Simple Knitting: A Complete How-To-Knit Workshop with 20 Projects

Simple Knitting: A Complete How-To-Knit Workshop with 20 Projects

Erika Knight / Feb 20, 2020

Simple Knitting A Complete How To Knit Workshop with Projects Simple Knitting is a unique workshop based how to knit book that will teach you the key techniques while creating an enviable collection of knitted items Each of the projects in the book teaches a

  • Title: Simple Knitting: A Complete How-To-Knit Workshop with 20 Projects
  • Author: Erika Knight
  • ISBN: 9780312668334
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Simple Knitting is a unique workshop based, how to knit book that will teach you the key techniques while creating an enviable collection of knitted items Each of the 20 projects in the book teaches a new skill, as well as building upon and consolidating those knitting techniques already learned through preceding projects With a series of workshop style masterclasses EriSimple Knitting is a unique workshop based, how to knit book that will teach you the key techniques while creating an enviable collection of knitted items Each of the 20 projects in the book teaches a new skill, as well as building upon and consolidating those knitting techniques already learned through preceding projects With a series of workshop style masterclasses Erika Knight explains all the essential information from achieving a perfect tension and substituting yarns or stitch textures, to advanced cables and shaping alongside broader design principles, such as building a color palette.Providing a unique opportunity to learn the design secrets of one of the world s most highly respected knitwear designers, Erika shares her special tricks of the trade within this book Erika s signature style, for which she has become renowned worldwide, is her sophisticated simplicity Simple Knitting is the embodiment of that elegant reductivism Her designs prove that you can make wonderful, original items for your home and yourself at the same time as mastering a repertoire of skills Likewise, her preference for a refined natural palette of earthy shades with the odd highlight hue is perfectly in tune with the current mood for relaxed, homely interiors.With inspiring photography by Yuki Sugiura that showcases each of the beautiful designs, supported with clear charts and artwork, Simple Knitting is the ultimate learn to knit book.

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        Keep it simple, chic and contemporary So says Erika, textile designer and fashion design consultant, whose trademark has been the traditional with a twist Coming into knitting via fine art training, she is highly regarded in her field and works for many international companies designing ready to wear ranges Author of Comforts of Home Martingale , her latest book is Simple Knits for Cherished Babies Collins Brown.


    1. I don't remember much about patterns from this bookbut as I noted in my reading progress, this was the book that helped me figure out that I'd been knitting wrong for 4-5 months. :\ (I'd been knitting into the back of the stitch, FWIW.) And I learned something about what sort of pictures I can actually learn knitting techniques from. That's worth it, even if that's all I got.

    2. I've read a lot of introductory knitting books in the last couple of years, as I was teaching myself how to knit apart from early (ghastly) experiments under my Nonna's supervision. The biggest challenge for intro volumes is that, while the text and illustrations may be well done, the projects themselves can date very quickly. (For example, Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook, which is a great intro to knitting, but who wants to make an iPod cover anymore?) "Simple Knitting" is a book I'd co [...]

    3. Simple Knitting: A Complete How-To Knit Workshop with 20 Projects by Ericka Knight covers everything that a beginning knitter needs to know. I would have loved to have had this book when I was just starting. The illustrations of how to do knit and purl make it so almost anyone could figure it out. She covers the differences between different yarns and I agree with her bamboo needles are the best. Bamboo has a comfortable feel to it. Her stitch gallery highlights each of the basic stitches with n [...]

    4. *I received a copy of this book through First Reads Giveaways*When I found out I was getting a copy of this book I was super excited. I had wanted to knit, but learning without anyone to correct me is difficult. This book has been very helpful. The pictures aren't too helpful on their own, but are more helpful when supplemented with videos from YouTube. It was much easier to understand what was happening in the videos when the descriptions and diagrams were there to clarify. I absolutely adore [...]

    5. Great book for a beginner it takes you through 20 projects and adds a new technique as it goes on, puts them in categories such as basic, stripes, shaping, colorwork, fully fashioned shaping. Found the following sections very helpful; materials and techniques, explained along with pictures the different yarns and choosing them, author used drawings to demonstrate the techniques which I found easy to understand instead of pictures; stitch library author has nice large pictures of each; and recomm [...]

    6. I received a complimentary copy of this book through the First Read program.This a great knitting reference book. The photographs and drawings are very clear and help to illustrate the various stitches and techniques. It has one of the best explanations of knitting gauge and how to measure a swatch as well why a gauge swatch is important. The section on choosing yarns and colors is very helpful as you move forward with knitting skills to begin to design your own projects and patterns. I would h [...]

    7. I've read a few how to knit books over the years, none of them have succeeded in teaching me what I needed to know but this looks like it might (finally!) do the trick.There is a very easy to follow, clearly illustrated list of stitches. The secrets of yarn weight, stitch and style, how to interpret the mysterious knitting pattern and the differences of knitting using wool, linen and silk, is all explained in the easiest-to-understand terms.Simply explained and beautifully presented with a pared [...]

    8. There are some lovely patterns in this book and everything does seem simple when you first read through the instructions, however having struggled with the mitten pattern I was a bit annoyed. After all this is supposed to be a book for beginners but I really had to think things thorough and add information to make the pattern work. I did get there in the end with a huge amount of patience but it really wasn't a step by step guide. The two needle socks was a lot easier and the masterclass section [...]

    9. I received this book as part of the ’ First Reads Program for a fair review.Overview: Ms. Knight is sharing her tips of the trade with us. As well as a few projects that clearly illustrate those tips.Likes: It’s surprising how many tricks you can learn in twenty patterns. We even get pictures of each stitch style.Conclusion: Most beginning knitters ought to learn much from this book. Even the more advanced might find a tip that makes the knitting process even more of an enjoyment. Like how t [...]

    10. This is a great book for getting started as a knitter! As a newbie, I have a hard time reading patterns and copying stitches from print (thank you, YouTube!) but this book breaks them down in a way I *think* I can follow successfully. I'm planning to work through several of these projects--and it's so nice to have actual simple stitch projects and not just "this is how you do it, have at it yourself"--before I go back out on my own. I mean, one can only make so many ear warmers and scarves!

    11. I learned the basics of how to knit a few years ago but only ever completed one project (a scarf of course). This book is perfect for my level to help give me some more ideas without being crazy intricate designs that I have no chance of ever finishing. The 20 designs are split up by level, I have picked one of the basic designs (a shopper) and hopefully will be able to complete it soon, so far so good. *I received this book through the First Reads program.

    12. Very good explanation of types of yarn, basic knitting stitches, measuring a gauge. Also gives nice photos of sample stitches, for example, different types of rib stitches. It has 20 projects of varying abilities, easy to experienced, however, none that I was particularly interested in. It had a muffler, a pillow, socks, a sweater, among other projects. Project 9- the rag bag was cute, made from strips of shirting fabric or other fabric which gave it more texture than the usual yarn.

    13. I received this book through First Reads and I was particularly impatient to receive it because I love to knit. I wasn't disappointed, I liked the different projects that were in it and I also liked that she showed how to do the different types of patterns. I will definitely be using this book a lot.

    14. I received a complimentary copy of this book through the First Read program.This knitting manual is beautifully arranged with color photos and easy to follow patterns. The guide provides tips and tricks for beginners and advanced techniques. A very nice first knitting project book for the beginning knitter.

    15. I received this book from a giveaway and I am very excited to have it. There are 20 projects that I cannot wait to try. There are also many different stitches and other helpful information for knitters. This book is very helpful in explaining the concepts through words and pictures. There are projects for beginners and experts, and it helps you develop your skills. I am so happy to have it.

    16. Received as a 'first read'. This is a beautiful book that would be very helpful for any beginning knitter. I have another beginners book, but I like this one much better. The pictures are very helpful and I love the swatch examples of different stitches. I'm not totally in love with the projects though. I think there are cuter patterns out there for beginners.

    17. This book has some awesome projects and even better directions. Erika has made 4x4 swatches of the most popular knit stitch techniques and photographed them with simple directions. For the visual learner this is a huge help!

    18. I love this book it's very well made, the quality of the images and the paper itself are wonderful. It's very good for someone that is learning to knit as its very descriptive and explain things clearly. Definitely one I would buy.

    19. *I received this book from a Giveaway*A well put together knitting book with a lot of creative knitting patterns to learn! It's also a great looking book that makes for a good piece in my 'coffee table book stack'.

    20. An entry level knitting book, raised above the ordinary by its beautiful pared down styling and Japanese influenced aesthetic.My favourite element is the stitch library, which illustrates the texture of 24 stitch patterns in a clearly photographed swatch.

    21. Simple Knitting is a great book to get started with knitting or pick it back up. Instructions and guides are clear and include a variety of stitches and techniques for the more experienced knitter to try. The projects are creative and unique. I'm looking forward to making a number of them.

    22. This book was given to me as a birthday present with a challenge to start at the front and work my way through the 20 projects to improve my knitting. I took the challenge but have to get a project done before I can start.

    23. I borrowed this from the library as a knitting review, since I haven't knitted in years. It's a good book, I believe it would be great for a beginner.

    24. I love this book. I initially borrowed it from the library, then ordered it from my local bookshop. Her designs and colour choices are fantastic.

    25. fabulous for beginner & experienced knitters, illustrations and photos help the 20 projects move along with ease.

    26. The swedish edition is called: "Sticka stilrent och rustikt : en stickhandbok med 20 härliga projekt"Very detailed explanations and I can't wait to start my own small projects :D

    27. Not useful for learning DPNs or circular needles--the instructions are vague and the illustrations poor.

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