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Enigma Al parecer Enigma el h roe de la infancia de Michael Smith ha cobrado vida y ha salido de las p ginas de un c mic Ahora Michael siente el deseo irrefrenable de encontrarlo una obsesi n que amenaz

  • Title: Enigma
  • Author: Peter Milligan Duncan Fegredo Grant Morrison
  • ISBN: 9788467494709
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Al parecer, Enigma, el h roe de la infancia de Michael Smith, ha cobrado vida y ha salido de las p ginas de un c mic Ahora, Michael siente el deseo irrefrenable de encontrarlo, una obsesi n que amenaza con destruir el mundo.ENIGMA, UN RELATO SOBRE OBSESIONES SEXUALES, LAGARTOS VOLADORES Y SUPERH ROES

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        Peter Milligan is a British writer, best known for his work on X Force X Statix, the X Men, the Vertigo series Human Target He is also a scriptwriter.He has been writing comics for some time and he has somewhat of a reputation for writing material that is highly outlandish, bizarre and or absurd.His highest profile projects to date include a run on X Men, and his X Force revamp that relaunched as X Statix.Many of Milligan s best works have been from DC Vertigo These include The Extremist 4 issues with artist Ted McKeever The Minx 8 issues with artist Sean Phillips Face Prestige one shot with artist Duncan Fegredo The Eaters Prestige one shot with artist Dean Ormston Vertigo Pop London 4 issues with artist Philip Bond Enigma 8 issues with artist Duncan Fegredo and Girl 3 issues with artist Duncan Fegredo.Series Human Target Greek Street X Force X Statix


    1. 'Shade' is still The Book for me, when it comes to comics. I've read Moore, Gaiman, Ellis, and Morrison, but none were ever struck as true. In terms of humor, depth of psychology, insight, and variance in ideas, only Moore's 'Swamp Thing' comes close, but it's still not as unusual.Yet in the intervening years, I didn't return to Milligan. He is less visible than those other authors, and my stumbling across Shade when I did was a mere coincidence; Only recently have any collections been made avai [...]

    2. Enigma is very strange and very different. It is a story about superheroes and sexuality. The less I say about this strange story-the better. If you like strange tales-this one is right up your alley.Michael Smith is a boring person stuck in a bad relationship. One day his world changes as villains and a hero straight out of the pages of a favorite comic of his begin to manifest. Is this real? Is he causing it? This starts a strange and twisted tale about Michael looking for answers to his past [...]

    3. There are maybe four main things I remember about Jeff Ayers, the manager of Forbidden Planet, my go-to comic shop when I lived in NYC. The first is that Jeff gave me a student discount long after I graduated from college, and he would instruct the other people on register to do so when he saw me. The second is that he was very gracious about not wanting to sell my self-published comic in his shop, but he was willing to let me put flyers for it on the front counter. The third is the time Grant M [...]

    4. Enigma is a love story of all the tedious people - those who don't go out the small circle they live in and lead a life as one stagnant stream of consciousness. Micheal Smith is woken up from such a life when his childhood comic book hero comes to life. It isn't the plot but the tenacity with which Milligan moves the narration. It is a dogged effort complete with raw apathy, blood, gore and a harsh exposition of the world. The supervillains who wreck the day are mirrors that exemplify our own th [...]

    5. Tras la triste lectura de la etapa de Milligan en X-Men, pensé que la mejor manera de redimir a uno de mis guionistas preferidos era enfocarme en una de sus obras clave, según tenía entendido. Por eso viajé 10 años antes de esos olvidables comics para centrarme en una miniserie del sello Vertigo que quería leer desde hacía rato. Y lo bien que hice. En menos de 200 páginas, y acompañado por los caóticos, incómodos y efectivísimos dibujos de Duncan Fegredo, Milligan cuenta una historia [...]

    6. I'm not clear on why people are comparing this to Watchmen or Swamp Thing, other than it's a good story with great art that was pretty much different than the usual comic book dreck in a good way.I had read this as monthly issues came out in 1995, amongst other stories coming out at the time. Reading it from month to month kind of filters the story and I don't remember ever reading the entire thing in a single sitting.That was rectified last evening as I sat down, pulled out all the issues and p [...]

    7. One of the best mini-series ever. It's an eye-opening, and totally different comics experience. It takes the superhero mythos and turns it on its head. The art by Duncan Fegredo is gorgeous and the overall look of the book will stick with you long after you've finished the last page.

    8. Una obra maestra que debería haber leído hace mucho tiempo pero que nunca conseguí debido a que estuvo agotada y sin edición española o en inglés durante varios años. Por fin pude leerla y encima en inglés. Un verdadero placerEl comic es un gran ejemplo de que los autores británicos que invadieron el mercado norteamericano a fines de los 80, principios de los 90, traían ideas nuevas y diferentes perspectivas para escribir sus comics. Esta historia en particular es una de los pilares de [...]

    9. Perhaps best known as the scribe of the surreal allegorical series Shade, the Changing Man, Peter Milligan's masterpiece remains Enigma. Mired in a tedious life of routine, Michael Smith inexplicably encounters his favorite childhood comic book hero, the formerly 2-D, four-color Enigma, now very much alive and in full color. Teaming with the hero's comic creator, Smith obsessively attempts to uncover the secret behind Enigma's improbable existence. After encountering an insanity-inducing psychop [...]

    10. This comic changed my life when I was in high school. One of my first tattoos was a reference to Enigma. I don't even have words for how much it means to me.

    11. Ah, a blast back from the days when Vertigo meant not only mature content, but also weird content. this is very much both, although more on the weird side. A short-lived comic book's characters have come to life in murderous (and heroic) form, and Michael Smith manages to be at the center of the mystery, even as it reveals his own inner secrets. This book is no-holds-barred weird (wait until you figure out who the narrator is), with all kinds of metatextual references and self-references. The st [...]

    12. I can see why Grant Morrison wrote the intro to this book.It is a weird book with at least some depth to it. It was a bit scary for me and I'm not sure I learned anything from it, but I'd recommend it to those who like Grant or Moore.

    13. A cult classic, Enigma was originally published as an eight-issue miniseries in 1993 as part of the kick-off of DC's Vertigo imprint. Its writer, Peter Milligan, then best-known for Shade the Changing Man, was part of comics' British invasion following the mid-1980s breakthrough of Alan Moore. Though Milligan never attained the fame of his fellow Vertigo writers, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison, he wrote comics that were equal to theirs if less obvious in their aesthetic effects and meanings. Mor [...]

    14. Este es un cómic como pocos. Me atrevo a soltar esto -incluso es poco pues se podría decir que como ficción en general- porque de sólo recordar cómo me engancho e hizo preguntarme en su lectura "¿Cómo algo así existe y yo había pasado por alto, no había leído?" considero la calidad de lo que leí.Es un cómic en donde la escritura forma parte fundamental para la historia. De los pocos cómics que he leído, ninguno usa al narrador como lo hace Peter Milligan en este: es parte activa d [...]

    15. A subtextual journey through the phantasmagoric bazar of protagonist Michael Smith's anything-but-mundane-life. The raw art in beginning issues fades into a clarity, ironically as the plot becomes more convoluted. It's really amazing that Milligan pulled this off when he did. Given the subject matter, he can't help but make it an allegory. But the funny thing is, in its own weird way, Enigma is pretty straight forward plot wise, usually until a new villain is raised and people are maimed in the [...]

    16. I don't think I've read anything else by Peter Milligan, but this was an extraordinary comic book (I know, I know, I'm supposed to write "graphic novel" but I despise the term; it makes me think we feel guilty about reading comics). This is an amazing story, profound and multi-layered, equal parts brilliant and thought-provoking. There are so many things one can take away from a story like this and these things will probably differ for each reader. I devoured it and I'm really happy I decided to [...]

    17. As I often say, I wish I liked this book more. My biggest problem with it is the art by Duncan Fegredo, which just didn't work for me. I found it to be somewhat ugly and not able to tell the story very well (there are panels where I have no idea what's going on) and the art isn't helped by the Vertigo mid-90s color palette of runny earth tones.I will say that the story grew on me as I continued reading it. The further into the series I got, the more interested I became in the characters and what [...]

    18. I missed this back in the day because I didn't catch the first few issues. I loved Enigma. I'm a huge fan of Shade. I think Milligan is awesome. I flew through this tonight and am definitely going to reread it. It's a brilliant little miniseries and the artwork matches it quite well. I'm not going to get into the storyline, just know if you want to read a cool as hell little headtripper comic, definitely pick this up. You won't regret it. All fans of Shade and Milligan need not miss this either. [...]

    19. So. Many. Lizards. Crawling around in my head. Nibbling timidly and then sinking their teeth into juicy grey matter as they gain more courage. These are venomous lizards, you see, and their venom is infused with some seriously trippy dope. Narcotic, stimulant and hallucinogen all in one. Enigma is the grooviest drug to hit the street since forever and my brain cells are now Enigma-dependent and and crave Enigma desperately. I am doomed to wander about aimlessly for the rest of eternity in a daze [...]

    20. if Doc Manhattan had been a bored gay guy corny, plot-heavy, self-reflexive clumsy narration + dialogue and not easy on the eyes a veritable catalogue of baggy 1990s fashions probably the weirdest book Vertigo ever put out --mza.

    21. The good:-The narrator of this story is superb.-The dialogues.-The characters are very compelling, they reflect the absurdities of our daily life.-The plot in general, is very complex but so greatly driven that is not confusing.-This is a very interesting piece of meta literature because it is in a very accidental way. At some times, the comic acknowledge it self, and at times it doesn't. But if you think about it, the whole story is very meta.-The subplot and the seven and eight issues revelati [...]

    22. Si eres de los que aún piensa que los cómics son cosa de niños; Enigma es para ti. Peter Milligan nos narra una de las mejores historias jungianas, en donde lo orínico, lo fantástico y ¿los súper héroes? se desarrollan en un mismo plano. Y vaya que lo hace de una manera explosiva y, a la vez, muy inteligente. A eso, el dibujo de Duncan Fegredo convierte a Enigma una obra de arte redonda. Nota: Si estás acostumbrado a los súper héroes de DC y Marvel, te recomiendo digerir Enigma de man [...]

    23. An interesting read that makes me wish the ending told us more. I'm a sucker for happily ever afters and I'd love to know what happens next.But maybe it's a good thing that it ends where it does, since the follow up to an impossible story would probably fall flat.In Smith I see the kid I was, the kid with books instead of friends.

    24. This was way better than I thought it would be and, even while reading it, continued to elevate itself beyond what I thought it should. The art was a little hard to follow but I could appreciate it all the same. The story is bizarre but it explores its themes really well.

    25. Aburrido y ostentoso. Trata de parecer interesante y profundo, pero es sólo un ejercicio de enredar y confundir una historia sin interés.

    26. A strange, endearing early vertigo book, Enigma was ahead of its time, and has sadly been overlooked but much of the comic reading market since its release. It's essentially the anti-Watchmen, if that makes any sense. If any comic deserves more recognition for its advancement of the medium, it's this one.

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