The Last Days of Henry VIII

The Last Days of Henry VIII

Robert Hutchinson / Feb 29, 2020

The Last Days of Henry VIII A blazing narrative history that boldly captures the end of England s most despotic ruler and his court a time of murderous conspiracies terrifying betrayals and sordid intrigueHenry VIII s crimes a

  • Title: The Last Days of Henry VIII
  • Author: Robert Hutchinson
  • ISBN: 9780060837334
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A blazing narrative history that boldly captures the end of England s most despotic ruler and his court a time of murderous conspiracies, terrifying betrayals, and sordid intrigueHenry VIII s crimes against his wives are well documented and have become historical lore But much less attention has been paid to his monarchy, especially the closing years of his reign.RichA blazing narrative history that boldly captures the end of England s most despotic ruler and his court a time of murderous conspiracies, terrifying betrayals, and sordid intrigueHenry VIII s crimes against his wives are well documented and have become historical lore But much less attention has been paid to his monarchy, especially the closing years of his reign.Rich with information including details from new archival material and written with the nail biting suspense of a modern thriller, The Last Days of Henry VIII offers a superb fresh look at this fascinating figure and new insight into an intriguing chapter in history.Robert Hutchinson paints a brilliant portrait of this egotistical tyrant who governed with a ruthlessness that rivals that of modern dictators a monarch who had no respect or fear of anyone in this world, according to the Spanish ambassador to his court Henry VIII pioneered the modern show trial cynical propaganda exercises in which the victims were condemned before the proceedings even opened, proving the most powerful men in the land could be brought down overnight.After thirty five years in power, Henry was a bloated, hideously obese, black hud old recluse And despite his having had six wives, the Tudor dynasty rested on the slight shoulders of his only male heir, the nine year old Prince Edward a situation that spurred rival factions into a deadly conflict to control the throne.The Last Days of Henry VIII is a gripping and compelling history as fascinating and remarkable as its subject.

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    1. Robert Hutchinson's 'The Last Days of Henry VIII-Conspiracies,Treason and Heresy at the Court of the Dying Tyrant', published 2005, is a well researched and fact packed read that covers the later years, more than the last days, of Henry's reign.Like all good historical tomes, this one is crammed with Notes, around forty pages, as well as a good bibliography of primary sources, and short biographical paragraphs on the leading players.Hutchinson's time span predominantly covers Henry's last ten ye [...]

    2. This is a very well written and engrossing book about Henry VIII and his decline. It's strange though, while Hutchison keeps telling and to a degree showing the reader the trynnay and cruelty of Henry VIII, he also seems to be very much a fan. It is almost as if he is seperating Herny VIII from his actions.The attempt to get rid of Katherine Parr by the conseratives at court is an example of this, where it Hutchsinon argues that Henry VIII seemed to set up a test of his queen, or perhaps to teac [...]

    3. Right from the start I will say this is one of the best books about Henry VIII that I have ever read. I have always been interested in learning more about the famous King of England who had six wives and this book provided me with a wealth of information that I never knew before. This book focuses on the last few years of Henry VIII’s life, specifically from 1543 until Henry’s death. What I loved about this book is the detail that Hutchinson went into as he looked at all the different events [...]

    4. A deeply interesting book on the last days and death of Henry VIII.If you think you know all there is to know about England's most notorious monarch, then think again.Robert Hutchinson's book delves very deeply into the character of the man (as provable by both his actions and correspondence) and also those around him. Some, like Sir Anthony Denny, whom the eye of history has gently slid over, should really have historians taking a much closer look at this interesting and manipulative man.Hutchi [...]

    5. A fascinating book looking at the end of Henry VIII's reign, a period often overlooked in favour of the Anne Boleyn years and the issues of religion and divorce. Hutchinson explores the role of Katherine Parr which was not as straightforward as her merely caring for him in his last years. There were plots to get rid of her and she worked hard to bring his children together with him as a family. Henry remained in control almost to the very end of his illness, playing factions against each other a [...]

    6. This book is a great comprehensive look at the last few years of Henry VIII’s life, which is often overlooked due to the scandals of his earlier years. It explores in depth his last three marriages, the conspiracies and rivalries abounding in his inner circle, the religious climate, his volatile temper, his waning heath and final illness, and his majestic funeral. We see some familiar characters like Cromwell exit the scene in Henry’s familiar tyrant fashion, and we become more familiar with [...]

    7. This is a well researched and fascinating book, giving a real insight into Henry VIII's life from the time when Ann of Cleves became his bride. It describes policy, personalities, intrigues, allegiances, conspiracies, religion and politics in a thoroughly readable way. Even Henry's medical history is discussed, and his failed attempts to have a tomb for posterity to remember him by. This is an illuminating, detailed and involving book which makes sense of this somewhat turbulent period of Englis [...]

    8. A brilliantly detailed and informative book. As ever - a joy to read. Katherine Parr is one of Henry VIII's most interesting wives - a clever and complex woman with a passionate beating heart. Henry's last days - riven by domestic strife and religious upheaval and a personal deterioration in his health. He was the bloated monster of legend.Hutchinson makes history a joy to read - because he has a flair with words.Highly recommended

    9. This is actually the first chance I've had to read a book I've known about for a while and I really enjoyed it despite some flaws and irritations: is it necessary to refer each time to Charles V as "the Imperial Emperor" for instance?On the other hand the level of detailed research is extremely impressive particularly in regard to Henry's medical care (Hutchinson offering a speculative diagnosis as to what may have been underlying the king's problems) and the arrangements for his funeral.Hutchin [...]

    10. Extremely well written and factual. An insight into a perilous time and the greed of a rapacious King. Henry was viscious, vindictive, and vain. His ill health plagued him in his later years and this book highlights what other histories of Henry's reign overlook. It is an easy read and a window into a time that even in today's political world seems all too familiar. Robert Hutchinson has captured the essence of the man, his politicians, wives, and his overpowering need to perpetuate his line.

    11. The book is truly superb. It vividly narrates the events and intriguingly describes the characters in Henry VIII's Court.

    12. British scholar and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries Robert Hutchinson offers up an eminently readable look at the horrifying, grotesque atmosphere of the court of Henry VIII during the years following the execution of Thomas Cromwell (1540). The King who is probably the single most famous and often depicted monarch in English history had, by the 1540s, degenerated from an athletic, flamboyant king to a morbidly obese tyrant who struck terror into the hearts of even the most arrogant and jad [...]

    13. This book stands out among the many books I've read about the Tudors for Hutchinson's masterful use of quotes and direct evidence. These pieces not only make his arguments seem more valid, but they really breathe life into what might otherwise be a dry book. It was an ingenious idea to focus on the last years of Henry VIII's reign instead of merely parroting the same major events of his life like most biographers do. I learned a lot from reading it - and that tends to be a rarity when it comes t [...]

    14. I have read a lot about Tudor England and the only thing I learned in this book was that Henry was much more of a tyrant that I had previously imagined. Centered in the years after the birth of his only son, Edward, the book looks at the cruelty of the monarch in a way that most books gloss over. The number of executions is really astonishing. How much of his cruelty was innate and how much was due to his failing health is explored but overall, this book doesn't add much to the current popular h [...]

    15. I had never read anything by this author before and met him for the first time at a talk on Renaissance History.he was a true pleasure to listen too and spoke of how he researched his bookshe made the history come alive.As an avid history reader I was fascinated in particular on his discussion of his book The Last Days of Henry Vlll as it is not often spoken about. I bought the book and got it signed by the author which was a real treat. I read the book in just a few days it is a real page turne [...]

    16. Eminently readable history of the latter part of Henry VIII's reign, beginning around his brief marriage to Anne of Cleves. Hutchinson's speculation that Henry suffered from Cushing's Disease is interesting and plausible and explains a number of his symptoms. There's enough of an epilogue following Henry's death to find out what happened to the dramatis personae; the tag chapter about the fate of Henry's tomb is fascinating. Good stuff for anyone interested in the period; more evidence for argui [...]

    17. Great book for the history enthusiast, it takes you through the life of King Henry the VIII and his court. You're introduced to a young and wild Henry that slowly gets more and more decadent with age, filled with rage and paranoia that will ultimately affect his decisions in ruling his kingdom. The book surprisingly shows, through facts like notes, paintings, poems and such, a more human side of this emblematic ruler!!

    18. I enjoyed this book and found it very easy to read. It was nice to read a book on Henry VIII which was not dominated by Anne Boleyn and Hutchinson managed to highlight the later years showing the key points which arose during this time. I had expected the book to portray Henry as very much a tyrant, however it gives good reasons for his actions in the main and with the number of health concerns he had towards the end of his life, I don't really blame him for behaving as he did generally.

    19. Really at least 3.5 stars. The most enjoyable of Hutchinson's books yet! Many Tudor historians romanticise the reign of Henry VIII, much to my annoyance, but he does not. Rather, the author has a tendency to meticulously look at gory detail which I very much find enjoyable. A light read yet well sourced and referenced.

    20. An excelent biography of King Henry VIII. All you wanted to know is here and Robert Hutchinson delievers it with a touch of humour which makes this historical biography much easier to read and more captivating than the other regular biographies.

    21. Great book on the intrigue of Henry and what really was happening to his body due an abcess in his legs and becoming more paranoid and cruel than ever.I have always been interested in how he truly went mad and how he got so obese.

    22. An extremely well written and researched book about a fascinating albeit delusional tyrant. The Tudor era provides for some great historical writing.

    23. page turning account of the medieval tyrant who was fond of beheading wives and ruling by terrore latter part sounds strangely familiar

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