The Glass Sided Ants Nest

The Glass Sided Ants Nest

Peter Dickinson / Dec 11, 2019

The Glass Sided Ants Nest Winner of the CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year The murder of the leader of a pygmy tribe introduces us to James Pibble the Scotland Yard superintendent with a knack for solving the mo

  • Title: The Glass Sided Ants Nest
  • Author: Peter Dickinson
  • ISBN: 9781558820890
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of the CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year The murder of the leader of a pygmy tribe introduces us to James Pibble, the Scotland Yard superintendent with a knack for solving the most extraordinary of crimes Oddball cases are James Pibble s specialty But the brutal bludgeoning of the revered elder of a New Guinea tribesman may be his strangest yet ThWinner of the CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year The murder of the leader of a pygmy tribe introduces us to James Pibble, the Scotland Yard superintendent with a knack for solving the most extraordinary of crimes Oddball cases are James Pibble s specialty But the brutal bludgeoning of the revered elder of a New Guinea tribesman may be his strangest yet The corpse, in striped pajamas, lies in the middle of a room completely absent of furniture Seven women squat on the floorboards One knits Another sits cross legged at his feet They all chant incantations in a strange language The murder weapon, a wooden balustrade ornament in the shape of an owl, could have been wielded by any of the myriad suspects Pibble meets at Flagg Terrace, the London residence where the Ku family currently lives And the only clue seems to be an Edwardian penny So who killed bearded, four foot tall Aaron Ku Everyone seems to have an alibi, including a local real estate agent, a professional escort, and an anthropologist whose marriage into the tribe was forbidden In a house where men and women live in separate quarters, Pibble must follow a hierarchy of primitive rituals and gender role reversals to unmask a surprising killer.

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        Peter Malcolm de Brissac Dickinson OBE FRSL was a prolific English author and poet, best known for children s books and detective stories.Peter Dickinson lived in Hampshire with his second wife, author Robin McKinley He wrote than fifty novels for adults and young readers He won both the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Children s Award twice, and his novel The Blue Hawk won The Guardian Award in 1975.


    1. "ience fiction with the science left out and a proper detective story with clues and solutions" - Peter DickinsonAnother selection from the Keating book Crime and Mystery: The 100 Best Books, this time a late 60's British whodunnit with a quirky copper as the protagonist. I would never have guessed at the content or the quality with this title attached and especially this particular piece of cover art.This is the first book in a series featuring Detective Superintendent Jimmy Pibble, the Metropo [...]

    2. Dickinson's first Inspector Pibble story is a work of true genius, creating a universe and a crime that are both bizarre yet utterly believable: the remnant of a Stone-Age New Guinean tribe shifted to a London boarding house. This is crime fiction as anthropological and psychological exploration: thoughtful, witty, and encompassing the very essence of British quirkiness. This man makes me proud to be classified as a mystery writer.

    3. The final 18 members of the Ku clan, a Stone-Age tribe from New Guinea decimated by the Japanese during World War II, are relocated to a spacious row house in London. Despite being so primitive that they see their door keys as symbols of their membership in the tribe and have been assigned Ku as a surname, the Kus have been muddling along in the years they have been in England. But now their chief, Aaron, has been murdered — and in such a fashion as to suggest that a fellow tribesman has commi [...]

    4. 4.5 starsI had a couple of false starts, the first because I'd just finished some of Peter Dickinson's incredible fantasy, and the second because I'd just been engrossed in another author's historical fiction and couldn't switch my brain over, so it took me longer than I'd like to get back to it.Once I did, the lyricism and beautifully crafted sentences captured me. The characters manage to express the prevailing colonial and anti-foreigner attitude whilst simultaneously painting a vivid picture [...]

    5. The Glass Sided Ants Nest is a different kind of police procedural. In oh-so-many ways it could only have been written by a British author. It goes beyond the location and cultural cues to the “style” and phrasing. But this isn’t a negative quality; it just is part of the overall feel.The book itself concerns a mysterious murder set inside a flat that houses a small transplanted New Guinea tribe. We get dragged into it along with Detective Superintendent James Pibble who is brought in only [...]

    6. This is a murder mystery with too many twists. A tribe from New Guinea was being decimated during the war and was whisked to the U.K. The tribal leader, Aaron, was murdered and Mr. Pibble was assigned to investiage and find the killer.I've read many books by British authors and had little trouble understanding them. This author uses so many British colloquialisms I had to constantly refer to a dictionary to understand the story.This book is so disjointed I couldn't keep everything in perspective [...]

    7. The Jimmy Pibble mysteries are quirky--but very good. Pibble, an Inspector with the British Police force, is a large part of the reason. He is melancholy, introspective, conventional, with a talent for the offbeat case which ensures that he will never advance far in the force. But the details of his adventures are unforgettable. I reread these every time with a start of surprise for how very good they are--so unexpected for the mystery books churned out by publishing houses in the 60s and 70s.

    8. Regardless of the story itself, what I found most interesting was the use of language to describe the tribal members W*g, N*g, Sp*de in such a matter of fact way, and this is not to say that Dickinson was anywhere near what I would class as a Racist, if fact the tribal members come across in a much better light and far more eloguently than the White personnel of the book! Just proves that in 1968 Britain still had a long way to go. Interesting!

    9. 4 starsThe Glass Sided Ants NestThe tribal chieftain named Aaron Ku of a small, but surviving New Guinea tribe (they call themselves the “Ku” in their own language), is murdered. In his hand was a two-headed Edwardian penny. Was it a burglar who murdered him? Someone who knew him? While Commander James Pibble takes on the interviewing of the tribal members and neighbors, the other officers assigned to the case interview neighbors a little further away. He gets quite a bit of information from [...]

    10. 2.5 stars, with the caveats below; otherwise, one star.The Glass-sided Ants’ Nest won the CWA Award for fiction in 1968 and was nominated for an Edgar Award in 1969. Dickinson has spent his life writing children’s and YA fiction; some of his excellent books graced the shelves of my classroom during my tenure as a language arts teacher. His wife is legend Robin McKinley, one of my favorite YA writers. These things led me to request the DRC for The Glass-sided Ants’ Nest. Thank you to Open R [...]

    11. The Glass-Sided Ants' Nest is a classic British mystery of the highest quality. Originally published in 1968, Peter Dickinson's book has timeless appeal. Like Agatha Christie, Dickinson is a keen observer of human psychology and behavior. In the novel, Inspector Pibble is asked why the police ask the same questions repeatedly at different times, rather than using a computer to record the answers once. Pibble's answer is simply that nothing can account for the intricacies and foibles of human beh [...]

    12. A Murdered Aboriginal Chief in LondonThe Kus are a tribe displaced from their native jungle during WWII and relocated to a large house in London. Although they are living in London and the younger members are beginning to assimilate into the new culture, the tribe has retained many of their aboriginal customs. Aaron, the chief, has been murdered. Since the house is locked up at night, it looks as though one of the Kus committed the murder. When Detective Superintendent Pibble gets the case, he i [...]

    13. This was a quirky read, but also a very good one.In our day and age it is definitely relevant, especially in regards to multi-cultural societies and foreign culture. Having to assimilate a new culture when you move to a foreign country is difficult, but it is even more difficult when you try to maintain your own cultural ideas or the new ones don’t gel with the old.In this case The Ku are the remaining members of a small tribe from New Guinea, who have moved to Britain. They have staunchly ref [...]

    14. As with so many 'mystery books', there is a second novel hidden in the title piece. First published in Britain in 1968, the original title---"The Glass-sided Ant's Nest"---had to be discarded due to publishing concerns. It was not used until the U.S. edition.Dickinson put out a classic mystery in that there is a crime, a detective is assigned to solve it, he collects testimony and follows leads, finally solving the whodunit. On another level, he explores a very contemporary theme: the difficulti [...]

    15. I received a free copy from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Open Road Integrated Media!The Glass-Sided Ants' Nest is an interesting, original whodunit. When the leader of a pygmy tribe is murdered in London, James Pibble is called to investigate. The culprit was obvious to me from the beginning, so the most interesting part was the investigation itself. When the pool of suspects is an almost extinct tribe called the Kus, with their strange rites and customs, the interview [...]

    16. I recently found this book after hearing about Peter Dickenson somewhere I am going to have to keep better track of where I get recommendations as this one was spot on. I decided to read Skin Deep as it was the first volume in the James Pibble series. The story revolves around the murder of a member of the Ku tribe living in London after relocating there from New Guinea at the end of WWII. This is a slim volume but there is a lot going on. Dickenson has a breezy, economical writing style that ma [...]

    17. This book is older than me. Which makes it very old indeed. And unfortunately it does feel very dated and extremely improbable. Brought up on a diet of modern crime drama it is hard to really come to grips with the quirky DI James Pibble. A tribe from New Guinea have moved to London but resolutely refuse to give up on their traditions and beliefs. When one of them is killed it is up to Pibble to break into the closeted and secretive society to try to ascertain who the murderer is. I regret to sa [...]

    18. Two stars not for the quality of the book, but for my experience, because -- I give up! Dickinson apparently has not written a mystery which I don't unravel within the first few chapters -- and I am *not* someone who can usually solve mysteries! Maybe I'll try his YA fantasies and see if I like them more.The depiction of the New Guinea tribe in London and their anthropologist/member was interesting, although I wasn't entirely comfortable with it, and I was bemused to see the "present narrator re [...]

    19. I primarily read contemporary crime fiction so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this award winning mystery written in 1968. Although it is dated and politically incorrect in places, it was still a fascinating read. The anthropological insights into the Ku clan and their efforts (or not) to assimilate into London life and culture were particularly interesting. Thank you to Open Road Integrated Media and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book.

    20. I have enjoyed the author's standalone work so I thought I would start this series. This book won the Dagger for best crime novel in 1968 and was nominated for the Edgar in 1969 but parts of it have not really aged well. The plot was pretty surreal and some of it was just plain weird but the book was well written and James Pibble, a Scotland Yard Superintendent, was a pretty interesting main character.

    21. Absolutely hideous! Online Laurie R. King suggested this as a good read, based on LRK's mention in another book. She apparently likes Peter Dickinson's style. Well, if this book is indicative of his entire oeuvre, I am stopping here. Crushingly boring!I was actually skipping paragraphs as I closed in on the ending. So glad that's over!

    22. An OK story, overly worded and complicated by unfamiliar British terminology. To this reader it was complicated to the point only my stubbornness carried me to the end. I have no idea if the tribe involved is totally fictitious or was an imaginary creation of improbable rituals. That said there was indeed a crime, an investigation, and resolution. Three-star rating seems generous.

    23. This book combines a very good detective story with character studies of people from both a primitive culture and modern society. The ways of the primitive culture were fascinating and the impact they had on a murder investigation was most interesting. A few "flashback" chapters helped to flesh out the characters. I was stumped to the very end on the identity of the murderer.

    24. It was good. I had read that the author was one of the best mystery writers ever.while I am not sur I would go that far, it was very, very well written . Witty, with wonderful characters. I will read more from him.

    25. Not one iota politically correct--especially not that cover, what were the late 60s/early 70s thinking? But a very neat murder mystery, with unexpected notes of tangled gender identity in Eve, and smoothly-enough written that I was surprised it was his first novel.

    26. I found this book a little hard to get into. Maybe it was the long paragraphs? It was still an interesting story but not sure why it made the 501 Must Read list. At times it was a bit confusing who everyone was and how they were all related.

    27. Weird and almost wonderful Typically of this author, a twisted plot with (too) many odd characters doing odd things. Entertaining in its way but I would have done better with a scorecard. Yet, original and entertaining so four stars.

    28. Colorful mystery with some interesting cultural components. Guessed the murderer but was still surprised by the conclusion

    29. A decent, but not particularly engaging, English crime novel. The book has a rather dated feel to it, which is understandable given that it was written nearly 50 years ago.

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