until the end.

    21. There is much about the book I like. Maybe not the best Margolin book out there, but as an attorney from Oregon, the legal portions of the book are thrilling and the connections back to Portland are worth the 5 star rating alone. Others may not agree, but I love Margolin's work for the "home team" reasons alone!

    22. cerita tentang pengacara muda yang merupakan anak dari pengacara terkenaldia melakukan kesalahan fatal dalam suatu kasus yg menyebabkannya dicap sebagai pengacara gagal dan aib abgi nama besar keluarganyadia di-expell ke kota kecil dan ternyata di kota ini terdapat suatu kasus besaroverall : keren lah, cerita tentang come-back seseorang yg telah jatuh

    23. Does it count if you don't finish? I got halfway through this book on tape but he uses incidents which are unjustified and unbelievable. When the third one happened in this book (a newly wedded guy who married a great hometown girl, beats her two days after their honeymoon for the lamest reason: dinner not ready) it was one too many.

    24. A "coming-of-age" story of a lawyer who has had too many perks and advantages in his life. I enjoyed watching his character grow and mature as the story progressed. Gary, a young man with an IQ between 65-70, was well portrayed, with an equal amount of child-like innocence and sexual development. All this came together to create a good read.

    25. A spoiled rich lawyer, son of a prominent lawyer, screwed up one of his fathers cases and was banished to a small town. He was offered a capital murder case and if he screwed this up he'd be finished.

    26. A good courtroom thriller about a young lawyer who is humiliated in Portland and tries to get redemption as a public defender in a small town in his father’s eyes. Given a chance at a death penalty case this is his chance to shine but will his redemption come at the detriment to his client?

    27. An awesome read, had this book for a few months before actually reading it. Just to say when i started a couldn't stop! The story is a well balanced and awesome piece of work which provides a conclusion with a twist!

    28. An OK Book. The plot was very simple. The characters in this book were very simple and not very well developed. There are gaps in the time line of the story that left you thinking that you have skipped over pages.

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