The Bleeding Dusk

The Bleeding Dusk

Colleen Gleason / Feb 24, 2020

The Bleeding Dusk Now the undead of Rome race to unravel an ancient mystery and only one woman can stop them As Rome prepares for its Carnivale the new leader of the city s vampire hunters Lady Victoria Gardella Gran

  • Title: The Bleeding Dusk
  • Author: Colleen Gleason
  • ISBN: 9780451223265
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Now the undead of Rome race to unravel an ancient mystery and only one woman can stop them As Rome prepares for its Carnivale, the new leader of the city s vampire hunters, Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy must prove herself as never before For, in order to gain access to the secrets of a legendary alchemist, Rome s vampires have allied themselves with creatNow the undead of Rome race to unravel an ancient mystery and only one woman can stop them As Rome prepares for its Carnivale, the new leader of the city s vampire hunters, Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy must prove herself as never before For, in order to gain access to the secrets of a legendary alchemist, Rome s vampires have allied themselves with creatures as evil and bloodthirsty as they are Reluctantly, Victoria must turn to the enigmatic Sebastian Vioget for help just as Max Pesaro arrives to help his fellow slayers, no matter what the price Desire puts Victoria at the mercy of Sebastian, while loyalty binds her to Maxbut can she trust either man Especially when a seductive vampire begins luring her into the shadows

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    1. The Bleeding Dusk was… exactly what I expected and yet I am still disappointed. I truly sense a real potential in this series to rise above the cliched historical romance - with a dash of vampire-hunting - it has classified itself. Gleason does not have the most gorgeous writing style ever but like most adult UF writers, she has mastered the skill of making her stories oddly addictive. No matter how often I may roll my eyes or scoff at the theatrics while I read this series, I still find it ha [...]

    2. 4 StarsFull Review:*I received an ecopy of this book via Edelweiss. This has not influenced my review.*Another fantastic book! This is definitely becoming one of my favorite series. The writing style, the way that Colleen Gleason has with words, the realistic characters and relationships, the juiciness, the subtle humor, and the sexual tension were all great, yet again. I think those things are kind of just a given in this series, and I love knowing that that’s what I’m going to get every ti [...]

    3. Continuing just months after the final climactic battle of Rises the Night in which Victoria, heir to the Venator title- or vampire slayer/chosen one to you and me- loses her beloved Aunt Eustascia, The Bleeding Dusk- the third novel in Gleason's Gardella Vampire Chronicles series- finds Victoria ready and willing to take the reins of leadership over her fellow slayers as Illa Gardella- THE Gardella. She has the renewed strength to do the job- and is no longer the innocent we were introduced to [...]

    4. After the death of her aunt, Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy is now leading the fight to eradicate vampires. But some of the vampires have teamed with the demon, Akvan, who is looking for three keys to open the Door of the Alchemists. Whoever opens the door will gain infinite power. Max Pesaro has returned to the group, but keeps distancing himself from the action. Sebastian Voiget is offering his help, but Victoria doesn't know if he can be trusted.This is the third book in the Gardel [...]

    5. Once again, I am so pleased at where this author is willing to take this series. She seems to not be afraid the way so many authors areTake the chapter title for chapter 22: "Wherein the Worst Possible Happening Occurs". Without spoiling -- the worst possible happening does in fact occur. heheheHow many authors are willing to do that in their book? Not many that I've read. I love this series. I'm eager to continue reading the remaining two books today ;)

    6. The Bleeding Dusk is the third novel in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles featuring Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy, now, the new Illa Gardella, or leader of the Venators (vampire slayers.) Victoria’s troubles are just getting started. She has to take the reigns as the youngest leader, as well as the only female remaining in the group. She is also the object of obsession for three male characters which includes Sebastian, Max, and Zavier.She has to resolve the heart ache she feels at h [...]

    7. Third in the Gardella Vampire Hunters Series, The Bleeding Dusk, continues to tell the story of a young woman with a destiny that no one would have ever expected. Victoria is a Venator, otherwise known as a vampire hunter, and a member of the only family who has the bloodline with the calling to the profession. There are also other human's that are called, but it is very rare. She only learns of this after she starts to have the dreams that foretell the ability. Now three books in, she has lost [...]

    8. แมกซ์เดินทางไปหาลิลลิธเพื่อเจรจาเรื่องข้อแลกเปลี่ยนเกี่ยวกับรอยกัดที่ลิลลิธฝากไว้บนคอของเขา ลิลลิธมอบขี้ผึ้งที่เมื่อแมกซ์ทาแล้วรอยแผลเป็นนี้จะหายไปและเขาจะไม่ผูกพันธ์อ [...]

    9. Colleen Gleason continues to prove to her editors and readers that she is a cut above other mass-market romance fiction novelists. In her latest installment of the Gardella Vampire Chronicles, Gleason has once again shown that she can lay a complex buffet for her readers to feast on. Who else could have come up with the premise of a Regency heroine vampire slayer that is originally and legitimately well done? The Bleeding Dusk takes us to Rome this time, where Victoria must find a way beyond the [...]

    10. The Bleeding Dusk, book 3, starts off with Max seeking out none other than the evil queen herself, Lilith. She offers him a choice, remain under her thrall, or remove her marks forever, taking with them his Venator powers and all his memories of the paranormal world. He would be a mere mortal free to live out the rest of his life in ignorance. What choice will he make, and how will it effect the rest of the Venators after recently loosing their leader? Victoria, still struggling with the loss of [...]

    11. What pushed this from a three-star to a five-star was the end. I won't detail it here because it would be an OMG-I HATE YOU FOREVER-SPOILER, but seriously, it made me freak out. In a good way. In a way where I can't WAIT to see what Gleason does in the next book. I've also started charting the BtVS-Gardella parallels. So far it's pretty interesting. There's a subchart for J.R. Ward parallels, but those pretty much died with Aunt Eustacia and the constant use of "vero". That tick really annoyed m [...]

    12. Great world-building and strong character development make for a brilliant read that kept me interested from the very first page. I loved Victoria and Max and all the characters that surround them; interactions between characters are always fun with extra elements of intrigue. The mythos that Gleason created is so well rounded and logical that I had no problem following the action even though I started the series with book 2. Definitely a series that I look forward to following.

    13. For all my LDS friends, these 'Gardella Vampire Chronicles' books tend to have some "romance" in them. While it's easy enough to skip over those parts, if scenes like that in any way make you uncomfortable, I recommend you skip these books (although they're really good!) I first read about these books on the book blogs of some other LDS people, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Like I said, though, skip them if you're uncomfortable with love scenes.

    14. Although Victoria often annoyed the crap out of me with her stubbornness and the game of cat and mouse, this installment was so fraught with tension and heartbreak that I'm still holding my breath! What next! What next!

    15. This series is getting better with each book! I don't like the protagonist, Victoria, but I like how the story is developing.

    16. That it took me this long to finish the book had, in this case, nothing to do with the story and the way it was written, but all to do with my lack of time in the last weeks.So Colleen Gleason gets better and better with each book so far. While the ones before had some parts that stretched a bit, this book was like a speed ride where everything as happening sooo fast and at the same time, that I wish I could've read it in one or two sittings There are sooo many turns, when I thought I had someth [...]

    17. A RARE BOOK, WELL DONEIt whetted my appetite for more.Characters are growing with each book of this series. In this book, Victoria is forced to take on her own destiny, to begin to grow into the woman she will be. An abundance of characters, good and evil, are killed off, and Sebastian makes dramatic decisions that will influence everyone.The book has some violence, a bit of gore, and implied sex. Wonderful for anyone.

    18. The first 2 books were good but this one completly went down. Sebastian is an unbereable character, with so many characters dying why can't him be one of those ?I like Victoria but she becomes a horny teenage girl in front of any man she meets, its silly.The worst part ? The entire book was about settinp up a love triangle, a love triangle with Sebastian on it, and I'm not crazy about the other dude either, ugh.

    19. The third installment of five, this series continues to get better as it goes along. More vampires and demons to hunt here, a love triangle to keep things interesting on the romantic front, and a twisty, scary ending.what’s not to love?! And lucky me, my library has the next one waiting on me. 😉😊 4 ⭐️

    20. Mi è piaciuto molto lo sviluppo di Sebastian Un po' meno le avventure di questo libro e soprattutto ho trovato la sconfitta del cattivo un pochino troppo facile

    21. The third book of the Gardella vampire Chronicle is still set in Rome. Horrible murders occur and Victoria, who has inherited the title "Illa Gardella" from her aunt, is determined to get to the bottom of it and find the one responsible for the beheaded corpses. Victoria and her fellow Venators come across their research to the Villa Palombara, the home of a former alchemist who sought the secret of immortality and who has hidden his results behind the "Door of Alchemy" which nobody is able to o [...]

    22. Victoria Gardella, one of the youngest Illa Gardella venators is dealing with grief again, first she lost her beloved husband and shortly afterwards her Aunt, the previous Illa Gardella is killed by one of her closes friend. The pain is huge, but she cannot blame him for betraying her, she knows her Aunt saved her life by sacrifice her own, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. Now she is settling her aunt’s affairs and in the mean time still hunting vampires.Victoria and the other venators [...]

    23. So these books center around vampire huntress extraordinare Victoria Grantworth/ de Lacy/ de Rockley (Mrs Withers sometimes). Whatever. I don't care. We'll just call her Vicky for short.Amid tracking down and killing big, bad vampire bosses, the stunningly beautiful Vicky must also manage a suprisingly active love life for a 19th century high-society, widowed Marchioness. In addition to the supernatural powers bestowed upon her by a magical belly-button ring, Vicky also possesses such extreme se [...]

    24. Once again Colleen Gleason has written Victoria's progression perfectly as we watch her come to grips with another loss as she tries to pull together and save the world. The plot is clever and the push and pull Victoria feels regarding Max and Sebastian is elegantly written.

    25. Anche se aveva lasciato cadere il frammento, la sua mano ancora ne avvertiva il calore, e continuava a sentire un debole formicolio lungo il braccio e sul corpo. Lo guardò negli occhi e ancora una volta seppe cosa dire per provocarlo.«Adesso hai intenzione di baciarmi?», chiese sfacciatamente. Lui la lasciò andare con una piccola spinta che la fece indietreggiare di un passo, contro il ramo di un albero.«Preferisco non mettermi in coda in una fila tanto lunga».«Di cosa hai paura, Max?».A [...]

    26. This is the third book in the five book Gardella Vampire series. In this book Victoria really starts to step into her role as the head of the Gardella. I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was the best book in this series so far.Victoria has dealt with a lot of heartbreak over the last two books. Still she is trying to pick up the pieces and assume her role as head of the Gardella. When strange piles of animal carcasses are found in Rome, Victoria is forced to investigate. She finds that someone is [...]

    27. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the last two. Victoria is starting to get on my nerves and it's a little sad because she started out so well. I think the thing that annoys me the most is that she is kind of a slut. She plays with every guy she meets and his emotions, even vampires. I don't care about the slutty part so much, but the fact that she doesn't care about any of the guys' feelings while she is doing all this. She is extremely selfish and it's starting to get really old. She only do [...]

    28. I read the first two books inColleen Gleason's Gardella Vampire Chronicles ( The Rest Falls Away andRises The Night) and thought they were good enough to keep reading but not really anything special. This latest installment, however, has totally changed my mind. Victoria has spent the past year and a half fighting vampires and learning to deal with the trauma that comes along with her dangerous calling. She still mourns for her husband that she herself staked, is coming to terms with the fact th [...]

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