The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex: What's Wrong with Modern Movies?

The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex: What's Wrong with Modern Movies?

Mark Kermode / Feb 26, 2020

The Good the Bad and the Multiplex What s Wrong with Modern Movies A renowned film critic offers a no holds barred account of all that is great and all that is terrible about cinema Outspoken opinionated and hilariously funny the critic who carved out a career in

  • Title: The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex: What's Wrong with Modern Movies?
  • Author: Mark Kermode
  • ISBN: 9781847946034
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • A renowned film critic offers a no holds barred account of all that is great and all that is terrible about cinema Outspoken, opinionated, and hilariously funny, the critic who carved out a career in print, radio, and television based entirely on the belief that The Exorcist is the greatest movie ever made and that the Pirates of the Caribbean films should be buried in a vA renowned film critic offers a no holds barred account of all that is great and all that is terrible about cinema Outspoken, opinionated, and hilariously funny, the critic who carved out a career in print, radio, and television based entirely on the belief that The Exorcist is the greatest movie ever made and that the Pirates of the Caribbean films should be buried in a very deep hole where they can never bother anyone ever again tackles the real questions that serious filmgoers need answered What s wrong with the modern movie business How can we make it right If blockbusters make money no matter how bad they are, then why not make a good one for a change How can 3 D be the future of cinema when it s been giving audiences a headache for than 100 years Why pay to watch films in theaters which don t have a projectionist but do have a fast food stand And, in a world in which Sex and the City 2 was a hit, what the hell are film critics for This hilariously forthright, enthusiastic look at the state of film today will delight all film obsessives.

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    1. Mark Kermode, when he is explaining how even bad blockbuster movies rarely lose money, says that the movie companies tend to pull quotes out of context from even the worst reviews and put them on posters – no, do they really? E.g. Trevor Johnson's Time Out review of The Color of Night began:Hypnotic. Compelling. Stunning. Bruce Willis' latest crime against celluloid is a special kind of bad.This was turned into – you guessed it -"Hypnotic. Compelling. Stunning."- Time Out.So, I wondered if t [...]

    2. I’ve been generally well inclined towards Mark Kermode ever since the early nineties, when I was a student and he was working for Radio One, and myself and a few others had to explain to him who The Lemonheads were before he interviewed them later that day. (His wife was my tutor, hence the connection). I listen to him on Radio Five-Live, I read his reviews in The Observer and now I’m reading his book.Actually I couldn’t decide whether it was more a collection of articles, or a segment of [...]

    3. At some point in time, I decided I didn't like Mark Kermode. I have a memory of watching his enthusiastic introduction to The Exorcist and subsequently watching the film and just not getting it. A similar experience took place with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His reviews can be tough and he probably disliked something I loved and so I got it into my head that he wasn't a critic I cared for.Yet I picked up The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex, having been intrigued by the blurb when I encountered [...]

    4. Easy-to-read and, on the whole, comprised of decent information, argument and analysis. Word of warning though - skip chapter one! That chapter, about Kermode making a fictitious trip to the cinema, is written in the most toe-curlingly straining-for-humour manner imaginable and nearly led to me casting the book aside. I'm glad I didn't though because the following chapters, which looked in turn at the economics of blockbuster movies, the inevitable decline of 3-D, the showbiz world's bizarre fix [...]

    5. I skimmed this rather than abandoning it, but it would be cheating to say I'd actually read the whole thing, so onto the 'abandoned' shelf it goes. I really enjoy Mark Kermode's film criticism, and was interested to see what I'd make of the arguments presented here. I differ hugely from Kermode's standpoint in that I get all of my intellectual stimulation from things I read - books, newspapers, articles online - so when I do watch a film, it tends to be for the purposes of pure escapism, and for [...]

    6. I was sent this book by Random House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I am a fan of movies and I love going to the cinema, although I don't get there nearly as much as I would like.Mark Kermode is a film critic, he's been in this job for around 25 years and has seen a wide range of movies over the years. In this book he discusses how cinema has changed over the years, why modern movies are so bad, and what film critics are really for.I love his sense of humour in this book, he has a [...]

    7. Mark Kermode is easily my favorite film critic - his scathing reviews of Michael Bay movies and the Pirates of the Caribbean series are enough to earn him endless amounts of respect from me. This is the first book I've read of his, and I'm pleased to report he's just as engaging in this format. The book does ramble at times, but outside of the first chapter that didn't detract from the overall read. His passion for film is incredibly infectious. Recommended for anyone interested in becoming less [...]

    8. This book gets 3.5 stars, damn you .If you enjoy Mark Kermode's reviews or rants on cinema, "The Good, the Bad, and the Multiplex" won't disappoint. So what is contained in the book is, firstly, a long story about Mr. Kermode taking his daughter to see a Zac Efron movie (who he goes on about, especially Zac's "hair", to the point of mental health concern) and experiences every terrible thing you could imagine going to see a digital print of a movie after trying to buy tickets online and then dis [...]

    9. A wonderful read where The Good Doctor puts across his points and views about the modern state of cinema the only way he can: through well composed sentences, humorous witticisms and entertaining personal anecdotes. A terrific read.

    10. Kermode's second book gets off to a shaky start with a protracted description of a visit to a multiplex. I've often disagreed with people's descriptions of Mark as a grumpy old man, which I think is usually a way of dismissing someone who just passionately disagrees about something you like, but in this instance the shoe somewhat fits. I dislike multiplexes and avoid them where possible, but the opening chapter (not counting the prologue, which is ok, but follows the formula that every book abou [...]

    11. Released in early September, noted British film critic Mark Kermode followed up It's Only a Movie with another rant-filled tome entitled The Good, The Bad and The Multiplex. At Edinburgh International Book Festival, tour dates across the UK, and podcasts across the interwebs, Kermode has offered verbal versions of his prosthelytising about the lost art of film projection, the state of British cinema, American remakes of perfectly good foreign films, and more.The book offers much of the same, act [...]

    12. For anyone who has ever spent more than five minutes listening to Radio 5's flagship film show (or the podcast version) knows, Dr Kermode has opinions. Lots of opinions. Most of them about film. And he's nearly always right.In fact, I've only ever known him be seriously wrong once (a faintly positive review of Elfie Hopkins, easily the worst film of the year, if not the decade).But it's not a desire to be right, or an academic zeal born of the fact he knows he's right (which he often is, if not [...]

    13. Intelligent without being elitist, grouchy and rather funny, Kermode takes on the sorry state of modern movies. Personally, I've not been going to the cinema half as much lately as I used to. Apart from it costing the best part of a tenner, without any add-ons like 'premium' seating, 3D and food, whenever I have ventured there I've either been wildly disappointed or flat out annoyed at the cinematic crap that's being served up. In the last year, the number of films I've truly enjoyed can be coun [...]

    14. A massively enjoyable rant-cycle about what's wrong with modern cinema (and indeed, modern cinemas) from Britain's most trusted film critic*, leavened with joyful little hymns to the pictures and picture palaces that make it all worthwhile. Obviously, it's massively subjective - and admits as much, as any decent film book must do - while never being afraid to give those subjective opinions full hyperbolic throttle. Which nonetheless means that, if your tastes overlap with Kermode's less than min [...]

    15. Better than Kermode's previous book (which was mostly bits of biography), this book is a series of pretty much separable chapters, each on a subject Kermode is likely to go into one of his famous rants about. The first (on the lack of projectionists in modern multiplexes) is just comedy genius. The image of Dr Kermode smouldering away like some modern day Hancock simply trying but tickets (but NOT POPCORN) in a multiplex had me chuckling all the way through. In the following chapters, Kermode lo [...]

    16. Whilst Kermode is great at polemic, he's less good at actually making a cohesive argument about why he doesn't like something.His typical line of criticism is "This thing is bad, because I said sod I'm right". Michael Bay's films may be objectionable and underpinned by the worst kind of prejudiced beliefs, but Kermode doesn't do a great job of skewering him, and he's just one of the easy targets taken on in this mostly underwhelming collection of essays which you've already heard if you've ever [...]

    17. A worth of admissionading if only for the Chapter 3 'The Inevitable Decline of 3-D', which says everything that's needs to be said why current 3-D hype is just a stupid money-making scheme, nothing more, and i can hope will die away soon as possible. Book itself is 313 pages long (funny) rant what's wrong with the modern movies. If you find Kermode annoying on a radio/tv you probably won't like this so much. But for me who likes Mike Kermodes reviews (and thinks that all great movies were made b [...]

    18. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Sorry.Years and years and YEARS of being frustrated with the decay of modern cinema, and all of my sentiments toward it have finally been properly articulated! Thanks to you, Mark. Nailed it.If only I had read this 5 years ago when it came out would I have been less up in arms over the lack of expert concern towards the excruciations that are 3-D cinema, the over-saturation of vacuous tentpole films and the culture of subtitlephobia. But you called it Mark! Thank you!Y [...]

    19. The Good, the Bad, and the Multiplex is a collection of six long rambling essays by the film critic Mark Kermode. I have a very soft spot for Kermode and his reviews, and this was published about the time I stopped listening to his very popular podcasts (two hours was too long for me). If you remember these podcasts then the material should be very familiar, but there are snippets of information that he didn't go into on his show that does reveal how great his depth of knowledge of cinema really [...]

    20. Moderately amusing collection of essays on what the author thinks is wrong with modern cinema. While some of it is quite entertaining, some is just silly. The first chapter in particular, in which he takes his daughter to the cinema and makes a tiresome fuss about the cost of tickets, is rather hard to swallow - if he's a regular cinema-goer, how can he not already be familiar with how much tickets cost? And why all the fuss over buying his daughter a coke and some popcorn? He seems to be a bit [...]

    21. I'm a fan of Kermode and Mayo's podcast and currently doing a major in Screen Studies at university. While I've read a lot of academic papers about the topics covered here (including the death of celluloid and projectionists, the rise of automated multiplex cinemas and 3D, the roles and functions of film critics and how bad is Michael Bay) it was great to read something less formal and more passionate about the current state of cinema. Yes, Mark Kermode is incredibly opinionated and renowned for [...]

    22. I read this one straight after reading It's Only A Movie and whilst the first half and part of the talk on foreign films and subtitles was enjoyable, I found myself a little worn with the pages upon pages of seemingly endless walls of information that whilst some may find interesting, in all regards, I personally just found a drag to read.I went into this thinking it'd be something a little different and whilst I wasn't completely disappointed, I definitely enjoyed his more biographical book mor [...]

    23. Very enjoyable read. Pretty close to how I feel about Multiplexes, although where I now live there isn't one I can access with a journey by Boat or Plane. This book of course covers more than a critique of the state of Cinemas, but the culture and the impact it has had on film making in general, and then by dint, our values when it comes to film and how we view them. In a commercialised world of increasingly globalised or colonised pop culture, where does Cinema the major art that grew in the 20 [...]

    24. More astute observations on cinema from the good doctor. Kermode turns away from autobiography and pens essays on the decline of projectionists, the rise of 3D, and the function of a film critic in a world that doesn't listen to them. Acerbic wit and scathing critiques abound, as when he calls /Sex & the City 2/ "a dark-hearted Kurtzian horror." Fans of his YouTube channel will doubtless lap this up, and it might be more accessible than his memoirs simply because the references are more imme [...]

    25. Entertaining if a bit meandering; good thing I like the guy, and he actually tells some interesting stories at times. Two pieces of serendipity that occurred to me while reading the book:1. On Thursday, 2 March, I read the section where he praises the Phoenix cinema in Finchley. I was on the tube to visit this very cinema for the first time.2. On Friday, 10 March, I read the section where he mentions he rarely gets quoted on the side of buses. Later that day, he'd say the same thing on his radio [...]

    26. I can still remember the moment I fell in love with this thing called cinema. Doctor Alan Grant, striding into a field, and looking out over the plains and seeing dinosaurs. Living, breathing up-there-in-all-their-glory dino-fricking-saurs! I didn’t know how Steven Spielberg had done it – but that summer in 1993, I sat entranced in my local flea-pit cinema (one screen, sticky floor, but with ushers, projectionists, chocolate raisins at the food counter; a cinema that didn’t seem to have ch [...]

    27. I read this rather quickly, which of course is a testament to Mr Kermode's writing; but I am also thinking that I might be a preferrer of non-fiction to fiction (sometimes). The fiction feeds the soul, but I find it hard work. The non-fiction feeds the brain and can be good fun. Firstly, Mr Kermode made me laugh. Which was something I'd forgotten that a good book can do. So three cheers for MK! Secondly, he is very informative. Now I know that he expounds on topics that are dear to his heart tha [...]

    28. Anyone who follows film criticism knows that Mark Kermode is perhaps the finest, most accessible movie critic Britain has to offer; he's grumpy, acerbic, florid in his language and brilliantly entertaining, as his terrific radio show with Simon Mayo frequently demonstrates. And 9/10 he's absolutely right about what he vaunts and disparages; hence why seeing such love and bile spill out in The Good, The Bad and the Multiplex is so enjoyable to digest.The great thing about Kermode is that he doesn [...]

    29. Since the passing of Roger Ebert, the mantle of "my favorite living film critic" has passed to Mark Kermode, the erudite, sometimes gloriously nasty Brit whose co-hosts a regular BBC radio show with Simon Mayo. Though I don't always agree with Kermode's opinions (he has a peculiar fondness for Zac Efron that I don't entirely share; likewise, he declared last year's "Entourage", which I quite enjoyed, the worst film of 2015), I can always count on him to share them in a way that's entertaining, i [...]

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