Good News about Sex and Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching

Good News about Sex and Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching

PaulSmith Christopher West / Sep 18, 2019

Good News about Sex and Marriage Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching BEST SELLER NOW AVAILABLE IN AUDIO The author a diocesan director of marriage and family life answers the questions about human sexuality and marriage that he always encounters in the numerous adult

  • Title: Good News about Sex and Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching
  • Author: PaulSmith Christopher West
  • ISBN: 9780867167030
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Audio
  • BEST SELLER NOW AVAILABLE IN AUDIO The author, a diocesan director of marriage and family life, answers the questions about human sexuality and marriage that he always encounters in the numerous adult audiences he addresses He provides thoughtful responses that present Catholic Church teaching in a fresh, thoroughly appealing, and convincing manner A Servant Book.

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        Paul Smith is an author, teacher, and recently retired after serving 49 years as minister at Broadway Church in Kansas City, Missouri While in high school he founded a series of spiritually transforming youth camps and college retreats that were attended by thousands of young people annually over a period of ten years After his undergraduate degree from Washington University and Master s degree in theology and biblical studies from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, he came to Broadway Baptist Church in midtown Kansas City, Missouri in 1963.In his almost half a century as pastor at Broadway, the church experienced significant and on going change, becoming nationally recognized as a pioneer in small groups, contemporary worship, team leadership, justice issues, progressive theology, church renewal, and spiritual formation After years of attempted expulsion, the church was finally dismissed from the Southern Baptist Convention in 2007 for performing gay unions It dropped the name Baptist, becoming Broadway Church In 1980 he created a workshop on spiritual gifts which is used around the world and translated into Spanish, German, and Portuguese He delivered the 1988 Distinguished Christian Scholar Lecture Series at William Jewell College and was given the GLAAD Leadership Award in 1995 Smith has taught extensively on contemporary church life in many churches and schools including St Paul Methodist School of Theology, Unity Ministerial School, and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary He has written for numerous publications including Tikkun, and had numerous reviews of his books and interviews on radio, television, and the internet He is a regular guest writer on the Integral Life website He contributed two chapters to the book, Enabling the Dialogue About Homosexuality, and has authored six books with two still in print, Is It Okay To Call God Mother Considering the feminine face of God Hendrickson and Integral Christianity The Spirit s Call to Evolve Paragon House and forthcoming Danish edition from ID Academy Media in Denmark He currently presents workshops around the country on Integral Christianity while working on his next book See at integrallife contribu


    1. To begin, I highly recommend this book. In fact, I plan on reading it again with my wife. The book is in question and answer format, which is nice, and, in my estimation, places a greater burden on the author in terms of both his awareness and honesty of this highly contentious subject. His arguments are logically connected and based on one of the better expositions I've read/heard on the genesis and meaning of marriage (cf. Gen. 1-2), see ch.1 of book. What follows is Orthodox Catholic teaching [...]

    2. I bought this book many years ago when I heard Christopher West speak. I found it again and re-read some of it, and remembered why I liked it so much. It's in a question/answer format, which I enjoyed. Most of the questions posed are remarkably frank, as were the explanations. Christopher does an impressive job at delving deep into the subjects of sex, and church views on such things as birth control, abortion, the purpose of marriage, while also keeping a 'real world' approach. He doesn't get c [...]

    3. This is book is a very straight forward explanation of the Catholic Church's teachings on Sex and Marriage.I read the book from start to finish. It was very well organized with each chapter building on the last. I had already been exposed to most of the teachings in this book, but reading it put all together was very nice. The Church's teaching on Sex and Marriage is the primary reason I started exploring conversion.The problem is with the question and answer format; I think it encourages people [...]

    4. The good news about sex and marriage: through the power of the cross (and with our consent), God eagerly reaches into our lives to redeem, and perfect our sexuality/relationships/marriages in accordance to his will (a.k.a. our sincere happiness). This book influenced me from two aspects. On one hand, (the most obvious) the book has convinced me at a personal level what sexual satisfaction and fulfillment in relationships/marriage is about. On the other hand, the book also reminds me of the bigge [...]

    5. This is a book that is best suited to people fleeing from the general culture and to people with sexual wounds wether self-inflicted or from abuse. The book is easy to read. It can and I have seen it used by the curious as a sex manual of what is and is not approved by the Magisterium. I have also seen it used to defend practices that while not explicitly forbidden by the Church should be avoided, because in its zeal to be 'open' the book does not strongly enough discourage some matters. I do th [...]

    6. I've met Chris West on a couple of occasions and I've never seen a more sincere guy. He was also the first guy venturing into a broad and complex topic. In the past 10 years, he stepped on a couple of land-mines and has struggled to recover. This book is shaky. He's got some great stuff and - i think - all of his principles are sound. Still, there's some stuff I wouldn't recommend. I think he ends up putting some ideas in the mouth of John Paul II and I don't think it's really something I'd reco [...]

    7. In "Good News About Sex and Marriage", popular writer and lecturer Christopher West makes the Church's teachings about marriage and sexuality accessible to the average Catholic in a very readable question-and-answer format. Drawing heavily on Pope John Paul II's "Theology of the Body", which itself revolutionized the way in which Catholic sexual ethics have been understood and explained, West honestly and courageously tackles all the tough questions that Catholics (and others) have about the Chu [...]

    8. Simply amazing. Calling Catholic couples to aspire to a love greater than western culture promotes, Good News provides detailed, theological and yet practical explanations for Church teachings on a variety of topics including contraception, non-marital sex, sex for pleasure within marriage (spoiler: totally not a bad thing), masturbation, homosexuality, and chastity. It's a good read for single, dating, engaged, or married men and women searching for the real meaning behind their sexuality, how [...]

    9. I love JPII, I love Christopher West. I can't wait to get married!For anyone who really thinks the Catholic Church is here to restrict freedom and impose belief, quite the opposite is true. I have never heard of any deeper and truer meaning of sex, of any deeper and truer meaning of marriage than that which the Catholic Church actually teaches (and not what many people mistakenly believe the Catholic Church to teach). I would really like to learn more of JPII's Theology of the Body so perhaps I [...]

    10. This book is a must read for all Catholics, especially those who struggle with or don't understand the Church's teachings on human sexuality. Well formatted, easy to read, gives clear answers to difficult and complex questions.

    11. This was the most comprehensive but simply written piece on this topic I have read. So logical and so true to the faith.

    12. From the first page, West hits the reader, not with deep theology, but his own history, and the personal makes the book a joy to read.West’s review of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body weaves easy-to-understand points of Christian thinking about the value of sex with anecdotes of his own sexual experiences. The reader will appreciate not only his orthodox views, but also his frankness about overcoming the distortions of sexuality of his early adulthood. West’s honest admissions are a [...]

    13. My fiance and I were given this book to read before our wedding by our priest. I personally do not think this was such a wise choice. Where some of the points made in this book are insightful and helpful in preparing for marriage, others seem to be so extreme that it had us questioning our faith. We felt at times that the author seemed to be telling us that if we were not perfect in our faith and relationship, we would not have a true marriage or what he would call "authentic love". It was defin [...]

    14. This book is an AMAZING tool to understanding the awesome plan God has for sex and marriage. Hand-in-hand with the JPII's Theology of the Body, it finally puts an end to those awkward silences when Catholic school teachers try to explain the birds and the bees. Christopher West does not shy away from the facts of the matter, or fill the pages with jargon that requires you to read between lines. This book actually makes readers excited about sex and marriage once everything starts to fall into pl [...]

    15. In "Good News About Sex and Marriage", popular writer and lecturer Christopher West makes the Church's teachings about marriage and sexuality accessible to the average Catholic in a very readable question-and-answer format. Drawing heavily on Pope John Paul II's "Theology of the Body", which itself revolutionized the way in which Catholic sexual ethics have been understood and explained, West honestly and courageously tackles all the tough questions that Catholics (and others) have about the Chu [...]

    16. I prefer West's Theology of the Body for Beginners as this is a Q&A of more "practical" applications of those same principles. I was hoping for more like Theology of the Body for Beginners, but this is what I found on the shelves. Naturally, this didn't quite meet my expectations. A bit of the earlier portion of this book uses the same sentences I read in his other book, and there are some of his answers to questions that can hardly be satisfactory for anyone asking them. In general, it was [...]

    17. This book turned my vague suspicion of Catholic teaching on human sexuality into informed respect. While it covers too much to offer the complete theological underpinnings of every single topic, it at least points the reader in the right direction on how the Church's teachings should be interpreted. If you dismiss the Church's counter-cultural teachings on sex and marriage as arbitrary and thus invalid although you know little about them (this was my position!), it's a great book to read.

    18. Sharing the importance of procreation as a priority within marriage, Christopher West tries to dispel the misconceptions of the people toward the Humane Vitae (Theology of the Body) presented by John Paul II. West describes why God created marriage and how sex helps to populate His world and bring us closer to Him through this very special union. Exploring these believes are tough for the reader because of the secularization of the world we live in but West writes in a loving caring way to help [...]

    19. This is a great reference book for Christian readers looking for affirmation and reconciliation in their marriages and relationships. The format is straightforward and easy to understand, helped along by a question - answer presentation. As a newly engaged woman, I was excited to read a book that faced these topics honestly and unabashedly. The Church needs more of this! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I feel personally that it would be hard for non-Christians to appreciate this [...]

    20. This text is a good introductory work on the Theology of the Body. As such, it is often lacking in nuance. Although this is not a failing (since the book is targeted to those who are not familiar with the original work), it is also not particularly fulfilling as a read.Mr. West also has some theories that do not seem to be an accurate synthesis of the Catholic moral tradition and the Theology of the Body. For this reason he should be read carefully and with discernment.

    21. Great resource for those trying to understand some of the Catholic churches more difficult and misunderstood teachings on sexuality. It is an approachable format that explains in lay people's terms why the church teaches what it teaches. Particularly helpful for those preparing for marriage or struggling to understand why the Catholic church encourages practices that seem outdated or repressive to many.

    22. Bad tittle, great book. Well written! A really good explanation of Catholic church teachings about sex, sexuality, and love.It's not a bad title, just not the type of title that illustrates the great writing found within as to excite a potential reader that I'd pass the book along to, the title seems a little cheesy Would have been better titled "understanding the theology of the body." or "God designed sexuality" or something like that, "Why god created sexuality."

    23. Christopher West uses his expertise on theology of the body to explain the teachings of the church on marriage and sexuality, as presented by St. JPII, in a way that makes sense for everyone in daily life. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to make sense of the Church's seemingly strict "rules" when it comes to sexuality, and especially for those who are engaged, married, or hoping to get married one day.

    24. West explains what the Church really teaches about sex and marriage. Sex is not some shameful, dirty act, nor is it just an act of simple pleasure. It is a way of truly giving one's entire self to one's spouse. West goes into what that means, and what the implications are. This book is relevant to people who are married, dating, and even those who have chosen the single life or joined the religious life or priesthood.

    25. Reccommended highly from Maureen B. I agree with most of the issues it raised from a Biblical standpoint. And although I didn't agree with everything I was glad it posed questions that forced me to do my own research. I have two more books on marriage ordered so stay tuned! This is my number one vocation-that of a wife. Interesting topic you might say! :)

    26. Found on the shelves at churchfascinating! It's pretty amazing to read the rules and their explanations for Catholic teaching in a way that makes sense. Many parts were hard to read, because it challenged my own opinion, but it was written in a way that opened my heart to the Church's meaning and understanding. I am grateful that I read this book. Hope others would consider it.

    27. Wonderful presentation on the teaching of the Catholic church. The book answers practical questions that we have all heard and might have been ill-equipped to answer, or understand. Would recommend this book as an antidote to a steady stream of secular media that can erode one's rational understanding of marriage and human sexuality.

    28. A good summary of Catholic teaching on Sex and Marriage as related to JPII's Theology of the Body. The Q&A format makes it very accessible, especially for those who want to skip around in the book. It clears up some common misconceptions on the vocation of marriage.

    29. Required reading for marriage prep. Surprisingly strong argument for the Catholic church's position on sex that doesn't rely too heavily on "church rhetoric". Despite going into the book fairly skeptical, I came out fairly impressed.

    30. If read cover to cover, this book is exceptional on clarifying and professing the great news the Catholic Church has to teach about sex and marriage. Recommended for ALL people, not just married or Catholic. Christopher West does a great job answering the nitty gritty.

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