The Tripods Trilogy

The Tripods Trilogy

John Christopher / Sep 15, 2019

The Tripods Trilogy Long ago the Tripods gigantic three legged machines descended upon Earth and took control They used Caps administered ceremoniously near each child s th birthday to control humans brains and kee

  • Title: The Tripods Trilogy
  • Author: John Christopher
  • ISBN: 9780020425717
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Long ago the Tripods, gigantic three legged machines, descended upon Earth and took control They used Caps, administered ceremoniously near each child s 14th birthday, to control humans brains and keep them docile Now there is pleasant life in villages, little technology, and no war but there is no freedom either In this powerful and suspenseful series, 13 year oldLong ago the Tripods, gigantic three legged machines, descended upon Earth and took control They used Caps, administered ceremoniously near each child s 14th birthday, to control humans brains and keep them docile Now there is pleasant life in villages, little technology, and no war but there is no freedom either In this powerful and suspenseful series, 13 year old Will Parker and his friends deal with hunger, humanity, envy, and pride as they struggle to find out all they can about the Tripods and overthrow their rule Written by John Christopher, author of many juvenile science fiction and fantasy books, The Tripods Trilogy is sure to make a science fiction fan out of any reader young or old This box set of paperbacks includes The White Mountains, The City of Gold and Lead, and The Pool of Fire, the chilling conclusion to the series that poses the question Who would rule the world if it were freed from the aliens Ages 9 and older Bonnie Bouman

    Books The Tripods Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia When the Tripods Came When the Tripods Came is a prequel written twenty years after the publication of the original trilogy The plot follows the description of the conquest given in the second book of the main trilogy. The Tripods The Tripods Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Tripods is a franchise created by John Cristopher in his The Tripods book trilogy It is a story of humanity having been been conquered and enslaved by Tripods, gigantic three legged walking machines, piloted by unseen alien entities who are later identified as Masters.Human society is largely pastoral, with few habitations larger than villages. John Christopher Sam Youd April February , known professionally as Christopher Samuel Youd, was a British writer, best known for science fiction under the pseudonym John Christopher, including the novels The Death of Grass, The Possessors, and the young adult novel series The Tripods.He won the Guardian Prize in and the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in . Fighting machine War Of The Worlds Wiki FANDOM powered Tripods as Seen in Jeff Wayne s War of the Worlds, Live on Stage Perhaps the most iconic version of the fighting machine is the Jeff Wayne s Musical version of The War of the Worlds.This is the first tripod design not to include a storage basket which was placed instead on the handling machine It also does not appear to have tentacles, but the animation for the live tour of The War Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Nintendo Switch JB Hi Fi Your favorite marsupial, Crash Bandicoot, is back He s enhanced, entranced ready to dance with the N Sane Trilogy game collection Now you can experience Crash Bandicoot like never before in Fur K Spin, jump, wump and repeat as you take on the epic challenges and adventures through the Promo Codes, Coupons and Deals Slickdeals Find the best coupons, exclusive promo codes, and verified deals on Alexa, Echo and other great products only at Slickdeals. Master Look up Master, master, masterful, masters, or mastership in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Prequel All The Tropes Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia A term meaning a work made after another work, but taking place before that other work Maybe the last entry in the series left no room for a sequel Maybe the writers just want to explore the Backstory Either way, it s time for a Prequel, a Portmanteau of Previous and Sequel a sequel that Read Aloud America Composite Book List Grades through The Neddiad How Neddie Took the Train, Went to Hollywood, and Saved Civilization Pinkwater, Daniel About Houston Museum Of Natural Science The Houston Museum of Natural Science Founded in , the purpose of the Houston Museum of Natural Science has always been to enhance in individuals the knowledge and delight in natural science and related subjects.

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        Sam Youd was born in Lancashire in April 1922, during an unseasonable snowstorm.As a boy, he was devoted to the newly emergent genre of science fiction In the early thirties, he later wrote, we knew just enough about the solar system for its possibilities to be a magnet to the imagination Over the following decades, his imagination flowed from science fiction into general novels, cricket novels, medical novels, gothic romances, detective thrillers, light comedies In all he published fifty six novels and a myriad of short stories, under his own name as well as eight different pen names.He is perhaps best known as John Christopher, author of the seminal work of speculative fiction, The Death of Grass today available as a Penguin Classic , and a stream of novels in the genre he pioneered, young adult dystopian fiction, beginning with The Tripods Trilogy I read somewhere, Sam once said, that I have been cited as the greatest serial killer in fictional history, having destroyed civilisation in so many different ways through famine, freezing, earthquakes, feral youth combined with religious fanaticism, and progeria In an interview towards the end of his life, conversation turned to a recent spate of novels set on Mars and a possible setting for a John Christopher story strand a group of people in a remote Martian enclave and see what happens.The Mars aspect, he felt, was irrelevant What happens between the people, he said, that s the thing I m interested in.


    1. I read this as a young teenager and was driven by my passion for H.G. Well's The War of the Worlds. It is a gripping read for the younger reader although I found it a little simple when I re-read them in my late 30's. It is a series of 4 books with the initial trilogy written in the late 60's and the 4th novel being a prequel written 20 years later. All of them are a great read and introduce confronting situations that every teen has to face although these are in a rather unusual setting - namel [...]

    2. These books were one of the few that got me to really start reading on my own as a child. I don't know how accurate this rating would be today, though, since I haven't read them in 12 or 13 years. :)

    3. I absolutely love this trilogy. I discovered it via the BBC Television adaptation of 1984/5. Unlike the TV series (which I do like very much), the story rattles along at a pace. The idea of people being Capped so as not to question the status quo has always resonated with me. The Tripod city in the books is a much harsher place than the one depicted on screen. For a children's trilogy, the issues concerning one's freedom to think and speak are handled in a mature way. It's told in the first pers [...]

    4. A very intriguing and enjoyable read.My favorite character was by far Beanpole. He invents glasses, thinks up steam power, fights tripods with hand grenades, and creates a hot-air balloon. He also demonstrates a lot of character (as well as brains) in the end.I loved the clincher in the end, that makes you wonder whether the tripods had the right idea in wiping out humans. Can peace and liberty ever go together?

    5. I'm not actually sure if I read the entire trilogy, or just one or two books, but whichever way, they were memorable and wonderful and stand out as one of the most amazing children's sci-fi books I read.

    6. I had read this series before, and may have had copies of the original volumes. This edition is the whole series, in one boxed set.Volume I: THE WHITE MOUNTAINSTold from the point of view of an insecure child in his early teens, this book can't be expected to be anything like objective--and it's not. The 'evil alien overlords' aren't particularly menacing. They demand nothing from humans except that the humans (a) worship them uncritically, (b) not use advanced technologies, and (c) not fight wa [...]

    7. Fast read. Interesting concept of alien subjecation of human race that's been going on by mind control for 100 years. Written for Junior reader set but fast read for adults. Bittersweet ending. I read the prequel first. Recommend you do that to appreciate the background of aliens' snobbery. Flawed main character rushes into things/ makes mistakes. (beating of human slaves, those whose minds are broken, some stealing food, runaways, bombs, tearing of people seen from far away, not too graphic) 11 [...]

    8. I read the tripod trilogy when I was in grade school, and I was amazed (it is meant for young adults). I reread this trilogy earlier this year, at a much older age, as well as the prequel which I never knew existed because it was written later, and even as an adult I loved it.

    9. This is one of those brilliant, classic YA sci-fi series. The BBC adapted books one and two into a terrifyingly low-budget yet still utterly fantastic TV show in 1984-5. The books are set in a society brutalized from modern civilization back into a more rural, beaten-down state by alien invaders who travel in vast machines known as Tripods (three legs and all that). The alien machines control humanity by grafting mind-control "caps" to everyone's skull when they turn thirteen (it's tough being a [...]

    10. The rating I've given for this book is honest and accurate: one star; I didn't like it. However, this is unlikely unbiased. I was forced to read this in middle school in "Reading" class. It's the first book I remember ever being forced to read, after years of choosing and reading hundreds of books for myself that I appreciated. If I did not already have a very firm foundation of reading that had nothing to do with school and assignment, it's possible this experience would have turned me off agai [...]

    11. inzwischen bin ich durch mit den 4 Büchern. Hat sich die Fernsehserie in der ersten Hälfte der ersten Staffel noch ziemlich an die Romanvorlage gehalten so wich sie in der zweiten Hälfte der ersten Staffel schon sehr ab. Die zweite Staffel war dann von der Romanvorlage so weit weg, dass man schon fast fragen muss, ob es überhaupt, ausser der Grundstory aus Staffel 1 was gemein hat. Band 3 und Band 0 wurden ja nie verfilmt.zu den Büchern: sie waren durchweg gut geschrieben und die Story in s [...]

    12. John Christopherin 1960-luvulla kirjoittama scifi-romaani on jännittävä kuvaus tulevaisuuden maapallosta, jolle saapuneet vieraat valloittajat ovat taannuttaneet yhteiskunnan keskiaikaisiin oloihin ja ottaneet käyttöön "kapituksen", kaikille varhaisnuorille tehtävän operaation, jossa päähän asetettava metalliverkko tekee ikantajastaan lammasmaisesti isäntiään tottelevan orjan. Se on kuitenkin vasta alkua, ja jotain kauheampaa on vielä luvassaVapaiden ihmisten vastarintaliike on ku [...]

    13. One day in my middle school library, I very vividly recall picking up what turned out to be the second book of this trilogy, The City of Gold and Lead. It was the first book I can remember just picking up and reading of my own volition--not something given to me by an adult to read (whether for education or for pleasure; I'd certainly read other stuff before then, you know, Boxcar Children, The Hobbit, etc but all at the behest of some patron or other). So, the Tripods trilogy has a special plac [...]

    14. This was a comic strip in Boy's life (the magazine that Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts get). I liked the strip so much, I read the books (and reread them in 2005 on a lark). The series is set in a time where "tripods" rule the earth, which is now an agricultural society (again). A boy who is about to be "capped" a process that signifies adulthood, finds out that the capping process is a way for the Tripods to control humans, and runs away. The trilogy is about the boy's journey to the "resistance" an [...]

    15. It's 2089 A.D but the world resembles the distant past as it's people are stripped of technology, knowledge and free will due to the mysterious occupying alien tripods. The youthful protagonists journey to join a growing resistance movement in the 'White Mountains', escaping ritual capping which renders people docile and enslaved. This was as enjoyable to read as it had been in my teens. The story of the escape to the mountains and later infiltration of the tripod city is intimate and thrilling. [...]

    16. Trilogia oli kaiken kaikkiaan mukavasti etenevä nuortensarja. Oli siinä sellaista viisikkomaista ruoka-aina-mielessä keskustelua ja välillä oli hiukan yksioikoisia ratkaisujakin, mutta jos pikkuseikkojen ei anna häiritä niin kirja soveltuu hyvin myös aikuisen luettavaksi. Kirja on enemmänkin poikien seikkailukirja, naispuoleisia hahmoja ei esiintynyt kuin pikaisesti sivujuonissa. Ensimmäinen osa tempaisi hyvin mukaansa hyvällä ideallaan ja toisessa osassakin oli mielenkiintoista seur [...]

    17. I'd never read this but seen some of the TV series when I was a kid. Picked up a nice boxed copy second hand and thought I'd give it a go. Well-rendered aliens, fast-paced, convincing and exciting and bracingly bleak in places - Jack Vance meets Cormac McCarthy, but a little let down by hasty plotting and lurches in the story, not to mention the lack of any strong roles for female characters - in fact there seem to be no women at all in the resistance movement. I recommend it though as the writi [...]

    18. Ja heti alkuun disclaimer: Ei tämä ole viiden tähden kirja. Ehkä kolme ja puoli tai neljä tähteä, mutta kun tätä lukiessa on pakko pelata nostalgiakortti pöytään, niin yhdessä sen maailman pelastamisen, dystopian ja sopivan karmivien ja humanististerroristisien maailmanvalloittajien kanssa, meillä on koossa voittava yhdistelmä nuortenkirjallisuutta. Ja kun aikakin on ollut poikkeuksellisen lempeä tälle scifi-kuvaukselle on vanha setä myyty. Tämä oli niitä kirjoja, jotka teki [...]

    19. I read and reviewed, separately, the three books in this series earlier this year so I'm just adding this now for completeness. These were some of the defining books of my childhood - not the most important, but certainly up there. The first two especially I thought were excellent, but I was then (and remain now) a little disappointed with the last by comparison, and by the lack of girl characters in general. Still, the overwhelming creepiness of the Cap, of the Tripods and the way that they che [...]

    20. I must preface this by saying that I haven't read these since I was about eight or nine, so I have no idea how the prose, narration, dialogue, etc. stands the test of time. What I can say with complete certainty is that these books blew off my brain cap as a kid and exposed me to the idea that institutional societal/political frameworks existed toward which people could be docile. What's more, children who have escaped with their brains and free will intact lead the way! I highly recommend these [...]

    21. When my daughter's grandfather was accused of acting like a tripod he researched the term and came away with these books. Knowing my daughter enjoys being challenged by her reading, he passed it along to her.I pre-read to ensure it was age-appropriate for my nine-year-old. It is. But as to my low rating, I honestly felt the plot was under-developed. Honestly, War of the Worlds did a much better job when it comes to aliens invading Earth in tripod form.

    22. Read this series over the past couple months. Not the most amazing writing, and the main character seemed to have the emotional range of a starfish. Well, maybe a starfish who occasionally gets angry or loyal to friends. However, it is a unique story idea, and they are my mother-in-laws favorite books from her childhood. I give her props for finding such a unique trilogy, and it was worth reading just to have a chance to talk with her about them.

    23. This genre wasn't typical, and I may have to re-read the series. But I remember loving them in English. I got into science or contemplative fiction and I think it's because I started getting a sense of what it must be like for a writer to create such drastic worlds. It was exciting to me and I remember thinking how beautiful: to create different worlds within a work that are then differentiated from our reality and perception or immersion of those worlds.

    24. This is nothing less than a classic. I read this trilogy when I was about 12 and it drew me in like no other book at the time. The images of the tripods and the scenes of the "capping" are haunting. The series conjures a society that is pastoral and yet eerily wrong. What the tripods are, and where they came from, is not revealed until the final book, "The Pool of Fire". You won't be able to stop reading before that.

    25. Taken me a long time to read this book, which belongs to Kay, but I am glad that I finally got around to it. A book aimed at young adults before such a category had been invented. A gripping trilogy of the evil invaders (the Tripods) and how mankind eventually destroyed them.Written in a time when mobile phones and handheld internet devices were in the realms of science fiction.Young adults with an open mind will thoroughly enjoy this trilogy.Ray Smillie

    26. I assert Christopher is the father of young adult dystopian science fiction.I read these three books at an early age and found them engrossing and creepy as hell, especially the first book where the parents turn on the boys and the fate of Will's "girlfriend" revealed in book three.Holy crap these three books are good. As a trilogy, it's perfect YA.No vampires.

    27. I remember loving this series as a child, which is strange since I normally don't take to science fiction or any kind of fantasy fiction. I also remember making a diorama of one of the scenes for school and using green jello blobs to represent the creatures who drove the Tripods. I'm pretty sure I got an A.

    28. A science fiction series about aliens. It was a good read although it did get a little graphic at times but I suppose that was to help you to get a better idea of what the situation was like. Would a world separated by differences be able to pull together to fight a different enemy and after the enemy was defeated would it be able to stay united?

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