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Justice The cruel and bizarre slaying of a beautiful teen leads Detective Decker into the dark heart of an exotic subculture the seamy sometimes violent world of Southern California s rootless affluent yout

  • Title: Justice
  • Author: Faye Kellerman
  • ISBN: 9780380724987
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • The cruel and bizarre slaying of a beautiful teen leads Detective Decker into the dark heart of an exotic subculture the seamy, sometimes violent world of Southern California s rootless, affluent youth But even the confession of a disturbed kid with cold killer eyes cannot soothe Decker s inner torment For he knows in his gut this crime goes much deeper and higher thaThe cruel and bizarre slaying of a beautiful teen leads Detective Decker into the dark heart of an exotic subculture the seamy, sometimes violent world of Southern California s rootless, affluent youth But even the confession of a disturbed kid with cold killer eyes cannot soothe Decker s inner torment For he knows in his gut this crime goes much deeper and higher than anyone expects and that true justice, brutal and complete, has yet to be done.

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        Faye Kellerman was born in St Louis, Missouri and grew up in Sherman Oaks, California She earned a BA in mathematics and a doctorate in dentistry at UCLA and conducted research in oral biology Kellerman s groundbreaking first novel, THE RITUAL BATH, was published in 1986 to wide critical and commercial acclaim The winner of the Macavity Award for the Best First Novel from the Mystery Readers of American, THE RITUAL BATH introduced readers to Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus, termed by People Magazine Hands down, the most refreshing mystery couple around The New York Times enthused, This couple s domestic affairs have the haimish warmth of reality, unlike the formulaic lives of so many other genre detectives There are well over twenty million copies of Faye Kellerman s novels in print internationally The Decker Lazarus thrillers include SACRED AND PROFANE MILK AND HONEY DAY OF ATONEMENT FALSE PROPHET GRIEVOUS SIN SANCTUARY as well as her New York Times Bestsellers, JUSTICE, PRAYERS FOR THE DEAD listed by the LA Times as one of the best crime novel of 2001 SERPENT S TOOTH JUPITER S BONES, THE FORGOTTEN, STONE KISS, STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, THE BURNT HOUSE, THE MERCEDES COFFIN and BLINDMAN S BLUFF The novels, STALKER and STREET DREAMS, introduced Kellerman s newest protagonist, Police Officer Cindy Decker In addition to her crime series, Kellerman is also the author of New York Time s bestseller MOON MUSIC, a suspense horror novel set in Las Vegas featuring Detective Romulus Poe, as well as an historical novel of intrigue set in Elizabethan England, THE QUALITY OF MERCY She has also co authored the New York Times Bestseller DOUBLE HOMICIDE, with her husband and partner in crime, Jonathan Kellerman She has also written a young adult novel, PRISM, with her daughter, Aliza KellermanFaye Kellerman s highly praised short stories and reviews have been anthologized in numerous collections including two volumes of the notable SISTERS IN CRIME SERIES, Sara Paretsky s, A WOMAN S EYE THE FIRST ANNUAL YEAR S FINEST CRIME AND MYSTERY STORIES THE THIRD ANNUAL BEST MYSTERY STORIES OF THE YEAR WOMEN OF MYSTERY AND DEADLY ALLIES 11 Her personally annotated collection of her award winning stories, THE GARDEN OF EDEN and OTHER CRIMINAL DELIGHTS, was published in August of 2006 HHer other hobbies include gardening, sewing and jogging if her back doesn t give out She is the proud mother of four children, and her eldest son, Jesse, has just published his fourth novel, THE EXECUTOR, from Putnam She lives in Los Angeles and Santa Fe with her husband, Jonathan, their youngest child, and their French Bulldog, Hugo.


    1. In this installment of the Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus mystery series, we are introduced to recurring character Chris Whitman, son of mob boss Joseph Donatti. Hiding out from mafia life back east, Whitman attempts to blend in to life as a normal teenager yet still stands out in the crowd. Then he falls in love with his tutor even though the mob had arranged a marriage for him back home. Amidst all of this teenaged angst, on prom night Whitman's date is found strangled to death in her hotel room. S [...]

    2. Faye Kellerman is one of those writers I'd been aware of for years simply due to the number of books she'd written. I simply had never gotten around to picking one of her books up and trying it.I picked this one up because it was used as an example in Savage Spawn: Reflections on Violent Children a nonfiction book by her husband Jonathan Kellerman. Otherwise I'm OCD I'd probably never picked up #8 in a series first.This is an interesting (as advertised) character driven mystery/thriller. It's no [...]

    3. Kellerman's Decker and Lazarus series is a bit like a seismograph: up and down, up and down. A good book then a horrific book.The previous entry in this series, Sanctuary, I really enjoyed. I find that I prefer the books that deal more in-depth with the religious aspects of the storyline the Orthodox Judaism, the different approaches to Judaism, etc. I find it fascinating.This seems to be the more cop-focused, police procedural type book that usually alternates with the books that are more abo [...]

    4. My all time favorite book! I became emotionally attached to a character. It's another coming of age story for a late teen woman who comes from an emotionally unavailable home. And story of justice for a killer, for the victim's family, for an overlooked employee, and for a corrupt public servant. I can't say enough about how much I enjoy and in a way, depend on this book.

    5. This is a actually my favourite Peter Decker book to date. The subject matter is very unsavoury and the plot very gripping, as you would expect. There are also some very unexpected twists that occur towards the end. As usual, Faye Kellerman creates an acute sense of place. The reader can feel the heat when Terry is being driven through the desert for her assignation at Piedmont and when Peter Decker and Wanda Bontemps are driving through South Central LA investigating a cold case, you actually f [...]

    6. 2.5 to 3 stars and only reason that much was b/c the last quarter (2-3 hrs) redeemed itself, but through the first 9-10 hrs I had planned on giving it 2 or less. This is #8 in Decker/Lazarus series (& my 10th read) and one of my favorite crime duo and def fav. m/f duo, but the majority of this one was by far the worst in series. Although I missed Decker's partner, Marge, I could get past that and still even though Rina was barely in this installment, BUT most of the 1st quarter were two teen [...]

    7. In this book of the Peter Decker series the emphasis is on the mystery and the characters involved in the murder. Peter struggles with his boss, his time at home, worry about his daughter and it all makes for a very real, enjoyable read. I am just loving this series.

    8. Faye Kellerman creates an enigmatic character with Christopher Whitman, a cello player and good looking guy, who just happens to be the nephew of a Mob boss, Joey Donatti. Chris is a suspect in the murder of his date on Prom Night, and because he has mob ties, is the immediate suspect. Chris is already engaged to a woman he can't stand to make peace between warring mob families. He is in love with Terry, a beautiful, smart and innocent girl. So he has a kind of Madonna/Whore thing going on. But [...]

    9. Just barely two stars. This was nowhere near the quality of her other books in this series. No focus at all on Peter and Rina or on their religious life. The latter really disappointed me, as Kellerman's usual focus on Orthodox Judaism is usually so interesting - and educational too! Very little suspense and not much thrill either, unless you count the gratuitous sex scenes, which were really over the top. Very disappointing.

    10. This was a very good read. I will say it was not a page turner but I found myself intrigued by the story line. The characters were interesting especially one of the main one, Christopher Whitman. I think I wanted to know more about him because he was such an interesting guy. This book was not a page turner because I thought it was predictable and kept turning pages hoping for a bit more. However I did like the way the ending worked for all the police characters involved. Would recommend.

    11. I enjoy reading this series and will continue to do so. I liked the mystery and it held my attention to the end. I was less impressed with the attempt by the author to write the way she thinks Black people speak. I found the main character interesting but a bit up and down and way off towards the end.

    12. This series is a quick read, and often, kind of the same plot. But the books are entertaining enough for crime novels and you learn a little about Orthodox Judiasm, which is the religion of the Peter Decker and his wife Rina.

    13. Loved this book. It was dark & mysterious and took a turn at the end that I did not expect. Christoper Whitman/Donatti was pure evil even though I wanted him to be the nice guy that Terry thought he was. This was the 2nd time I read this book and liked it even more the second time.

    14. I really didn't like this book. The plot was all over the place and I found Decker to be really unlikable throughout the whole book.

    15. Loved Chris, thought he was superbly drawn and was thrilled to discover, in later books, that he (and Terry) became recurring characters.

    16. Really enjoyed this one in the series, especially as I've read some out of order. It explains Chris Donatti and his relationship with Deckard, and explains so much of what happens in the later books.

    17. Best of the series so far. More police work than family in this one and it makes it a better read. Don't want to see the family go but just a bit less.

    18. Aren't We All WarpedThis book is so completely different, both, different from the average crime series book, AND from the Decker/Lazarus series, that I even felt obliged to write about it differently.First, skip the cover text. It tells you Detective Seargeant Pete Decker is called to investigate the murder of a high school student. True so, but this is not really what makes the book special AND different. Author Kellerman starts with the short scene of a memoir. Then you will get a very few pa [...]

    19. This is probably not the best book in the series primarily because there is very little family interaction which is the backbone to skillfully plotted story lines in this series. Be cautious if you're a little squeamish, this story of infatuation, rape and murder has a multitude of twists and turns, red herrings and confessions. Oh wait a minute, did that person really commit that crime? Read on and find out for yourself. But do try some of the other titles, start at the beginning if you can and [...]

    20. I still haven't figured our how the beginning of the book relates to the rest of it except to introduce us to a serial rapist in New York. The book however deals with characters based in LA. Decker is his usual self, hard working, neglecting everything in order to solve a crime. Some interesting twists that lead to the real killer (or do they?).

    21. I have read a few of Faye Kellerman's books and she didn't disappoint me with this one. It was an easy read and kept me reading. The ending was a little different than what I had imagined. Good read!!

    22. I've read some of the beginning books and some further on, but am now filling in those I missed.I think this is the best book of the series of the many I've read and was fascinated to discover how the Donattis got into the stories.

    23. It wasn't Faye's usual novel featuring Peter Decker and Rina, and I missed Marge a ton, but once I got into it. the story moved pretty well. I have to admit it was chapter 33 that I finally felt like I was on common ground with Peter working a case. Yes, his boss ticked me off and yes, I felt like the case was being railroaded, and yes not all the clues were given the same looksee. The element of racial injustice was a topic, the idea a cop might be involved and a cold case mixed together very i [...]

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