Sing You Home

Sing You Home

Jodi Picoult / Sep 19, 2019

Sing You Home Zoe Baxter has spent ten years trying to get pregnant and just when she s about to get her heart s desire tragedy destroys her world When Zoe allows herself to start thinking of children again she

  • Title: Sing You Home
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • ISBN: 9781444724530
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Zoe Baxter has spent ten years trying to get pregnant, and just when she s about to get her heart s desire, tragedy destroys her world When Zoe allows herself to start thinking of children again, she remembers that there are still frozen embryos that she and her husband never used But she needs his permission to use them.

    Jodi Picoult Sing You Home Baby, I will sing you home to me Baby, I will sing you home to me The House on Hope Street Verse The floorboards on the staircase creaked The shower sometimes ran too cold We didn t care, we loved that house It was the place we would grow old I saw my whole life in those rooms Just big enough to hold my dreams Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult Sing You Home is my new favorite novel by Jodi Picoult, and as of now mid March, my favorite book of this year There are so many things I wish I could say coherently about this book I was at a loss of words when I finished it three hours ago, and I still am speechless. Sing You Home Jodi Picoult Books Sing You Home is the book that we, as gay men and woman, will want to hand to our straight friends, neighbors, co workers, and family members. Sing You Home Sing You Home is a novel by American novelist Jodi Picoult It was released on March , , and tells the story of a lesbian fighting for the right to use frozen embryos created by her and her ex husband. Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult, Paperback Barnes Noble Sing You Home is the book that we, as gay men and woman, will want to hand to our straight friends, neighbors, co workers, and family members I m not saying Picoult is a savior for the gay movement, but she s created a record of our time. Sing You Home Book by Jodi Picoult Official Publisher This reading group guide for Sing You Home includes an introduction, discussion questions, ideas for enhancing your book club, and a QA with author Jodi Picoult.The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. Xenia Sing You Home Lyrics MetroLyrics The harmony s chasin you down So just surrender Cause it s a part of you now See it written on the walls all around you Somethin hidden, Every song is a steppin stone Kinda like the way it feels when you let the stars Sing you home Home Sing you home Stop, shh, listen cause the stars tryin to sing you home Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult Home Simon Schuster Sing You Home explores the delicate boundaries of identity, love, marriage, and parenthood What happens when the outside world brutally calls into question the very thing closest to our hearts family Once again, Jodi Picoult gracefully brings the hidden tensions of life sharply into focus in Sing You Home A woman s attempt to have a child with her new partner using her ex husband s frozen embryos is met with resistance due to the ex s newly found religious fundamental beliefs.

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    1. Searching for an apologetic for a homosexual lifestyle? This is the book for you! This review is from: Sing You Home: A Novel (Paperback)I've read all of Jodi's books previously and was so excited to see this one on the shelf at WalMart. Unfortunately,(no spoilers in my review), this novel paints all evangelical Christians as homophobic scumbags and all lesbians as kind-hearted, loving saints. I kept hoping it would change, that Jodi would not keep lumping me in with Westboro Baptist Church idio [...]

    2. Sing You Home is my new favorite novel by Jodi Picoult, and as of now (mid-March, 2011) my favorite book of this year.There are so many things I wish I could say coherently about this book. I was at a loss of words when I finished it three hours ago, and I still am speechless. But I want to write this review while the emotions it evoked are still at their strongest.The writing was superb as always. Picoult doesn't use a lot of "SAT" vocabulary, or extremely complex sentence structure, but the wa [...]

    3. Posted at Shelf Inflicted This is the first novel I’ve read by Jodi Picoult. I admire her courage and honesty for tackling such issues as infertility, gay rights, parenthood, and religious beliefs. I read somewhere that Jodi’s own teenage son came out to her while she was writing this book. He’s very fortunate to have such supportive parents. Zoe Baxter is a music therapist desperate to have a child. Max, her husband of nine years, has his own landscaping business, enjoys surfing, and stru [...]

    4. I have come to the conclusion, that, IMO, Ms. Picoult is more than likely the most overhyped female author in the United States today. Now, that I have absolutely suffered through this triffling piece of trash of a book, I can honestly say that. Ms. Picoult's books are one reason why I try to stay away from the big house publishers anymore. Here is another author who is crammed down our throats with mediocre writing. I agree with other reviewers who call Ms. Picoult's books formulaic, but I will [...]

    5. Ms Picoult is simply brilliant. I used to have her on my auto-buy list and have to admit that her last few books, while good, have seemed somewhat formulaic. I was hovering on whether or not to buy this book when my friend suggested it for this month's book-club read. I'm so glad she gave me that push. I wont give another synopsis of the story, you can read enough of those on the reviews below. What I will do is give my opinion.Someone once said (Hemingway? Orwell?) - and I'm paraphrasing: that [...]

    6. This story is slightly corny at times, but Jodi Picoult gets bonus points for guts. She's bound to get complaints from both sides of the arguments presented in the book. There will be gay people who say she got things all wrong or trivialized them, and the hate-mongering, gay-bashing religious zealots will probably send her death threats. All the common remarks and complaints about Picoult's novels are valid. They're formulaic, reductive, predictable, oversimplified, and they rely a little too h [...]

    7. If you ever read a Jodi Picoult novel, you know the drill. Multiple perspectives, courtroom tension, controversial topic, a little twist, insightful little quotes here and there. Lately, though, I haven't really liked her novels, the more of them I read, the less I like them. However, this one wasn't too bad. It wasn't my favorite by any means, but it wasn't her worse either. It divulged into corniness sometimes, but there were some humorous moments that, in retrospect, I really wish I had writt [...]

    8. I decided that I would not finish this book. For now I am taking a vacation from Jodi. I loved Nineteen Minutes and My Sisters Keeper. However, lately the books seem to be cookie cutter. I feel a sense of deja vu when I read one and it is not a good thing. I was interested in the infertility issues as I suffered through many of the things she decribed, and I could relate to her description. I'm not particularly interested in lesbian relationship stories but was willing to take the trip with her [...]

    9. I think I'm over the whole "important current social issue leads to big dramatic court case" format of Picoult's books.

    10. Really intriguing story on the various definitions of what makes a family and the legal aspects and prejudices against same-sex couples. I really enjoyed this Picoult book. So far my Jodi Picoult phase is leaving me with the belief that this woman cannot write a bad book. Overall, just a huge I love this author and her stories!

    11. Finished, and I have to say I was incredibly impressed by this one. I've found her last couple of books a tad slow to engage, but this one grabbed me by the throat from page one and never let go. It has a lot of themes, but I thought she juggled them very well. I won't say more for fear of spoiling others' enjoyment, other than the unsurprising news that yes, there's a court scene (but an extremely well done one). This book introduced me to themes and ideas I've never really looked at before thi [...]

    12. I don't know if enjoy is the right word to describe any of Picoults books, but I do like how she writes of hot-button topics in today's society and makes me think about those topics.After multiple attempts to have a child, Max and Zoe go their separate ways. (view spoiler)[Max finds religion and Zoe finds Vanessa. Zoe, still wanting a child, decides to use the last 3 frozen embryos she & Max had left from their last IVF attempt. What follows is a court room battle over who gets custody of th [...]

    13. I was about two thirds of the way through Sing You Home, and I was becoming agitated, thinking it was spoiling my reading experience. I was really annoyed! This was a good thing on reflection though, it meant Ms Piccoult drew me in and created strong strong feelings. I wanted the characters to do certain things, I needed them to! The zealous evangelistic theme was driving me nuts, but now I realise I was rushing and being impatient. I'm like that sometimes. Partners for life, Zoe and Vanessa hav [...]

    14. I have high expectations for her books because I loved House Rules, Change of Heart and Handle With Care and the can't-turn-the-pages-fast-enough-feeling from reading those books.I was disappointed because I found the storyline to be very predictable and hoped for a shocking ending with unexpected twists and turns throughout. I don't want to post spoilers, so I will just say that: Max acted as I anticipated throughout the story, Lucy's part of the story was obvious from the beginning, Vanessa/Zo [...]

    15. I hated this book, and I usually really enjoy Jodi Picoult. Few books have made me as angry as this one has. I am very socially liberal, but I felt like I was being force-fed social propaganda. I mean, seriously. "Because our [gay] marriage isn't federally recognized, we have to jump through all these extra legal hoops to get the same rights - 1,138 of them - that come naturally to heterosexual couples who get married." I get it - gay marriage should become legal - I know. But I wanted to read a [...]

    16. More a 3.5 for me. All the hallmarks of a Jodi Picoult novel-flawed, sympathetic characters revealed through multiple points of view, a significant and timely social issue, and heartbreaking conflict.Zoe and Max's marriage fails after years of infertility, miscarriages and a shattering still birth. Zoe, a music therapist, finds solace in a new friend, Vanessa. Ultimately Vanessa becomes much more than a friend. Max relapses and starts drinking until his brother and wife help him find salvation i [...]

    17. To describe Jodi Picoult’s writing as anything less than powerful and poignant is a grave understatement. With her upcoming release Sing You Home, Picoult plays on her strengths as a writer and provides her readers, once again, with a book that presents some hard hitting controversial topics, a compelling argument for both sides, and a courtroom brawl that has her audience wavering back and forth between both sides of the issue.For fans of Picoult, you’re going to get a story that’s formul [...]

    18. After reading My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, I was pretty apprehensive about reading this one. But after KT’s suggestion to give her another try and Heather’s recommendation of Sing You Home I thought I might as well give it a try. Plus, I only had seven days to read it until it expired on GalleyGrab. And I’m kind of glad for that, because if it weren’t, I probably wouldn’t have even read it.So, the story: Max and Zoe have been married for nine years, five of which they’ve spe [...]

    19. Zoe Baxter has spent ten years trying to get pregnant, and after multiple miscarriages and infertility issues, it looks like her dream is about to come true – she is seven months pregnant. But a terrible turn of events leads to a nightmare – one that takes away the baby she has already fallen for; and breaks apart her marriage to Max. In the aftermath, she throws herself into her career as a music therapist – using music clinically to soothe burn victims in a hospital; to help Alzheimer’ [...]

    20. When I read what Jodi Picoult's new book was about I laughed, not because the topic is funny but because instead of the usual formula of one controversial social issue, this book contains about 10 and it also includes a companion CD, lyrics written by Miss Picoult herself. I laughed, I mocked, and then I went out and bought it. I am clearly the biggest fool on the planet. Picoult's books draw me back like an old boyfriend. Initially things seem good, I get caught up in the story (crying already [...]

    21. I started this book already having experience with Jodi Picoult’s writing, so I knew I was in for an intense experience. She is so methodical and expressive but I always find her stories disconcerting. I appreciate that the author told the story from Zoe, her new wife Vanessa and Zoe’s ex-husband’s point of view. It gave me an opportunity to empathize. I’ll admit it that I found the story a bit preachy and definitely advocated a viewpoint, but the story felt real especially in today’s [...]

    22. 4,5*Mais um excelente livro da Jodi. Uma história que aborda temas muito interessantes e atuais de uma forma bastante tocante. Muito bom!

    23. This book is unexpectedly brilliant. It took me through a roller coaster ride of emotions, one that keeps you lightheaded and dizzy, in an exhilarating way, long after you put down the book. The story kicked off on a gut-wrenching start when Zoe Baxter lost her baby boy, conceived by in vitro, at 28 weeks. From then on, everything just started to fall apart, including her marriage of nine years, until she met Vanessa. The couple got married (not in Rhode Island, where they lived, as same sex mar [...]

    24. Zoe and Max love being in love…ars ago that is. The pain of miscarriages, in-vitro procedures, ovulation schedules and thousands of dollars spent has placed the marriage in a trying situation. After the loss of another baby- one that was far into the pregnancy, Max and Zoe are both heartbroken but Zoe wants to move forward and try again for the 11th time….Max does notZoe is a music therapist, mostly she works at the hospital cheering patients up or working with specific individuals to have e [...]

    25. I can see, I think, what makes Picoult such a popular author. She chooses controversial situations and works her way through some logic, helping readers come to grips with questions that may nag them. Her writing is clear and accessible, and the story manages to hang together, but I felt nothing for the characters by the end. They felt like two-dimensional megaphones for their respective positions, in this case the religious right fights an openly gay couple for cryogenically frozen embryos. The [...]

    26. I went into this book with no expectations as this is the first book ive read by Jodi Picoult. I was drawn to this book by the issues that were raised, issues that i feel very strongly about and think it was very brave of Jodi to write about. I can say now i am totally blown away by what ive read and simply cant think enough superlatives to say how good this book is.The story of a lady named Zoe who had tried for 10 years to have a child with her husband Max but due to all manner of reason's thi [...]

    27. If you read my book reviews, then you already know that I'm a Jodi fan. I know that some criticize her plots and writing style and the fact that she has her own formulaic style and that a few of my English teacher friends think her work paltry. (I wonder why so many literate and literary people are threatened by popular authors? I guess I'm just a book slut and can usually find something worthwhile- however minute- in most everything that I read.)What I like about Jodi's books are the characters [...]

    28. A minha opinião em vídeo: youtu/y7Xqi06f_VYMais uma grande história da Jodi Picoult!Gostei mesmo muito. É uma história super actual mas, infelizmente, com imensos preconceitos.

    29. By Jove, or should that be, by Jodi, goddess of modern-day storytelling, she’s done it again! In Sing You Home, Jodi Picoult has covered the four E’s “educate, entertain, engage and enthuse” and has created a belter of a story which genuinely fits the description “unputdownable”.This will be a short but sweet review as I don’t wish to include spoilers which would mar future readers’ enjoyment. The story is told from three different perspectives, Zoe Baxter, a musician and music t [...]

    30. This booked grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go. It touched on the issues of gay rights and infertility with great insight. The main character, Zoe, is a music therapist and I love the CD that comes with the book. There is a song to go with every chapter.I love Jodi's style of writing. I specifically like her attention to detail and her exploration into the minds and lives of her characters so that you feel like you really know them. You see Vanessa struggling with being gay and bein [...]

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